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Travel with FlixBus

Founded in 2013, FlixBus original aim was to provide Germany with long-distance bus journeys. With low-price, comfort, ease, and free WiFi being Flixbus main selling points it quickly became one of Germany's go to bus companies. In 2015, FlixBus popularity in Germany allowed them to expand into neighboring countries such as France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Croatia, as well as regular services to Norway, Spain and England. Now Flixbus is one of the biggest names in bus travel not just in Europe but across the world making it a great choice for a trip in Europe. You can book Flixbus tickets with Omio.

FlixBus tickets can be purchased via Omio

Booking your FlixBus ticket with Omio is fast and easy, and you will enjoy several benefits. With Omio, you can book your ticket in advance from the comfort of your home. Our free Omio app is easy to use, and the journey planner feature allows you to compare different bus types, prices, and departure times for your convenience. Moreover, as an official partner of FlixBus, you will have our customer care available for you 24/7, ready to solve any problems or answer any questions you might have.


Travel with FlixBus

FlixBus is a long-distance bus company originally founded in Germany. Affordable tickets, ease of use, and comfortable amenities, including free Wi-Fi, have made FlixBus a popular choice, allowing it to expand to the rest of Europe. Now FlixBus is big in both Europe and the US, after successfully launching in the western region of the US in 2018. FlixBus US has expanded even further since then, with destinations in major cities including Las Vegas, New York, Washington, and Chicago. FlixBus booking is fast and easy with Omio.

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FlixBus in the US

FlixBus US is one of the biggest bus companies in the US, and after partnering with Omio, booking your cheap FlixBus ticket has become a whole lot easier. FlixBus headquarters are in Los Angeles, and the company is now conquering the States with its environmentally-friendly business model, cheap travel, high-quality standards, and green buses. You can now travel across the US on a budget by bus via FlixBus and Omio, with new routes launched every day.

FlixBus destinations in Europe

FlixBus Europe is the leading intercity bus service in Europe, covering countries across the continent. You will find major coverage in Italy, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Through Omio, you can book a trip to northern Europe as well, and major FlixBus routes in Europe include London to Paris, Vienna to Prague, Berlin to Prague, Amsterdam to Brussels, and Milan to Rome. With the Omio app, booking your FlixBus Europe ticket is quick and easy to complete from the comfort of your home.

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FlixBus destinations in US

After successfully launching in the US, FlixBus now has major destinations across the country. Affordable, comfortable, and easy-to-book transport has made FlixBus a leader in the US long-distance transport sector. Los Angeles is the biggest FlixBus destination in the US and is also where the company’s headquarters are situated. From Los Angeles, you can take a direct bus to Las Vegas with zero transfers. You can also take a direct FlixBus bus to Phoenix or Tucson from Los Angeles. Another popular route is a Flixbus ride from Las Vegas to San Diego.

Booking FlixBus tickets

Booking FlixBus tickets is fast and easy with Omio. All you need to do is key in your travel information (travel date, arrival and departure cities, and the number of passengers) in the Omio search bar and hit “search.” You will then see the results for available buses, prices, and departure times. Pick the FlixBus bus that best meets your needs before proceeding to payment on the FlixBus website. Once you have confirmed your payment, you will be issued an electronic ticket. Occasionally, there are price reductions and offers, so make sure to book your FlixBus ticket through Omio for a better chance of enjoying these special offers.

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FlixBus: Bus types

Traveling with FlixBus means your comfort is guaranteed. Whether you are on the early morning, morning, afternoon, or night bus, you will enjoy the best services in the market. On FlixBus buses, you can take advantage of free Wi-Fi, affordable snacks and drinks, extra legroom, and plenty of space for your luggage. The seats are well-bolstered and cushioned and comfortable. You can also choose to travel neighbor-free for maximum comfort. To book your next FlixBus ticket, download the Omio app, select your journey, and choose the FlixBus bus type that best meets your needs.

FlixBus bus: What you can do

When you travel with FlixBus, you can relax and enjoy the ride with several amenities. Every FlixBus has free Wi-Fi to keep you entertained along the way. You can stay in contact with your friends or family as you chat or video call at 4G speeds. Don’t worry about your devices powering down because FlixBus buses provide numerous power outlets to keep all your devices powered. If you get hungry, you can purchase affordable snacks and drinks on FlixBus buses. If you need restroom services, FlixBus has you covered. Onboard every bus is a clean and functioning restroom that you can use at all times. Travel in absolute comfort on the well-cushioned seats with adjustable backrests and extra legroom. If you’re traveling with luggage, you’re welcome to use the overhead compartment or the cargo hold below. Book your next FlixBus ticket with Omio today.

FlixBus Bus: FAQs

1. What services are provided on FlixBus buses for passengers with reduced mobility?

FlixBus buses provide easy access for passengers with reduced mobility. Most of the buses are equipped to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs. However, passengers are required to inform the company 7-14 days before booking to avoid any inconveniences. Service animals are also allowed on FlixBus buses; however, you may need to produce documentation proving that you need to be accompanied by the animal.

2. How much luggage can I travel with on FlixBus buses?

Passengers are allowed to carry on two bags with a total weight of 65 lbs (30 kg). Your ticket allows you to store baggage in the cargo hold or the overhead compartment for free. Luggage carried in the cargo hold must not exceed 30 x 20 x 12 inches (80 x 50 x 30 cm) and 45 lbs (20 kg). For luggage to be stored in the overhead compartment, it should be less than 15 lbs (7 kg) and its dimensions not exceeding 16 x 12 x 7 inches (42 x 30 x 18 cm). Ensure that your full name and address is visible on every bag you have onboard FlixBus buses for easy retrieval in case it is lost. You can carry up to three extra bags not exceeding the above-specified dimensions for an extra fee.

3. What services are available onboard FlixBus buses?

You will enjoy many services when traveling with FlixBus. First, every bus offers free Wi-Fi, and you’ll enjoy surfing the web at 4G internet speeds. You will also have electrical outlets provided at every seat to ensure that your devices remain powered throughout your journey. All seats on FlixBus buses are comfortable and well-cushioned. For maximum comfort, you also get adjustable backrests and extra legroom. In case you get hungry, no worries—you can purchase snacks and drinks from the friendly FlixBus bus drivers at all times. Finally, all FlixBus buses have clean restroom facilities, so you do not need to feel uncomfortable until the next stop.

4. Can my children travel alone on FlixBus buses?

Yes, your children can safely travel alone with FlixBus. Children between ages 10 and 16 can travel alone as long as a legal representative signs a consent form during booking. Moreover, children under 16 enjoy discounted rates. Children over 16 can travel alone and will pay the normal fare.


FlixBus Destinations

FlixBus is a major bus company in Europe offering significant coverage in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Switzerland. FlixBus also offers routes to select destinations in northern Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Slovakia, and Poland.

Austria | Belgium | Croatia | Czech Republic | Denmark | France | Germany | Hungary
Italy | Netherlands | Poland | Romania | Spain | Sweden | United Kingdom

FlixBus in Austria

FlixBus in Belgium

FlixBus in Croatia

  • FlixBus to Zagreb: FlixBus offers routes from Zagreb to numerous cities in Croatia as well as multiple international destinations in Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Switzerland. FlixBus travels from Zagreb to numerous European destinations including Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Munich and Milan.

FlixBus in the Czech Republic

FlixBus in Denmark

  • FlixBus to Copenhagen: FlixBus travels to a few cities in Denmark as well as multiple international destinations in Sweden, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. FlixBus offers trips to Stockholm in Sweden, Brussels in Belgium, Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne in northern Germany, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

FlixBus in France

  • FlixBus to Paris: Paris is the French city which benefits from the largest number of lines with FlixBus. FlixBus travels from Paris to over 150 destinations throughout France and Europe. FlixBus buses from Paris travel to popular destinations such as Lyon, Rouen, Toulouse and Strasbourg in France and Brussels, London, Berlin, Barcelona and Amsterdam internationally.

  • FlixBus to Strasbourg: FlixBus travels from Strasbourg to nearly almost 65 destinations. On the French side, the capital of Alsace is linked to the cities of the North, East, and South-East of the country (including Paris, Marseille, Lille, Lyon). Due to its geographical position and the density of the FlixBus network on the other side of the Rhine, the company offers direct buses to many destinations in southern and western Germany including Munich and Cologne. It is also possible to travel from Strasbourg to Milan, Amsterdam, and Zurich with FlixBus.

  • FlixBus to Toulouse: FlixBus travels to more than 40 European destinations from Toulouse. Many destinations are offered in the south of France, on the Mediterranean coast (Marseille and Nice) and on the Atlantic coast (Bayonne, Bordeaux). FlixBus also travels from Toulouse to cities in northern Spain including Barcelona, Girona and San Sebastian.

FlixBus in Germany

FlixBus in Hungary

FlixBus in Italy

FlixBus in the Netherlands

FlixBus in Poland

  • FlixBus to Warsaw: FlixBus only offers service to large cities in Poland like Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan, and Gdansk. FlixBus travels from Warsaw to 10 cities in Poland, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic including Berlin, Nuremberg, Vienna, and Prague.

  • FlixBus to Krakow: FlixBus offers service from Krakow to 19 cities in Europe. FlixBuses from Krakow don't travel to any other cities in Poland, but do travel to multiple cities in Germany, Austria, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic including Vienna, Berlin, Stuttgart, and Prague.

FlixBus in Spain

  • FlixBus to Barcelona: FlixBus is not a major bus company in Spain; however, it does travel to and from several cities in northern Spain near the French border including Barcelona, Girona, Bilbao, and San Sebastian. FlixBus travels from Barcelona to 24 cities in France, Germany, and northern Italy including Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Nice, Lyon, Milan, and Munich.

FlixBus in Sweden

FlixBus in the United Kingdom

Booking Flixbus Tickets

With Omio, it is very easy to book a FlixBus ticket: you just need to fill in the details of your trip in our search bar (dates of travel, departure and arrival cities, numbers of passengers), Then select the FlixBus bus that suits you best. You will then be redirected to the FlixBus website to book your ticket and proceed to the payment.

FlixBus offers only one type of tickets for bus trips. The price is subject to change according to the reservation date and the promotions in progress. The reductions are planned for children and people with reduced mobility and special offers for groups of 3 or more on request.

Flixbus Discounts

Occassionally, FlixBus offer discounts and promotional offers to travelers, such as offering bus tickets for €1 when FlixBus opens a new bus route.

All FlixBus discounts are integrated into Omio's search results. Be sure to take advantage of all FlixBus promotions by booking your bus ticket on Omio!

FlixBus FAQ's

FlixBus Handicap Access

  • Passengers in wheelchairs: FlixBus asks passengers with wheelchairs to contact FlixBus customer service (+49 (0)30 300 137 300 or [email protected] 7-14 days before booking as not all buses are equipped to accommodate travelers with wheelchairs. In most cases, the wheelchair must be able to travel in the passenger compartment of the bus. As a result, the wheelchair must meet the standards of passenger seats— DIN EN 12183 or DIN EN 12184 and using the restraint system in accordance with DIN 75078-2. The maximum dimensions are: 80 cm in width, 120 cm in length, 250 kg in total weight.
  • Passengers traveling in passenger seats despite a handicap: The passenger must contact FlixBus customer service at least 36 hours before departure.
  • Guide Dogs: FlixBus authorizes a guide or guide dog to travel free of charge with the disabled passenger upon presentation of a medical certificate specifying the need for the latter to be accompanied.

Luggage allowance and bicycles

  • You can carry 2 pieces of luggage with a total weight of 30 kg. Luggage can be transported in the cargo hold free of charge as well as a piece of hand luggage.
  • All FlixBus luggage must not exceed 67 x 50 x 27 cm.
  • All baggage must be labeled with the traveler's full name and address.
  • It is possible to carry up to 3 additional luggage (with the same dimensions) with a maximum weight of 15 kg for a supplement of €5 each.

WiFi and Other Services

  • WiFi: FlixBus offers its travelers complementary 4G Internet access on board.
  • Other Services Onboard: FlixBus offers its customers many other services during the bus journey including toilets, snacks, drinks, electrical outlets and legroom.

Traveling with Pets

  • Pets can not be transported with FlixBus except for guide dogs and pets weighing less than 5 kg in their travel bag.

FlixBus Lost and Found

  • Lost items must be reported by completing the online form.

Transport of Minors

  • Children under 3 years old must travel in a suitable baby seat. Children from 10 to 16 can travel alone, provided that a legal representative completes and signs the consent form (at the time of booking), stating that the passenger is able to undertake the trip alone. Flixbus and its partners decline any responsibility for their supervision. Discounted rates are available for children under 16 years. Children over the age of 16 can travel alone and pay the normal fare.


  • The EU legislation on the right of passengers traveling by bus states that passengers are entitled to a refund of the total amount of the ticket in the event of a delay of more than 2 hours. A compensation of €80 per night and per person (for a maximum of 2 nights) must also be offered, applicable only on a journey of more than 250 km. In the case of delay of more than 90 minutes, the bus company must offer a snack and refreshments. These rules are not applicable in the case of force majeure, accident or dangerous driving conditions. Most bus companies will do their best to keep their travelers informed as soon as possible.

Popular routes

On Omio, you can book a wide range of bus tickets with Flixbus.

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FlixbusBruxelles, Gare du NordAmsterdamDuration: 2h 45from 20
Bruxelles, Gare du Midi
FlixbusParisBruxelles, Gare du MidiDuration: 3h 55from 23
FlixbusParis, Quai de BercyAmsterdamDuration: 7h 15from 40
FlixbusBruxelles, Gare du MidiParisDuration: 3h 55from 34
Bruxelles, Gare du Nord
FlixbusAmsterdamBruxelles, Gare du NordDuration: 2h 45from 15
Paris, Quai de Bercy
FlixbusLondonParis, Quai de BercyDuration: 9h 15from 160
FlixbusLisbonPortoDuration: 3h 15from 20
Paris, Quai de Bercy
FlixbusAmsterdam, ArenaParis, Quai de BercyDuration: 7h 20from 50
FlixbusBudapest, Népliget autóbusz-pályaudvarViennaDuration: 3h 20from 20
FlixbusParis, Quai de BercyBrugesDuration: 4h 20from 30

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