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Train System in Poland
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Popular Train Routes in Poland

Trains in Poland – Book your cheap Polish train tickets with Omio

The Polish railway system spans around 11,500 miles (18,500 km) of track and is operated by a handful of companies, with the state-owned PKP Group assuming control of most trains and routes, as well as all of the country’s express trains. It’s one of the most popular ways to travel in the country and accounts for over 300 million passenger journeys every year.

The bulk of the Polish railway network was built by Russian and German companies over 80 years ago, but the country received a sizable investment after its introduction to the European Union in 2004. Since then, billions of Euros have been spent upgrading the lines and trains, ensuring that trains in Poland are comparable to other major European nations.

If you want to travel on one of these upgraded, modern train lines and see just how far they have come, book your train tickets with Omio. We promise the cheapest rates on all Polish trains.

Discover Poland by Rail—Book Polish Trains with Omio

If you’re hoping to discover Poland by rail, stick with Omio. We provide a range of affordable tickets for Polish trains, giving you access to all major and minor routes and ensuring that every step of the booking process is smooth and convenient.

Whether you’re using the Polish train system to explore more of this vast and cultured nation, or you’re hoping borders and exploring bordering nations like Germany and the Czech Republic, Omio is the perfect travel partner.

We offer cheap tickets for all Polish trains and guarantee a hassle-free booking process.

How does the train system work in Poland?

Of the 11,500 miles (18,510 km) that make up the Polish railway network, close to 7,500 miles are electrified. The country implemented a high-speed rail service in late 2014 and these trains run under the name Express InterCity Premium, which is operated by PKP.

If you’re buying and using Polish train tickets, keep these tips in mind to ensure a smooth journey:

  • All Polish train tickets can be stored digitally in the Omio app.
  • You must be able to present your ticket if asked. You can do this by storing it digitally on your device or printing it out.
  • Reservations are required on most InterCity (IC) trains and will be provided at the point of purchase.
  • There are two class options to choose from (more on those below).
  • Most medium and large train stations in Poland have self-service storage lockers to safely store your luggage.
  • Restaurants/cafes, restrooms, and currency exchanges are available in most stations.
  • Many trains are very busy during peak times, but first-class carriages are usually much quieter. Off-peak travel may also be more suitable for those seeking to avoid the crowds.
  • Smoking and vaping are prohibited on all Polish trains and in public spaces such as platforms and stations.
  • Polish trains are usually on time and run like clockwork, so make sure you get to the station early as the train won’t wait for you!

For the simplest, fastest, and cheapest way to travel on Polish trains, book your train tickets using the Omio platform.

Good to know about trains in Poland

The Polish railway system has significantly improved over the last couple of decades and regular upgrades ensure it continues to provide a better, faster, and more comfortable service for the millions of travelers that use Polish trains every year. It’s usually the cheapest and fastest way to travel across Poland, as it’s a large country with numerous beautiful towns and cities to explore.

Polish trains are very safe, but as always, you should protect your valuables at all times and stay alert. If you’re not sure about the process or need some assistance, check with the conductor/ticket office. Support is typically available in several languages.

Although all trains in Poland are clean and comfortable, there can be big differences with regard to speed, cost, and available amenities:

  • Some (but not all) of Poland’s trains have Wi-Fi.
  • Some older trains (particularly TLK trains) don’t have air conditioning, but windows are usually open in the summer months.
  • Express trains are quicker and usually make fewer stops, so the journey is much shorter as well.
  • Train layouts may vary. The more economical trains typically have compartments with 6 to 8 seats while newer express models adopt the standard 2x2 layout. Bear this in mind if traveling with large groups.
  • All trains have toilets and ergonomic seats.
  • Some trains provide complimentary drinks and food.
Book your Polish train ticket now with Omio

Facts about Polish trains

  • The electrified system runs at 3 kV DC.
  • The Polish railway system is a member of the International Union of Railways (UIC), an international body that was created in 1922 with the goal of standardizing rail practices. Its UIC code is 51.
  • Poland is one of the few countries in the world that still operates scheduled steam trains. They leave from the town of Wolsztyn, which has a rich railroad history.
  • The first Polish railway opened in Warsaw back in 1845 and connected the city with Vienna.
  • A megaproject known as Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) was announced in 2019 and is set to be completed by 2040. It encompasses a new international airport as well as a nationwide high-speed railway that will improve connections between major cities and airports.
  • Another major project, known as the “Y” line, was planned to connect Warsaw-Lódź-Kalisz. It was slated to begin in 2014 and end in 2019, but it was shut down in 2011 due to funding issues.

When arriving by train

Not all Polish trains have drinks and food available. Some offer concessions, so if you don’t have a complimentary snack, you may be able to buy something. If not, you can pick up a bite to eat when you arrive or take a snack with you.

Many stations offer assistance for disabled passengers if it is required. There are personnel who can help you with getting off and on the train, and provide other assistance if required. If such assistance is needed, you should contact the station in advance so that help can be arranged. You can either call the station directly or call the service provider—charges may apply.

Booking Polish train tickets with Omio

Planning your route and booking your tickets can be a stressful part of the travel process, but not with Omio. Using our handy search function you can easily plot your journey and buy cheap train tickets in just a few clicks.

Just find the route you need, choose the most appropriate options based on your preferred operator and times, and then confirm your selection. Once you make a purchase your cheap train tickets will be stored in your account. Not only does this make it easier to remember where you’re going and to fully track your journey, but it also means you can prepare or print those tickets for when you travel.

If you’re planning a long trip that encompasses multiple journeys and even extends into other countries, we can help you with that as well. Omio is a vast portal that covers innumerable train companies, routes, cities, and countries, ensuring that whether you’re flying, taking a bus, or just catching multiple trains, you will find everything you need on one convenient platform.

Why book with Omio?

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  • Convenient and fast: Booking with Omio couldn’t be easier. We’ve spent a lot of time and money creating a system that is fast, simple, and incredibly easy to use, and that’s true regardless of your technical know-how.
  • Book in advance: Book your tickets in advance to avoid missing out or paying over the odds for last-minute ticket prices. Once your holiday has been planned, you can book your tickets and then relax as you start thinking about which landmarks you’ll see and which attractions you’ll explore.
  • Mobile-friendly platform: You can use Omio on desktop or switch to our mobile device. It’s a handy way to plan your trips and works with most mobile devices and platforms.
  • All in one: With Omio, you don’t need to join multiple operator sites, remember countless passwords, and keep all of your tickets and info in several locations. We’re a complete platform with tickets for buses, planes, and trains.
The city of Krakow, Poland

The city of Krakow. Source: Shutterstock

Most important train companies in Poland

The PKP Group is the biggest train company in Poland. This state-owned operator offers passenger services that connect most major towns and cities under the name PKP Intercity. The name stands for Polskie Koleje Państwowe or Polish National Railways.

With around 9,000 employees and a monopoly on major Polish train routes, it’s a massive company and one that you’ll likely encounter and even use if traveling through the Polish railway system.

Polregio is another major operator. The company launched in 2001 and runs a large number of regional trains in the country. Unlike the state-run PKP, Polregio is a limited company, although it was founded after PKP split up some of its services to meet EU standards.

In addition to these two main providers, there are a number of smaller train companies in Poland:

  • Koleje Wielkopolskie
  • Lódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna
  • SKM Trójmiasto
  • Szybka Kolej Miejska w Warszawie
  • Warszawa Śródmieście WKD
  • Koleje Śląskie
  • Koleje Małopolskie
  • Koleje Mazowieckie
  • Koleje Dolnośląskie
  • Arriva RP

At Omio, you can book train tickets with many top providers. So, start your Polish adventure on the right foot and book your train tickets with Omio today.

Most important trains in Poland

There are a few main trains and services to look out for in Poland, including:

| EIP | EIC | IC | TLK | Wolsztyn Steam Trains |


EIP trains are the fastest in Poland, traveling over 200 km/h. These Pendolino trains are cozy and comfortable, with a plush first-class seating option that includes trolley service, a complimentary drink, and a light meal. Wi-Fi and individual power sockets are standard across the train, and all guests—whether first or second class—are guaranteed a comfortable ride.

EIP trains are used for most of PKP’s express routes in and out of Warsaw, and there are even info screens so you can track your journey.


Express InterCity (EIC) trains have two seat classes and provide basic amenities such as Wi-Fi and power sockets. Quiet rooms and family compartments are available and there are restaurant coaches available for both classes. This train service uses modern fleets and all seats are provided by reservation, which will be arranged when you book your train ticket.


IC trains are the third-tier service provided by PKP, which means they tend to be a little cheaper than EIP and EIC, but also offer more basic features. Some IC trains may be very old and lack the sort of modern amenities found elsewhere, but you will still typically be offered a bistro service and they are also accessible by wheelchair users.


TLK trains are a budget long-distance option. They are slower than EIP and have far fewer amenities, but they are a good option for budget travelers. If you’re not too worried about all the additional creature comforts provided by the aforementioned train services and just want to get there for as little as possible, consider booking a TLK journey. Of course, the service is still operated by PKP and it’s still a comfortable train, it just doesn’t provide those extra touches.

Night trains in Poland

Night trains are available for longer journeys. They include sleep compartments so you can get some shut-eye and sleep through the journey. Night train carriages are operated by Wars, a division of PKP InterCity. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning a trip on a Polish night train:

  • Food Service: You can order sandwiches and snacks from the food car, which includes tables and bar areas where you can eat. Alternatively, you can take your food back to your seat. On trains without food cars, there will typically be a refreshment trolly that provides drinks and snacks.
  • Couchettes: This is a second-class sleeping compartment. It features bunk beds and usually sleeps between 4 and 6 people. You will likely be sharing the compartment with other travelers.
  • Sleeping Cars: A more comfortable way to travel on a night train, and one that typically includes between 1 and 3 beds per compartment. Bear in mind that you are booking a bed and not a compartment, so you may still be sleeping in a room with other people.
  • First Class Sleeper Car: If you purchase a first-class ticket on a night train with sleeper cars, you will be given a 1-person compartment. Depending on the train and service, it may include a shower.
  • The above information can vary depending on the specific service, as well as the train type and route. We recommend checking the details in advance and speaking with your chosen service provider if you’re not sure about a specific amenity or feature.

    Book your night train tickets and other Polish train tickets using the convenient and fast Omio platform.

Steam trains from Wolsztyn

Every day, steam trains leave from the Steam Locomotive Depot in Wolsztyn, taking passengers to locations such as Zbąszynek, Poznan, and Leszno. It has been claimed that this is the only such service in Europe, and could be one of the few remaining steam train depots in the world. So, if you’re looking for a unique experience, and want to travel the old-school way, check it out.

The town of Wolsztyn pays homage to its steam-powered routes and includes a museum where you can explore the history of locomotion. There are also functioning workshops and machines that visitors can explore. It even hosts an annual steam festival in the spring. It’s a must-see for all railfans.

The train network in Poland and major connections

Trains are a popular way to travel in Poland, and as more money is invested in the country’s rail network, annual passenger numbers are continuing to increase. If you’re taking the train in Poland and looking for a little inspiration, check out the below list of the most popular train routes in Poland. You should also check out our guide to visiting Poland’s tri cities.

Popular train journeys in Poland

Book your Polish train ticket now with Omio

Best cross-border trains from Poland

A number of Polish train companies will take you over the border and into neighboring countries, broadening your travel horizons and giving you a chance to explore more landmarks, attractions, and cultures.

Warsaw to Vienna is one of the most popular routes, taking you from one capital to another and giving you a chance to explore an Austrian city that has been at the heart of many cultural movements. You can travel direct in about 7.5 hours with PKP Intercity, leaving from Warsaw Central and arriving in Vienna Central. Alternatively, there are some indirect routes that stop at locations such as Katowice and Bohumin. It’s more of a hassle and will add a few extra hours to your journey, but it is usually the cheaper option.

There is also a train that will take you from Warsaw to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Direct trains take about 8 hours and 10 minutes to cover this route, leaving from Warsaw Central and arriving at Prague Main Station. These services are also provided by PKP InterCity, and if you book during off-peak times you might be surprised at just how affordable these train tickets are.

If 7 to 8 hours is too much for an international adventure, consider hopping on a train from Warsaw to Berlin. You can get from the Polish capital to the German capital in less than 5.5 hours. This service is provided by both PKP InterCity and Deutsche Bahn.

Whatever journey you choose—whether you’re hopping borders or moving from one glorious Polish city to another—remember to book your train tickets with Omio. We have cheap train tickets on all trains leaving from and arriving in Poland.

Train travel tips for Poland

Poland is a big country, bigger than Italy, the United Kingdom, and Romania. In fact, it’s bigger than the combined total of neighboring countries Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic. Traveling by train is, therefore, one of the most convenient ways to get around.

If you’re planning a trip across Poland by train, prepare for a long journey and keep all of the following travel tips in mind.

  • Don’t take it for granted that your language will be spoken here. Learn some basic phrases in Polish, keep a travel dictionary in your pocket, or download a translator app on your phone.
  • Prepare for potentially long journeys by taking snacks and drinks.
  • Check storage rules in advance. Many trains will let you take large items like bicycles, but there are rules regarding where they can be stored.
  • Check the amenities at your departure and arrival stations to ensure they will have what you need. If you will be taking additional travel options, such as buses, check timetables and buy tickets in advance (Omio can help with that as well).
  • Keep your valuables safe and protected at all times while on public transport.
  • The code for dialing Poland is +48 if you need to call operators/hotels in advance or wish to provide your friends with details of your accommodation.
  • Make sure your mobile phone will work in the country when you arrive. Confirm roaming charges and other information with your service provider.
  • Most places in Poland accept credit cards, but it’s wise to keep some cash on hand in case of emergencies. Some stores accept Euros, but the local currency is the Zloty.


Can I get a discount when buying Polish train tickets?

There are all kinds of discounts available. What’s more, prices are always low with Omio, so you will never pay more than you need to. Polish trains are generally very affordable when compared to other major European countries, and you will be surprised at just how cheaply you can traverse this sizeable nation and even cross to nearby countries.

Can I leave my luggage in a Polish train station?

It depends on the train station. If it is one of the larger ones in a major city, there should be luggage storage lockers that you can use. Just look for banks of lockers inside the station. You pay a small fee to store your luggage and you’re then given a ticket. When you are ready to collect, just enter the code on the ticket and collect your luggage. If you stored your luggage longer than the stated time, you may need to pay a few extra coins before you collect.

Can I take my bike on trains in Poland?

You can take a bicycle on most trains, but not all of them. You will need to purchase a special ticket that allows you to take your bike on the train, and there are rules to follow regarding where it can be stored and how it must be handled. For instance, they should be attended at all times and should not get in the way of other passengers. They should also not be stored or used in a way that damages the train and cannot be taken into the sleeping cars and couchettes found in night trains.

How many classes are there on Polish trains?

There are two classes on most Polish trains, usually referred to as first and second class or economy and premium. Regardless of the option that you choose, you should still have access to basic amenities and features, including Wi-Fi and power sockets, as well as toilets and comfortable seating. However, the more expensive option usually grants you additional space and amenities, which can range from complimentary drinks and meals to smaller and more private compartments. First-class carriages are also much quieter during busy times, so they are a good option for business travelers.

Do Polish trains have Wi-Fi?

Most Polish trains have Wi-Fi and this should be available regardless of the ticket that you purchase. However, Wi-Fi connections aren’t guaranteed to be fast and stable and they may not be available at all if you’re booking a cheaper journey on an older train.

Is the Polish train network modern?

It has undergone some major upgrades in the past couple of decades and is now a very modern network operated by forward-thinking companies with fleets of modern trains. As with most train networks, there are still some older trains, and in some areas you will also find a lot of poorly maintained lines, as well as lines that always seem to be in a state of repair, but for the most part, it is a very modern and efficient system.

How do I book train tickets for Poland?

You can book cheap tickets for Polish trains right here on Omio. Our system makes it easy to find a suitable train in just a few clicks, after which you can book through the Omio site and then keep all of your tickets in one place. That way, if you’re planning a multi-stop journey of Europe or just exploring all of Poland, you won’t need to use multiple logins and will know exactly where all of your tickets are.
Book your Polish train ticket now with Omio

Main train stations in Poland

You will find numerous train stations littered across the Polish landscape, many of which boast a history that dates back to the early days of rail:

  • Warsaw Central Station: The biggest station in the capital, Warsaw Central is entirely underground and features 8 tracks and 4 platforms. It was built in the mid-1970s and is located right next to a major bus station and shopping center.
  • Wrocław main railway station: A beautiful station that was built way back in the 1850s in a Tudor Gothic style. It has undergone some big changes since then, but it’s still a beautifully unique station.
  • Kraków Główny: Krakow’s main station has 10 platforms and a history that dates back to 1847. It processes tens of thousands of passengers every single day and is managed by PKP.
  • Gdańsk Main Railway Station: First built over 100 years ago, this major station underwent an overhaul in 2023.

Use Omio to book cheap train tickets for out of all these Polish train stations, check the latest train map of Poland, and stay up to date with the latest train times.

More information about trains in Europe

Europe is a very well-connected continent and its vast railway network is a major part of that. You can travel seamlessly from one country to the next and enjoy a wealth of history and culture in a single day. Not only does the continent play host to play rail operators like SCNF, Renfe, Trainitalia, DB, and Eurostar, but it also has some of the most modern rails and trains, not to mention train stations that blend beautiful architecture and decades of history with all the convenience of modernity.

Wherever you decide to travel across this great and varied continent, make sure you take Omio with you on every step of your journey. We work with operators big and small and provide bus, train, and plane tickets on countless routes. What’s more, we guarantee the best prices across the board, including some very cheap train tickets in Poland that will ensure you have more vacation money left over to explore the country’s great food and attractions.

Popular journeys

Many popular train journeys in Poland begin or end in either Krakow or Warsaw. Most of the country’s towns and cities connect to these busy locations and they all receive thousands of daily passengers from neighboring countries like Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

But with so much to see and do in Poland, and with a rail network that connects all of this great country, the world is your oyster. You can take a small and cozy trip on one of the last remaining steam train lands or set out for an adventure in Vienna or Prague. Whatever you decide, make sure you book with Omio for cheap train tickets and unbeatable service.

Most popular train connections

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