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Stena Line

Journey Summary

Naples to Sorrento

Distance:25 km

Ferries from Naples to Sorrento

Travel from the raw and energetic city of Naples to beautiful Sorrento, on the Amalfi coast, is easy and very convenient by ferry. This journey takes in the best locations across the gulf of Naples – a region in Italy famed for its natural beauty, from the only active volcano in mainland Europe, Mt Vesuvius to the lemon groves of Sorrento and Capri. The travel company, Alilauro, runs a ferry service covering the distance across the bay in 45 minutes – the service runs a hydrofoil transport that makes the distance much faster than a traditional ferry. There are around five ferry or hydrofoil services operating every day. Most trips operate during the afternoon, however there are a couple of trips across the bay during the morning. Vehicles are not permitted on this route, but small transport such as bicycles can be brought on board for a small fee. Passengers are allowed to bring one pet on board, as long as the size is small or medium.​ The option to purchase refreshments is available on all ships on this route.

Timetable of ferries from Naples to Sorrento

There are usually five ferry trips from Naples to Sorrento every day, including weekends. The earliest boat departs Naples Beverello port at around 9.00 a.m. after which there is a service just before lunchtime at around 11.00 a.m. and two services in the mid-afternoon – one at 1.00 p.m. and another at around 3.00 p.m. The final departure leaves Naples in the early evening at around 5.15 p.m. It is important to note that this is the final journey of the day, and any passengers wishing to use this service should arrive with plenty of time to board. It is always best to book tickets in advance, as this journey is incredibly popular with locals and tourists alike, even during the week. The journey time for ferries from Naples to Sorrento is always around 45 minutes on the very fast hydrofoil service. For an extra fee passengers may travel with a bicycle.

What do you need to know to travel by ferry from Naples to Sorrento?

Departing port: All ferries from Naples to Sorrento operate from Molo Beverello, one of the ports in Naples. This port is conveniently located in a central position in the city and is easily reached by the main train station and airport – simply hop on the Alibus service at Capodichino Airport. This airport bus takes around 30 minutes, with stops, and terminates at Molo Beverello. The departure point for this service is close to the Municipio Metro Station, and there is about a 10 minute walk between the two locations. For any passengers arriving by vehicle, there is ample parking available at Molo Beverello at a fee. There are a range of hotels and restaurants situated close to Molo Beverello for those who want to stay close by or are looking for refreshment before the journey. There are a decent amount of travel options for those wishing to make the distance across the bay of Naples, but it is important to remember to allow enough time to clear the port security and board your service.

Arrival port: Services arrive in the Port of Sorrento. This small port is very busy, servicing many routes around the Gulf of Naples. It is close to the center of Sorrento, often considered to be around Piazzo Tasso. This walk is short, at around 10 minutes, but is fairly steep and is not suitable for elderly or disabled travelers – nearby there is the Sorrento Lift, which will take passengers to the top for a small fee. There is also a regular orange bus service, operating every 20 minutes, that will transport passengers from the Marina Piccola to the Piazzo Tasso.

Travel Tips

What's the best way to find cheap tickets to Sorrento?
Find your cheap tickets to Sorrento with Omio and travel with our app all across the globe.
What are some interesting museums and cultural venues in Sorrento?
In Sorrento there are definitely some interesting museums and cultural venues to explore. Take a full day to have a proper look around. Museo Correale di Terranova or Villa Fiorentino would be a good place to start.
Going out in Sorrento: where should I go to experience the best nightlife?
Bar del Carmine and Fauno are the secret tips for a great night out whilst you're here.
Out and about in Sorrento - which events should you check out?
You'll get some great photos and memories if you go to Armida and Cimena delle Rose when visiting Sorrento.
Shopping in Sorrento - which are the best locations?
Sorrento is the place to shop. Limonoro, Raki, and Decò are definitely worth heading to on your shopping trip. Don't miss out!
Which are the sights are an absolute must-see in Sorrento?
For sightseeing in Sorrento do not miss Statua di Torquato Tasso, Sedil Dominova & Monumento a Torquato Tasso.