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When it comes to flying around Europe, passengers have more options than ever before. Omio helps you book flights to Europe easily, by bringing all these options together in one place. You can search and compare the fastest and most affordable routes, so you’ll always find the right tickets to Europe.

Flights in Europe are a fast way to hop from city to city, and can be great if you’re traveling on a budget. Booking as far in advance as possible and avoiding weekend travel can help when looking for the best price.

Book Cheap Flights from USA to Europe with Omio

When traveling around Europe, you can book flights with Omio to make sure you’re always taking the fastest route or getting the best deal. Tell us where you’re going, along with your preferred travel dates, and we’ll show you flights from a variety of airlines. You can filter your search results by airport or flight time, as well as sort the available routes by cheapest and fastest. Choose your tickets, add luggage and book securely with a range of payment methods such as Apple Pay, PayPal and more.

Omio is with you every step of the way—book your travel to and from the airport before you go and dodge lines with a mobile ticket!

Cheap Flights in Europe

So, where to? You can fly to Europe and arrive at major European airports such as London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Schiphol. When flying within Europe, plenty of smaller regional airports exist as well, making it easy to plan any route or itinerary.

In recent years, flights in Europe have become increasingly affordable, and can often be the fastest option for the best price. For example, you can book a midweek flight from London Stansted to Milan Bergamo for as little as €10. Other airports you can fly to for less include Stockholm Skavsta, Warsaw Modlin, Vienna International and Berlin Schönefeld.

Whether you’re jetting off to discover Italy’s Amalfi coast, searching for Germany’s best Bavarian beer or delving into the Medieval history of Edinburgh, Scotland, plenty of train and bus options are available when you land—all bookable with Omio.

The most popular continental flights within Europe utilize Barcelona-El Prat, Paris-Orly, Berlin-Tegel and London-Heathrow airports. Journeying by discount airline continues to be a viable transportation option, especially since domestic flight connections usually involve a shorter transit time than choosing to travel via bus or train. The most travelled domestic flight route - from Madrid to Barcelona - had more than 3 million passengers in 2011. Key airlines operating these routes include Vueling, Eurowings, Lufthansa, Norwegian Air and easyJet. People in Europe fly to other European destinations for many different reasons, with flights to both business centres and holiday destinations featuring prominently.

Flights to Europe FAQ

How long do I need for security at airports in Europe?

Allowing plenty of time before a European flight is advisable in all cases. While some of the smaller European airports, like Berlin-Tegel, may only require arrival one hour before departure, giving yourself two hours is always a good idea. As with all airports, security can be an unpredictable factor during an otherwise seamless departure process.
Each European country has individual policies regarding full-body scanners. However, according to EU rules, passengers must be given an alternative screening method if they have a pacemaker or other medical reason for opting out.
In any case, arriving two hours before a scheduled departure should leave plenty of time to get situated at the gate before boarding.

What are the hand-luggage restrictions?

On flights within Europe, many travelers opt for packing light, with hand luggage only. Each carrier has policies regarding hand luggage and checked bags, and passengers should always check with the airline before travel. However, there are specific EU regulations regarding what can be carried on an airplane.
Aerosols, liquids, creams, or gels must be packed in a one-liter, clear plastic bag and be no larger than 3.4oz (100ml). In the case of duty-free items purchased at the airport, as long as they remain sealed in the security bag with the receipt, they may be carried in hand luggage.

Do I need to print out my boarding card in Europe?

Few airlines still require that travelers stand in line and wait for an agent to print a boarding pass. Nowadays, it is the norm for flights to Europe and those around the continent to have online and self-check-in. For even greater convenience, Omio travel app connects to 250 airlines. The app is a one-stop-shop for European travelers, offering easy flight searches, booking, and Apple Wallet support.
Travelers who have downloaded their mobile tickets in the Omio app can take advantage of a simple one-click transfer to send boarding passes to Apple Wallet.

Is flying expensive in Europe?

Discount travel to Europe has made crossing the continent off one's bucket list simpler than ever. Flights in Europe can also be booked at great prices. The low-cost carriers Ryanair and easyJet, for example, cover many European destinations and popular routes.
On Ryanair, travelers can take advantage of routes like Paris to Rome for as low as $46, Barcelona to Ibiza for $32, or Dublin to Luxembourg for $16. On easyJet, consider prices like Madrid to Lisbon for $64, Milan to Naples for $63, and London to Edinburgh for $64. Keep in mind that these are example fares, however, and when planning inter-European travel, some tips will help keep flight costs down.
. Consider traveling outside of peak seasons. Avoid more expensive weekend travel by booking flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Planning in advance can also net low-cost flights on flag carriers, and it's also worth it to look at the offers from other budget airlines, like Germanwings.

Navigating throughout Europe by bus or train is typically quite manageable. Most European airports connect to local buses and trains that allow visitors to venture between desired destinations without dealing with the hassle of road maps, GPS, parking, or traffic.
With a visa that allows, get the most out of a European vacation with an itinerary that includes short hops via local ground transportation, which can be easily planned ahead of time.

The EU has stringent passenger protections that apply to any traveler with a valid ticket and booking confirmation, who arrives at the airport on time. Passengers beginning or ending a trip at an EU airport with an airline headquartered in the EU may due compensation in the following circumstances:
Delayed arrivals of more than three hours; cancellations with notice less than 14 days; denied boarding due to overbooking; or a missed flight connection due to delays of more than 3 hours.
Should one of these issues arise, passengers should be aware that compensation is figured based on travel distance, not the actual amount paid. For more information or questions regarding flight delays or compensation, contact Omio Customer Service.

Popular Budget Airlines in Europe

In recent years, flight tickets have reached all-time lows, as a result of budget airlines in Europe flying into smaller and regional airports with lower landing costs and less congestion.

Europe’s biggest low-cost airlines are Ryanair and easyJet. Both airlines operate hundreds of routes in more than 30 countries, both domestic and international. Flying with these airlines is a good choice if you want to visit several different parts of Europe in a short amount of time.

Other discount airlines in Europe include Eurowings, Norwegian Air and Vueling Airlines. Tickets from these companies and more are bookable with Omio.

Traveling to London

With more than 70 million passengers passing through its gates each year, London-Heathrow is the busiest airport in Europe and reflects London's status as the world's most visited destination city by international travelers. TIP: Make sure you allow plenty of time for to get through security. We recommend around 2 hours before departure time. London-Gatwick is also in the top 10 in terms of airport passenger volume, but the airports are modern and have all the facilities you need. Other significant flight hubs for airlines on the European flight network include Paris, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Madrid and Rome. Some of these airports offer upwards of 200 travel destinations around the entire world.

Popular Flight Routes in Europe

London | Paris | Rome | Amsterdam | Barcelona | Madrid | Berlin


Flights from London

From London's airports, Paris is the most popular international destination for American travelers. It is easy to travel from London to Paris with dozens of daily direct flights from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, and City airports. Airlines flying from London to Paris include British Airways, Easyjet, Cityjet, and Vueling. London's Heathrow airport is a major international flight hub, making it easy to fly to most European destinations including Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona and Madrid.

Flights from Paris

London is the most popular international destination for North Americans flying from Paris. There are dozens of Paris to London flights departing everyday from either Paris' Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports. Airlines operating flights from Paris to London include Air France, British Airways, Easyjet and Vueling. Most major European cities can be flown to from Paris including Venice, Florence and Munich.

Flights from Amsterdam

Flights from Amsterdam to other European destinations depart from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, which is the fifth busiest airport in the world by number of passengers. Flights from Amsterdam reach most major cities in Europe including London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Berlin and Vienna. Amsterdam's Schiphol airport is also a flight hub for Transavia and Easyjet as well as KLM, the Netherlands' national airline.

Flights from Barcelona

Flights from Barcelona reach most major cities in Europe as well as most airports in Spain. Flights from Barcelona reach popular European destinations including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome and Madrid. Flights from Barcelona depart from El Prat airport, which functions as a flight hub for Air Europa, Ryanair and Vueling, as well as Spain's national airline, Iberia.

Flights from Madrid

Flights from Berlin

Flights from Berlin reach most major destinations in both Eastern and Western Europe. Berlin's Tegel airport offers flights to intercontinental destinations as well as major cities in Europe from flag-carrying airlines, while Berlin's Schönefeld airport typically caters to budget airlines and their European destinations. Berlin's Tegel airport functions as a flight hub for Eurowings.

Cheap Flights to Europe from the US

Flights from the US to Europe usually go via main city hub airports in cities such as London, Amsterdam or Paris. When looking for cheap flights from the US to Europe, there are a few things to remember:

  • Book your flights in advance.
  • Search for flights during off-peak season, such as late summer or early autumn.
  • Flying between Monday and Friday can reduce flight costs.
  • Booking an indirect flight to Europe with a stopover is usually a cheaper option.

Travel tips from the United States to Europe

If you think flying from the U.S. to Europe will break the bank, think again! Booking low-cost flights across the Atlantic has never been easier. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you going:

  • Direct flights are faster but they’re often more expensive. Add a layover to reduce your ticket price significantly.
  • Traveling over the weekend might work better for your vacation but traveling on a weekday benefits your wallet much more.
  • Book ahead for big savings. Think three months in advance for international flights.
  • Many larger airlines offer cabin-only baggage options for international flights—so travel light!

Don’t forget! When traveling to Europe, always leave plenty of time to clear airport security.

What types of airlines are there in the US?

If you want to fly within the U.S., your options are almost endless. The most reliable airlines are [Delta] or [Alaska Airlines]—both of which are known for their service and on-time departures/arrivals. If you’re craving comfort then Southwest is a great choice as it offers extra legroom, inflight entertainment and, in some cases, free Wi-Fi. Traveling with a pet? Then American Airlines is for you. And lastly, if you’re looking to fly for cheap then JetBlue will save you big bucks.

Best of all, you can book all these U.S. airlines—and many others—with Omio!

When is the best time to book flights in the United States?

Catching a flight in the United States? Here are some tips to help keep your costs down:

  • Travel in January and February. It might be close to the Holidays but the late winter months are some of the most affordable times to fly.
  • If you can, aim to travel outside summer and winter vacations as these are when flights are the most expensive.
  • The best time to book domestic flights is either three months or three weeks in advance. So, mark it in your diary!
  • Booking flights on a Tuesday compared to a weekend will help keep your costs down—sounds crazy, but it’s true!
  • Look at your luggage options, it’s often much cheaper to just take a carry-on than to check-in a bag so carry light!

Cheap Direct Flight Destinations

Find the best deals

With Omio, you can compare and book flights with ease, but here are some ways to make sure you grab the best deal when booking your trip.

  • Be flexible when choosing your departure date and time. Flying out on Friday morning and back on a Sunday evening is usually the most expensive option.
  • Check the distance and route between the airport and the city you’re visiting. Some airports are located several miles from the city centre and the journey might not be convenient nor cheap—booking a more expensive flight to a central airport might be worthwhile when you consider additional costs.
  • Travel with hand baggage only. If you need to bring a suitcase, keep it small and light aslow-cost airlines will charge fees for checked baggage.
  • Search for your outbound and return flights together and separately. Booking your journey with two different airlines might be a cheaper option!
  • Keep an eye out for special offers or flash sales. Omio also offers discount codes from time to time—stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Flight Providers in Europe

Ryanair: Priding themselves on Europe’s most popular airline, Ryanair has about 90 airline bases across the European continent, 9 of which are located in the UK. The low-cost airline operates in 33 countries and has a fleet of 360 737-800 aircrafts.

Aer Lingus: Ireland’s state-owned airline offers domestic and international flights. In operation since 1936, the airline is famed for it’s friendly staff and quality service. Currently, Aer Lingus serves 13 UK airports such as Southampton, Leeds, Newquay to name a few.

easyJet: The UK’s largest airline offers 979 routes across the UK and Europe. Easyjet currently serves 15 UK airports including: Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Inverness and more.

Flybe: Serving 40 UK airports and 30* European destinations, Flybe is a popular short-haul airline. The airline shares routes with partners such as Stobart Air and Blue Islands. If you’re looking to flying into a regional airport, chances are you’ll be flying with Flybe. *The amount of European airports served depends on seasonality.

British Airways: The British airline serves six domestic routes, including Belfast, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and more. Outside of the UK, British Airways flies to over 200 destinations.

Iberia: Serving 39 countries across the globe, Iberia is Spain's flag-carrier airline.

Vueling: This Spanish low-cost airline was established in 2003 and has its hubs at Barcelona El Prat and Rome Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport. The airline serves over 100 destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa. It is currently Spain's largest airline.

Alitalia: Italy's national airline began operating in 1999 with main hub at Rome's Leonardo da Vinci airport. The airline currently serves 100 destinations world-wide, with focus on European, Asia and North America.

Lufthansa: German's leading airline Lufthansa is the largest in Europe based on passengers carried and size of fleet in combination with their subsidiaries, Germanwings, Austrian Air, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings and more. They have two bases, one in Frankfurt-am-Main and Munich.

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