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Omio prides itself on helping travelers make the right decision when it comes to both transportation​ and leisure. The Omio price index series focuses on common expenditures, in order to help people better gauge local price differences around the world. We hope this index helps travelers know what to expect when they start to explore their next destination.

Research for the 2016 Beer Price Index combines data from 70 cities from around the world and compares the average price of local beers between bars and shops, as well as comparing yearly average purchasing and consumption.

Compared to the 2015 review, the prices for this year have changed for multiple reasons, including currency exchange rate fluctuations, domestic inflation and deflation, manufacturers and retailers changing their prices, and changes in domestic tax rates.

Below is the complete data for all 70 cities, along with 4 smaller comparisons for European cities. Cheers!

2016 Omio Beer Price Index

Breakdown of the European Results

Top 10 Cheapest Cities to have a Beer
Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to have a Beer
Top 10 Cities that Drink the Most Beer
Top 10 Cities that Spend the Most on Beer

Europe's Top 10 Cheapest Cities to have a Beer

1 Bratislava $1.65
2 Kiev $1.66
3 Krakow $1.87
4 Belgrade $2.19
5 Warsaw $2.45
6 Ljubljana $2.45
7 Budapest $2.47
8 Bucharest $2.55
9 Seville $2.59
10 Munich $2.61


Bratislava is often overlooked by tourists travelling Europe, but the capital of Slovakia is one to watch with its increasing popularity. The city is now seeing many microbreweries open up within the centre and seeing this intriguing city by doing your own beer tour would be easy and a great way to explore the area before it becomes too crowded.

From last year there has been a shift in the results as Krakow has switched places with Bratislava from our 2015 ranking. Kiev remains the second cheapest European city for beer and Bratislava’s beer loving neighbor, Prague, has once again just missed out on a top 10 position.

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Europe's Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to have a Beer


2016 has crowned a new locale as the most expensive city for beer drinking. Lausanne in Switzerland has knocked last year's top city, Geneva, down to 5th place. This year sees a huge difference in prices between the #1 and #2 spots of $2.65. The gap then drops significantly and has Helsinki, Oslo and Zurich still in the top 10 from 2015.

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1 Lausanne $9.51
2 Zurich $5.69
3 Oslo $5.57
4 Paris $5.41
5 Geneva $5.21
6 Milan $5.12
7 Rome $5.01
8 Athens $4.97
9 Helsinki $4.85
10 Istanbul $4.71

Europe's Top 10 Cities that Drink the Most Beer

1 Prague 38 Gallons
2 Krakow 33.5 Gallons
3 Warsaw 33.5 Gallons
4 Belgrade 31.4 Gallons
5 Frankfurt 28.2 Gallons
6 Berlin 28.2 Gallons
7 Munich 28.2 Gallons
8 Helsinki 27.5 Gallons
9 Vienna 27.5 Gallons
10 Kiev 27.5 Gallons


Prague is one of the most well known cities in Europe to enjoy a beer or two, but is also in the #1 spot in the average yearly consumption top 10, closely followed by Krakow and Warsaw tied for 2nd at 33.5 Gallons of beer being consumed per person every year. German cities like Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich have all made it into the top 10 for the second year.

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Europe's Top 10 Cities that Spend the Most on Beer


It’s no surprise that the most expensive city for beer, Lausanne, is also the city in which people spend the most on beer. Lausanne has moved Helsinki out of the #1 spot, putting it down to #2 with a difference of $334. Prague is in 3rd place spending $887.28 per year. London is the only city in the UK in this top 10 list, spending just slightly less than Berlin.

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1 Lausanne $1598.27
2 Helsinki $1524.07
3 Prague $1279.72
4 Moscow $1233.46
5 Frankfurt $1172.17
6 Barcelona $1148.77
7 Reykjavik $1101.66
8 Vienna $1075.60
9 Dublin $1027.26
10 Berlin $1002.50

[1] Sources:

  • *Supermarket Price
    The price of a beer bottle was calculated as the average cost of a 33cl bottle of several worldwide brands and a major local brand in a regular discount store. All prices were converted to USD (US Dollars) using the Bloomberg exchange on 8th April 2016.
  • *1 Bar Price
    The price of a beer in a bar was calculated using the average price of local and imported 33cl draught beer in several major hotel chains worldwide.
  • *2 Annual Consumption
    Data found from the World Health Organisation.
  • *3 Non-alcoholic beers were included for the Abu Dhabi research.
  • *4 Average Spend per Capita
    Where beers are sold in 12oz (35.5cl) varieties vs the European standard of 33cl, we normalized prices to be equivalent to a 33cl bottle. Formula is: Normalized beer price = Average beer price in store * (33/35.5)

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