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Mon, Apr 22
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Facts about Norwegian trains

  • The total length of the Norwegian rail network is 4,109 km (2,533 mi).
  • 2,644km (1,643 mi) of the rail network is electrified.
  • The longest tunnel is the Blix Tunnel, which spans 19 km (12 mi) and covers most of the Folio Line.
  • The first railway line in Norway opened in 1854 and connected Oslo and Eidsvoll.
  • The fastest train in Norway tops 200 km/h (125 mph), but average speeds are much lower and among the slowest in Europe.

When arriving by train

Norway uses the Krone, but credit cards and debit cards are accepted by most merchants. You can also use Apple Pay and Google Pay. We still recommend keeping a few kroner in your pocket just in case, but your card should suffice in most situations. If you’re visiting Norway from outside of Scandinavia, you might be surprised at how expensive it can be, so it’s a good idea to keep a currency converter app on your phone to ensure you know how much you’re spending.

Needless to say, you should also check that your bank or card provider isn’t charging you a small fortune to make payments in foreign currencies. And if you exclusively use American Express, consider taking another card if possible. Although Amex is accepted by a handful of vendors, many only accept Visa and Mastercard.

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Booking Norwegian train tickets with Omio

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Norway. Credit: Pixabay

Most important train companies in Norway

Vy is the biggest train company in Norway. The state-owned provider no longer has a monopoly on the Norwegian rail network, but it still runs numerous routes and carries millions of passengers every year. Most of its fleet consists of electric multiple units, including Class 69, Class 70, Class 72, Class 73B, and Class 74 trains. Vy trains run long-haul services on the Bergen Line between Bergen and Hønefoss, as well as commuter services in the big cities (Oslo, Bergen, Skien) and many regional services.

SJ is another major operator. It is a Swedish company that operates trains branded as SJ NORD in Norway. It runs the famous Nordland route, which connects Trondheim and Bodø in the north of the country, and there are also connections to Åre in Sweden

Other Norwegian train companies include:

  • Flytoget: Runs express trains, including a Norway high-speed train route that connects the main airport with the main train station in Oslo.
  • Go-Ahead Norge: In operation since 2019, Go-Ahead Norge runs the Oslo to Stavanger line.
  • Norrtåg: A Swedish train company that offers some connections in Norway.
  • Flåmsbana: Runs a scenic train route on the Flåm Line.

You can book with top train companies like these using the Omio mobile app and platform.

Most important trains in Norway

You will generally be offered a couple of different classes when booking a train ticket on a Norwegian train. For instance, Vy trains offer the following ticket class options on its intercity and regional trains:

  • Economy class: The simplest and most basic option. Typically, travelers will still have access to Wi-Fi and power sockets and there are also storage options for big items like bicycles.
  • First class: More comfortable seats, more legroom, and a slightly more luxurious experience overall.

On long-distance journeys, you can also book a compartment with beds. These are known as night trains and they are very common in Norway.

Night trains in Norway

Vy, SJ, and Go-Ahead all provide night train services in Norway. Vr trains run through the night on the Bergen Line; Go-Ahead takes passengers on the epic Sørland Line, and SJ covers both the Dovre Line and the Nordland Line. These services use WLAB2 class sleeper cars, each of which comes equipped with a number of compartments where guests can sleep through the journey.

All providers offer a few different ticket options for night trains, The cheapest is to book a seat and just kick back and recline when you want to sleep. Basic amenities are provided, and as you’re not taking up a compartment, you will generally pay a lot less.

The next step up is to book a bed inside a compartment that sleeps up to 6 people. There are typically three bunk beds on either side and unless you’re booking private compartments, you will be with other people. Men and women are separated though.

The most expensive option is a private room, usually with no more than two beds. The beds are bigger and more comfortable and there are also toilets and washing facilities in the room.

Whether you’re new to night trains or you’re a regular twilight traveler, you can book Norway night train tickets on Omio.

The train network in Norway and major connections

There are generally three reasons why people book trains in Norway.

The first is the most obvious—getting from A to B. There are many providers set up to help you navigate this vast county, with numerous commuter, regional, and long-distance routes.

The second is to cross borders and explore neighboring countries, including Denmark and Sweden. There are numerous international routes in Norway, and we have discussed them elsewhere on this page.

The final option is to sightsee. Oftentimes, you can kill two birds with one stone and do a spot of sightseeing while crossing the country. But there are also specific rail lines set up to take you on a journey (as is the case with the Flåm Line).

Popular train journeys in Norway

There are several Norwegian railway lines that travel great distances and provide many stops and scenic wonders on the way. We briefly covered some of these above, including the Oslo to Bergen train, also known as the Bergen Line; the Flåm line, and the Nordland Line. But let’s take a closer look, and remember, you can book train tickets for these routes and more on Omio.

| Bergen Line | The Rauma Line | The Roros Line | The Nordland Line | The Flam Line | The Dovre Line | The Sorland Line | The OfotenLine |

The Bergen Line

The Oslo to Bergen train is one of the most popular in the country. It’s not just a great way to get from one major city to another, it’s also a beautiful route that has been described as one of the most scenic in Europe. Built in the late 19th century, the route spans the Hardangervidda plateau, which rises over 4,000 feet above sea level. It departs from Oslo four times a day and the train provides a wide range of basic amenities, including comfortable seats, free Wi-Fi, and a café and restaurant.

The Rauma Line

The Rauma Line spans 114 km (70.8 mi) of track from Bjorli to Åndalsnes. In less than 2 hours, passengers will be taken past some amazing natural scenery, including the Trollveggen rock face, which is the largest vertical rock face in Europe, and the iconic Kylling bridge, which looks like something plucked out of a fantasy film. The route is popular with tourists and there are wide windows throughout to ensure you get more from the views, as well as numerous hiking/climbing opportunities at its destination point.

The Røros Line

The Røros Line is the oldest active railway line in Norway, with a history that dates back to the 1870s. It connects Hamar and Trondheim and encompasses the forests of Osterdalen and the mining town of Røros, which gives the route its name. Although this five-hour route is generally not considered to be one of the most exciting that Norway has to offer, you may still see some local wildlife in the forests.

The Nordland Line

The Nordland Line is the longest in Norway, spanning an impressive 729 km (452 mi). It connects Trondheim and Bodø and encompasses many small and beautiful towns on the way (including the village of Hell which, incidentally, freezes over in the winter). This night train journey is the only line that crosses the Arctic Circle.

The Flåm Line

The Flåm Line is a short and leisurely train journey that takes just an hour or so. But in that time, you will see some of the best scenery that Norway has to offer. Beginning at Myrdal station and ending in Flåm, the route takes travelers on a steep climb. Make sure you have your phone/camera at the ready, as you’ll be able to snap pictures of some breathtaking views.

The Dovre Line

The Dovre Line connects Oslo with Trondheim, a journey that takes around 7 hours and bypasses some gorgeous national parks. Many travelers report seeing the unique muskox, a giant bundle of hair and horns that is native to the Arctic. Stopovers are available in locations like Lillehammer and passengers can also change at Bjorli station and hop on the aforementioned Rauma Line.

The Sørland Line

The Sørland Line takes about 8 hours to get from Oslo to Stavanger. It passes many destinations that are popular with tourists, including Kristiansand, which has several beautiful beaches and a zoo.

The Ofoten Line

The Ofoten Line is a northern railway line that is 43 km (27 mi) long and runs from Narvik in Norway to Riksgränsen, which sits on the Norway-Sweden border. From there, you can ride further into Sweden, connecting to towns like Luleå.

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Best cross-border trains from Norway

Oslo is one of the most connected cities in Scandinavia, and the place to be if you’re looking for some cross-border travel. There are connections to Copenhagen (after which you can take the train from Copenhagen to Stockholm, or explore other destinations), as well as Oslo to Gothenburg, Oslo to Helsinki, and even Oslo to Riga.

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Nidaros cathedral, Trondheim, Norway

Nidaros cathedral, Trondheim, Norway. Credit: Pixabay

Train travel tips for Norway

To make sure you have a safe, fun, and affordable journey on the Norwegian rail network, keep the following travel tips in mind.

  • Norway is a very safe country but you should still keep your valuables protected when using its trains.
  • Wrap up warm if you’re traveling north or find yourself in the country during the winter.
  • Check the schedules and make sure you know when the train leaves. There are multiple trains departing every day, but some routes are not as frequent as you might hope or expect.
  • If you have a bike or pram, make sure it is stored away in the correct area.
  • Keep your phone charged at all times. Most Norwegian trains have power sockets, but you could be in for a long journey so it’s good to be prepared.
  • Although most trains in Norway have Wi-Fi, it may not be as fast or as stable as you’d like, so prepare by downloading anything you will need in advance.


Do Norwegian trains have Wi-Fi?

Yes, high-speed Wi-Fi connections are available on most Norwegian trains, including pretty much all of the newer trains. You might struggle to find a fast and stable connection if you’re booking a ticket on an older train in a rural area, but even they tend to be very well equipped.

Can I take a bike on a Norwegian train?

Yes, you can take a bike on the train and store it away. Make sure it is stored in the designated area and is kept out of the way of other passengers. Big cities in Norway are actually great places to explore your love of cycling. There are lots of bicycle guided tours in cities like Oslo and you can also rent bikes for an easy and eco-friendly way to get around. If you’re fit and able, give it a go.

Are trains in Norway expensive?

It depends on what you’re comparing them to. If you’re comparing the price of train tickets in Norway to traveling by taxi, renting a car, or even flying between major destinations, it is definitely a very cheap way to travel. If you’re comparing them to the cost of other train services in Europe, it might seem a little on the expensive side. Don’t worry though, as you can save a lot of money on your Norwegian train tickets by booking with Omio.

Are there toilets on Norwegian trains?

Yes, there are clean and working toilets on all Norwegian trains. You can also find washbasins if you book a room on a night train and there are plenty of facilities in the country’s train stations as well.

Are Norwegian trains fast?

There are fast trains in Norway, as there are in all major European nations. But on average, the train system is much slower than what you might be used to if you have traveled the continent. The country is vast and its many lines cut through forests, scale mountains, and traverse difficult terrain. Not only are high-speed train lines a complicated and potentially expensive proposition, but the slower speeds mean you can enjoy more of the beautiful scenery. After all, the slow speeds haven’t stopped Norwegian train routes from being voted as some of the best in the world.

Will I sleep in a compartment with other travelers if I book a night train?

You don’t have to if you don’t want to. The cheapest option gives you a seat on the carriage, and you can recline when you’re tired and sleep through the trip. If you book a compartment with a bed, and you don’t opt for a private one, you will be sleeping with others. However, there is also a first-class option where you are given a room with two beds—perfect if you are traveling with a partner and want some privacy.

Are Norwegian trains on time?

For the most part, yes. There are exceptions of course, but that is true anyway, and when they are late, it’s usually by no more than a couple of minutes.
Book your Norwegian train ticket now with Omio

Main train stations in Norway

  • Oslo Central Station (Jernbanetorget 1, 0154 Oslo, Norway): The biggest train station in Norway and the point from which many major intercity and cross-border trains depart. It has two buildings, lots of shops, toilets, and a total of 19 tracks.
  • Bergen Central Station (5015 Bergen, Norway​): A conveniently located station that’s a short walk from many destinations and also serves as a base for connections in Oslo, Voss, and other regions. It has four platforms and a popular restaurant.
  • Flåm Central Station (Aurland, Norway): The main station on the Flåm Line, with a history dating back to 1940.
  • Trondheim Central Station (7010 Trondheim, Norway​): The terminus of the Dovre Line and the main station in Trondheim. It opened back in 1881.
  • Myrdal Central Station (5718 Myrdal, Norway): A mountain railway station that opened in 1908 and is the upper terminal for the Flåm Line.
  • Voss Railway Station (Stasjonsvegen 5, 5700 Vossevangen, Norway): Located in the village of Vossevangen, Voss Railway Station is on the Bergen Line.

More information about trains in Europe

Europe is a vast and incredibly diverse continent, and most of it can be explored by train. You can hop from border to border and experience some of the most-visited countries in the world, including Germany, France, and Italy—all wonderful destinations for summer and spring. It’s a Pandora’s box of possibilities, and thanks to our cheap train tickets and continent-wide access, Omio could be the key to unlocking all of it!

So, whether you’re booking on the fastest train in Norway, spending the night on a Swedish sleeper train, or exploring routes offered by massive companies like Deutsche Bahn and Renfe, make sure you book with Omio.

Popular journeys

Norway has some of the highest-rated train journeys in Europe. They may not be as frequently traveled as routes in Germany and France, but you’ll often find them at the top of “must-see” and “must-do” lists. They have to be seen to be believed, so the next time you find yourself in Norway, book a train ticket on the Bergen Line, the Flåm Line, or the Nordland and experience these routes for yourself.

Most popular train connections

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