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Sun, May 26
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Train System in Hungary
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Facts about Hungarian trains

  • There is 7,606 km (4,726 mi ) of track on Hungarian railway lines.
  • The first railway line in Hungary opened in 1846, connecting Pest and Vac.
  • The famous poet Sándor Petőfi rode on the very first Hungarian railway line.
  • Hungary is home to more than 600 train stations and over 700 stops.
  • The Hungarian rail network was heavily modernized in the 2010s following investment from the EU.

When arriving by train

Hungary Is part of the European Union and the Schengen Area, so if you’re traveling from a country that’s also in Schengen/EU, you should be able to visit without any issues. If not, you may need to check visa/travel options. From mid-2025, most travelers outside of this area can simply apply for an ETIAS, which is like a short-term travel visa that you can book online in a few minutes.

Hungary uses the Forint, as opposed to the Euro. Some stores will accept payments in Euros, but they may not always offer you the best rates, so we recommend taking some of the local currency with you. Like most major European nations, Hungary is well-equipped to take credit cards and debit cards, and providers like Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro are widely accepted here.

Wherever you go in Hungary, you can get there with help from Omio.

Booking Hungarian train tickets with Omio

Booking train tickets on Hungarian trains couldn’t be easier thanks to Omio. Simply search for your route, enter your preferred travel dates and times, and then search. Our system will show you a list of all the available times and train companies. You can pick the one that suits you the most and then complete your purchase in a wide range of currencies. Your train tickets will then be stored in your Omio account where you can access them in a couple of swipes. You don’t need to print them and you definitely don’t need to wait for them to arrive by post.

So, if you’re looking for cheap train tickets in Hungary, look no further than Omio.

  • Wide availability: Book a train ticket on any train in Hungary.
  • Fast and easy: It takes a few clicks and a few seconds to book your seat on Hungarian trains.
  • Cheap train tickets: We offer some of the cheapest train tickets in Hungary, helping you to save more cash for your travels.
  • Wide coverage: We have train tickets available for most trains on the Hungarian railways.
  • Mobile support: The mobile app makes it easy to book your Hungarian train ticket on the go, ensuring it is then stored in your account so you can access and reveal it as needed.
Budapest, Church

Budapest, Church. Credit: Pixabay

Most important train companies in Hungary

If you’re taking a train in Hungary, there’s a good chance it will be with MAV, the national operator. It doesn’t have a complete monopoly, but it does control most of the routes that begin and end in Hungary.

ÖBB, an Austrian company, also provides many routes to and from Hungary. The German company Deutsche Bahn handles many international routes too. Both of these companies operate fast and comfortable trains.

Book train tickets with these providers and more using Omio.

Most important trains in Hungary

You will encounter a number of different trains in Hungary. Those that run between major cities are usually fast intercity trains equipped with basic amenities. The same is true for the international trains that cross borders and connect with countries like Austria. If you’re in a regional area, however, the train may be older, slower, and not equipped with as many basic features. See below for a list of popular train types and fleets in Hungary.

| Railjet trains | EuroCity Trains | IC+ Project | Night trains |

Railjet High-Speed

At 230 km/h (143 mph), this is the fastest train in Hungary. It races through the countryside and also provides optimal comfort for all of its passengers. There are three classes on this train: Economy, First, and Business. The more you pay, the more comfortable the seats will be and the more legroom you’ll have. But all the seats are comfortable.

These trains are provided by the Austrian-based ÖBB.

EuroCity High-Speed

If you’re using Hungary as a base to explore more of Europe, whether you’re heading for Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Košice, or one of the many other major cities accessible using Hungarian trains, you will almost certainly be on a modern high-speed train and there’s a good chance it’ll be a EuroCity. These trains are fast, comfortable, and available on many international routes.

The IC+ Project

For a few years now, MAV has been working on building its own fleet of trains, helping to modernize its fleet without relying on external manufacturers. Known as the IC+ Project, it has already yielded a number of trains, many of which provide a range of amenities (sleeper cars, restaurant cars) and have a maximum speed of 200 km/h (124 mph).

Night trains in Hungary

No one wants to sit still on a train for 7+ hours. So, what do you do if you’re traveling from Hungary to a country like Germany? Well, that’s where night trains, also known as sleeper trains, come in. These trains provide passengers with sleeping facilities, including either fully reclining seats or bunk beds—the more you pay, the higher the level of comfort will be.

Most night trains in Hungary leave from Budapest, with destinations including Berlin, Warsaw, Munich, and Zurich. You can also sleep your way to Split in the summer.

If you want to book a bed on a Hungarian night train, you will typically have the following options:

  • Couchette 6 Beds: A room with 6 bunk beds, 3 on either side. You will be sleeping in the same room as other passengers, but men and women are usually separated. Only the most basic amenities are provided, including communal toilets and washing facilities on the train.
  • Couchette 4 Beds: As above, only travelers are given a little more space as there are only 4 beds per room. It is also possible to book a private room if you’re traveling with several people and want to ensure that you remain together.
  • Sleeper compartment: A more private and comfortable offering. Each room has either 1, 2, or 3 beds, along with a washbasin. A breakfast is also usually provided to all guests.

Ready for a night to remember? Book your Hungarian train ticket with Omio.

The train network in Hungary and major connections

As you may have noticed, most of the major routes inside and outside of Hungary connect through Budapest. It’s one of the 20 most-visited cities in Europe and is the only Hungarian city in the top 50. The metropolitan area of Budapest is also more than 10 times bigger than Debrecen, the second-biggest city, with similar results for population size. There are lots of beautiful cities in Hungary and they don’t always get the attention they deserve, and that’s because they all look like small towns next to the capital.

It makes sense when you consider that Budapest was formed back in 1873 by joining three established towns together, Óduba, Buda, and Pest.

If you need some inspiration when planning your Hungarian adventure, take a look at the popular journeys below. You can book train tickets for all of these routes using Omio, and unsurprisingly, many involve the bustling and buzzing city of Budapest.

Popular train journeys in Hungary

  • Budapest to Gyor: Over 50 trains leave for this destination every day and the fastest of them take less than 1.5 hours.
  • Vienna to Budapest: Often involves at least one transfer but can take as little as 3.5 hours. Cheap train tickets are available for this route and it’s one of the cheapest ways to travel between these major cities.
  • Munich to Budapest: You can do this route directly in less than 7 hours.
  • Paris to Budapest: A couple of transfers and a long journey, but if you want an alternative to flying and need to get across Europe, this could be ideal.

Book train tickets on all of these routes and more with Omio.

Book your Hungarian train ticket now with Omio

Best cross-border trains from Hungary

In the above section, we covered some of the most popular routes into Hungary. But what if you’re already in Hungary and looking for a route out of the country? Here are some of the countries you can easily visit by train when you’re in Budapest.

  • Budapest to Poland: One of the quickest routes is from Budapest to Krakow. It’s direct and you can get a very cheap train ticket here on Omio, but you will be on the rails for over 14 hours.
  • Budapest to Slovakia: You can cover this route in less than 2.5 hours with the Budapest to Bratislava route.
  • Budapest to Romania: There are numerous trains running from Budapest to Timişora and from Timişora to Budapest every day. It’s a relatively short route.
  • Budapest to Bulgaria: Although there is no direct train, you can get from Budapest to Sofia with changeovers.
  • Budapest to Croatia: There are a few routes, and Budapest to Zagreb may be one of the best. It is a direct route and takes just over 6 hours.
Buda, Castle, Pest

Buda, Castle, Pest. Credit: Pixabay

Train travel tips for Hungary

To ensure you see all that Hungary has to offer and have an enjoyable, memorable, and safe travel experience, keep the following train travel tips in mind. They will help you on the reels and off of them.

  • Fees: You can use a credit card in most stores in Hungary and they are also accepted in taxis and elsewhere. However, you may be charged currency conversion fees by your bank or card provider, so check these in advance. There are low-fee cards available, and you can also take cash.
  • See more: Although there is always something happening in Budapest, including a great number of train routes, there is more to see in Hungary. So, make sure you venture outside of the capital every now and then and take a step off the beaten track.
  • Visit a ruin bar: Although a “ruin bar” doesn’t sound like a great prospect, it’s a must-see when you’re in Budapest. These bars spring up inside abandoned buildings, with the residents making full use of the space. You will find most of them in the old Jewish Quarter.
  • Try some goulash: Goulash is the national dish of Hungary. It might not look great, but it comes packed with flavor. It’s a stew that is heavily seasoned with paprika. It’s usually packed with meat, but there are vegan options available in some locations.
  • Try paprika: Not only is this spice used to season goulash, but it’s also used heavily in other dishes. Hungarians produce and consume vast quantities of this stuff, and if you don’t love it already, you will by the time you leave.
  • Try Hungarian wine: Hungary produces some fantastic wines, many of which come from Eger in the north of the country. If you love your vino, then make sure you sample some of the local stuff.
  • Tap water: Tap water should be safe to drink in Hungary, though many tourists still stick to bottled water.
  • Tipping: Tipping is not compulsory here, but it’s common to leave a little extra on the table to show your appreciation for good food and service. Usually, 10 to 15% is enough if you’re eating at a restaurant, with the occasional couple of dollars/euros paid to hotel staff.


How many classes are there on Hungarian trains?

Most trains in Hungary have two classes. If you opt for the more expensive option, you will be given a more comfortable seat with more legroom. The differences are not huge, but they can be more notable on night trains. These trains have couchettes and sleeping compartments, and if you pay more you will be given a better bed, more space, and even your own private washing and toilet facilities.

Can I get a discount on trains in Hungary?

Yes, there are a number of discounts available on Hungarian trains. These include discounts for group tickets, which kick in when you book 6 or more tickets. There are also savings available for children and seniors, as well as some discounts for families. These can vary by provider and route, so it’s something you should check in advance. You can add discounts to your order when you book your Hungarian train tickets through Omio.

Are the Hungarian railways suitable for people with disabilities?

Yes. Train stations and trains in Hungary are equipped to assist disabled passengers. If you need help getting on and off the train, you should contact the train company in advance and make sure they will have someone there to assist you.

What are the luggage rules on Hungarian trains?

You are allowed a maximum of 30 kg of hand luggage and the size must not exceed 30 x 50 x 80 cm.

Do I need reservations for trains in Hungary?

Some trains require reservations, but many do not. You will not be given a seat number if you book on regional trains, but they are usually optional on InterCity and EuroCity trains. As for international routes, it depends on the destination and provider. You can check when you book your Hungarian train ticket.

How much is a Hungarian train ticket?

It depends on the provider and route, but you can generally get some very cheap train tickets in Hungary. That’s especially true if you purchase your train tickets through Omio. We work with many providers and cover many routes to ensure that you always have the best and cheapest options for your train travel needs.

Can I take my bicycle onto a train in Hungary?

The rules vary from train to train. Look out for pictograms that will tell you whether a certain train accepts bicycles. The ones that do usually have separate carriages where you can store your bicycle, keeping it out of the way and ensuring it doesn’t bother other passengers.
Book your Hungarian train ticket now with Omio

Budapest, Hungary, Danube

Budapest, Hungary, Danube. Credit: Pixabay

Main train stations in Hungary

There are some big and beautiful railway stations in Hungary, the biggest and most beautiful of which are in the capital. If you’re taking a train across Hungary, there’s a high chance you’ll find yourself at one of these Hungarian train stations:

Budapest-Nyugati Railway Station

Also known as Budapest Western Railway Station, this station sits between Grand Boulevard and Váci Avenue and dates back to 1877. It was built by the Eiffel Company, the same company that built the Eiffel Tower in Paris. In fact, the station was completed over a decade before the tower.

The Budapest Western Railway Station is a hub for both trains and buses, and there are also routes connecting it to Budapest Ferihegy International Airport. The station runs many connections to nearby cities, including Debrecen, and there are also international routes and night trains. There is a shopping center nearby and it contains a McDonald’s that has been dubbed the “most elegant” in the world. So, if you fancy a cheap and familiar meal in a location to remember, check it out.

Budapest Keleti Railway Station

Also known as Budapest East Station, Budapest Keleti is the main international train station in Budapest. Its history dates back to 1891 and operates from 7 platforms and 13 tracks, with connections to major cities such as Zurich, Vienna, Stuttgart, Salzburg, and more. There are luggage lockers, ATMs, restaurants/cafes, and a first-class lounge in the station.

If you have seen the film Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol, you may recognize the station from the opening scene. And if you’re prepared for a short walk, the famous New York café is nearby. The coffee house features a grand Italian Renaissance style and is regarded as one of the best and most unique cafes/coffee houses in the world.

Budapest Déli Railway Station

There was a railway station on this spot 150 years ago, but the current building of the Budapest Déli Railway Station dates back to the 1970s. It is located in the 1st district of Budapest and mainly serves the Transdanubia area, which includes regions such as Gyõr and Vas. There are 5 island platforms, 2 side platforms, and a metro station underneath. There are plans in motion to connect Budapest Déli Railway Station with Budapest-Nyugati Railway Station.

More information about trains in Europe

The United States has the biggest rail network in the world, with more miles of rail line than anywhere else. But when it comes to connectivity and the ability to explore countless historic cities in just a few hours, you can’t beat Europe. It has some of the most modernized fleets and updated railway systems in the world, and it’s supported by massive companies like Eurostar, Flixtrain, Italo, NS International, PKP Intercity, Renfe, and SJ. Many of these companies are financed by their respective governments, as well as the European Union, both of which have injected billions into the rail network to make it the envy of the world.

You could begin your journey in a cold, cosmopolitan city like Stockholm, and within a few hours, you could find yourself in cities like Oslo, Helsinki, and Copenhagen. From there, you can find your way into countries like Germany, with its industrial-yet-artistic capital and its cities famed for food, music, and fun, including Munich and Hamburg. It’s a connected continent that’s primed for a multi-country tour, and it’s all made possible with European railway networks.

Popular journeys

The majority of Hungarian trains begin in Budapest or pass through. It’s a major city and thoroughfare. It’s also beautiful and offers a wealth of culture, history, and great food for visitors, so if you’re taking an international train route that passes through Hungary, consider looking for one that stops in the capital and allows you to spend a few days or hours there.

Remember, wherever you go in Hungary or anywhere else in Europe, be sure to book your train tickets with Omio. We sell cheap train tickets for Hungarian trains and other European trains, saving you big every time you buy and leaving you with more cash to buy bowls of goulash in local restaurants and bottles of beer in ruin bars.

Most popular train connections

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