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Trains in Belgium

The trains in Belgium are a wonderful method of transportation for those looking to explore the country. Visitors will find that Belgium offers a variety of trains to cater to their needs. There are high-speed trains, mostly serviced by Thalys, InterCityExpress (ICE), Eurostar, Eurocity, and TGV. Some of the most popular routes for visitors using high-speed trains in Belgium are the London to Brussels route with Eurostar, the Amsterdam to Brussels route with Thalys, and the Paris to Brussels route using TGV.

Belgium also has regional and intercity trains, which are serviced by NMBS/SNCB (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Belges). A few noteworthy routes using these regional trains are from Brussels to Bruges, and from Ghent to Antwerp. The trains in Belgium also connect travelers between the main cities and the airport. The Flemish region of the country has a few trains with two floors, which allow passengers to have an enhanced "sight-seeing" experience while traveling by train. Using the Omio app, travelers will find it easy and convenient to book their journey while navigating between trains by having all their tickets purchased and saved on their mobile phone.

Booking with Omio

Travelers that wish to book train tickets to Belgium with Omio will find the experience to be simple and hassle-free. After entering the desired location for their arrival and destination, as well as the date they wish to travel, travelers will be redirected to a page with a clean, yet comprehensive structure that will provide them with all the needed information. Travelers will have the option to pick the specific currency they wish to pay in, insert any type of discount card they may have, and also sort their travel options by lower price first. Once the journey has been booked, travelers will receive their tickets straight to their mobile phones.

Train Companies in Belgium

There are several train companies in Belgium that travelers may want to get acquainted with prior to their travels. In regards to the regional and intercity trains, services by NMBS/SNCB, travelers will find various types that they may choose from. The InterCity (IC) trains usually run between the larger cities of Belgium (Brussels, Liège, and Antwerp) as well as to certain cities in neighboring countries, such as the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France. The InterRegio trains, on the other hand, travel into the main cities of Belgium from regional destinations. Lastly, the Brussels Airport Express train runs from the airport to some of the main cities in the country (Brussels, Antwerp, and Ghent).

On the other hand, there are five options regarding major high-speed trains. Travelers can take the EuroCity (EC) which runs from Luxembourg/Strasbourg/Basel to Brussels, the Eurostar which runs between London and Brussels, the ICE which runs from Cologne/Frankfurt to Brussels, the Thalys which runs from Amsterdam/Paris to Brussels, and the TGV which also runs from Paris/Marseille into Brussels. In between all these routes, trains may stop in other cities within Belgium as well, travelers are encouraged to check the route if they wish to visit smaller regional cities.

Popular Train Routes in Belgium

Trains London to Brussels
Trains Paris to Brussels
Trains Cologne to Brussels
Trains Brussels to Bruges
Trains Ghent to Antwerp

Popular International Routes by Train

Travelers wishing to visit cities in Belgium from other countries in Europe will find that Omio is a useful and convenient tool to make their planning process smoother. Here are two of the main cities in Belgium and how to get there by train:

  • Antwerp: Travelers that wish to visit Antwerp will find that the city is well connected to a few major capitals of Europe. For example, the Eurostar departing from London St. Pancras International station will arrive at Brussels Midi station, where travelers may switch to a regional IC train that will take them straight to Antwerp. Meanwhile, travelers coming from Rotterdam or Amsterdam will find direct IC trains that will take them straight to Antwerp. Lastly, the high-speed Thalys train provides a direct route between Paris and Antwerp.
  • Brussels: The capital of Belgium is directly connected with several of the major cities in Europe, such as Luxembourg city (using EuroCity), London (using Eurostar), Cologne and Frankfurt (using ICE), Amsterdam (using Thalys), and Paris (using TGV). Travelers that wish to arrive in any other city in Belgium will most likely have to make a connection in Brussels.

When arriving

When travelers decide to visit Belgium, they should be aware of the following information in order to facilitate their trip. Belgium is a country made up of many languages, therefore depending on where the traveler is located, the primary language that is spoken and visible on street signs/directions will vary accordingly. The north side of Belgium is predominantly Flemish-speaking, which is a language similar to Dutch. The southern side of the country is typically French-speaking. There's also a minor area on the eastern part of Belgium that speaks primarily German. Therefore, it is suggested that travelers figure out the primary language spoken in the area they decide to visit, prior to their departure. Nonetheless, English is also widely spoken in Belgium, therefore travelers should not have a problem communicating with locals.