Ferries in Spain: Timetables & Tickets

Tue, May 28
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Ferries in Spain – Book your Spanish Ferry Boat with Omio

The tourism sector in Spain is one of the biggest in the world. In fact, there are more Germans entering Spain every year than the total number of tourists that visit Morocco, another popular destination sitting across the Strait of Gibraltar. And Germans aren’t even the most frequent visitors, as Brits love this country more than anyone else, and Spain also attracts a lot of visitors from France, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Many of those fly into the country, but a large number take ferries from Italy and France, among others. Ferries are also popular with domestic travelers, as well as Spaniards looking to visit countries around the Mediterranean Basin. If you’re one of these travelers and you’re looking for a cheap ferry ticket to Spain or from Spain, book with Omio.

Ferry Boats Spain – Discover Spain’s Island Ferries

There are numerous ferry companies in Spain and they all form part of a highly competitive industry, one primarily tasked with ferrying passengers from the mainland to the dozens of islands that sit on either side of the peninsula, both in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Some of the most popular ferries to Spain and from Spain include Palma to Barcelona, which takes passengers from the Catalonia region in North-eastern Spain to Palma on the island of Mallorca. The route takes about 7.5 to 8 hours on average and it is served by several major ferry companies, including Balearia.

Palma is also accessible via Valencia, a route that takes a similar length of time and is provided by GNV, among others.

For cheap ferry tickets from the Spanish mainland to an island or a cheap ferry crossing to Spain, stick with Omio. Just search and compare to find the cheapest ferry ticket and then book when ready.

Ferry System in Spain
Ferry Companies in Spain
Book Spanish Ferry Tickets
Popular Ferry Routes in Spain
Book your Spanish ferry ticket now with Omio

Booking Spanish Ferry Tickets with Omio

Ready to book a cheap ferry ticket to Spain? With Omio, the entire process takes only a few seconds. Our software was designed to be simple and accessible, so even if you’ve never booked before, you’ll fit right in. To show you how to book a cheap ferry crossing to Spain, let’s look at an example and guide you through it.

Let’s suppose that you find yourself on the beautiful island of Sardinia and now you need to connect to the mainland.

First, visit the search feature at the top of this page (and pretty much every other page on the Omio website). You’ll see a series of boxes:

  • Box 1: This is your current location, which would be “Sardinia, Italy” in our example. When you enter “Sardinia” into the field, you’ll notice that there are a few options, including different locations and ports. You can be specific if you need to leave from a certain place, but if you just want to see what the cheapest options are from all departure points, enter the name of the city/island.
  • Box 2: This is your destination. Again, you can choose a specific seaport in Spain or stick with a general location. In this case, we’ll choose “Barcelona, Spain”.
  • Box 3: This box shows the date that you will travel. You can search for routes available on the same day or look for routes many weeks and even months in advance.
  • Box 4: If you’re coming back via a ferry, enter your preferred return date here. If not, and you’ll be making alternative arrangements, you can leave this blank. Remember that you can book a cheap ferry ticket in Spain as well, so if you decide on a one-way trip and change your mind when you arrive, it’s not too late to book a boat back to Sardinia.
  • Box 5: The final box denotes the total number of tickets that you need, as well as the ages of the travelers. The ages are important as ferry ticket prices can vary by age and may be cheaper for children and seniors.

Once the boxes are filled, hit “Search” to see all available options, including ferry tickets from multiple different providers.

Doing this for a summer Sardinia to Barcelona trip shows options from Grimaldi Lines. It shows a little green car symbol to indicate that we can take a vehicle and we can also see that it’s a 13-hour direct trip—perfect!

To book this cheap ferry ticket to Spain, we just click the tile, choose the ticket class option, enter the details of the passengers, and then book. We can then use the booking number we receive to collect our cheap ferry ticket from a self-service machine at the station.

If you have any questions or issues regarding your booking, our multilingual customer support team is available to assist.

Main Ferry Companies in Spain

Spain has a highly competitive ferry sector, with several major companies operating services out of its biggest ports. There are also companies based outside of Spain that ferry passengers into the country, including the previously mentioned Grimaldi Lines, which is a large Italian ferry company.

See below for some of the biggest providers you will encounter when booking a cheap ferry ticket to an island in Spain.

| Balearia | GNV | Trasmapi | Fred. Olsen Express |


Balearia is a Spanish ferry company that services popular routes into the Balearic Islands, including the aforementioned connections between Barcelona and Palma. The company is owned by the Balearia Group. It uses modern fleets and is devoted to making its services as sustainable as possible, including switching to natural gas for several of its boats.

It had over 30 ships in its fleet at the last count and in addition to its many routes to its namesake islands, it also connects to the Canary Islands and provides some short international routes to North Africa and much longer services to the Caribbean.


Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV) is an Italian provider, but it services most countries in the Mediterranean and includes many connections in Spain. You can take a GNV ferry to Spain from Italian islands and there are also lots of connections going the other way, including to ports in Sardinia and Sicily.

GNV is famed for its massive ferries, including La Suprema and La Superba, both of which are capable of carrying 2,920 passengers and around 1,000 cars.


Trasmapi is a ferry company based in the Balearic islands and serving these islands with similar frequency as the aforementioned Balearia Group. It is part of the Ibiza-headquartered Insotel Group, which runs a number of hotels and resorts and has decades of experience in the travel industry, tracing its roots back to the 1960s.

Fred. Olsen Express

Fred. Olsen Express is a ferry service that runs routes to the Canary Islands. It is owned by a massive Norwegian company known as Bonheur, one that also owns the similarly named Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines. It owns a fleet of half a dozen modern ships. All of these ships are fast and are designed to connect passengers with the Canary Islands in as little time as possible.

Use Omio to book cheap Spanish ferry tickets with these companies and more

Spanish Ferry Map – The Ferry Network in Spain and Major Connections

You can take a ferry crossing to Spain from one of its islands and any other country in the Mediterranean region, all of which are bookable through the Omio platform.

Domestic Ferry Routes in Spain

Domestic ferries in Spain often connect to its islands. They are short and cheap, and you can book cheap ferry tickets for all of these routes using Omio, with regular offers available:

  • Barcelona to Mahon: A direct route to the popular destination of Menorca. This route is covered by providers such as GNV and it takes less than 8 hours on average.
  • Algeciras to Ceuta: Ceuta is an autonomous region in North Africa. It lies across the Strait of Gibraltar and is bordered by Morocco. You can take this ferry in just an hour or so, providing keen adventurers with a rapid way to across the strait. Ceuta to Algeciras is also very busy and served by the same company and with similar frequency.
  • Mallorca to Barcelona: A ferry route to the mainland and one of Spain’s most visited cities. It’s a direct route that takes about 7.5 hours with GNV but is usually much shorter with Balearia. Both of these options are available for comparison with Omio.
  • Ibiza to Barcelona: Another link between a popular island and the Catalonian capital. This route is also covered by both Balearia and GNV and it takes between 8 and 9 hours.

International Ferry Routes from Spain to Other Countries

You can take multiple international ferries from Spain, and if you cross over to Gibraltar for a vacation in the place they call “The Rock”, there are numerous departures from there as well. There are connections to Tunisia, Morocco, France, and Italy, the most popular of which include:

  • Barcelona to Civitavecchia: Civitavecchia is in Rome, so this trip will take you from one major European to another. It takes about 25 hours and is available for most of the year, with the main provider being Grimaldi Lines.
  • Algeciras to Tangier: A cheap and quick connection that departs several times a day and takes about 2 hours.
  • Algeciras to Montpellier: A 40-hour ferry ride that will take you into France.
Book your Spanish ferry ticket now with Omio


Madrid. Credit: Pixabay

Ferry travel tips for Spain

Before you set sail for a seaport in Spain, take a look at the following travel tips:

  • Travel in the off-season to save money. The weather is still good outside of summer and there are big savings to be made on ferry tickets and accommodation.
  • Check visa requirements if you’re visiting another country by ferry. Bear in mind that requirements may differ considerably between countries like Morocco and Italy.
  • Check ticket requirements. Many tickets on Omio can be used as e-tickets, but ferry tickets may need to be printed out at the station using your Omio booking details.
  • Book your cheap ferry ticket early to save more money and ensure you get the room that you want. Early bookings are also important if you’re taking a car on a busy trip, as there is limited garage space.
  • Buy a cheap ferry ticket for a ferry to Spain with Omio. A few clicks are all that’s required to compare and buy your cheap ferry tickets.


What is the quickest international ferry route from Spain?

You can travel from Algeciras to Tangier in less than an hour. It is a very quick route between Spain and Morocco and one that is used by many travelers every month. There are also quick routes into Ceuta. It’s still part of Spain’s territory, but it’s across the strait of Gibraltar and thus provides easy access to Morocco and Tunisia.

What countries can I visit by ferry from Spain?

As noted above, you can visit both Tunisia and Morocco using a Spanish ferry crossing. These routes are common and short. There are also connections to Italy and France, as well as seasonal ferries that take you from major ports in Spain to destinations in the Caribbean. Needless to say, these require much longer journey times. You will typically be on the boat for at least a full day.

Can I take pets on a ferry to Spain?

It depends on the ferry company and may also depend on the destination, so this is something that you should check in advance. Usually, you can take a pet onboard if you are using GNV, Balearia, and Fred. Olsen Express ferries. Other companies may also allow you to transport a pet, but check first to avoid complications when you travel.

Where do ferries go in Spain?

Spanish ferries travel to major ports along the vast Spanish coastline, as well as to its territories in North Africa, the Canary Islands, and the Balearic Islands. Some of the biggest ferry ports in Spain include Valencia, Barcelona, Bilbao, and Algeciras.

Are there ferries between Italy and Spain?

Yes, there are numerous connections between these two popular destinations. You can connect from the Italian mainland to the Spanish mainland or take a route from an Italian island like Sicily and Sardinia to any destination in Spain. Bear in mind, however, that these ferries are not as frequent as the ones that connect mainland Spain with the Canary Islands, and you may be limited to seasonal routes.

How long is the ferry ride from Italy to Spain?

It depends on the route, as there are several different options. One of the quickest and most popular of these is the Civitavecchia to Barcelona ferry, which we discussed in the above guide. It requires nearly a full day of travel and will take you from the port in the capital straight through to Barcelona.

Are there ferries from Morocco to Spain?

Yes, there are many ferry routes connecting Morocco with Spain, as well as ones that go the other way. You can book one-way and return routes using ferry companies like GNV and Balearia. Hundreds of them can leave during any given week, but frequencies vary by season. Check the options with a quick Omio search.

Are ferries to Spain cheap?

Ferries can be a very cheap way to travel, especially when you use Omio to see what’s available, compare the best route, and then book your cheap ferry ticket. However, the actual cost will vary by route and season. Expect to pay more if you are traveling during the summer months. This is tourist season in Spain, so the price of travel and accommodation usually climbs. It may still be a cheaper option than flying though, and if you’re making a short connection from Morocco to Spain, it’s also a much more convenient one.

What is the best time to visit the Canary Islands?

For many, the best time to visit these islands is during the summer. Average temperatures reach their peak around July and August, so if you’re looking for sunshine and lots of active tourist attractions, it’s a good time to visit. However, this is when everyone visits the islands, so it can get quite busy and the prices can get quite high. If you prefer peace and quiet with a more laid-back experience, visit during the winter. It has a subtropical climate, so while the weather isn’t as glorious in December, January, and February, it’s still much better than it is elsewhere in Europe.
Book your Spanish ferry ticket now with Omio

Park Guell, Barcelona

Park Guell, Barcelona. Credit: Pixabay

Main Ferry Ports in Spain

Ferry ports are scattered along the mainland coast of Spain and you will also find them in all main Spanish islands. The biggest ports in Spain include:

  • Port of Algeciras Bay: A massive port located in Andalusia. Its position in the southern tip of the country means it serves many short connections to North Africa, as well as the Canary Islands.
  • Port of Valencia: A large container port that connects to locations in the Balearic Islands, among others.
  • Port of Barcelona: A seaport in Spain that has been mentioned several times in this guide due to its many cheap connections to the Balearic Islands.
  • Port of Bilbao: Although it’s not the busiest, this is the largest seaport in Spain in terms of total area.
  • Port of Cartagena: A major cargo and passenger port in the Murcia region of Spain.
  • Port of Las Palmas: One of the oldest and busiest ports in the Canary Islands.

Use Omio to book a cheap ferry ticket to any seaport in Spain.

More Information about Ferries in Europe

There are ferries connecting most islands in Europe, from beautiful Greek islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Kos, Crete, and Rhodes, to destinations in Croatia and Italy. And these are just scratching the surface of what’s available, as there are many seas to cross and coastal cities to visit. So, if you want to see more of Europe, book your cheap ferry ticket with Omio, the home of fast and cheap travel comparisons.

Get started with our search function, at the top of the page. And remember, it’s not just cheap ferry tickets that you will find here. We also sell cheap train tickets, plane tickets, and bus tickets, taking you anywhere you need to go by road, rail, air, and sea.

Popular Journeys

Millions of people visit the Spanish islands every. If you want to join them, whether it’s to party in Ibiza or enjoy the searing sunshine in Gran Canaria, book a ticket for a cheap ferry to Spain with Omio. We can help you to compare and book cheap ferry tickets for a host of providers and for all popular routes in Spain, to Spain, and from Spain.

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