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Gatwick Express

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Gatwick Express has been running direct train services from London Victoria Station to Gatwick since 1984. It is considered the fastest train service to Gatwick Airport from Central London, and is the only non-stop option available.

The Gatwick Airport railway station first opened in 1958, and was a stop on the line from London to Brighton only. However, as air travel increased in popularity (sorry, Greta) and the need for train transport to London Gatwick increased, faster services became a priority. It is currently run by Govia Thameslink Railway.

Gatwick Express: Train to Plane in 30 minutes

  • Air conditioning
  • Extra space for luggage
  • Charging sockets
  • Toilets
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Gatwick Airport to London in less than 30 minutes


Popular Gatwick Express Routes

Gatwick Express travels non-stop between London Victoria and Gatwick Airport. It takes only 29 or 37 minutes to travel to the airport to the center of London, meaning you can continue your journey by national rail services, or by hopping on the London Victoria Line of the London Underground—getting you to your final destination safely.

Gatwick Express
Trains from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport
Gatwick Express
Trains from Gatwick Airport to London Victoria

Tickets Gatwick Express: Info about tickets and trains

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Gatwick Express ticket types

Gatwick Express offers three types of tickets:

Express Class Tickets

  • Cheapest ticket option to Gatwick Airport
  • Air-conditioned cars
  • Refreshment trolley stocked with drinks and snacks

First Class Tickets

First Class offers plush, reclining seats, complimentary tea, coffee and water as well as an in-seat refreshment service, and a complimentary copy of The Telegraph.
Passengers who book their First Class Return tickets online also have the opportunity to access the No.1 Airport Lounge in either terminal at Gatwick.

Advanced Ticket

  • Restricted to a certain time of day (not train)
  • Cheapest ticket available
  • If you miss the alloted train time, then you might need to buy another.
  • Check you have the right ticket before starting your journey.


Gatwick Express FAQS

Can I exchange or refund my ticket?

If you do not collect your tickets at the station and use the Omio app instead—if you do not travel—Gatwick Express may refund your tickets if unused. There is a £10 administrative fee for refunding tickets as standard, but you may get the full refund if you do not travel. Speak with our Customer Care team for more details.

How much baggage can I bring?

In general, you can take as much luggage as you intend to fly with. There are dedicated luggage racks in Gatwick Express train carriages, along with under-seat storage for softer smaller items. There are double doors with extra space to enable travelers to alight and board the train with luggage with ease.

Can I get help with my luggage if I am disabled?

It is important to let the team know 1 day in advance so they can help you with your luggage if you have any mobility issues. Keep in mind that staff cannot help with very heavy bags and the luggage cannot be carried out of the station for you. The staff will help you board and alight the train.

I have a season ticket for London zone 1-6, can I use it?

If you are a season ticket holder for London zones 1-6 you can travel on the Tube, bus, DLR, overground, tram and any other trains that are in zone 1-6.

Gatwick Express: everything you need to know

How much are Gatwick Express tickets?

Gatwick Express single tickets for adults cost $28 at the station. A return for adults costs $42. Child tickets cost exactly half the price. An online discount of 10% is available.

When does Gatwick Express start?

The first Gatwick Express service of the day from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport is at 5:00 a.m. The first Gatwick Express service of the day from Gatwick Airport to London Victoria is at 5:51 a.m.

When does Gatwick Express stop?

he last Gatwick Express service of the day from London Victoria to Gatwick train station is at 11:30 p.m. The last Gatwick Express service of the day from Gatwick Airport to London Victoria is at 12:20 a.m.

The low-down on tickets and boarding:

Delay Repay

If the train is more than 15 minutes late (or more), then you may be entitled to compensation via the Delay Repay scheme with Gatwick Express.

Can I travel earlier or later than my booked train?

If you have an anytime ticket—yes. If you have an Advanced or Off-Peak train ticket you may be restricted to off-peak train times (avoiding rush hour). There are no restrictions when traveling on weekends or weekdays./div>

When will I receive my Gatwick Express train ticket?

If you are feeling more old-school, you can collect your paper tickets at the station. You will receive your eTicket within moments of booking. It comes in the form of a PDF which is sent straight away and can be printed or downloaded to your phone. Book with the Omio app and see how simple travel can be to the airport!
Gatwick Express operates a high-frequency service between London Victoria and Gatwick Airport.