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Flights in Europe
Major European Cities
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Cheap flights to Europe: Overview

The European region comprises 45 countries, divided into sub-regions, with a total landmass of around 10,180,000 km². It’s a huge area with diverse cultures, traditions, languages and landscapes. Thanks to a number of budget airlines, it’s easy to find cheap flights to top destinations across the continent: why not visit the Transylvanian mountains in Romania, the Fjords of Sweden, take a summer break on the Italian coast, go island hopping in Greece, ski in the French Alps, eat seafood in Spain or explore London’s landmarks. The best way to secure cheap flights in Europe is to book as far in advance as possible and be flexible with your dates and journey times.

Popular Destinations in Europe

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How to fly to Europe

Hopping from one European country to another by plane is a cheap and time-efficient way to travel across the continent. There are several major European airports such as London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Schiphol which serve as hubs to less frequented European cities, as well as onward connections to Asia or the Americas. When flying within Europe, plenty of smaller regional airports exist as well, making it easy to plan any route or itinerary. Most European countries have their own flagship airlines, such as British Airways (UK), AirFrance (France), Lufthansa (Germany), Iberia (Spain) and ITA airways (Italy) but there are also a number of budget airlines with regular schedules to keep prices at a competitive low.

With Omio, you can also book cheap airport transfers once your flight has landed and search for the quickest options to get from the airport into the city center.

Book Cheap Airline Tickets with Omio

Choosing what flight to book can be a tricky affair, between trying to find the cheapest airline , the best time to buy tickets or figuring out which airport to go to. With Omio is easy to use platform you can find the latest timetables and best flight options across all available airlines. Our journey filters help you search for the cheapest flight, select the most convenient airports, or highlight the number of layovers. Read on to discover how to buy cheap airline tickets, tips for the top destinations to fly to in Europe, the US, Canada and Asia. Get inspired and book a flight to your dream destination with Omio.

Major Flight Destinations: An Overview

Cheap flights in Europe | Cheap Flights: USA | Cheap Flights to Canada | Cheap Flights Around Asia


Cheap flights USA

Discover iconic cities like New York and Chicago, bathe in the Californian sunshine or sample culinary treats around San Francisco. The USA has a spectacular and wildly diverse landscape to capture any traveler's spirit of adventure. US flights can be affordable, particularly to popular cities such as New York, Miami or LA. Whether you’re looking for a bargain transatlantic airline, or domestic flights from the midwest over to the East coast, the best way to find cheap tickets to the US, is to search through the Omio’s web feature which pulls up the latest timetables and routes to bag the best deal for your journey. Download the app today to receive the latest deals and discounts on all flights.

Book Flights to US Cities Today

Cheap flights to Canada

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, flanked by three major oceans (the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic), and with a vast landscape of mountains, lakes, glaciers as well as stunning cities. The top five, popular cities to fly to in Canada are Ottawa (the Canadian capital), Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City and Vancouver. The cheaper tickets tend to be non-direct and can take considerably longer but passengers taking flights with a layover save an average of 20% compared to direct flights. Some of the trans-continental routes from Canada to Europe include flights from London Heathrow to Toronto, flying Paris to Montreal and Frankfurt to Ottawa by flight. Securing a cheap flight to Canada is best done in advance with a number of national and budget airlines offering deals throughout the year.

Find more information about Flights Canada.

How to fly to Canada

From Europe to Canada, large international airlines such as Air France, Lufthansa, BA, Emirates, and Air China offer affordable tickets when booking in advance. Canada has airports tending to both domestic and international flights. There are more than 26 recognized airports that serve international flights, although the biggest two are Montreal and Toronto. There are 71 smaller local airports, 11 arctic airports and 13 remote airports for isolated communities. For travelers looking to journey out of the city to explore Canada’s vast natural landscapes, you can tour Niagara Falls near Toronto, Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains, Whistler for skiing, the Polar bears in Churchill and Tofino. Yellow Knife, White Horse and Cambridge Bay Airports all serve northern regions of Canada.

Cheap flights to Asia

Flying to one of Asia’s 48 countries from Europe can be part of an exciting trip of a lifetime! Whether you’re looking to discover the buzz of Singapore, try new flavors in India, visit temples in Japan or relax on the beaches of Thailand, Omio makes it easy to find cheap flights to multiple destinations across the Asian continent. The cheapest flights tend to have stopovers at major airport hubs en route. There are also direct connections between major cities such as the popular London to Delhi flight or fly from LA to Tokyo – whether you’re looking for the shortest journey time, or the cheapest ticket – Omio collates all route options in one place.

How to fly to Asia

Given the sheer size of the Asian continent, the easiest way to travel from one country to another is by plane. International travelers taking a long-haul flight from Europe or the US use the opportunity to make a multi-destination visit and explore some of the many rich and diverse cultures of the Asian continent. Among the most visited countries in Asia are Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey and the UAE. There are several major airports across the Asian continent which serve as busy hubs for international flights. The largest airports are in Shanghai, Dubai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo and Delhi. Across each country, there are also smaller secondary airports, such as Phu Khet in Thailand or Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam to get passengers closer to their final destination. Book your next adventure today with Omio!

Cheap Flights in Europe

So, where to? You can fly to Europe and arrive at major European airports such as London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Schiphol. When flying within Europe, plenty of smaller regional airports exist as well, making it easy to plan any route or itinerary.

In recent years, flights in Europe have become increasingly affordable, and can often be the fastest option for the best price. Other airports you can fly to for less include Stockholm Skavsta, Warsaw Modlin, Vienna International and Berlin Schönefeld.

Whether you’re jetting off to discover Italy’s Amalfi coast, searching for Germany’s best Bavarian beer or delving into the Medieval history of Edinburgh, Scotland, plenty of train and bus options are available when you land—all bookable with Omio.

Popular Flight Destinations in Europe

Italy | Germany | Spain | United Kingdom | France


Book Your Cheap Flights to Germany with Omio!

Flights in Germany: It is one of the largest countries in Western Europe, with ancient historic cities, remote castles, and stunning countryside. Travelers fly to Germany to experience different aspects of its cultural life – whether to sample its wurst (sausages) or the pickled herring of its northern regions, go hiking near the black forest or experience the lively art and music of its vibrant cities. Cheap flights can be booked to from European cities to German cities, as well domestic flights between Berlin Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg.

International flights to and from Germany

Due to its size, popularity and central location within Europe, there are hundreds of international flights from Germany to other European countries, as well as long-haul flights to the USA and Canada. One of the most popular airports for passengers is via Frankfurt. Some of the most popular routes to Germany take passengers between Frankfurt and Amsterdam, London and Berlin, and Munich to Madrid. There are also direct flights from Germany to the USA with connections between Berlin to Washington, Munich to San Francisco and Frankfurt to Detroit. Discover more about flights to Germany, and book your ticket with Omio today!

Book Your Cheap Flights to Spain with Omio

Flights Spain: It has long been a popular travel destination in Europe for sun-seekers, art-lovers and history buffs. It is a country whose lively history makes itself known through the impressive cathedrals, mosques, basilicas and monasteries dotted through each corner of its breathtaking landscape. Spain has several major airports, the most popular being Madrid Barajas Airport, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, and Malaga. Domestic flights operate regularly between these cities, as well as smaller airports such as Seville, Ibiza and Santander. To find the cheapest airline tickets and book your dream trip to Spain, simply download the Omio app today!

International flights to Spain

The flag bearing airline in Spain is Iberia but there are plenty of budget airlines that operate throughout Europe so travelers can easily hop from one European city to another at an affordable price. Direct routes from Spain to the rest of Europe include flights from Barcelona to London or Girona to Pisa, among many others. Transcontinental airlines fly between the US and Spain are Lufthansa, Finnair, KLM, Virgin Atlantic and Delta. Flights to the US usually depart from Madrid or Barcelona airports, with plenty of US cities connecting to Spain, including flights Miami, flights Boston and flights LA. Discover more about flights to Spain, and book your ticket with Omio today!

Book your cheap flights to Italy with Omio

Arrange your flights to Italy and indulge in the charms of its cuisine, arts and culture. Whether you plan on relaxing on the pristine beaches of Sicily, try local delicacies in Naples or spend an even evening at the Colosseum in Rome, there are over 30 commercial airports up and down the country making it easy to reach stunning seaside cities and mountain towns. There are cheap flights to Italy from destinations across Europe on budget airlines, as well as popular internal routes between major cities such as flights from Milan to Sardinia, flights from Naples to Turin and flights from Bologna to Brindisi. Omio gathers the best prices from all major airlines so that you can find the cheapest flights to Italy, wherever you are in the world. Book via the Omio app today!

International flights to Italy

The largest airports in Italy and the biggest hubs for international flights are Rome Fiumicino and Milan, where most flights are scheduled to land from transatlantic routes. There are over 55 different airlines that book flights from New York to Rome alone, including Italy’s flag bearing airline ITA Airways (previously Alitalia). From the rest of Europe, there are multiple direct flights from cities like Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, and London. Other popular destinations include Venice and Pisa, with particularly busy routes to Tuscany from Bristol and London, and seasonal flights from Manchester, Liverpool and the East Midlands.

Book your cheap flights to the UK with Omio

Travelers fly to the UK from across the globe to experience its unique cultural heritage, whether it’s sampling haggis and whisky in Edinburgh, having afternoon tea in a pub garden or getting a red top bus to London’s iconic landmarks. With over 20 commercial airports up and down the United Kingdom and budget airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair flying frequently from cities all over the UK, it’s simple to find cheap tickets. Within the UK, the most popular domestic flights go from London to Dublin and London to Edinburgh, but there are plenty of destination cities with airports, such as flights Manchester London, Liverpool and flights Liverpool London.

International flights to the UK

With more than 79 million passengers passing through the gates of London Heathrow each year, there are plenty of options for flight routes to destinations across the globe. International flights frequently land from the USA, Canada, South Africa, India and Hong Kong. London is also served by Luton, Gatwick, Stansted as City Airports which operate flight networks to Europe’s top destinations: Paris, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Madrid and Rome. Most Brits opt for air travel to cities across Europe due to the ease, time and affordability from its major airports. One of the most popular transcontinental routes is flights between London and New York.

Book your cheap flights to France with Omio

France is a haven for travelers seeking to indulge in gourmet cuisine, enjoy sun kissed vineyards or go skiing in its famous mountain resort in the Alps. There are over 30 international airports and many more small, domestic airports making it easy to experience the best that France has to offer. Whilst Paris Charles de Gaulle is a huge hub for international flights, travelers coming from Europe may opt to go closer to their destination by flying to places like Marseille, Toulouse or Grenoble in the mountains. The most popular domestic flight route in France is between Nice and Toulouse, and in Europe it’s between Paris and London.

International flights to France

France is a center for international travel in Europe thanks to Charles de Gaulle Airport, which is one of the largest in the world. Most transcontinental flights will arrive into Paris on both direct and indirect routes. Some of the top journeys to France from across the Atlantic are New York to Paris, Toronto to Paris and LA to Paris. Other international flights from Europe can also arrive into Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Strasbourg and Toulouse airport.

Fly to Incredible Cities in Europe

London | Paris | Amsterdam | Barcelona | Madrid | Berlin


Flights from Rome

Flights from Rome can depart from one of its three airports, depending on the destination: Roma-Urbe (the smallest airport for small commercial planes), Rome Ciampino Airport (the oldest airport in Rome), and Rome Fiumicino (for the majority of international flights depart). ITA Airways operates its main hub from Rome Fiumicino. Other major airlines flying to Rome include Ryanair, Easyjet, British Airways, Whizz Air, Lufthansa and Air France among many others.

Flights from London

London aka ‘the Big Smoke’ is a buzzing metropolis and the capital of the United Kingdom. Dozens of daily direct flights from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, and City airports. Airlines flying from London to Europe include British Airways, Easyjet, Cityjet, and Vueling. London's Heathrow airport is a major international flight hub, making it easy to fly to most European destinations including Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona and Madrid.

Flights from Paris

Flights from Amsterdam

Flights from Amsterdam to other European destinations depart from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, the third busiest airport in the world by the number of international passengers. Flights from Amsterdam reach most major cities in Europe including London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Berlin and Vienna. Amsterdam's Schiphol airport is also a flight hub for Transavia and Easyjet as well as KLM, the Netherlands' national airline.

Flights from Barcelona

Flights from Barcelona reach most major cities in Europe as well as most domestic airports in Spain. Flights from Barcelona reach major European destinations including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome and Madrid. Flights from Barcelona depart from El Prat airport, which functions as a flight hub for Air Europa, Ryanair and Vueling, as well as Spain's national airline, Iberia.

Flights from Madrid

Flights from Berlin

Let your wanderlust take you to Germany’s vibrant capital! Flights from Berlin reach major destinations in both Eastern and Western Europe. Berlin's Brandenburg airport offers flights from flag-carrying airlines to intercontinental destinations as well as budget airlines to major cities in Europe. Berlin Brandenburgh airport functions as a flight hub for Eurowings.

Popular Budget Airlines in Europe

Europe’s biggest low-cost airlines are Ryanair and easyJet, which offer cheap tickets to over 36 countries and 138 international destinations. Travelers looking for cheap tickets Flying with these airlines is a good choice if you want to visit several different parts of Europe in a short amount of time.

Other discount airlines in Europe include Eurowings, Norwegian Air and Vueling Airlines. Omio is an official partner to major airlines, both budget and flag bearing, meaning you can find the latest deals whenever searching for flights through the Omio website or app.

Flight Providers in Europe

Ryanair: Priding themselves as being Europe’s most popular airline, Ryanair has about 90 airline bases across the European continent, 9 of which are located in the UK. The low-cost airline operates in 33 countries and has a fleet of 360 737-800 aircrafts.

Aer Lingus: Ireland’s state-owned airline offers domestic and international flights. In operation since 1936, the airline is famed for its friendly staff and quality service. Currently, Aer Lingus serves 101 international destinations.

easyJet: The UK’s largest airline offers hundreds of routes across the UK and Europe. Easyjet currently serves 15 UK airports including: Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Inverness and more.

British Airways: British Airways serves six domestic routes, including Belfast, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and more. Outside of the UK, British Airways flies to over 194 destinations.

Iberia: Serving 45 countries across the globe, Iberia is Spain's flag-carrier airline.

Vueling: This Spanish low-cost airline was established in 2003 and has its hubs at Barcelona El Prat and Rome Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport. The airline serves 99 destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa. It is currently Spain's largest airline.

ITA Airways: Italy's national airline began operating in 1999 with main hub at Rome's Leonardo da Vinci airport. The airline currently serves 100 destinations world-wide, with focus on European, Asia and North America.

Lufthansa: German's leading airline Lufthansa is the largest in Europe based on passengers carried and size of fleet in combination with their subsidiaries, Germanwings, Austrian Air, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings and more. They have two bases, one in Frankfurt-am-Main and Munich.

Flights to Europe from USA

Booking low-cost flights across the Atlantic is getting easier. On average, there are around 400 daily scheduled passenger flights from the US to Europe, with airlines planning to amp up the number to 600 a day by summer 2024. Some of the most popular routes take America and Canadian visitors to the heart of Europe, where travelers go on to take shorter flights between European countries and turn their trip into a multi-destination visit. Among the most popular routes from states are: New York to London, Miami to Naples, New York to Barcelona, Los Angeles to Rome, and Washington to Frankfurt.

Flights from the US to Europe usually go via main city hub airports in cities such as London, Amsterdam or Paris. When looking for cheap flights from the US to Europe, there are a few things to remember:

  • Book your flights in advance.
  • Search for flights during off-peak season, such as late summer or early autumn.
  • Flying between Monday and Friday can reduce flight costs.
  • Booking an indirect flight to Europe with a stopover is usually a cheaper option.

Travel tips when flying from Unites States to Europe

Here are a few tips and tricks to get you going:

  • Direct flights are faster but they’re often more expensive. Add a layover to reduce your ticket price significantly.
  • Traveling over the weekend might work better for your vacation but traveling on a weekday benefits your wallet much more.
  • Book ahead for big savings. Think three months in advance for international flights.
  • Many larger airlines offer cabin-only baggage options for international flights—so travel light!

Don’t forget! When traveling to Europe, always leave plenty of time to clear airport security.

Major Airlines Flying to Europe from America

British Airways : British Airways, the UK's national airline, flies to over 183 destinations across the world including 22 in the United States and 11 in the United Kingdom. The British Airways headquarters is located at London Heathrow airport. British Airways flights service Aberdeen, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Leeds, London Gatwick airport, London City airport, Manchester and Newcastle in the UK.

Air Canada: Air Canada flies from multiple Canadian cities including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, and Halifax to London England's Heathrow airport.

American Airlines: American Airlines operates flights to 5 cities in the United Kingdom: Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London Heathrow, and Manchester. Edinburgh and Glasgow are seasonal destinations for American Airlines flights.

Delta: Delta airlines operates intercontinental flights to 3 destinations in the United Kingdom including Edinburgh, London Heathrow, and Manchester. Delta also plans to begin offering flights to Glasgow.

United Airlines: United Airlines operates flights to 108 destinations in 73 countries around the world including 6 cities in the United Kingdom. United Airlines flies to Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, and Manchester from destinations in the United States.

US Airways: US Airways offers flights to 193 cities around the world. US Airways offers flights to Glasgow, London Heathrow, and Manchester from cities in the United States.

Virgin Atlantic: Virgin Atlantic offers flights from major American cities to destinations in the United Kingdom. Virgin Atlantic flies to Belfast, Glasgow, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, and Manchester.

Flights from Canada to Europe

Starting your trip in Canada and looking to fly to Europe? There are hundreds of destinations to fly to across the European continent. Most long-haul, transcontinental flights take off from Vancouver or Montreal airport. For the summer season, Air Canada also opens a larger flight network to Europe on its Airbus A330s and Boeing 787 Dreamliners. The summer routes from Canada to Europe fly from Montrealto Barcelona and Montreal to Lisbon, plus Toronto to Athens and Toronto to Copenhagen. Flight routes to Canada are run by major airlines including Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines and WestJet.

Flights from Canada to Asia and the US

Flying to the USA from Canada is quite commonplace, with these two neighboring countries sharing the longest international border in the world (5,525 miles). There are cheap and direct flights from multiple cities in Canada with a trip from Montreal to New York taking around 1 hour 32 minutes. Other cheap flights from Canada to the US are Vancouver to New York, Montreal to Washington and Vancouver to Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Air Canada has already increased the number of flights flying to Asia from Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, meaning it’s easier than ever to fly from Canada to Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai and Singapore.

Upgrade your Flight ticket: Flying Business vs First Class

Boost your ticket for a more comfortable journey! Upgrading your seat on long-haul flights can make all the difference if you have a little extra to spend. Although all airlines will vary in the services they provide for each class, upgrading from Economy usually means having larger and more comfortable seats, greater leg room, premium meal service and access to airport lounges. But what’s the difference between business and first class tickets on a plane? Put simply, the first class experience offers more luxury. Beds in first class can be fully private and the food and drinks are at an even higher standard, with some being designed by Michelin starred chefs. When booking through Omio, it’s easy to upgrade your ticket on any flight through the Omio app.

Largest International Airport Hubs of the World

Every year the International Airports Council gathers data on the number of passengers flying in and out of airports to rank the busiest. Here we’ve gathered the top 10 airports and included information about each one so you know what to expect when you land in one of the world's largest airports.

General Flights FAQs: Pre-Departure and Landing

When is the best time to book flights?

  • Travel in January and February. It might be close to the Holidays but the late winter months are some of the most affordable times to fly.
  • If you can, aim to travel outside summer and winter vacations as these are when flights are the most expensive.
  • Booking flights on a Tuesday compared to a weekend will help keep your costs down—sounds crazy, but it’s true!
  • Look at your luggage options, it’s often much cheaper to just take a carry-on than to check-in a bag so carry light!

What kind of visa do I need to travel?

The type of visa you need depends on your nationality and the destination of travel. EU and British citizens can travel to the US for 90 days without a visa, but will need to fill out an ESTA form as part of the Visa Waiver Programme. Citizens of the US and Canada are free to travel in European Schengen Area without a visa for up to 90 days.

What is the Schengen Area?

The Schengen Area comprises 27 European countries that have agreed to abolish any checks or controls on their connected borders. The Schengen Area currently includes all EU member states except Cyprus, Ireland, Bulgaria and Romania. Non-EU countries that are also part of the agreement are: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Iceland.

What happens if my flight is delayed or canceled?

There are different laws across the world that ensure passenger protection when a flight is delayed or canceled. In most cases, it is airlines that compensate passengers if there has been a substantial delay. In the EU there are stringent passenger protections that apply to any traveler with a valid ticket and booking confirmation, who arrives at the airport on time. Passengers beginning or ending a trip at an EU airport with an airline headquartered in the EU may due compensation in the following circumstances:
Delayed arrivals of more than three hours; cancellations with notice less than 14 days; denied boarding due to overbooking; or a missed flight connection due to delays of more than 3 hours.
Should one of these issues arise, passengers should be aware that compensation is figured based on travel distance, not the actual amount paid. For more information or questions regarding flight delays or compensation, contact Omio Customer Service.

Where can I find information about getting to the airport?

Omio gathers all the data for transport schedules to and from different airports and puts them together on dedicated pages, just for you. Simply search for the airport on the Omio site and find out how to get there via bus, train, tram, car or taxi. If you’re having difficulty, then you can also contact the dedicated help centre.

How long do I need for airport security?

Allowing plenty of time before a flight is advisable in all cases. While some of the smaller airports may only require arrival one hour before departure, giving yourself two hours is always a good idea particularly in larger airports with higher passenger numbers and long distances between boarding gates to your plane.

What are the hand-luggage restrictions

Each carrier has policies regarding hand luggage and checked bags, and passengers should always check with the airline before travel. However, there are specific regulations regarding what can be carried on an airplane. Aerosols, liquids, creams, or gels must be packed in a one-liter, clear plastic bag and be no larger than 3.4oz (100ml). In the case of duty-free items purchased at the airport, as long as they remain sealed in the security bag with the receipt, they may be carried in hand luggage.

Do I need to print out my boarding card?

Few airlines still require that travelers stand in line and wait for an agent to print a boarding pass. Nowadays, it is the norm for flights to have online check-in and self-check-in counters. For even greater convenience, Omio travel app connects to 250 airlines. The app is a one-stop-shop for European travelers, offering easy flight searches, booking, and Apple Wallet support. Travelers who have downloaded their mobile tickets in the Omio app can take advantage of a simple one-click transfer to send boarding passes to Apple Wallet.

What about post-flight ground transport?

Large, international airports tend to have regular public transport services to their nearest city. Tickets for these can usually be bought at the airport. There is usually also a taxi hub outside most major airports. For more information about transfers and connections into a city, simply search the Omio pages for your arrival airport. We’ve gathered all essential information in one place so you can figure out how to get from the airport to your final destination.

I don’t have the correct currency, where can I exchange money?

The easiest place to exchange money for a different currency is at the airport. It’s particularly useful to have a bit of cash when traveling for situations when a bank card is ot accepted. There are usually several currency exchange desks located in the airport

Is Flying expensive in Europe

Discount travel to Europe has made crossing the continent off one's bucket list simpler than ever. Flights in Europe can also be booked at great prices. The low-cost carriers Ryanair and easyJet, for example, cover many European destinations and popular routes.
Consider traveling outside of peak seasons. Avoid more expensive weekend travel by booking flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Planning in advance can also net low-cost flights on flag carriers, and it's also worth it to look at the offers from other budget airline

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Popular Countries by Flight

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