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Travelmar Ferries

Operating services along the beautiful southwest coast of Italy since the late 90s, Travelmar now boasts a fleet of ferries that travel along the Amalfi coast daily. Initially founded as a way to provide local residents with a means of avoiding the winding roads near the coastline, the company has since transformed into a major ferry service provider. Travelmar operates between six destinations including the beautiful city of Salerno, as well as the town of Amalfi and its extraordinary Duomo. Each ferry route offers a scenic view of the coastline on boats that are designed with sightseeing in mind. The ferries reach speeds of 18 knots and carry between 165 and 348 passengers.


Travelmar: Destinations and Services

Travelmar's six destinations are Positano, Salerno, Amalfi, Minori, Maiori and Cetara. Positano and Salerno are the furthest apart, and consequently, taking the ferry is actually one of the quickest transportation routes between the two destinations. Amalfi to Maiori and Amalfi to Minori feature among the most popular routes, with many tourists traveling to see the ruined Benedictine Abbey at Maori and the 11th-century Basilica at Minori.

Each port of call for Travelmar ferries offers its own unique combination of services which include WiFi, water taxi hire and even laundry and supermarket facilities. Passengers can also enjoy a reduced admission price at the Amalfi Paper Museum by presenting a Travelmar ticket. Onboard the ferry, service options can vary among the five different boats in the Travelmar fleet, and it is advisable to contact the company directly for details of each ones facilities. Every ferry is designed to benefit those looking to take in the beautiful coastline while traveling, with indoor and outdoor bench seating available. The largest ferry in the fleet is the Urganda 90, which can hold just under 350 passengers, while the fastest is the Maria Madre, which can reach speeds of 20 knots.

Travelmar popular routes

Salerno, Cetara, Maiori, Minori, Amalfi and Positano are the towns served by Travelmar, each one has its own ticket office and information point.

Destination Company
Salerno Travelmar
Amalfi travelMar
Positano Travelmar
Minori Travelmar
Maiori Travelmar

Main Travelmar routes

Travelmar offers 30 routes from and to all 6 of the main locations of the Amalfitan Coast.


Travelmar CONTACTS

Call center: +39 089 87 29 50
E-mail [email protected]
[email protected] (Omio)


What do I do if my ferry is canceled?

If a ferry is canceled for reasons related to the company, passengers still wishing to travel can contact Travelmar within seven days and receive a new ticket with no additional charge. Those looking for a direct refund must complete the refund request form located on the company website (within seven days of the cancellation). Online tickets can be canceled with a full refund up to 48 hours before the date of departure (minus bank fees). To do this, a refund request form must also be filled out.

How many bags can I bring on board the ferry?

Each passenger on Travelmar ferries has an automatic baggage allowance of one bag measuring 50x30x20cm. In instances where these measurements are exceeded, or another bag is required, passengers must pay an additional luggage fare of €1.50 per item. Travelers can book their luggage requirements well in advance on the company website.

Can changes be made to my ticket?

You may change or cancel your ticket free of charge up to one hour before departure. No changes can be made after this.

Can I select a seat?

It is not possible to reserve a specific seat.

Which pets can I bring with me?

You are allowed to take a dog, cat or any other type of small pet on board a Travelmar ferry. Pets are subject to an additional fare of €3 per pet, and all animals must have a valid health certificate confirming the animal is disease free. Dogs are required to wear muzzles and leashes while other pets need to be put in cages or baskets. Please note that no pet food is available for sale on board Travelmar ferries.

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