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Sat, Jun 15
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Luxembourg is a tiny country that doesn’t always appear on travel bucket lists. But the land of Luxembourg is arguably the most important in Europe on a square foot basis. It’s no surprise then that an increasing number of European travelers are visiting thai country, many of which are now crossing its borders using long-distance coaches.

Luxembourg by Bus—Book Luxembourg Buses with Omio

There is only 1 airport in Luxembourg and it’s not exactly overflowing with train stations either. But you can get everywhere you need to go by road, and the country actually has some of the highest rates of car ownership on a per capita basis. As a result, you can easily find a bus into and out of Luxembourg—perfect for traveling to the many countries that border the country.

If you’re heading into Luxembourg on a bus or taking a trip elsewhere, book with Omio. You can secure cheap bus tickets in Luxembourg by comparing prices from many different providers and choosing the most suitable options.

Discover Buses in Luxembourg—AutoBus Luxembourg booking with Omio

Luxembourg is the seat of several European Union (EU) institutions. Luxembourg City, the capital, is also one of the union’s institutional seats, along with Frankfurt, Strasburg, and Brussels. As a result, it usually attracts a lot of business travelers, as well as tourists who flock here to see the medieval architecture.

But that’s not the only thing that makes Luxembourgers unique. It is also the only country in the world to offer free public transport. We’re not just talking about the odd tram system, either. If you are taking a train, tram, or bus in Luxembourg—one that begins and ends in the country—it will be completely free. You don’t even need any Luxembourg bus tickets.

You will, of course, need to purchase bus tickets if you are taking an intercity coach out of the country or you’re entering Luxembourg from a bus route that began in another country. That’s where we come in, as you can book external Luxembourg bus tickets directly through Omio. The booking process is fast and simple, and as you can compare prices from many different bus companies and routes, you’ll always get a great deal.

Book now for your cheap bus tickets into Luxembourg.

Bus System in Luxembourg
Bus Companies in Luxembourg
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Popular Bus Routes in Luxembourg
Book your Luxembourg bus ticket now with Omio

Booking Luxembourg Bus tickets with Omio

To ride a bus into Luxembourg or take one out of the country, you can book with Omio.

Use the search feature found at the top of this guide. Simply enter your starting location, destination, travel dates, and total number of bus tickets that you need. For instance, if you’re starting in Berlin, you’d enter “Berlin” in the first box, “Luxembourg” in the second, and then the dates of your trip.

When you hit “Search”, you will see a series of tiles, all showing you possible routes from Berlin to Luxembourg, along with the time you will depart, the time you will arrive at a Luxembourg bus station, the cost of the bus ticket, and whether or not there are any transfers.

When you find a route that you like, just click it and complete a purchase. You can book cheap bus tickets into Luxembourg and out of Luxembourg using a variety of currencies. It’s safe and fast, and your bus tickets will then be stored in your Omio account.

Main Bus companies in Luxembourg

As noted above, the main bus networks in Luxembourg are known as AVL, TICE, and RGTR, and they are all part of the free public transport system. But there are also many other countries offering bus services into Luxembourg, including continental-wide companies and ones that are based in neighboring nations.

FlixBus is probably the biggest of these. It’s a massive company that runs thousands of routes all over the world, including major intercity bus routes and night bus routes. If you’re searching for cheap bus tickets into Luxembourg from another European country, there’s a good chance this provider will pop up.

FlixBus has very affordable routes and runs a network of modern buses fitted with all of the amenities that you need for a long trip, including luggage storage, power outlets, Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, lots of legroom, and onboard toilets.

BlaBlaCar Bus is another provider that can take you by bus into Luxembourg. It also covers many routes and uses modern buses. As with Flixbus, these buses also have plenty of space for luggage, onboard restrooms, Wi-Fi, and power sockets.

Most long-distance buses are also air-conditioned.

Bus Routes into Luxembourg

The providers above cover many buses to Luxembourg, getting you to this small but affluent nation from countries like France, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. You can also arrive at a Luxembourg bus station from cities in Portugal. It’s a long trek, but it’s an important one, as many Luxembourgers hail from Portugal and still have family there.

Some of the popular routes into the country include:

  • Maastricht to Luxembourg: A cheap route that takes you direct to Luxembourg. It usually takes less than 3 hours and you can book with Flixbus.
  • Prague to Luxembourg: You will likely need to transfer if you’re taking this route, as it covers a lot of road. It’s a cheap way to travel between these two routes though. For the days that we checked, buses were between 4x and 6x cheaper than flights and around 50% cheaper than trains.
  • London to Luxembourg: Available through providers like Flixbus, this is a surprisingly cheap route. It usually takes you through Paris, where you will likely need to stop for a transfer.
  • Brussels to Luxembourg: This is a short route that takes less than 2.5 hours and is available through providers like BlaBlaCar bus. It’s an eco-friendly and low-cost way to travel between these two cities.
  • Liège to Luxembourg: Available with BlaBlaCar Bus and Flixbus, this route takes between 2 and 3 hours. It’s cheap and there are multiple connections every day so you can book at a time that suits you.
  • Vienna to Luxembourg: Providers like Flixbus offer occasional direct connections between these two locations. It’s a long ride and usually takes around 16.5 hours, but it’s the cheapest way to cover this distance and you can sleep through most of the journey.
  • Rome to Luxembourg: Another long, low-cost journey, this one often requires a transfer in Switzerland and is available via Flixbus.
  • Porto to Luxembourg: There is no direct bus route for this one, so you will need to transfer. There are night trains and intercity trains that can take you most of the way, though, and you’ll get to see large parts of France and Spain as you travel.

Click the links to learn more about these routes, including timeframes and prices.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg City

Luxembourg, Luxembourg City. Credit: Pixabay

International Bus Routes from Luxembourg to other countries

If you’re starting your journey at a Luxembourg bus station, you can travel to towns and cities in all neighboring nations, as well as some destinations further afield. Popular routes on Luxembourg buses include:

  • Luxembourg to Brussels: A very quick and cheap route that you can book through Omio. BlaBlaCar Bus was the cheapest provider on many of the dates that we checked.
  • Luxembourg to Sint Gillis: BlaBlaCar Bus is also the main provider on this route. It is a direct route into Belgium that usually takes less than 3 hours.
  • Luxembourg to Frankfurt: Both BlaBlaCar Bus and Flixbus cover this route, with a travel time of around 3.5 hours. Direct connections are available on most days.
  • Luxembourg to Bezannes: A journey time of between 3.5 and 4 hours, with some very cheap bus tickets.
  • Luxembourg to Thionville: You can complete this trip in less than half an hour.
  • Luxembourg to Hendaye: Although it’s a long journey, bus tickets for this route are very reasonably priced and there are direct options via Flixbus, including many that leave in the morning, travel through the day and night, and arrive at their destination the following morning.
  • Luxembourg to Montpellier: This route takes about 10 hours direct and it’s provided by both BlaBlaCar Bus and Flixbus.
  • Luxembourg to Zaventem. In addition to Flixbus, RegioJet also covers this route, which usually takes about 3 hours and is available direct.

Book bus tickets on all of these Luxembourg buses and more using Omio.

Night Buses in Luxembourg

Some of the routes mentioned above require you to stay onboard for upwards of 10 hours. One of them spans the entire day. That’s a long time to sit in a bus seat staring out of a window, right? Well, yes, but bus services like Flixbus know this, so most of their long-distance services are available as night buses.

In many cases, you will board these buses in the evening, giving you time to settle down—watch a film, read a book, get acquainted with your surroundings—before night dawns and you go to sleep. The bus will continue traveling throughout the night so that when you wake, you’ll be in your destination.

Night buses provide the same creature comforts as intercity buses, but during the evening, the lights turn off, the seats recline, and you sleep.

The term “night bus” also has another meaning in Luxembourg. Every night, the regular bus network stops and a night bus network takes over. These buses are the same as the ones that run during the day, but they accommodate night-time passengers and run from 9:30 pm until 3:30 am. You may hear the Flixbus night bus service referred to as “overnight buses” to avoid confusion.

Book your Luxembourg bus ticket now with Omio

Bus travel tips for Luxembourg

Whether you’re taking a bus to Luxembourg via a provider like Flixbus or navigating around the country using free Luxembourg buses, keep the following travel tips in mind to ensure you have a smooth journey:

  • Make room for other passengers on the bus. Don’t block the aisle and make sure your backpack/luggage isn’t getting in the way.
  • Wait for previous passengers to disembark before you get on the bus.
  • Greet the driver—be friendly and show your appreciation.
  • Stay clear of the doors.
  • If you’re using free buses in Luxembourg, press the “STOP” button before the bus reaches your destination.
  • Don’t place your bags on the empty seat next to you If the bus is full, leave room for other passengers.
  • Don’t make a lot of noise on the bus and if you’re playing games or listening to music, use headphones.
  • Before you leave, double-check the seat and the floor to make sure you haven’t forgotten or dropped anything.
  • Check the onboard amenities in advance of booking intercity buses. Make sure they will have what you need, such as Wi-Fi connections if you need to work or stream a film.
  • Take a travel pillow for long Luxembourg bus journeys.
  • Dress in layers when traveling long distances, as you can remove clothes if it gets too hot on the bus.

Finally, for cheap bus tickets to Luxembourg and cheap bus tickets out of Luxembourg, book with Omio. Our system will quickly compare prices across a wide range of routes to help you find the cheapest options.


Are public buses really free in Luxembourg?

Yes, and it has been that way since 2020. Everyone in the country can get on and off these buses as they please—no tickets, no fee. The same is true for trams and trains. There are first-class tickets available and travelers pay a subscription fee for these, giving them even more convenience and access to additional amenities. But it’s not necessary. You can get anywhere you need to go in Luxembourg using public transport and it won’t cost you a single cent.

How can Luxembourg afford to offer free public buses?

It’s a small country. It’s also a rich country. So, not only is the cost of abolishing transport fees cheaper in Luxembourg than it would be in a country like Germany or France, but they can seemingly afford to absorb the cost. Furthermore, they didn’t make a great deal of money from the public transport system in the first place and clearly believed that the benefits of providing free transport would offset the cost. It was an admirable move, and while it's unlikely that many—if any—countries will follow suit, it certainly sets a very interesting precedent.

How late do buses run in Luxembourg?

Standard Luxembourg buses run from the morning until the night, after which the night bus service takes over. Night buses typically run from 9:30 pm until 3:30 am. After this, there is no service available for a short time and then the regular bus service takes over to accommodate commuters.

Is Uber in Luxembourg?

As of early 2024, Uber is not available in Luxembourg. It is available in neighboring counties, but not within Luxembourg itself. It has been said that potential taxation issues and regulatory concerns are keeping the service out of the country. It also seems somewhat counterproductive for the state to allow a large taxi service into the country after it has invested so much on reducing the number of cars on the road and encouraging more people to take buses, trams, and trains.

Are airport buses also free in Luxembourg?

Yes, there are regular bus services connecting to Luxembourg Airport, and just like other buses that run within the country, they are completely free. Acquaint yourself with the schedule, find out where the buses go, and see if they can take you to your accommodation or another destination.

How easy is it to get around Luxembourg?

It is very easy to travel around Luxembourg. Huge sums of money have been invested in its public transport network, and there are bus routes serving all towns and villages in the country. There are also lots of buses and trains connecting neighboring countries. It means that wherever you need to go in Luxembourg, you should be able to get there quickly, cheaply (or free of charge), and with minimal fuss.

Do I need to take Luxembourg buses, can’t I just walk?

A lot of tourists underestimate just how big Luxembourg is. It might be a very small country, but it’s still a country, not a village. You can stroll around the street and take in all of the landmarks and beautiful buildings, but if you want to travel across multiple areas, you will need a form of transport. The country is 57 km (35 mi) wide and 82 km (51 mi) long, so unless you’ve got a few days to kill and some really hard-wearing shoes, it’s not walkable.

Is Luxembourg friendly for tourists?

Yes, definitely. It welcomes a lot of tourists every year, from those that take a bus to Luxembourg from neighboring countries to those that fly in via Luxembourg Airport. It has lots of great landmarks to see and attractions to explore, and there is some great food here as well. Luxembourg is heavily influenced by Portuguese cuisine, as well as French and German, and all of this combines to create some amazing restaurants and cafes.

Are buses to Luxembourg cheap?

Yes. When compared to trains and flights, as well as the price of fuel for road trips, buses in Luxembourg are incredibly cheap. You will spend a little longer traveling, but you won’t need to wait around at the airport like you would with a flight and you will be sitting in comfort throughout the journey. If you are traveling on a budget, or just want to save more of your travel money for food, attractions, and memory-making vacation moments, you can’t ignore the bus network.
Book your Luxembourg bus ticket now with Omio

Main Bus Stations in Luxembourg

There are a few bus stations in Luxembourg:

  • Cents-Hamm: Located at Cents-Hamm is Cents-Hamm 1950 Cents Luxemburg.
  • Rue du Commerce: Located at Rue du Commerce 1351, Luxembourg.
  • Luxembourg Termina: Located at 3 Rue Genistre 1623 Luxembourg.
  • Luxembourg Kirchberg: Located at Rue Alphonse Weicker 4, 2721 Luxembourg.
  • Luxembourg Central Station: Located at Place de la Gare 13 1616, Luxembourg.

You may need to depart from a Luxembourg bus station when you book an intercity or cross-border bus ticket. You will see more information when you book using our search feature. Just enter “Luxembourg” as your departure or arrival point and see what routes are available. Those routes will then clarify the exact stations/locations. This information will also be shown on your account when you book your bus tickets.

Bridge, Luxembourg

Bridge, Luxembourg. Credit: Pixabay

More Information about Buses in Europe

Bus services have exploded in popularity over the last few years and Europe has been at the heart of that growth. After all, this is where Flixbus got its start, a company that has since expanded to the United States by purchasing Greyhound and taking over an iconic brand and its equally iconic routes. Flixbus has been part of a revolution that has seen intercity bus routes and night bus routes spring up across the length and breadth of the continent. We also like to think that we’ve played a big role in that, as a growing number of passengers are using Omio to book bus tickets through companies like Flixbus, as well as the hundreds of other travel companies that we have partnered with.

Join them today and book your cheap Luxembourg bus tickets with Omio.

Popular Journeys

Luxembourg may be small, but it has a big heart and a big history, and it plays a huge role in the EU. That size also means it’s perfect for a short trip, whether you’re spending a day in Luxembourg City or venturing over to the village of Schengen, an inconspicuous but historic village where the famous Schengen Agreement was signed.

If you’re planning a trip to Luxembourg, book your Luxembourg bus tickets with Omio. You can search hundreds of bus routes into the country, and if Luxembourg is just one stop on a European journey, you can also book buses, trains, planes, and even ferries into other countries. Just keep the Omio app on your device and your device in your pocket—we’ll be the perfect travel companion wherever you go.

Most popular bus connections

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