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OurBus: Company Information

Founded in 2016, OurBus is a New York City-based bus company that has expanded rapidly, adding intercity routes across the Eastern Seaboard and beyond. OurBus is a handy option for regional tourism and commuting alike, with a route map that connects Philadelphia, New York, Washington D.C., and plenty of smaller destinations. Its white and green buses, coupled with affordable and flexible fares and a handy real-time journey tracking app make OurBus a simple choice for those traveling the East Coast.

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Omio offers a simple way to book with OurBus. You can search all the company's routes with ease and plot multiple journeys for more complex trips. Search departure and arrival times, journey durations, and full price information to zero in on fares that are affordable and convenient. Mobile booking is also easy via the Omio app, letting you book an OurBus ticket wherever you are, whenever you need to travel.

Travel America with the OurBus intercity service

Whether you want to hop from New York to Washington D.C., travel from Miami to Tampa, or catch the bus from NYC to Ithaca, OurBus offers plenty of options. Seats on Intercity Prime OurBus services are spacious, and Wi-Fi is available on all routes. You can have an easy and relaxing trip while cooling off in the air conditioning and the recliner seats that come as standard. Prices are always low, but OurBus discount deals regularly send them even lower, and you can find all current savings on Omio.

OurBus schedule

Exploring the United States has never been simpler or cheaper. With Omio, travelers can search for OurBus fares across eastern states like Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts, arrange trips in Florida, or hop from Chicago to Indianapolis. Browse departure times at the click of a button, filter by price, and find deals that offer comfort and value in equal measure. You can book well in advance to take advantage of early bird savings, or find short notice fares that beat the competition. Just plug in your journey details and search the OurBus schedules with ease. Great travel savings are a few clicks away.

Popular routes with OurBus

OurBus operates a popular set of connections from East Coast cities to New York, so if you need a ticket to NYC from Philadelphia, Washington D.C., or Baltimore, that should be easy to arrange. The company is also a handy option for those who need a bus from Boston to NY, something that students will appreciate. It's easy to book a cheap bus ticket from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, along with connections to Tampa and Fort Myers. The Chicago to Indianapolis route is becoming a popular option for Midwest travelers, while there are also connections to the Windy City from Bloomington and Lafayette. If travelers are in New York, the company is a great option if you need a ticket to NYC from upstate destinations including Binghamton, while those headed to the nation's capital can catch OurBus services from locations including Newark, Ithaca, Richmond, VA, and Norfolk. All-in-all, that's plenty of regional connections.

Popular OurBus Routes

Bus from New York, NY to Washington, DC
Bus from Washington, DC to New York, NY
Bus from Boston, MA to New York, NY
Bus from Providence, RI to New York, NY


Bus types tickets

There are two major bus classes available for travelers with OurBus: Commuter and Intercity. The only real difference between the buses is the distance they need to travel, and all of them are modern vehicles with spacious interiors. Both Commuter and Intercity buses feature free Wi-Fi, sanitized restrooms, reclining seats, air conditioning, free drinking water, and charging ports. It's also worth noting that some services are advertized as OurBus Prime. These buses will offer slightly more legroom for longer journey durations but are essentially the same as standard OurBus vehicles.

OurBus tickets: all fares and offers

There are no ticket classes with OurBus. Everyone enjoys the same comfort and amenities. This also means there's only one OurBus cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your ticket, just click the "cancel" link in their order confirmation email between 24 hours and 30 minutes before your departure time, and the full ticket price will be stored in your OurBus Wallet. This money can't be withdrawn, but it can buy a cheap OurBus ticket within the next five years, and when you do so, no extra fees will apply. When boarding, travelers don't need to present a printed ticket. Smartphone tickets are just fine. When you book with Omio, you can see the best OurBus discount deals.

OurBus tickets: all you need to know

OurBus operates an increasingly dense network of routes on the Eastern Seaboard, Florida, and the Midwest, but it's easy to find tickets to suit your needs. The best way to do so is via the Omio search engine. Omio collects all of the company's routes, presenting departure times and helping you find the best deals. Commuter and long-distance Prime OurBus journeys are covered, and tickets can be sent straight to your cellphone for scanning before you board. It's not possible to apply discount cards when buying with OurBus, but the quoted prices are always competitive, especially when you search for fares via the Omio app.

OurBus facilities

OurBus services have extensive facilities. There are reclining seats for maximum comfort, as well as free Wi-Fi and water on most OurBus connections. OurBus offers charging points for mobile devices, and a sanitized restroom. Every OurBus is air-conditioned, allowing passengers to be comfortable, whatever the weather.

OurBus FAQs

Passengers can take one item of hold luggage on board OurBus services. Luggage must have a maximum weight of 50 lbs and dimensions of 62" or less. Additionally, a single small carry on bag is permitted for essentials like books or laptops. Ticket prices are the same for adults and children, and assistance for those with restricted mobility can be booked 48 hours in advance by calling 1-844-800-6828. Bikes can be taken on board as a piece of luggage, but an extra seat reservation may be needed if you intend to take a bag and bike together. Tickets can be canceled via the OurBus website, but cannot be refunded. Instead, money is placed in an OurBus Wallet to spend on future journeys.

Explore the East Coast

The East Coast of the United States of America might not have the constant sunshine of the West Coast, but it more than makes up for it with its historic destinations and, of course, New York City! With its major cities all being a driving distance from each other, it means you can explore them easily by bus. From the fast culture of NYC, with its late-night joints and many museums, to the country’s political hub, Washington D.C., to seeing the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, there's lots to explore on this side of the U.S. And if you're missing the sun, Ourbus can even take you all the way down to Miami, too!

How do I buy OurBus tickets online?

Use Omio! The best way to buy OurBus tickets online is with Omio, using the mobile app or desktop. Omio will always offer the best OurBus deals.

How do I find the bus station?

Tickets will have the exact address of the bus station. Type the address into an online map, such as Google Maps or Apple Maps, and find out where to go. Most OurBus services run from major bus stations, for example, OurBus journeys from NYC to Washington leave from Union Station. Remember, OurBus departures and arrivals are always in the city center, making true intercity travel easy.

Does the bus leave on time?

OurBus prides itself on punctuality, so OurBus services leave and arrive on schedule. OurBus recommends travelers arrive 15 to 20 minutes before departure, otherwise the company may sell their seats to other passengers.

What discounts are there?

The best discount OurBus fares are at Omio. Children under two years old travel free on an adult's lap. All children need their own ticket if they travel in their own seat. Although OurBus don't offer a student discount and promo codes are rare, you can join their OurBus Select scheme, which allows members to buy 12 intercity journeys for $15 less.

Do I need to show any form of ID when I show my ticket to board the bus?

Photo ID must be shown before boarding the bus, and e-tickets must also be shown at this time. Children over 16 years old may travel alone, but must have ID.

What is the OurBus baggage policy?

OurBus allows 50 pounds of baggage. Length, width, and height added together can't exceed 62 inches. A carry-on bag can be stowed in overhead lockers. Extra bags need their own seat.

Can you bring bikes on board?

If space allows, bicycles can be brought along. Do note, however, that extra luggage space for bicycles can't be booked. If in doubt, contact OurBus directly.

Can I bring my pet on board?

All service pets, such as guide dogs, are allowed on board. Emotional support pets are not allowed. No other pets are allowed.

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