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About Lufthansa

Germany's largest airline is Lufthansa. The name refers to the medieval Hanseatic League, which in its heyday was the epitome of trade and transport in large parts of Europe. The current Deutsche Lufthansa AG group has existed in its present form since 1997, but the company itself and its name are much older. Already in the 1920s there was an airline with the name Lufthansa, which however is not connected with the present company. The modern airline with the well-known crane logo is one of the largest airlines in the world and carries over 100 million passengers annually. The company is headquartered in Cologne, the main hub for flight movements is at Frankfurt Airport.

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✓ Find the best Lufthansa connections via our search on the Omio website or in the Omio App.
✓ Simple booking: From the Omio search you will be forwarded directly to the Lufthansa booking page.
✓ The following providers can also be booked directly through Omio: Deutsche Bahn, Renfe, SNCF, easyJet, Ryanair, Eurowings, and many more.

Popular routes in Europe with Lufthansa

>Lufthansa is one of the largest airlines in Europe. Therefore numerous flight connections to different European cities are offered. The flight schedule mainly includes large cities such as London, Paris or Barcelona. From here Lufthansa also flies to other interesting destinations such as Bordeaux, Prague or Copenhagen.

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FAQ: Tickets, Service and Information

Where can I buy Lufthansa tickets?

  • AAt ticket counters and at all airports served by Lufthansa
  • You can easily find the best Lufthansa connections via Omio. To book your tickets you will be redirected to the Lufthansa booking page.

How does check-in work at Lufthansa

VBefore a flight you have to check in or carry out a check-in. The check-in is to be seen as a kind of definitive confirmation that you really want to take part in the flight. In addition, the check-in often offers the possibility to change the amount of luggage or to choose a seat.

What ways can I check in with Lufthansa?

  • In general, you can distinguish between online check-in and on-site check-in. At online Check-In you can check in comfortably from home by computer or smartphone. Lufthansa also offers the option of automatic check-in. With this option, the check-in takes place automatically 23 hours before the departure flight. The boarding pass is then sent by e-mail or SMS.
  • In addition, there is also the possibility of check-in at the airport at the Lufthansa counter in the fromflug terminal. Most German airports also have check-in terminals, where waiting times are often significantly shorter. Sometimes there is also the possibility of Pre-fromend check-in to avoid stress before the flight.

What are Lufthansa's luggage restrictions?

  • Economy Light: 1 piece of hand luggage up to 8 kg. Additional baggage up to 23 kg costs 15 € (return flight).
  • Economy Classic and Economy Flex: 1 piece of hand luggage up to 8 kg and 1 piece of luggage up to 23 kg.
  • Business Class: 2 pieces of hand luggage up to 8 kg each and 2 pieces of luggage up to 23 kg each.
  • First Class: 2 pieces of hand luggage up to 8 kg each and 3 pieces of luggage up to 23 kg each.

Can I bring pets onboard Lufthansa flights?

Dogs, cats and rabbits are transported by Lufthansa in transport boxes. The animals must be registered in advance and check-in should take place 1:30 to 3 hours in advance. The transportation costs depend on the size of the transport box, companion dogs are transported free of charge.

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Welche Klassen gibt es bei der Lufthansa?

Economy Class

>On medium-range flights Economy Class offers free drinks such as juices, coffee or wine. There is also a small snack. Entertainment is available by app via Smartphone, Tfromlet or Laptop
. Also on long-haul flights in Economy Class you can get free drinks like juices, coffee or wine. These are more frequently given here. As catering there are different menus, which are often devotional to the country's cuisine. On long-haul flights there is also usually an entertainment system on board, with films, series, music and audio books

Business Class

Business Class offers the same amenities as Economy Class on medium-haul flights. There is also Priority Check-In and Priority Boarding on boarding. In Kfromine, Business Class often has wider and more comfortable seats. Passengers in this class may also take more baggage with them, including two free carry-on items. At airports, business class passengers have access to the Lufthansa lounge
. On long-haul flights the guests in this class get high-quality food, can access the on-board entertainment system with their own screen and of course also get access to the business and welcome lounge
at airports.

First Class

First Class offers parking and limousine service on all routes, access to the first-class terminal, a personal assistant, very spacious and comfortable single seats with leg rests, which can be converted into a bed if required, and a high-quality entertainment system.

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Good to Know: Lufthansa

Is my flight delayed? Maybe a flight is even canceled? Are there any other changes to the timetable at Lufthansa? Important information can be read on Twitter - and in real time.

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Popular routes

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Berlin Brandenburg Airport
LufthansaMunich AirportBerlin Brandenburg AirportDuration: 1h 10from $301
Berlin Brandenburg Airport
LufthansaFrankfurt am Main AirportBerlin Brandenburg AirportDuration: 1h 10from $282
Frankfurt am Main Airport
LufthansaBerlin Brandenburg AirportFrankfurt am Main AirportDuration: 1h 10from $282
Munich Airport
LufthansaParis Charles de Gaulle AirportMunich AirportDuration: 1h 25from $373
Munich Airport
LufthansaHamburg AirportMunich AirportDuration: 1h 15from $264
Rome Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport
LufthansaMunich AirportRome Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino AirportDuration: 8h 15from $373
Hamburg Airport
LufthansaMunich AirportHamburg AirportDuration: 1h 20from $345
Barcelona El Prat Airport
LufthansaFrankfurt am Main AirportBarcelona El Prat AirportDuration: 2h 00from $231