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Avanza is one of the most popular bus companies in Spain, especially for the inhabitants of Levante, Madrid, Castilla y León or Zaragoza. If you're not from here, don't worry, the Avanza buses are easy to recognize because they are very red - you've probably seen them before!

Omio offers you all the Avanza tickets so that you can choose the one that suits you best and book directly on the web. Gogó options, simple reservations, secure payments... do you want more? Then download the free Omio app to enjoy electronic tickets and real-time notifications on your mobile.


Avanza Timetable: Book your tickets

Avanza has a lot of routes a day, so it can be a little messy to clear up with all your schedules. Use Omio to compare Avanza bus timetables and filter them by departure time, arrival time, duration and price. We make it even easier for you by sharing the main Avanza bus schedules here:

Avanzabus Horarios

Avanzabus timetible Departure Arrival
Avanzabus Madrid Salamanca 08:00 10:30
Avanzabus Lisboa Madrid 12:15 21:55
Avanzabus Badajoz Barcelona 07:30 21:30
Avanzabus Valencia Madrid 09:00 13:15
Avanzabus Madrid Badajoz 01:35 08:30



Avanza Tickets: All about tickets and bookings with Omio

Avanza prefers to simplify their travel experience by offering only one type of ticket, the standard tickets. Prices vary depending on the route you choose.

What happens if you have to change or cancel the ticket?

If you do so 48 hours in advance, you will be charged only 20% of the ticket price. If you wait until 24 hours before, the rate will go up to 30% and until 2 hours before, no changes or cancellations are allowed. So if you decide to change or cancel, you'd better hurry! Contact our customer service if you want to change your ticket or use our cancellation form.

Do you want to travel with children?

If you are under 3 years old, you can travel for free or with a 50% discount on some routes.

Do I have to print the Avanza tickets?

Avanza gets on the train (excuse me! the bus) of the tickets on the mobile, joining many other companies that offer this modern option. At Discover with Avanza, you will be able to choose between:
  • Printed ticket: as its name says, is the ticket you print (in the office or in a parlour, because we know that the printer at home never works) and you take the bus stuck in the book you always carry in your bag
  • Electronic ticket: download it in Omio's free app and take it with you in your mobile. No paper waste, no stress and direct.

Pay less for your Avanza tickets

If you want to pay less for your Avanzabus tickets you can do so by belonging to one of these categories:
  • Large family (more than three members).
  • Military profession.
  • Be less than 3 years of age.
  • More than 60 years old or retired.
  • If you travel in a group it is also possible to get a discount of up to 30%.

Destinations Avanza and types of buses

Avanza connects some of the most important cities in the center of the country, in addition to Levantine localities. If you leave Madrid, you can travel comfortably to all these municipalities and also to the metropolitan area of the capital. At international level, Avanza reaches Lisbon, connecting in a few hours with the Portuguese capital.

Types of buses Avanzabus

  • Normal: reclining seats with individual air-conditioning and lighting, adapted for passengers with reduced mobility and with safety belts.
  • Express: in addition to what the normal seats offer, they have amenities such as free Wi-Fi, WC, low-emission engines, more space between seats, DVD-video system and plugs.
  • Multimedia: the multimedia fleet is the most modern in Avanza. In addition to the comforts of other types of buses, they offer USB ports and an air-conditioned space to travel with your pet.
  • Multimedia Plus: like Multimedia but with more services, such as more space between seats, extra tinted windows, baby changing table in the WC and real-time monitoring of the route.
  • Multimedia VIP: on board assistant, luggage control system and catering service on board. Only available for lucky passengers travelling between Madrid and Segovia.

Avanza Services and Frequently Asked Questions


Can I take all the suitcases I want with Avanza?

Don't overdo it! You can take 2 suitcases that do not weigh, between the two, more than 30 kgs. That's enough, isn't it?

What if I have special luggage?

You can take your instrument in the hold. As for sports equipment, it will depend on the space available in the cellar. If you want to travel with your bike, you will have to pay 10 € and take the front wheel off.

What if I travel with my pet?

Bugs are welcome aboard Avanza. You can travel with your pet for free as long as they travel in their corresponding carrier and filling out a form that you will be given at the station. Guide dogs travel in the cabin.

Can I travel with Avanza with reduced mobility?

Avanza has 75 vehicles adapted with ramps for passengers with reduced mobility. Contact the company 48-24 h before travelling to make sure you are on one of the adapted buses.

Is there Wi-Fi on Avanza buses?

Almost all Avanza routes have free Wi-Fi and multimedia entertainment services.


Avanza Grupo was founded after the fusion of three big companies and offers more than 300 destinations around the Peninsula.

Popular routes

On Omio, you can book a wide range of bus tickets with Avanza.

Showing prices for tomorrow, Tuesday, January 18

AvanzaMadridSalamancaDuration: 3h 25from $34
AvanzaMadridGandiaDuration: 6h 15from $40
AvanzaMadridCuencaDuration: 2h 05from $16
AvanzaMálagaGibraltarDuration: 2h 45from $17