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General information: ÖBB Nightjet

The ÖBB Nightjet is the name given to the overnight train passenger services operated by the Austrian railway company, ÖBB. Introduced in late 2016, ÖBB Nightjet trains are massively popular among travelers, mostly because these European sleeper trains are remarkably comfortable. ÖBB Nightjet trains are also popular because they feature amenities like onboard toilets, air conditioning systems, large and comfy beds, and inviting staff. There are approximately 160 Nightjet trainsets in service, but by the end of the year, there will be about 231, as the company has ordered 33 ÖBB Nightjet new trains. ÖBB Nightjet trains cover lots of routes with the most popular ones including Vienna–Amsterdam, Munich–Rome, Innsbruck–Hamburg, and Vienna–Livorno.

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Ticket Types: ÖBB Nightjet

Sleeper Cabin tickets: Nightjet sleeper cabins are the most comfortable carriages on the trains. These carriages feature single, double, and triple compartments. If you buy a single sleeper cabin ticket, you’ll have access to your own compartment. If you purchase a double compartment ticket, you’ll share a compartment with another traveler, while if you get a triple compartment ticket, you’ll share a compartment with two other travelers. If you decide not to travel, you can get reimbursed for your ticket if you cancel 15 days before the first day of validity, at no charge. If you cancel your ticket between 14 days and one day prior to the first day of its validity, you’ll be refunded half the cost of the ticket. From the first day of its validity forward, you won’t be refunded.

Couchette tickets: If you plan on traveling with your family or friends, you should consider booking ÖBB Nightjet couchette tickets. The type of couchette tickets you purchase will determine the number of people you can travel with. If you purchase 4-berth couchette tickets, you’ll be able to travel with four total individuals, while if you purchase private couchette compartment tickets, you’ll be able to travel with six individuals of your choosing. Just like sleeper cabin tickets, couchette tickets are refundable. If you cancel your tickets up to 15 days before the date you were destined to travel, you’ll be fully refunded, at no cost. If you do so between 14 days and one day prior to your travel date, you’ll be refunded roughly half the amount you paid.

Seating carriage tickets: Seating carriage tickets are usually quite sought after. This can be attributed to the fact that they are more pocket-friendly than couchette tickets and sleeper cabin tickets. If you purchase a seating carriage ticket, you’ll be given a seat in a six-seater compartment. Just like couchette and sleeper cabin tickets, seating carriage tickets are refundable up to one day before their validity.

Sparschiene tickets: Sparschiene tickets are the most affordable tickets you can book for night trains in Europe. Given that they are limited and in high demand, you should book yours as early as you can. Kindly note that, unlike all other ÖBB Nightjet train tickets, Sparschiene tickets cannot be exchanged, refunded, or canceled.

Most popular ÖBB Nightjet routes


The 270 miles (435 km) Vienna-Venice route is one of the common routes served by ÖBB. Normally, the company has two trains on this route. If you board one of these trains, your journey will last about 7h 39min. In Vienna, you’ll board your train at Wien Hauptbahnhof, and in Venice, your journey will end at either Mestre train station or Venezia Santa Lucia. Given that both trains travel directly from Vienna to Venice, you’ll enjoy a nonstop journey.


Every day, two ÖBB Nightjet trains cover the 388 miles (624 km) between Milan and Vienna. On average, these trains normally take 11h 40 min to complete their journeys. If you choose to travel to Vienna from Milan on an ÖBB nightjet, you’ll board your train at Milan Porta Garibaldi station and alight at Wien Südtiroler Platz. It’s worth mentioning that if you board the first ÖBB train to Vienna from Milan, you’ll have a transfer at Wiener Neustadt Hbf. On the other hand, if you board the later train, you’ll travel directly to your destination.

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The Munich-Rome route is 431 miles (694 km) long. Every day, a single ÖBB Nightjet train covers this route. To board this train, you’ll have to make your way to Munich Hauptbahnhof. Once you get to Rome after roughly 13 hours, you’ll alight the train at Rome Termini. The train that travels this route travels directly without stopovers.

Features and services: ÖBB Nightjet

ÖBB is committed to ensuring that all its travelers enjoy comfortable journeys. As such, the company has invested in trains with state-of-the-art amenities like clean onboard toilets and luggage compartments. It has also invested in offering its travelers comprehensive services like welcome drinks, free hygienic towels, toiletry, well-made beds, as well as snacks and beverages sold at competitive prices. Additionally, all Nightjet trains offer wake-up services. To cater to disabled individuals, ÖBB Nightjet trains offer assisted travel services as well.

ÖBB Nightjet sustainability

ÖBB Nightjet trains have modern and fuel-efficient engines, which allows them to emit less toxic gases and consume less fuel, in comparison to planes and buses. Hence, it’s safe to say that if you’re a fan of sustainable travel, you should travel by night train.

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All you need to know about ÖBB Nightjet: FAQs

Where can I buy my train ticket?

If you’d like to buy an ÖBB ticket, you should make a point of visiting our online booking platform. With Omio, you’ll get the ticket you need at a price that won’t dent your pocket.

Do I need to print my train ticket?

ÖBB Nightjet allows passengers to board their preferred trains using mobile tickets. Hence, if you purchase a mobile ticket, you’d don’t have to print it.

Can I cancel my train ticket?

If you have a sleeper cabin ticket, couchette ticket, or seating carriage ticket, you can cancel it before your departure date. However, if you’ve got a Sparschiene ticket, you can’t cancel it.

Can I exchange my train ticket?

If you’ve got a sleeper cabin/seating carriage/couchette ticket, you can exchange it. However, if your ticket is a Sparschiene ticket, you cannot exchange it.

How many pieces of luggage can I check on the train?

On an ÖBB Nightjet train, you can only check one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage. Luggage space in ÖBB Nightjet trains is normally limited. Hence, if you carry more than the above-mentioned luggage, you might not be allowed to travel with it.

What are the services available for people with reduced mobility?

ÖBB Nightjet staff offer people with reduced mobility assisted boarding and alighting services. The staff also offer pushchair services for those in wheelchairs.

Are the trains adapted to persons with restricted mobility?

Most ÖBB Nightjet trains offer wheelchair space with appropriate sanitary facilities. We recommend checking if your route offers this before purchasing your ticket.

Can children under 18 travel by themselves?

Children below 18 but above 14 can travel by themselves on ÖBB Nightjet trains. However, a guardian must drop them at their boarding station and pick them up at their arrival station.

Can I bring my bike onboard the train?

Not all ÖBB Nightjet trains allow passengers to board with their bikes. Hence, before booking a certain train, you should check whether it allows passengers to board with bikes.

How can I find the cheapest train tickets?

To find the cheapest tickets, you should consider booking the tickets you require weeks in advance. You should also consider traveling during the low season or aboard connecting trains. Alternatively, you can find cheap tickets by using Omio.

Are ÖBB Nightjet train staff dependable?

ÖBB only hires individuals who possess a high level of dependability and professionalism. Thus, aboard an ÖBB train, you can count on being well-catered to.
Nightjet ÖBB allows its passengers to travel with certain special luggage, including pushchairs, musical instruments, skis, snowboards, and limited medical equipment. Weapons, ammunition, and explosives can’t be taken onboard the train.


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