Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRA)

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Frankfurt am Main Airport

Address60547 Frankfurt
Airport CodeFRA
Distance to City Center3.28km
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Flying from/to Frankfurt am Main Airport

When arriving to Frankfurt am Main Airport, it can be unclear how to reach your final destination, or more generally, to the city centre. We, at Omio, have mapped out good things to know, facilities available when flying to Frankfurt am Main Airport and what to do when you get to the city.

Travel from Frankfurt City Center to Frankfurt am Main Airport

Frankfurt Am Main Airport (FRA) is known for its futuristic architecture and title as the busiest airport in Germany. Buses and trains ferry passengers to and from the airport 24 hours a day, however, major routes are served by trains more regularly. Plainclothes fare inspectors conduct random checks to ensure that all passengers have paid for their tickets. If found traveling without a ticket, passengers are fined up to 60 EUR (as of October 2019). Transport companies offer discounts for day tickets, children and passengers traveling as a group, and tickets are not expensive.

What’s the best way to get to the airport from the city center? 

There are three recommended ways in which travelers can travel to Frankfurt am Main Airport from Frankfurt city center. The best option is by train, which takes 40 minutes to reach the airport via two electric trains. Travelers may also take electric trains running to Offenbach Ost or Hanau. Both are available 24/7. One can also travel by Frankfurt Airbus that takes 30 minutes to reach the airport. Traveling by taxi is faster but obviously more expensive, and takes roughly 20 minutes. 

How far is the city center from the airport? 

The distance between the city center and Frankfurt am Main Airport is 13-kilometers. Travelers can get to Frankfurt Airport from the city center by public transport or rental cars. The first option mainly suits passengers traveling light and solo. However, travelers who aren't keen on checking timetables can book private transfers. Visitors renting cars without drivers to the airport need to provide passports, IDLs, and embossed credit cards. If one is traveling during high seasons, book cars in advance to avoid charge hikes. Taking electric trains to the airport takes 40 minutes. However, taking the central railway station route will take 11 extra minutes. Direct travel to the airport via bus takes 30 minutes. 

What facilities are there at the airport? 

Frankfurt am Main Airport is massive with various facilities to make things easy for travelers. The airport has two terminals where travelers can freely transit via shuttle buses or Skyline trains. There are plenty of shops, 24-hour dining eateries, and duty-free outlets. Travelers will be able to do their entire years' worth of vacation shopping at this airport, including toys, books, perfumes, souvenirs and designer clothing. Frankfurt airport features some of the best facilities of any airport in the world. Sample fresh seafood, sushi, or steaks in sit-down restaurants catered by professional chefs. Or, grab a quick bite at one of the dozens of cafes and fast-food outlets across the airport's sprawling terminals. 

The airport also provides free WiFi, and ample seating across the main floors. Both terminals have shower facilities offered to travelers at a fee. Economy class travelers can access the few lounges available by purchasing them in advance. The airport is also nap-friendly, with security checks being done now and then.

How accessible is the route for those with limited mobility? 

Frankfurt am Main Airport has dedicated check-in desks for passengers with reduced mobility. The airport has accessible infrastructure for everyone, including passengers with special needs. The stairs, elevators, and washroom facilities are well-sized for all travelers with wheelchairs and/or carers. There are buttons and light switches that the partially sighted and wheelchair users can use with ease. Doors freely open at the touch of buttons. An increased number of parking spaces also improves accessibility to those with limited mobility. Besides, the airport's security control areas have dedicated lanes for disabled people traveling to the airport from Frankfurt city center. These lanes are wide enough for those using wheelchairs. They also give a spacious room for manual checks as wheelchairs can't go through the conventional metal detectors.

Local tips: How to travel to the airport like a local 

Private transfer is the fastest means to the airport, however most local passengers traveling to Frankfurt am Main Airport from the city center prefer train travel, which is fast, reliable and convenient. Although there are many transport options to the airport, electric trains or buses are best for solo travelers. However, travelers with children, aged relatives, or bulky luggage should use private transfers. Travelers are also allowed to take food through airport security, which can save a lot of money. As long as one is traveling within the EU, there are no restrictions on carrying foodstuffs. However, as far as carrying drinks to the airport is concerned, there are strict rules to be observed. The practice mostly applies to open beverages, which can not be brought through the security check. The only exceptions to this rule are liquid baby foods and medications. 

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