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Wed, Apr 17
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Although there are trains in Croatia, the network is not as extensive as it is in other countries, with limited coverage around coastal areas in particular. As a result, many locals and tourists choose to take the bus. Coach services will take you where you need to go, with connections between all major towns and cities. There are also regional buses in those towns and cities to provide travelers with a cheaper and more eco-friendly alternative to taking a taxi or renting a car.

Croatia by Bus—Book Croatian Buses with Omio

Whether you’re heading to Dubrovnik, planning a city break in Zagreb, or looking for intercity routes in Croatia, make sure you book with Omio. You can book a cheap bus ticket to Croatia in seconds, and by comparing prices from the biggest providers of these routes, you’re guaranteed a competitive price every time.

Discover Buses in Croatia—AutoBus Croatia booking with Omio

Taking a bus is not the fastest way to travel between the capital and Dubrovnik, but it’s certainly one of the cheapest and if you don’t mind a journey of around 10 hours, it’s worth taking a look. You can travel from Dubrovnik to Zagreb and Zagreb to Dubrovnik with FlixBus, among others. It’s a direct route and there are several buses departing every day.

You could travel from Zagreb to Prague in about the same time, transferring to one of Europe’s most historic and beautiful capitals.

Wherever you go, if you want a cheap Croatian bus ticket, book with Omio. Just use our search function to plot your route, find cheap bus tickets, and then book directly through our platform. If you have any issues with the booking, we have a dedicated multilingual customer support team on hand to help.

Bus System in Croatia
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Popular Bus Routes in Croatia
Book your Croatian bus ticket now with Omio

Booking Croatian Bus tickets with Omio

Omio is the best way to book a cheap bus ticket in Croatia. We designed the platform to be as simple and accessible as possible, and we also have a multilingual customer support team that can help if you have an issue.

Get started by using the search function found at the top of every page. Enter your starting location, such as your city or the nearest bus station, followed by your destination, the total number of bus tickets that you need, and any applicable discounts. Hit “Search” to see a list of available bus tickets for your chosen route.

These options will display a summary of the route, including the price. There are filter options if you need to sort by specific stations or companies, but you can also filter by price to show the cheapest options at the top.

When you find what you’re looking for, just click the link and you’ll be transferred to a secure page where you can enter your details and then complete your payment. We take payment in a variety of currencies and it’s a quick and safe process. Your cheap bus tickets will be stored in your Omio account for easy access. Just keep the Omio app on your phone and your phone in your pocket and you’ll be good to go!

Remember, you can follow the same process to compare ferry tickets, plane tickets, and train tickets, making Omio your perfect travel companion.

Main Bus Companies in Croatia

There are a few different bus companies offering services in Croatia, as well as major operators that will take you in and out of the country.

FlixBus is one of the biggest intercity bus companies in Europe. It also has a presence in the United States, where it owns the famous Greyhound Lines. These big green buses can take you pretty much anywhere you need to go in Europe, with a huge fleet of buses and thousands of destinations. Many of its journeys are direct and some of them span over 20 and even 30 hours.

In Croatia, FlixBus services both domestic and international routes, and you’ll see the company’s logo on many route comparison searches, as it’s always one of the cheapest—if not the cheapest—options available.

Autotrans by Arriva is another name to look out for. It’s the biggest coach service in Western Croatia and covers many of its most popular domestic routes. Arriva is a very big company and a recognizable name in many parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, where it is headquartered. These days, Arriva is owned by Deutsche Bahn, a state-owned company based in Germany.

Nomago operates out of Slovenia but serves many other countries, including Austria, Germany, Slovakia, and parts of Italy. It serves Croatia as well, and in addition to its intercity routes, it provides transfers to and from the country’s airports.

RegioJet is headquartered in the Czech Republic and provides many routes in its home country and in Slovakia. If you’re connecting to Croatia from these countries or taking the bus from Croatia into cities like Prague, there’s a good chance you will see the RegioJet name in the search results.

Use Omio to get by bus to Croatia. By letting you quickly compare bus ticket prices from these providers and others, you can book a cheap bus ticket every time, saving you money on your travel costs so that you can spend more on food, attractions, and accommodation once you’re at your destination.

Croatia, Split

Croatia, Split. Credit: Pixabay

Domestic Bus Routes in Croatia

In addition to regional Croatian bus routes, which connect short distances in major cities, there are intercity routes that crisscross the country and connect its biggest towns and cities. Some great examples include:

Get a cheap bus ticket in Croatia when you book with Omio. Enter your route into our search function or click the links above to learn about specific routes.

International Bus Routes from Croatia to other countries

Croatia shares a land border with 5 countries, all of which are accessible via a series of long-distance bus routes. Providers like FlixBus will also take you much further away. Some of the most popular international bus routes from Croatia include:

  • Zagreb to Rotterdam: It takes over 22 hours to cover this route, but it’s available direct and there is usually at least 1 FlixBus coach departing every day.
  • Zagreb to Munich: A journey time of over 8 hours will take you into this beautiful German city. It’s a direct route offered by FlixBus.
  • Zagreb to London: Also offered by FlixBus, this route is not direct. It typically connects through Munich or Rotterdam. It might not be the quickest way to get to the English capital, but it’s a cheap option and you’ll see a lot of beautiful scenery on your journey. It will also take you over a few borders.
  • Zagreb to Berlin: Although many of the FlixBus rides that cover this route require transfers, there are still several direct options available every week and they have a total travel time of around 15 hours.
  • Zagreb to Budapest” A relatively short journey of 5 to 6 hours, taking you into one of the most-visited cities in Europe.
  • Zagreb to Venice: You’ll be on the road for about 7 hours for this journey. It’s a cheap way to visit the City of Water.
  • Zagreb to Vienna: A 5-hour travel time, with several buses departing for the route every day.
  • Split to Bratislava: Both RegioJet and FlixBus cover this route. It takes anywhere from 12 to 14 hours on average.
  • Split to Prague: Although it’s a cheap route, this one often requires transfers. It’s available from FlixBus.
  • Zagreb to Zurich: At the time of writing, a single bus departs for this route every day and takes about 13 hours to arrive. As with the routes above, it’s offered by FlixBus.
  • If you’re taking a bus to Croatia, there are many different options, including the following:

    Book with Omio for cheap bus tickets on all of these routes. You can also click the links above to learn more about those specific routes, before clicking and booking when you find the most suitable route.

    Night Buses in Croatia

    Some international routes in and out of Croatia require a journey time of 10, 20, and even 30 hours. It’s a long time to sit on a bus, especially if you get bored easily. There is a solution though, and that’s the night bus, also known as an overnight bus.

    These buses are run by companies like FlixBus and provide passengers with a cheap alternative to flying. The buses often depart during the evening hours, direct through the night, and then arrive the following morning. Of course, some journeys require more than a night, and you will remain on the bus throughout.

    The buses have very comfortable seats and lots of legroom. There are also toilets on board and many of them have onboard entertainment systems as well. It’s an interesting way to see more of the continent as you could be traveling across multiple borders. There are overnight buses to many destinations in Croatia and you can also take a bus out of the country.

    Book your Croatian bus ticket now with Omio

    Split, Dalmatia, Croatia

    Split, Dalmatia, Croatia. Credit: Pixabay

    Bus travel tips for Croatia

    The following Croatian bus travel tips will help to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip when using buses in Croatia.

    • Learn the routes: There is a good chance you’ll encounter an English-speaking bus driver on intercity buses, but the same can’t be said for regional buses. It’s best, therefore, to check the routes before you board and ensure you are familiar with them and know when to disembark.
    • Refreshments: Take some drinks and snacks with you when traveling on longer routes. You may be able to buy some refreshments at the bus station or nearby shops, but there’s not always an option available.
    • Get there early: Arrive at the bus station at least 15 minutes before you are due to depart. It can take some time to board the bus, but getting there early will ensure you’re not caught short if you have an issue finding the station or getting there.
    • Seat allocation: Seats often have numbers on them and you will be allocated one of these numbers on your bus ticket. However, passengers don’t always abide by these rules and you may find someone else in your seat. You can politely ask them to move or just take another seat.
    • Book with Omio: To buy a cheap bus ticket to Croatia, stick with Omio. Our system works by comparing routes from major providers, showing you the cheapest options and letting you book directly through our secure platform.


    Are Croatian buses on time?

    For the most part, yes, they are very reliable. They are run by major operators that use modern buses and experienced drivers. However, Croatian roads are usually very busy during peak times. In the summer, there are often lots of traffic jams, so they can be held up. Delays are usually short though and as the buses use sheltered bus terminals, you will be kept warm and comfortable while you wait.

    Can I take my bike on the bus?

    Many regional buses will not let you take your bike onboard. Intercity buses have more space, including a hold, so you may have more luck there. The rules can vary though, so we recommend checking them in advance. You should have an easier time of things if you have a folding bike, so consider this if you are renting a bike in the country and will also be using public transport.

    Can I get dropped off early?

    If you’re on a long route to a station, and you’d rather be dropped off somewhere else, you can ask the driver. Most of them are okay with this and it’s a fairly common practice. Just make sure that you’re asking to be dropped off somewhere on the route, as they won’t make a detour for you.

    Are bus seats comfortable on long-distance journeys in Croatia?

    They are very comfortable. Modern buses are used and the seats tend to be plush, with lots of legroom. Many of them also recline, so you can kick back and get some sleep. The regional buses that run routes in the country’s towns and cities are usually not as comfortable and they are usually very full during rush hour, so you may need to stand.

    Can I get a discount on a Croatian bus ticket?

    Discounts are often available for seniors, children, and students. You can usually save money when using both regional buses and intercity buses. They vary by provider though, so check at the time you book. Book with Omio to secure savings on your chosen route. If discounts are available, they can be added as well.

    Do you need to book your Croatian bus ticket in advance?

    You don’t need to book your Croatian bus ticket in advance and bookings can still be made several minutes before the bus is due to depart. However, it usually makes more sense to book early. You’ll secure your place on the bus, which is important on popular routes, and you could also save some money.

    What is the cheapest way to travel around Croatia?

    A bus is the cheapest way to travel around the country. You can get regional bus tickets for just a few Euros and intercity bus routes aren’t that much more expensive. Book your cheap bus ticket in Croatia to save even more money on this form of transport. Of course, walking is free, and several popular destinations are walkable. So, take a pair of good walking shoes with you and plot your routes carefully so you don’t end up in the middle of nowhere.

    Can tourists take the bus in Croatia?

    Yes, the bus network is open to everyone. Intercity buses are very popular with tourists and many use them to enter and exit the country. It can be harder for tourists to figure out schedules on regional buses, but there are timetables and schedules available in Croatian bus stations, and these are located in every major town and city.

    Are there hop-on-hop-off buses in Croatia?

    Yes. There are sightseeing tours in major cities like Zagreb. They are a great way to get around the city and see everything it has to offer. These buses run a long route that passes popular attractions and landmarks. You hop off whenever you want and then hop back on when the bus comes around again. Check the schedule to see where it’s going and how long you’ll have to wait before the bus returns.
    Book your Croatian bus ticket now with Omio

    Croatia, Brać, Ložišćo

    Croatia, Brać, Ložišćo. Credit: Pixabay

    Main Bus Stations in Croatia

    Every big town and city in Croatia has a bus station. It’s usually in the center of town, so it provides easy access to the major hotels and shopping centers, as well as plenty of places to grab a bite to eat and something to drink. Some of the bigger bus stations have cafes inside of them, and they all have toilets and schedule information.

    Split Bus Station is located in the middle of Split and provides connections through the city and to surrounding countries. It is located next to the city’s port and train station, so if you decide against taking the bus, there are plenty of other options.

    Zagreb Bus Station is located at Avenija Marina Držića 4 in the capital and it’s served by the local tram system, with easy connections throughout the city and to the railway station.

    The main bus station in Dubrovnik is located at Obala Ivana Pavla II 44 A, 20000. It is a good-sized station that comes complete with a number of amenities and fantastic connections across the city.

    When you book your Croatian bus ticket through Omio, you will be told where the bus journey starts and ends. Coach trips nearly always begin and end their journeys at bus stations, so it’s highly likely that you’ll find yourself at one of these.

    More Information about Buses in Europe

    The golden age of bus travel has been and gone. The highest numbers ever recorded on European bus networks came during the first half of the 20th century when trains weren’t as well connected, few people could afford to fly, and not everyone owned a car. Toward the end of the 1990s, few people were taking buses and it was hard to imagine a scenario when that would change.

    But we’re experiencing that change right now. We’ve witnessed a revival of buses as passengers look for cheaper and more sustainable ways to get around. Fuel is expensive and travelers are more concerned than ever about their carbon footprints, so bus travel is becoming a very popular way of getting around.

    The emergence and rapid growth of companies like FlixBus is a prime example of this. In its first decade of operation, it had expanded to 40 countries and more than 3,000 destinations. It also acquired companies like Greyhound in the United States and Swebus in Sweden. We also like the think that we have played a role in the return of bus travel, as our system makes it easier for passengers to book and by comparing options from many different providers, they can save big.

    Get started with our handy search feature. In a few clicks, you could be comparing bus ticket prices from many top providers, including the aforementioned FlixBus.

    Popular Journeys

    Zagreb and Dubrovnik are two of the most-visited cities in Europe, and depending on where you are in the continent, you might be able to take a direct bus route to both of them. There are also many bus routes that can connect big towns and cities in Croatia, providing travelers with a sustainable and cheap way to get around.

    Book a cheap bus ticket in Croatia using Omio. You’ll get where you need to go and save a lot of money in the process.

    Most popular bus connections

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