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Sat, Jun 22
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Luxembourg is a landlocked nation that borders several major European powers and plays an important role in the infrastructure and operation of the European Union. It welcomes numerous business and leisure travelers every year, and many of them arrive by plane.

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Popular Airlines / Companies for Luxembourg Flights

Luxair is the flag carrier airline of Luxembourg. It began operating in the early 1960s, mainly as a way of meeting demand for flights to neighboring countries. Today, the airline flies to over 85 destinations across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. It has a fairly modest-sized fleet of Boeings and De Havillands and is predominantly owned by the state of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg Airport is also home to a number of international providers that offer a variety of routes:

Book cheap flights to Luxembourg with all of these providers using Omio. We also have a bunch of tools that can help you when you travel to Luxembourg, including timetables, flight times, and the Omio Journey Planner

Main Airports in Luxembourg

We’ve alluded to “Luxembourg Airport” several times throughout this article. It’s a phrase that wouldn’t work for most other countries, as saying “UK airport” is as vague as you can get in a country with over 40 major airports. But we’re not being vague or generic—there is only one international airport in Luxembourg and it is actually called Luxembourg Airport.

Luxembourg Airport uses the IATA code “LUX”. It is located in the village of Findel, which has a popular of just over 100 (one that is greatly inflated by the 4.4 million+ passengers that pass through Luxembourg Airport every year). Formerly known as Luxembourg Findel Airport and Sandweiler Airport before that (Findel sits in the Sandweiler region), it’s the headquarters of Luxair and flies to routes across Europe.

Visit our guide to Luxembourg Airport to discover cheap upcoming flights to and from the airport, and to figure out how to get there.

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Before your Luxembourg flight—Preparation for Departure

You should arrive at Luxembourg Airport at least 2 hours before your flight, giving you plenty of time to check-in and make it through security.

Luxembourg follows the same rules as the rest of Europe when it comes to security. All of the following items are prohibited:

  • Firearms and other weaponry
  • Blades and other sharp-edged objects (ice picks, box cutters, etc.)
  • Ammunition and explosive devices
  • Liquids over 100 ml *
  • Gels*
  • Aerosols*
*Not allowed in hand luggage only.

If you have any laptops or other electrical devices in your hand luggage, remove them before placing your bag on the conveyor belt.

Remich, Luxembourg

Remich, Luxembourg. Credit: Pixabay

After your Luxembourg flight—after landing

You need to pass through passport control after you land. Fortunately, Luxembourg Airport is very modern and high-tech airport. It installed a series of automated border controls back in 2018 and has generally done its best to keep up with modern technology. Also, while the airport is busy for a small country, it’s not busy when compared to the likes of London Heathrow or Charles de Gaulle, so you shouldn’t need to deal with long queues.

If you don’t have any Euros, consider changing some at the airport before you leave. You can also simply keep a Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro card with you as these should be accepted in most locations. Many (but not all) shops also accept American Express.

As for how you get from the airport to your accommodation and how you travel the city in general, well, that’s the best thing about Luxembourg as everything is free. Public transport has been free here since 2020. You’ll notice that there are a huge number of cars on the road—if you don’t see them cruising past you then you’ll almost certainly see them parked along the paths or stuck in gridlock.

The government made public transportation free in the hope that it would convince residents to leave their vehicles at home, thus reducing carbon emissions. There are still a lot of cars on the road, and it remains to be seen just how effective it has been, but there are certainly a lot of takers.

There are still paid first-class options on Luxembourg trans, but you don’t need to take these options. Just hop on and off the trains and buses as needed. You don’t even need to pick up a ticket.

Of course, there are different rules for trains that leave Luxembourg, as well as the ones that come into the country. You will need a ticket for those, but you can buy tickets for all travel to Luxembourg through Omio, including international trains.

Book your tickets for flights to Luxembourg on Omio.

Flight Travel Tips for Luxembourg

Ready to book a flight ticket to Luxembourg? Check out the following travel tips to help you get the most from your travels to Luxembourg:

  • There are three official languages (French, German, and Luxembourgish), so take a phrasebook or translator app. Many residents also speak English.
  • Use public transport as much as you can—it’s free!
  • Don’t litter. It’s a clean country and they work hard to keep it that way.
  • Expect to pay a little more for accommodation and food, as it’s a very affluent country.
  • Luxembourg is small, but that doesn’t mean you can walk it! Be prepared to take public transport.
  • Although Luxembourg is landlocked, it does have an artificial beach. It’s located between Remich and Schengen and is good for cooling off during hot summer days.
  • Schengen is in Luxembourg. The town where the famous agreement was signed is tiny, but it’s worth a visit. It’s a lovely area and it’ll give you a story to tell all your friends every time they mention the EU or European travel!
  • Try the food! Luxembourg may not be the first place you think of when it comes to delicious European cuisine, but it is heavily influenced by immigrants from Italy and Portugal, as well as neighboring countries. It makes for a great fusion of cuisines.

Last but not least, for cheap flight tickets to Luxembourg, book with Omio. It’s less hassle and you’ll have more money to spend on food, attractions, and more.


Which airline goes to Luxembourg?

There are several airlines that fly to Luxembourg. It depends on where you are and when you’re traveling. Luxair is the flag carrier for the country and offers many routes in and out of Luxembourg. You can also fly there with Lufthansa, an airline that actually used to own a substantial share of Luxair. Popular budget airlines like KLM, Ryanair, and easyJet also provide routes in and out of the country. Check Omio for the dates you want to travel and you will see a complete list of routes and the airlines providing them.

Are there flights to Luxembourg from the United States?

Although they are not as frequent as flights from the United States to other European destinations, you can fly direct from the United States to Luxembourg. These flights mainly come from New York to Luxembourg and they are provided by airlines such as KLM. You can also fly to other European destinations and then connect to Luxembourg.

Does Luxembourg have an airport?

Yes, Luxembourg Airport is actually quite a large airport considering the size of the country. As noted in the above guide, it flies to many destinations (most of which are in Europe) and processes over 4.4 million passengers a year. If you live in another country and need to travel to Luxembourg, you can get there by plane, just like any other European country.

Are flights to Luxembourg cheap?

It depends on many factors, including the airline you choose, the dates you travel, and how long you leave it before you book. Usually, however, people ask this question because they either think that the flights will be very cheap or very expensive. They assume that because Luxembourg is very small, it has to swing one of two ways. It makes sense, but while it’s small, it operates a major airport and welcomes millions of business and leisure tourists every year. In that sense, it’s just like every other major destination and is not that much cheaper or that much more expensive.

Do I need a visa to visit Luxembourg?

It depends on your country of residence, but most travelers will not need a visa. If you don’t need a visa to visit other countries in the Schengen Area, including neighboring France and Germany, then you won’t need one here either. The rules are set to change with the introduction of the ETIAS (slated for 2025, but it has been moved back before) but they will still be relaxed. Generally speaking, you can stay for up to 90 days without issue, but this is something that you should confirm with your local authorities before you book your flight to Luxembourg.

Can I take medications on a flight to Luxembourg?

It depends on the medications, as some drugs may be legal in your country but illegal in Luxembourg, Generally speaking, you should be fine if you are taking commonly prescribed medications into the country, although you should still take a doctor’s note and/or prescription. Many airlines recommend taking medications in your hand luggage so that they can be checked (along with the prescription) by security officers.

Is it easy to get around Luxembourg?

Yes, as noted above, public transportation is free in the country and there are also many train routes taking you into neighboring countries. It’s one of the easiest European countries to traverse, and getting there by plane is pretty straightforward as well. You don’t even need train or bus tickets and can just step on, wait until it arrives at the destination, and then step off. The small size of the country means you rarely have to spend a lot of time on public transport.
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More Information about Flights in Europe

You can fly around Europe with very little money and absolutely no hassle these days. Not only do we make it easier for you to book tickets by letting you compare the biggest airlines and a host of routes, but airport automation and the sheer interconnectivity of the continent mean that flying abroad is much easier than it used to be.

There are direct and indirect flights connecting all major cities on the continent. If there is an airport near you and one in your target destination, then there’s a good chance you can find a flight.

Start your search for cheap European flights using Omio. And if you need more information on airports, airlines, countries, cities, and even flights, check out our many guides, as they exist for most pages on the site. You may also want to take a peek at our travel blog The Window Seat, which includes a wealth of top travel tips and inspirational guides, including a handy guide on the ten best things to do in Luxembourg.

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