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Blablacar bus tickets can be purchased directly with Omio

Because Omio is authorized to sell BlaBlaCar Bus tickets you can experience a great service experience on BlaBlaCar buses with Omio. When you book through Omio you can compare routes and prices across several days to find the trip that is just right for you aboard scheduled buses. All payments for tickets on the Omio website are secure to give you peace of mind when you book with us.

Blablacar bus company Information

BlaBlaCar is a cutting-edge network of travel options that lets millions of travelers make trips between 22 different BlaBlaCar Europe markets. BlaBlaCar uses specific technology to help to fill empty seats on buses thus making travel more affordable and convenient for travelers looking to make trips in an economical and convenient fashion.

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Blablacar bus in France & in Europe

Many travelers are familiar with BlaBlaCar buses in France but they are often surprised to learn that they also offer service in several European markets as well. Whether your departure or destination is a well-known French city such as Paris or you are traveling to a major European hub such as Amsterdam, BlaBlaCar can provide great routes for you at affordable prices.

Blablacar bus Stations and Destinations

There are several amazing European cities that BlaBlaCar offers service to for travelers. These include cities such as Milan, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. With service to so many major European cities on BlaBlaBus Germany, BlaBlaBus Italy, BlaBlaBus Spain, and even BlaBlaBus Canada that are all quite popular with travelers, BlaBlaCar bus makes it easy to travel throughout Europe in comfort, style, and convenience.

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Buses BlaBlaCar bus

Although BlaBlaCar offers affordable tickets to major European cities that does not mean you're going to skimp on amenities while onboard. On BlaBlaCar buses you will find things such as plenty of legroom and adjustable seating, USB ports and charging sockets, toilets, plus personal air conditioning systems. All BlaBlaCar bus drivers are fully trained to assist you with all of your travel needs while onboard the bus. Our buses are easy to spot because of their white and bright pink paint schemes that you will find on the outside plus you will be happy to know that they offer an environmentally friendly way to travel throughout Europe.

Tickets Blablacar Bus: Info about tickets and buses

One of the great things about booking a cheap bus ticket on BlaBlaBu buses through Omio is that they are fully exchangeable. In fact, you can change your bus ticket on BlaBlaCar buses up to 30min before the departure time of your trip. If you need to refund your ticket Omio will do so in the form of a voucher for future travel on a BlaBlaCar bus. Another great feature of traveling on our BlaBlaCar buses is that quite a few of our trips are direct routes between the major cities that are part of our network meaning you can get to your destination in the quickest time possible aboard a bus.

BlaBlaCar Bus Ticket Types

Most of the ticket offerings that are available on Omio for these buses are the type which they call standard. That said, there are always promotions and specials that are being run and if you are able to search across different days and times you often can find a cheap or discounted ticket compared to the normal fare for the route you wish to take. The most important thing to keep in mind about discounted tickets is that they are generally not available for exchange or refund and that seating may have limits when you use these discounted fares.

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Blablacar bus offers and fares

One of the best things about using Omio to find your ticket on these BlaBlaCar buses is that there are such a large number of choices every day to several different destinations and prices that are quite reasonable. So whether you want to make a journey from Paris to Amsterdam, Frankfurt to Zürich, Amsterdam to London, or the very popular route of Paris to London, you can find great deals on affordable BlaBlaCar bus trips on Omio.

Blablacar Bus : What you can do

One of the greatest features about traveling on these buses to all these major European destinations is all the things you can do and see upon your arrival. So whether that is visiting the iconic Eiffel tower when you visit Paris, heading to the Tower of London when you arrive in London, taking in all of the culture of Marienplatz in Munich, or visiting the breathtaking Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam when you arrive in Amsterdam, Omio and BlaBlaCar buses make incredible trips like this easy, convenient, and affordable and let you see so many different amazing locations in Europe for a fraction of the cost of other methods of travel to these major European cities.

Blablacar Bus: FAQs

1. Where can I buy a BlaBlaCar bus ticket?

  • The best place to buy tickets is on either the Omio website or through the Omio app. What is even better is that we utilize mobile tickets so getting access to your tickets it's a simple as picking up your phone.

2. Do I need to print my BlaBlaCar bus ticket?

  • With Omio we offer mobile tickets for buses so there is no need to print your ticket before you travel. If for some reason you will not have access to your mobile ticket for your trip then you can by all means print your ticket out or use that as a backup in case there's a problem with your mobile ticket.

3. Do I need to bring my ID on board the BlaBlaCar bus ?

  • You will need some form of identification to verify that the person that is presenting the ticket is the person that is traveling. You can generally use any form of government-issued identification but a good bet is to always have your passport handy as these are always an acceptable form of identification.

4. How long do I have to be at the bus station before the departure?

  • While the bus company thinks that the minimum time you should be at the station before departure is 15min, it is always best to try to arrive at least 30 minutes before your trip especially if there's any chance that you will need to make changes to your tickets or your itinerary.

5. What are the amenities for people with reduced abilities?

  • All of the BlaBlaCar buses have the ability to handle passengers that have limited mobility or are traveling in a wheelchair. It is important that when you book your trip through Omio you then notify the bus company that you will be traveling in a wheelchair so they can place you in the proper location on the bus for your journey.

6. How much luggage can I bring onboard the BlaBlaCar bus?

  • BlaBlaCar bus will guarantee that there will be space for one piece of luggage in the hold of the bus you will be traveling on. For an additional fee, you can purchase extra space in the hold for luggage. In addition, you can bring two hand luggage is aboard each bus free of charge and less luggage must fit either above or below your seat.

7. Can I bring my bike on board a BlaBlaCar bus?

  • While you may not bring a standard bicycle or board a bus you may bring a foldable bicycle aboard a bus add this item will ride in the luggage hold. If the bicycle will be in addition to your regular luggage you will need to purchase extra space in the hold for an additional fee.

8. What I am not allowed to bring on board BlaBlaCar bus?

  • It's always best to use common sense when deciding what you can and cannot bring aboard one of our buses. Some of the things that cannot travel on our buses include things like drugs, weapons, or flammable liquids. When in doubt it is always best to check with the bus company ahead of time or speak to a customer service representative at the station before boarding your bus.

9. What should I do if my luggage gets lost?

  • If you happen to lose any luggage during your travels you can contact BlaBlaCar bus and they will work diligently to find your luggage for you.

10. Can I exchange or refund my BlaBlaCar bus ticket?

  • You can exchange or refund any ticket up to 30min before your departure time.

11. Can children under 18 years old travel on their own?

  • Child up to 16 years old must always be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Children between 16 and 18 years old can travel alone with authorization from a parent.
  • Kids that are up to two years old get a 50% discount on their tickets when they travel. Children that are between 2 and 11 years old get a 25% discount.

13. Can I bring my pet on board?

  • Pets are not allowed on board but guide dogs are allowed for those with visual impairments.
  • All buses offer amenities such as adjustable seating and great legroom, charging sockets for your electronic devices, personal air conditioning systems, and toilets onboard plus some buses offer free Wi-Fi.


Buses BlaBlaCar Bus
Services and FAQ BlaBlaCar Bus


BlaBlaCar Bus tickets can be purchased directly with Omio

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Buses BlaBlaCar Bus

Things can seem hazy or unclear when comparing bus companies but BlaBlaCar Bus wants to cut through all the exhaust. BlaBlaCar, Europe's biggest carpooling company, recently launched BlaBlaCar Bus in Germany with a mission to provide comfortable, affordable and flexible bus travel across the Central European nation. Sounds like a clear winner to us!

Discover more of Germany and travel by bus on these popular routes:

Tickets BlaBlaCar Bus: Info about tickets and buses

  • Book smarter with Omio: Omio is an authorised BlaBlaCar Bus ticket seller, providing a full and seamless travel experience. Compare and combine transport options to have ideal flexibility. Your travel, your way.
  • See all your options: Compare BlaBlaBus tickets and schedules with other popular bus, train or air companies including Flixbus and Deutsche Bahn.
  • Security. Privacy. Trust: Your privacy is important to us. All payments are secure (PayPal, SOFORT, credit cards, etc.).
  • On-the-go booking: Spend more time getting excited about your trip!
  • Help, in your language: Our customer service team speak your language, no matter where you are.

BlaBlaCar BusTicket Types

BlaBlaBus aims to be as flexible as possible with its ticketing, which is why they mostly have just one ticket type—standard. However, look out for promos and grab a bargain when you can!

BlablaBus Promo tickets

  • Tickets are non-exchangeable or refundable
  • Passengers must travel on the bus mentioned on the ticket
  • Seats are allocated an hour before departure

BlaBlaCar Bus Standard tickets

  • Tickets vary in price depending on the distance travelled and the time of booking
  • Can be exchanged or refunded up to 30 minutes before departure
  • Refunds are made via voucher and must be used within four months of issue
  • If exchanged for a more expensive ticket, the difference must be paid
  • If exchanged for a cheaper ticket, you will be reimbursed for the difference
  • Seats are allocated an hour before departure

BlaBlaCar Bus FAQ

Where can I buy BlaBlaCar Bus Tickets?

BlaBlaBus Tickets can be bought on Omio and the Omio app. We even support mobile tickets so accessing your tickets has never easier.

Do I have to print my ticket?

While we think going mobile is the best option (check out our mobile tickets today), you can still print your ticket if needed. Print your e-ticket and show it to the driver upon boarding.

Do I need to bring ID?

Yes. Most government-issued IDs are adequate. But it’s always good to have your passport handy, especially if you are not an EU national.

How long do I have to be at the bus stop before departure?

BlaBlaBus asks that everyone be at the bus station/stop at least 15 minutes before departure.


BlaBlaCar Bus baggage policy: everything you need to know

How much baggage can I bring in BlaBlaCar Bus?

BlaBlaBus has a very generous baggage policy. Each passenger is allowed to bring one carry-on and two pieces for the hold. The carry-on must fit in the storage. racks above the seats. The larger items (height x width x depth) cannot exceed 200cm and cannot weigh more than 23kg. Foldable prams are allowed to be stored free of charge. All baggage items must have a name tag with the name, address and telephone number on them.

What bulky items can I bring?

Larger items are allowed if they doesn't exceed a combined height, width and depth of 200cm and a weight of 23kg. Bulky items include: Skis/snowboards and shoes, Surfboards, bodyboards or kitesurfing boards, Golf equipment (in a closed bag), Musical Instruments (in a hard case), Foldable bikes

What am I not allowed to bring on board?

The following items are not allowed on board the bus: Drugs, Weapons, Flammable Items or Liquids, Lithium Batteries, Fireworks or other explosive devices, Camping stoves, gas canisters, oxygen tanks for scuba diving, Paint, Chemicals or bleaches

What should I do if my baggage is lost?

If you have forgotten or lost your baggage with BlaBlaBus then you can contact its customer service, who will do their best to find your bag. However, they do not take responsilibity for carry-on bags. Be aware that if you need to transfer to another bus or transport mode, it's your responsibility to take your belongings with you.

BlaBlaCar Bus: More general info and faq

Can I exchange or refund my ticket?

Yes. If you have a standard ticket then you can get a refund or exchange up to 30 minutes before departure. Pretty great, right? For more information about ticket types, click here.

Can I bring my pet(s) onboard?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on BlaBlaCar Bus. Guide dogs for those with visual impairments are allowed on board with the proper paperwork.

Do children get a discount?

  • Children under 24 months…Travel for half price as long as they are not older than 24 months at the time of travel. A passport is required.
  • Children between two and 12 years…Travel with a 25 percent discount and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 18 years of age or older. A passport is required.
  • Children between 12 and 16 years…Solo travel is permitted but they must have a signed document from a legal guardian. A passport is required.

Can you travel on BlaBlaCar Bus buses with limited mobility?

Yes. Passengers with disabilities are welcome on BlaBlaCar Bus. Just let the company know you'll need assistance at least 36 hours before travel so BlaBlaBus can make the proper arrangements for your comfort and safety.

Bus types and Amenities

BlaBlaBus buses feature a distinctive design—think bright pink with white and blue accents on the tail—and they're environmentally friendly as well. Enjoy your ride in comfort and leave that gas guzzling car at home.
What can you expect on a BlaBlaCar Bus journey?

  • Personal air conditioning
  • Extra legroom and adjustable seating
  • Charging sockets and USB ports
  • Toilets
  • Free WiFi (on certain routes)
  • Friendly drivers—or captains as BlaBlaBus call them–who are on-hand to help
BlaBlaCar Bus

Popular routes

On Omio, you can book a wide range of bus tickets with BlaBlaCar Bus.

Showing prices for tomorrow, Tuesday, September 27

BRUXELLES-Midi / Brussel Zuid, Rue de France
BlaBlaCar BusParis, Quai de BercyBRUXELLES-Midi / Brussel Zuid, Rue de FranceDuration: 3h 45from 10
BlaBlaCar BusParis, Quai de BercyAmsterdamDuration: 8h 34from 20
Paris, Quai de Bercy
BlaBlaCar BusBRUXELLES-Midi / Brussel Zuid, Rue de FranceParis, Quai de BercyDuration: 3h 50from 10
Paris, Quai de Bercy
BlaBlaCar BusAmsterdamParis, Quai de BercyDuration: 7h 42from 20
BlaBlaCar BusBarcelona, Estació d'Autobusos NordParisDuration: 17h 40from 45
Barcelona, Estació d'Autobusos Nord
BlaBlaCar BusParis, Quai de BercyBarcelona, Estació d'Autobusos NordDuration: 15h 05from 40
Paris, Quai de Bercy
BlaBlaCar BusMilano, Autostazione LampugnanoParis, Quai de BercyDuration: 12h 45from 48
Paris, Quai de Bercy
BlaBlaCar BusLondonParis, Quai de BercyDuration: 9h 45from 39
Milano, Autostazione Lampugnano
BlaBlaCar BusParis, Quai de BercyMilano, Autostazione LampugnanoDuration: 12h 30from 39
Toulouse, Blvd. Pierre Semard
BlaBlaCar BusBarcelona, Estació d'Autobusos NordToulouse, Blvd. Pierre SemardDuration: 5h 40from 15

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