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The mobile ticket experts

It can get lonely on the road, especially when you’re headed to a foreign country. So count on Omio to be your trusted travel companion. Omio is the expert in mobile travel. We get you where you need to go with mobile tickets on both trains and buses.

It’s all in your hands

You already use mobile tickets for concerts and sporting events so it only makes sense to use them for travel as well. Omio is your golden ticket to mobile travel. What does this mean for you?

On-the-go booking

Spend more time getting excited about your trip!

Save space

Just one app for all your travel needs.

Easy access

Tickets that fit neatly in your pocket.

Skip the line

Standing in line is a thing of the past.

Hassle-free ticketing

Reach your destination, your way.

Go paperless

Less waste=good taste.

All aboard

You can easily access your Omio mobile tickets in Great Britain, mainland Europe, the United States and Canada. Book it, scan it, go!

Mobile tickets in Great Britain

Retrieve your mobile ticket via “My Bookings.” Once you retrieve your ticket, you must activate it. Click on the “activate” button on the same day as your journey.

Mobile tickets in mainland Europe

Just check your app to get your mobile ticket.

Mobile tickets in the US and Canada

Just download your ticket to your phone.

The Omio App Makes Travel Planning Easy

We’ll get you where you want to go. From live train updates to mobile tickets, our innovative app is the ideal way to plan and keep track of your travel.

These companies trust us.
We sell their mobile tickets all in one place.

Virgin Trains
East Coast
Cross Country
Deutsche Bahn

Mobile ticket FAQs

Still unsure about going mobile? Have some outstanding questions that need an answer? We’re here to help:

Mobile ticket vs e-ticket

What is the difference between a mobile ticket and an e-ticket?

Mobile tickets offer the ease of paper and e-tickets in one seamless process. There’s no need to download your ticket via your email (an e-ticket). Just check our app to access your ticket.

Dead phone battery

What if my phone dies?

While we hope you’ve charged your phone adequately before arriving at the station, you have a few options if your phone dies. Many train stations have charging outlets. If your phone dies while on the train or bus, you can look for charging outlets on select trains and buses.

Showing your ticket

How do I show my mobile ticket to the conductor? What if the conductor can’t read it?

The conductor will scan your mobile ticket once it’s presented. If the conductor can’t read the ticket, they should be able to look up your reservation with your ID.

Traveling in groups

What if I have bought mobile tickets for multiple people? Do they all have to show ID?

Only the person who purchased the tickets needs to show ID for group reservations.

Seat reservations

Does my mobile ticket include a seat reservation?

Not all tickets are created equal. Depending on the provider, you will either be allocated a seat at a later time or you can pick one ahead of your journey.

Printing a ticket

If I have a mobile ticket, is printing still an option?

While we think going mobile is the best option, you can still print your ticket if needed.

Valid forms of identification

Do I need a passport or is another government ID enough?

Most government-issued IDs are adequate. But it’s always good to have your passport handy, especially if you are not an EU national.

App requirements

Do I need the Omio app to access my mobile ticket?

Yes. Our app offers simplicity and convenience. You can easily access your mobile tickets anytime, anywhere, and store them all in one place. Pretty cool, huh?

Devices to access mobile tickets

Is my mobile ticket available on every device?

Your mobile ticket is available on your smartphone, tablet or computer.