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Booking SNCF Tickets
Popular SNCF Routes

SNCF tickets can be purchased directly with Omio

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SNCF: SNCF is the state-managed railway network in France. Founded in 1938, when France's major private railways were merged, the firm is now based in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis and is active across the world. SNCF's iconic TGV high-speed service carries over 100 million people per year and is the providers' most famous symbol. Every day, SNCF runs 7,500 trains to 5,000 stations, using 2,000 coaches.

How to Book Tickets with SNCF

On average, 10 percent of French trains are delayed or canceled. If your SNCF train has been canceled or delayed by more than 30 minutes, you may be entitled to compensation. Omio will automatically complete a compensation claim for you, by submitting the necessary paperwork for the affected journey. This way, you can get your money back quickly and seamlessly.

The compensation claim rules in case of delayed trains in France are as follows:

  • 25% refund of the ticket fare if the train is between one and two hours late
  • 50% refund of the ticket fare if the train is more than two hours late
  • 75% refund of the ticket fare if the train is more than three hours late

Make sure to benefit from this feature by booking with Omio for seamless ticketing compensation.

Online booking:

You can book your e-ticket online directly on Omio. To buy your SNCF ticket in English, and to compare over 300 train and bus companies check out the Omio app. Buying yout ticket with Omio means that if you have questions regarding your SNCF train ticket our Customer Service team can help.

Purchase tickets at the train station:

You can also buy your ticket directly at one of France's many train stations. You can buy your ticket at one of the station's sales offices, in advance or directly on the same day. In general, it is cheaper to buy your ticket in advance.

Printing e-tickets at the station:

Some electronic tickets must be printed on the automatic terminals, be careful when booking online. With Omio, you will not need to print your e-ticket and you can travel by train directly with your phone. To collect your tickets in the automatic stations, you must bring your reservation code received by mail. You can also buy your tickets directly at the station at the automatic station until 5 minutes before the departure of the train. Payment is made by cash or credit card.

Ticket Types:

Whether traveling on board a particular SNCF Train in a certain class and a different type of SNCF ticket, cancellation conditions change. This is also the case if you are traveling alone or in a group, but the conditions do not vary according to SNCF schedules. For more information, please refer to the detailed requirements on our FAQ page SNCF.

There are 2 classes of SNCF train tickets: the Eco class offers basic service and cheap tickets SNCF while the 1st class offers better comfort and extra services highly popular among people traveling on business. There are also several types of SNCF tickets:

  • The Prems tickets:Prems SNCF tickets are TGV tickets that are very reduced prices and can be bought three months in advance. These are cheaper the earlier you buy them..
  • The Recreation Rate: This is the basic ticket of SNCF. The rates also vary according to how many tickets are availalble and the date on which the sncf ticket is taken.
  • The Pro Rate: The Pro rate is the most expensive but offers the most flexibility, as exchange of the ticket is free up to 1 hour before departure.

What discounts are available on SNCF train tickets?

SNCF has set up a discount service for frequent travelers. Several discount cards are available to customers:

SNCF Card Type




SNCF Youth Card



€50 for 1 year

SNCF Senior Card



€60 for 1 year

SNCF Child Card

Under 12


€75 for 1 year

SNCF Weekend Card


25-50% for 2 passengers on Saturdays and Sundays

€75 for 1 year

Large Family Card

Up to 18

75% for all family members

€75 for 3 years

  • SNCF Youth Card: The SNCF Youth Card provides discounts on all SNCF train tickets, as well as major discounts on your SNCF tickets if you make trips coupling TGV/Intercity or TER/Intercity. It applies to travelers from 12 to 27 years old.
  • SNCF Senior Card: The senior SNCF card allows seniors to benefit from attractive discounts on routes including those in first class. It is available to passengers 60+ years old.
  • SNCF Child Card: The SNCF Child card is the railway reduction card destinatioSNCFfor children under 12 years. Depending on the SNCF timetables, the owner receives up to 50% discount on the price of the train ticket.
  • SNCF Weekend Card:The SNCF weekend card offers discounts on all trips on the weekend for the beneficiary and its accompanying. The card is available from 28 years.
  • Large Family Card: The SNCF Large Family Card offers discounts on all travel in 1st or 2nd class tickets of the spouses and children under 18 years. The card is available by filling out a SNCF Large Family card form and families can enjoy if they have 3 children.

Popular SNCF routes

Trains from Paris to Nice
Trains from Paris to Lyon
Trains from Paris to Strasbourg
Trains from Paris to Bordeaux
Trains from Paris to Marseille
Trains from Paris to Toulouse
Trains from Lille to Paris
Trains from Paris to Reims



The trains of the SNCF are of several types. You can make national and international routes on a Train SNCF TGV, Intercity or iDTGV. Regional rail journeys take place on SNCF trains. The services offered by SNCF and types of tickets depending on the type of train. For cancellation policy or exchange your SNCF ticket, please refer to our FAQ SNCF. It is also on this page that you can check the conditions relating to the bike, luggage and discount cards of the SNCF.

Services on board SNCF Trains: What services are available to people with reduced mobility?

The SNCF has set up several services to accompany people with reduced mobility before, during or after their journey to any SNCF schedule. You can contact the Accès Plus service at 0890 640 650 or by email at [email protected]

  • Passengers in Wheelchairs: The SNCF has set up several services to accompany people with reduced mobility before, during or after their journey to any SNCF schedule. You can contact the Accès Plus service at 0890 640 650 or by email at [email protected]
  • Seeing Eye Dogs: Guide dogs are permitted on all SNCF trains.

Traveling with Luggage and Bicycles

With any SNCF train ticket, you can carry as much luggage as you can on the train. All your luggage must be labeled and dropped off near you or in the luggage compartments of the SNCF trains so as not to disturb your neighbors.

Special or bulky baggage can be carried on board some SNCF train:

  • Traveling with Bicycles: You can carry your bike for free in the availability of seats on trains to the train. On some SNCF trains, you will be asked to fold your bike or disassemble it, and put it in a protective cover.
  • Traveling with Instruments or Sports Equipment: Onboard TER SNCF and TGV trains, you can transport your musical instruments (any size), golf bags or sports boards free. Like any other SNCF luggage, they should be labeled and placed in a protective cover.

Exceptions concerning luggage on board SNCF trains relate to the OUIGO and iDTGV trains.

  • OUIGO SNCF Trains: Only 2 pieces of luggage are allowed by the holder of a SNCF train ticket. The cabin baggage must not exceed 55 x 35 x 25 cm and must be able to be placed under the seat; The hand luggage must not be larger than 36 x 27 x 15 cm and you must keep it on your lap during your train journey. Additional baggage costs € 5 at the time of booking. To carry your bike, you will pay €5 extra on your SNCF ticket.
  • iDTGV SNCF Trains: 2 bags are free (they must be labeled) on board iDTGV SNCF trains, no size limit. Any additional baggage costs €35 at the time of your SNCF reservation.

What about traveling with Pets on SNCF trains?

When traveling with your pet, book the SNCF ticket at the same time as yours. You can travel with dogs or two containers per person on all SNCF trains, except Eurostar.

If your pet weighs more than 6 kilograms (13 lbs):

  • It must travel in a bag or basket not exceeding 45 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm.
  • It costs €7 (2) per animal on TGV, Intercity, and TER trains.

If your pet weighs more than 6 kilograms (13 pounds):

  • It must wear a muzzle for the entire journey.
  • It will cost 50% of a second-class SNCF train ticket even if you are traveling in first-class on a TGV, Intercity, or TER train.
  • Special rates apply on other train types.

Exchanges and Cancellations: you can exchange the SNCF ticket for your pet for free until the day before departure. After that, a deduction of 10% will be applied until the end of validity of the SNCF ticket. Not redeemable beyond (3). The ticket is refundable with a deduction of 10% until the end of validity of the ticket SNCF (3)>.

(1) with the exception of guide dogs

(2) Price at January 2, 2014

(3) dog leash Tariff and tariff valid small animal on the TGV, Intercity, and TER.

Traveling with Children with SNCF

Children under 4: Children under 4 can travel for free when they travel on a parent's lap. Except for the iDTGV, where they'll need an adult ticket. Look out for the following tickets

  • Bambin discount on TGV, TER and Intercités trains
  • Enfant+ railcad, this includes a seperate seat
  • Kid fare on Thalys trains

Children between 4-11 Children between 4 and 11 can half price adult tickets, except on iDTGV where they'll pay a full fare.

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