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Sat, Jul 20
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Trains in Finland – Book your cheap Finland train tickets with Omio

Trains in Finland are a good way to travel, despite its fairly modest population of 5.5 million, Finland spans an area that’s bigger than the UK, Denmark, Belgium, and Slovenia combined. It’s a deceptively large country, so traveling from one city to the next is quite a trek. Fortunately, the Finland railway service is equally vast, making Finnish trains the best way to traverse this northern European nation.

Trains in Finland are modern and comfortable, and passenger trains are operated by the state-owned VR Group, also known simply as “VR” or VR-Yhtymä Oyj/VR-Group Abp” in its native Finnish.

Discover Finland by Rail — Book Finland Trains with Omio

If you’re traveling Finland by rail, make sure you book your train tickets with Omio. It’s a fast and convenient way to buy and will ensure that you’re on the move in no time.

Whether you’re using trains in Finland to explore this Scandinavian country or to visit one of the bordering nations (including Sweden and Norway), and whether you’re traveling Finnish rail by yourself or with a family, Omio is the way to go.

We sell low-cost tickets for a range of Finnish trains that span the length and breadth of this country and cover most of the Finnish train system.

Book your Finland train ticket now with Omio
Helsinki Finland

Helsinki, Finland. Credit: Unsplash

Booking Finland train tickets with Omio

Booking Finnish train tickets with Omio couldn’t be easier.

Get started using the search feature at the top of this page. Just choose your departure and arrival points, followed by your preferred dates and times. Once you hit “Search”, you’ll see a list of all available options.

Select your preferred route and then complete your payment to purchase your Finland train tickets. Your tickets will then be stored in your Omio account.

Need more tickets? Whether you’re visiting other cities and towns in Finland or planning an international excursion across northern Europe, Omio can help. We sell llow-cost train tickets for countless destinations, spanning many countries, cities, routes, and train companies and ensuring your travel plans go as smoothly as possible.

Why should you book with Omio?

  • The cheapest tickets on the Finland railway system: You will struggle to find cheaper Finland train tickets than the ones available right here.
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  • Mobile-friendly: You can book tickets with a few taps of your touchscreen using the Omio app. If you’re a little more old-school and prefer using a laptop or desktop, we can help you with that as well!
Book your Finland train ticket now with Omio

How does the train system work in Finland?

There are 5.727 miles (9,216 km) of railway track in Finland, all of which is maintained by the Finnish Transport Agency.

The train/rail lines connect to all major cities and towns in Finland, and rural areas are covered by train too.

If you’re traveling by train in Finland, you’re probably traveling with VR, as it has a near monopoly on rail services. Since 2007, private companies have been able to operate freight trains on the network, but these are typically run by VR. The same is true for local Helsinki trains owned by Pääkaupunkiseudun Junakalusto Oy.

It makes your life easier when planning a train journey in Finland, as you don’t have to compare multiple operators. It’s even easier if you book your Finland train trip (e.g.) through Omio — a fast and convenient way to travel on trains in Finland.

Here’s what you need to know about buying and using Finland train tickets:

  • You can use digital or printed train tickets. If you buy your ticket digitally, feel free to print a copy for added convenience.
  • Ticket vending machines are available, but it’s easier to buy online through Omio.
  • Your Omio Finland train tickets will be stored in your Omio app for easy access.
  • Changes and train cancellations may be subject to charges and limitations.
  • You only need to show your ticket if requested by a ticket inspector in the train.
Book your Finland train ticket now with Omio

Good to know about trains in Finland

The sheer size of Finland in combination with its low population density means its train routes are often long. They will take you through vast white and green landscapes and could leave you with travel times of several hours just to hop from one major city to the next.

For this reason, Finland trains are spacious and comfortable. The state-run VR wants all of its travelers to stay warm and cozy as they race through the Finnish landscape.

Amenities vary by train type and route, but can include:

  • Free Wi-Fi in all carriages
  • Accessible toilets
  • Comfortable, padded seats
  • Reading lights
  • Power sockets
  • Air conditioning

Some Finland trains even include play areas where energetic little ones can expend energy. These areas include games and toys, as well as a library.

The availability of amenities also depends on your ticket class, which in turn can vary by train type. See below for more information on train and ticket types.

Facts about Finland trains

  • Most passenger train services connect through the capital, Helsinki
  • Trains in Finland have a reputation for being spacious and comfortable
  • The busiest Helsinki trains are often available as night trains (Turku also runs night trains)
  • The Finnish rail network includes the Savio Rail Tunnel, which spans 8.4 miles (13.5km)
  • Finland trains are ridden by around 15 million long-distance travelers a year
  • More than 75 million commuters use short-term rail services in and out of Helsinki
  • VR trains connect to more than 200 rail stations in Finland and surrounding nations
Book your Finland train ticket now with Omio

When arriving by train

Food and drink is available on most trains and Finnish train stations are generally very spacious and clean. It’s also very easy to stay updated on your journey and learn about possible delays.

Special requirements are available for travelers with special needs, including ramps. An assistance service is available if you need help getting around (book in advance for long-distance trips) and customer service representatives can help if you require a little more information or guidance.

Helsinki Finland

Helsinki, Finland. Credit: Unsplash

Most important train companies in Finland

Most European countries have several train companies competing for your money, but that’s not the case in Finland. It’s all about VR, which is owned by the Government of Finland.

With thousands of employees on its books, net annual sales that exceed €1.2 billion, and a network that spans hundreds of rail services, this is an expansive company. It might be the only one, but it’s all you’ll need and both locals and tourists are typically very happy with the level of service.

Types of Trains in Finland

| Long-distance trains | InterCity Eko Class | InterCity Extra Class | Night trains | The Santa Claus Express |

Passenger trains in Finland are split between commuter, long-distance, and night trains. There’s also a special “Christmas train” for those seeking to visit Father Christmas and his elves in their natural habit:

Book your Finland train ticket now with Omio

Finland Commuter trains

As the name suggests, commuter trains are designed for working travelers seeking fast travel across connecting towns and cities. You don’t have to be a working local to benefit from these rapid and convenient services though.

There are several different commuter train ticket types available depending on how often you need to travel:

  • Single ticket: Likely the most common option among tourists, this train ticket can be used for a single journey. They are always the same price, regardless of peak/off-peak times.
  • Multi-ticket: You can use these tickets to travel a fixed number of times. The price gets lower as you add more trips to your ticket, with anywhere from 10 to 100 available.
  • Season ticket: If you’re planning on doing a lot of traveling over an extended period, this could be the best option. A season ticket is available for anywhere from 2 weeks up to a full year.

For added convenience, you can take a bicycle on any of these trains. Just hop off and push it into the train. When you arrive, you can hop back in the saddle and ride to your destination.

Long-distance trains

VR’s long-distance trains promise to take you anywhere in Finland, and they deliver on that promise in style. These trains have a little added comfort to account for the longer journeys, which can take several hours.

There are a few different train types providing long-distance services:

InterCity trains, for instance, offer two classes:

InterCity Eko Class

  • Comfortable seating
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Storage compartments for your luggage
  • Power sockets
InterCity Extra Class

  • More comfortable seats arranged in 3 rows
  • Single-seat options available
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Power Sockets
  • Conference compartments for between 2 and 4 travelers
  • Additional space for your luggage
  • Coin return lockers
  • Daily newspapers

Pendolino trains

Are a little faster and should hasten your journey time, which is handy if you have a long route ahead of you. These sleek and rapid trains feature single decks complete with multiple coaches, each devoted to a different area/class:

Eko Class

A basic ticket option, this carriage includes power sockets, baggage-stoppage spaces, and comfortable seats. It’s a low-cost way to travel.

Eko Class, Pets

This is the best option if you want low-cost travel but also have pets in tow. There are several seats dedicated to passengers traveling with pets, including a single seat for those with large pets.

Book your Finland train ticket now with Omio
Ekstra Class

An upgraded class that comes with all of the basic amenities, along with a compartment that can fit 6 people and provides self-service refreshments.

Service carriage

This section is suitable for disabled travelers. There are wheelchair spaces, a wheelchair lift, seat numbers in braille, and accessible toilets. There are also options for families traveling with small children, including spaces for prams and toilets with baby changing tables.

Restaurant car

A single wheelchair space and 22 seats. There is also plenty of standing room for when the train is crowded and there aren’t enough seats for everyone.

Night trains in Finland

A night train is a sleeper train. For most travelers, it’s the most comfortable way to travel long distances as you can sleep for most of the journey.

Here’s what you need to know about Finland night trains provided by VR:

  • Cabins are available for single guests and small groups
  • Connecting cabins available for large groups
  • Cabins include comfortable beds
  • Sheets, duvets, and pillows are provided
  • Some cabins have showers; all have sinks
  • Take bottled water or buy from the restaurant car. The tap water is not drinkable or recommended for brushing your teeth
  • You can enter your cabin and relax as soon as your journey begins
  • Night trains can be noisy, so take some headphones/earplugs if you don’t want to be disturbed
  • Blackout blinds are included to block out the light from the large windows
  • Take thick socks/slippers so you can easily move around during the night
  • If you’re hungry, check the menu in your cabin
  • Order breakfast in advance
  • Although the cabins have Wi-Fi, the connection isn’t always stable so download any films you want to watch and watch in offline mode
  • There is space for children and some pets

Night trains are equipped for maximum comfort and are available for the longest journeys, including one of the most famous of all…

Book your Finland train ticket now with Omio
The Santa Claus Express in Finland

The Santa Claus Express is an overnight train that takes travelers to the northern reaches of Finland—the home of Father Christmas. The route takes you by train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and ends at Rovaniemi, in the Arctic Circle.

It’s a Lapland adventure designed with younger travelers in mind, so it can make the perfect break for families with young children. But Rovaniemi is also a beautiful location in its own right—a veritable winter wonderland that all ages can enjoy.

The entire journey takes about 12 hours, but the trains are designed with comfort in mind and can accommodate families of all sizes.

Regular seats include:

  • Power sockets
  • Public showers
  • Overhead storage compartments
  • Reading lights
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Access to restaurant cars
  • Options to travel with pets or bikes

If you want a little more comfort, there are luxury cabins upstairs and downstairs that offer:

  • Comfortable bunk beds in cabins that sleep up to 3 people
  • Cabins with private showers and toilets
  • Breakfast or brunch served to your private cabin
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Power sockets
  • Lots of space for belongings

As with the night trains outlined above, they leave late and you can sleep through most of the journey, giving you plenty of time to enjoy yourself when you arrive. If you’re traveling in a large group, you can request connecting cabins.

Book your Finland train ticket now with Omio

The train network in Finland and major connections

There are a number of popular routes available in Finland, many of which connect through the capital city, Helsinki.

Popular train journeys in Finland

Most of the routes in Finland begin and end in the country, with only a few connections to neighboring countries, including Sweden and Norway. The Santa Claus Express from Helsinki to Rovaniemi is very popular with international tourists and is one of the most unique train journeys in Europe (as well as one of the most unique destinations).

Book your Finland train ticket now with Omio

Best cross-border trains from Finland

In addition to the many routes inside Finland, there are also a few that take you in and out of the country. Again, most of these routes use Helsinki trains, but you can connect to other regions through the capital.

If you take the train from Helsinki to Kemi, you can then take the bus to Lulea in Sweden where you can either remain in Sweden or take a train to Narvik in Norway.

You can get the train from Helsinki to Stockholm in Sweden, but you’ll need to head to Turku Port (accessible via a Helsinki train that leaves every day at 17:36). That might change in the future as new connections are added.

Trains to Russia have been temporarily suspended but may reopen in the future. An undersea tunnel is also being built between Helsinki and Tallinn, so it might be possible to quickly travel from Finland to Estonia in the future. Links to Lithuania (via Sweden) have been proposed too.

Snowy Helsinki

Snowy Helsinki. Credit: Unsplash

Train travel tips for Finland

Finland is a vast land filled with natural beauty. It’s often stereotyped as a nation of icy landscapes and snow-capped trees—only for the hardiest of travelers. But while temperatures can drop very low, there’s much more to this landscape than snow and ice.

There are vast forests, beautiful national parks (including Oulanka National Park and Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park), and opportunities for adventure courtesy of its hiking trails, campgrounds, and ski resorts.

If you’re planning to visit Finland by train, here are some tips to help you get more from your journey:

  • Plan your trip in advance and make sure you know what to expect.
  • If you’re not sure about something, ask for advice; if you need assistance, request it.
  • Don’t assume there will always be space for pets/large baggage/wheelchairs.
  • Open those blinds—there is some beautiful scenery to enjoy.
  • Take all plugs and charges with you, as Finland trains have power sockets.
  • Don’t rely 100% on Wi-Fi. It’s available but might be unstable.
  • Consider booking a night train if you have a long trip ahead of you.

If you still have some questions about buying train tickets in Finland or traversing the Finnish rail network, check out these FAQs.


What if my Finland train is delayed?

If the delay is no longer suitable for your travel plans, you may be able to request a refund or a change. If the delay is longer than an hour or causes you financial loss, you could be entitled to compensation (see below).

Do I get a refund for delayed/canceled trains?

It depends on the length of the delay and the issues it causes. VR states that compensation is available in the following instances:
  • You used a long-distance train service that was delayed by an hour or more
  • You have a season ticket and experienced significant delays
  • You incurred costs as a direct result of the delay
You may also be entitled to compensation if you experience any kind of property damage during the trip. Contact VR for more information.

Do Finland trains have services for disabled passengers?

Yes. There are a number of services on the trains and in the stations. Some trains have wheelchair access and storage, for instance, and you’ll also find braille seat numbers throughout. If you require additional support, including ramps and help getting to and from your train, you can request assistance prior to your arrival.

What are the onboard facilities and services in Finland trains?

There are a number of different amenities. All trains are fitted with comfortable seats, power sockets, free Wi-Fi, and spaces to store your luggage. Some trains and ticket options also have spaces for pets and prams, so if you need more room, be sure to consider these options (including the Eko Class, Pets option on Pendolino trains). If you are using a night train, you will get your very own cabin complete with a bed and options to purchase food from the restaurant car. Higher-priced cabins have access to private showers and toilets.

Some of the trains have additional carriages, as well as premium class carriages and cabins.

You should contact the Lost Property Office in Finland, (the default language is Finnish, but there is an option for English in the header). You can also call 0600 41 006, but you may be charged for this call. These details apply to all items lost on trains and in train stations.

What if I have a car?

You can drive, of course, but if you don’t know the area or just want to save some time/fuel money, check our VR’s car-carrier trains. These trains will transport you and your vehicle, with options for cars and motorcycles. There are sleeper cabins available, so you can relax for the night while someone else does all of the work. If you’re leaving your car at the station, make sure you check the available parking options, as well as the cost. There are usually plenty of spaces, but it may be cheaper and more convenient to take the bus or a taxi to the station.
Book your Finland train ticket now with Omio

Main train stations in Finland

There are a number of train stations spread across this winter wonderland, the biggest of which include:

  • Helsinki Central Station: The main station for long-distance and commuter trains leaving from Helsinki. Its history dates back to 1862, but the current building was constructed in 1919. It’s well-stocked with shops, cafes, and amenities, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful and well-maintained train stations in the world (the BBC actually voted it as such back in 2013).
  • Tampere Central Station: Serves dozens of stations a day and operates tracks that lead directly back to the nation’s capital. Has lots of parking spaces and a loading dock.
  • Rovaniemi Central Station: The last stop on the famous Santa Claus Express. There are 11 tracks, loading docks, restaurants, and plenty of vending machines to grab snacks and drinks.
  • Turku Central Station: A modern station with daily routes to locations like Helsinki, Uusikaupunki, Joensuu, and Naantali.

More information about trains in Europe

Europe is probably the most connected continent in the world, with countless train companies such as SCNF, DB, Renfe, Trainitalia, and Eurostar as well as routes allowing you to easily hop from one nation to the next. Thanks to the advent of night trains and high-speed train tracks, you could be in Finland one day and in Denmark the next, and if you start in a more central location like Belgium, Germany, or Austria, the possibilities are endless.

Wherever you go and however you get there, Omio can be your travel partner. We’re always just a click away and when you book with Omio, you’re guaranteed the best prices on the most popular trains.

Book your Finland train ticket now with Omio

Most popular train connections

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