Getting to Kitzbühel Ski Resort – An Ultimate Travel Guide

Wed, May 29
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Getting to Kitzbühel Ski Resort by Train, Plane, or Bus

Getting to Kitzbühel Ski Resort: Bus, Plane, or Train?

The Kitzbühel Ski Resort is a legendary ski resort in Austria. Famous for its many miles of challenging ski trails, top-notch snow conditions, and luxurious approach to hospitality, this popular resort is exceptionally well-connected by plane and train, and to some extent, by bus.

By Plane + Train

One of the most popular ways of getting to Kitzbühel Ski Resort is flying to a nearby airport and then finishing the final leg of the journey by train. Below we’ve rounded up detailed information and helpful tips for taking the plane, then the train, to Kitzbühel Ski Resort.

By Train

If you like the comfort, ease, and sustainability of train travel, trains are an ideal way to get to Kitzbühel. There are *several popular train connections linking major cities and Kitzbühel*. We’ve compiled helpful tips and detailed information for taking the train to Kitzbühel Ski Resort.

By Bus

Learn more about getting to Kitzbühel by bus, particularly when traveling from nearby cities in the Tyrolean Alps. Thanks to the free, locally run SkiBus, it’s easier than ever to get around the Austrian Alps.

How to Reach Kitzbühel Ski Resort — Bus, Plane, or Train?

Considering the diverse range of transportation options to Kitzbühel, deciding the best way to reach the famed ski resort can be somewhat daunting. To assist you, we've put together an exhaustive guide that covers each travel method, emphasizing the distinct advantages of reaching Kitzbühel by plane, bus, or train. It includes loads of handy tips that will aid you in booking the ideal trip to go ski Kitzbühel.

Additionally, we’ve gathered valuable tips and information about the resort itself to ensure you make the most of your Kitzbühel skiing experience. And lastly, if you have questions remaining, make sure to look at our FAQs below for more specific questions regarding getting to Kitzbühel. By planning your trip with Omio, you'll be able to reach Kitzbühel as affordably, quickly, and conveniently as possible.

Flying to Kitzbühel | How to Get to Kitzbühel by Plane + Train

Note: This option involves a Train Connection, which must be booked separately. No commercial flights fly directly to Kitzbühel.

One popular way of getting to Kitzbühel is to fly into a nearby airport and then take a train from the airport (or central train station) to the ski resort. There are three major airports near Kitzbühel: Innsbruck Airport, Munich Airport and Salzburg Airport. Innsbruck is the closest and has the most convenient train connection. Munich is a good choice for people flying from other continents, as it has numerous international connections. And finally Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart, is steeped in history and oozing charm—a great starting point for a big European winter adventure.

Closest Airports to Kitzbühel Ski Resort

Innsbruck Airport

Innsbruck Airport is the closest airport to Kitzbühel, located only about 60 miles (95 kilometers) away from the famed ski resort. Innsbruck offers a scenic and convenient gateway to the Alps, with flights from several major cities across Europe, such as London, Paris, and Barcelona. Upon arrival, you can continue your journey to Kitzbühel via train, which offers a relaxing and scenic route through the mountains. The train journey from Innsbruck to Kitzbühel typically takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes and is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the stunning Alpine scenery en route to your skiing adventure.

Note:There is no direct train service at the Innsbruck Airport. You'll need to take the F Bus Line or a taxi 20 minutes to the Central Innsbruck Train Station. From there you’ll be able to catch the train to Kitzbühel.

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Munich Airport

Munich Airport (MUC) is a bit further from Kitzbühel but provides a broader range of international connections, with flights from London, New York, Denver and many more cities across the globe. Situated approximately 100 miles (165 kilometers) from Kitzbühel, Munich Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe, making the legendary ski resort accessible to skiers all around the world. After arriving, travelers can take a train to Kitzbühel directly from the airport, with the journey lasting about two to three hours, depending on the connections.

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Salzburg Airport

Salzburg Airport (SZG), located around 52 miles (85 kilometers) from Kitzbühel, is another convenient option for reaching the ski resort. This airport, which services a wide range of European flights, offers a charming entry point to Austria given its rich history, eye-catching architecture, and stunning mountain views. From Salzburg, visitors can take a train to Kitzbühel, with the journey typically taking about two hours.

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Important: Don’t Forget to Book Your Train Travel!

No matter which airport you choose to fly into, don’t forget to book your train to Kitzbühel for the last leg of the trip. This ticket will need to be booked separately from your flight. If you’re flying in from outside the Euro Zone make sure to leave enough time after you land to collect your bags, get through customs, and, if necessary, make it from the airport to the train station.

Alternative Option: Flight + Private Shuttle Service

For those who prefer not to travel by train after a lengthy flight, there is the alternative of arranging a private shuttle. This service offers the convenience of picking you up from your chosen airport and delivering you directly to the doorstep of your hotel. The cost for these private shuttles can vary based on the provider and the airport you fly into, but they typically range from approximately $225 (€200) to $325 (€300), depending on the number of passengers in your booking and the airport you are being transported from.

Bus to Kitzbühel Ski Resort | How to Get to Kitzbühel by Bus

Unlike other major ski resorts in Europe, Kitzbühel is not well connected by bus. There are currently no major bus providers offering regular bus transport to/from Kitzbühel. No need to worry though, since Kitzbühel is exceptionally well connected by train, including the popular new night train

Local Bus Service

If you are already nearby, you can take advantage of the SkiBus operated by KitzSki. The Skibus network, which connects nearby towns and slopes, spans from Mittersill to Pass Thurn, including stops in Jochberg, Kirchberg, and of course, Kitzbühel. Transport on these buses is free, provided you’re wearing ski gear and are carrying valid KitzSki ski passes.

It's worth noting that on occasion, SkiBus may be full, and you may have to wait for the next bus. Always check the latest schedule and plan your journey accordingly to ensure a smooth trip to the slopes.

How to Get to Kitzbühel by Train — Popular Routes

Innsbruck | Zurich | Salzburg | Linz | Munich | Paris | Prague | Vienna


Reaching Kitzbühel Ski Resort by train is a very popular option—a testament to the ease and beauty of train travel in Austria. Because there is no commercial airport in Kitzbühel, train travel has become a crucial travel component for visitors flying into nearby cities like Munich, Innsbruck, and Salzburg. From these locations, a brief yet scenic train ride connects global travelers directly to the renowned Kitzbühel Ski Resort.

Kitzbühel's Main Train Station, situated in the town’s heart, offers unparalleled convenience and access for train passengers. Below, we’ve compiled a comprehensive overview of the most popular routes linking major European cities to the celebrated Kitzbühel Ski Resort.

For railway aficionados, the new NightJet night train to Kitzbühel (via Innsbruck) presents an exciting new way to get to the ski resort. We have compiled detailed information for you about the Amsterdam–Innsbruck and Hamburg–Innsbruck sleeper train routes below. These nocturnal voyages, making stops in Hannover, Nuremberg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, and Munich, are adventures in themselves. Once you arrive in Innsbruck, rested and refreshed, you’ll be just an hour’s train ride away from Kitzbühel's enchanting slopes.

Direct Train from Innsbruck to Kitzbühel

Surrounded by the majestic Nordkette mountains, Innsbruck is a winter sports hub and a trove of historical gems like the iconic Golden Roof. For those landing at Innsbruck Airport or arriving via the NightJet, Innsbruck is a prime starting point for visiting the Tyrolean Alps. The direct Innsbruck to Kitzbühel train is a popular route, whisking you to the Kitzbühel Ski Resort in just 1 hour and 5 minutes. This swift connection is ideal for those eager to start their skiing adventure, with tickets from $44 (€41). Whether arriving by plane or traversing Europe overnight, the Innsbruck to Kitzbühel train guarantees a comfortable, swift continuation of your journey.

Direct Train from Zurich to Kitzbühel

Zurich, with its blend of modern and historical elements, boasts attractions like the vibrant Bahnhofstrasse and the tranquil Lake Zurich. A direct train route from Zurich to Kitzbühel brings skiers from the famed Swiss city to the Kitzbühel Ski Resort in a mere 4 hours and 45 minutes with tickets starting at $33 (€30).

Direct Train from Salzburg to Kitzbühel

Famous as Mozart's birthplace, Salzburg is overflowing with musical heritage, set against a backdrop of stunning baroque architecture, such as the Mirabell Palace and Gardens. Lasting just 2 hours and 5 minutes, the direct train from Salzburg to Kitzbühel allows you to combine Salzburg's cultural richness with the stunning alpine charm of Kitzbühel Ski Resort. Tickets start at $35 (€32).

Other Notable Train Routes to Kitzbühel

Train from Munich to Kitzbühel

Munich, Bavaria's bustling capital, is famed for its historical richness, Oktoberfest celebrations, and landmarks like Marienplatz and Hofbräuhaus. The Munich to Kitzbühel train journey allows travelers to transition from the hustle and bustle of city life to pristine ski slopes in just 1 hour and 50 minutes, with tickets from $22 (€20).

Train from Paris to Kitzbühel

With the train, the charm of Paris extends well beyond its borders. Board a train from Paris to Kitzbühel and in 8 hours and 20 minutes, you'll be amidst the breathtaking Austrian Alps, ready to experience the exclusive and captivating Kitzbühel Ski Resort. A train journey combining Parisian chic and Kitzbühel’s legendary slopes starts at $225 (€210).

Train from Prague to Kitzbühel

Prague, with its fairy-tale ambiance and iconic landmarks such as the Astronomical Clock and Charles Bridge, is a magical starting point for a journey to Kitzbühel. A train ride from Prague will have you skiing in Kitzbühel in just 8 hours, with tickets from $60 (€55).

Train from Vienna to Kitzbühel

Vienna, renowned for its imperial splendor is a mere train ride from the alpine allure of Kitzbühel. Embark from Vienna Airport or the Vienna Train Station and find yourself in Kitzbühel in 4 hours and 30 minutes. Go from waltzing in Vienna to the musical swoosh of skis on fresh snow. Tickets start at $33 (€30).

Train Routes and Timetables

Below is a list of several popular train routes to Kitzbühel, including direct and indirect connections, as well as routes with night train options.

Train Route Night Train Connection?
Train from Innsbruck to Kitzbühel ✅ Night Train Connection
Train from Munich to Kitzbühel ✅ Night Train Connection
Train from Salzburg to Kitzbühel No Night Train Connection
Train from Bozen (Bolzano) to Kitzbühel No Night Train Connection
Train from Zurich to Kitzbühel No Night Train Connection
Train from Graz to Kitzbühel No Night Train Connection
Train from Frankfurt to Kitzbühel ✅ Night Train Connection
Train from Bratislava to Kitzbühel No Night Train Connection
Train from Venice to Kitzbühel No Night Train Connection
Train from Cologne to Kitzbühel ✅ Night Train Connection
Train from Milan to Kitzbühel No Night Train Connection
Train from Berlin to Kitzbühel No Night Train Connection
Train from Budapest to Kitzbühel No Night Train Connection
Train from Strasbourg to Kitzbühel No Night Train Connection
Train from Geneva to Kitzbühel No Night Train Connection
Train from Prague to Kitzbühel No Night Train Connection
Train from Paris to Kitzbühel No Night Train Connection
Train from Hamburg to Kitzbühel ✅ Night Train Connection
Train from Amsterdam to Kitzbühel ✅ Night Train Connection

ÖBB NightJet Train to Kitzbühel (via Innsbruck)

The ÖBB NightJet sleeper trains to Innsbruck are a delightful and restful way to get to Kitzbühel Ski Resort from various locations across Europe. Picture yourself dozing off amidst the hustle and bustle of a city and awakening to the charming scenery of Innsbruck, just an hour away from Kitzbühel. Here, you'll arrive rejuvenated and eager to explore the ski slopes. Opting for the night train is not just enjoyable but also an eco-friendly choice, appealing to skiers who are mindful of their environmental impact.

Night Train from Amsterdam to Innsbruck

Leave Amsterdam at 7:00 PM for an enchanting overnight trip to Innsbruck, Austria. This journey takes you through Europe’s core, stopping at major cities such as Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, and Munich. Arriving in Innsbruck at 9:15 AM, you're well-timed to enjoy the freshly groomed early morning snow. A quick connecting train gets you to the Kitzbühel Ski Resort, ready for a day on the slopes.

Night Train from Hamburg to Innsbruck

Depart Hamburg at 8:10 PM aboard a comfortable, modern night train and wake up to the magnificent Austrian Alps. The journey includes stops in Hanover, Nuremberg, and Munich, connecting Innsbruck with some of Germany’s most renowned cities. Arriving at 9:14 AM in Innsbruck, you're set for a full day of skiing in Kitzbühel. This route is perfect for those keen on maximizing their ski time while enjoying a tranquil night’s travel.

Note: These night trains do not travel directly to Kitzbühel. A separate ticket is needed from Innsbruck Main Station to the Kitzbühel Ski Area. Regular trains leave from Innsbruck Main Station, taking about 1 hour 15 minutes. Prices start at $21 (€19).

Sleeper Train Travel Options: Seat, Bed, or Private Compartment?

The ÖBB NightJet trains present various travel options to match your travel preferences, ranging from luxury to economical. Below is information to help you select the ideal sleeping compartment or seat for your trip to Kitzbühel.

Sleeper Car

The Sleeper Car offers a luxurious, hotel-like experience on rails, ideal for those desiring privacy and comfort. You can book compartments for one to three people (subject to availability), some featuring their own shower and toilet. Amenities include a fully prepared bed, towels, toiletries, a lockable storage compartment, an attendant call system, wake-up service, and a complimentary à la carte breakfast.


The Couchette Cabin, designed for shared but comfortable travel, suits groups, families, or budget solo travelers. Couchette cars range from 4 to 6-person compartments. Amenities include bedding, lockable compartments, and a simple continental breakfast in the morning. The newly designed compartments boast fixed beds, modern facilities, and charging stations. A women-only couchette compartment is also available.

Mini-Cabin (available on Hamburg–Innsbruck route only)

The Mini Cabin, perfect for solo travelers and couples, offers privacy at an affordable rate. Set in a designated Mini-Cabin car, these innovative cabins resemble pod hotels, with sliding partitions for security and privacy. They include luggage lockers, a sliding table, a mirror, and a control display for lights and attendant calls. Adjacent cabins can connect, ideal for couples needing privacy without the cost of a private compartment.

Seating Car

The Seating Car is the most budget-friendly choice, great for cost-conscious travelers. This option includes seat reservations in 6-person compartments or in open-plan coaches. Basic facilities like washrooms and toilets are included, and snacks and drinks are available for purchase. You can also book out a 6-person seating compartment for yourself for those seeking extra privacy.

About Kitzbühel Ski Resort — An Overview

Located in the majestic Tyrolean Alps, the Kitzbühel Ski Resort stands as an elite destination, offering top-notch skiing, breathtaking landscapes, and unparalleled hospitality. Situated about 62 miles (100 km) east of Innsbruck in the scenic Kitzbühel Alps, this medieval town captivates with its quaint charm and upscale amenities. It’s a magnet for ski lovers, celebrities, politicians, and high society from all around the world.

Operated by KitzSki, the resort extends over slopes at Kitzbühel as well as the slopes of nearby mountains, boasting a remarkable 145 miles (233 km) of impeccably groomed ski runs. A network of 58 state-of-the-art cable cars and lifts connects this vast ski terrain, with runs ranging from beginner-friendly slopes to some of the world’s most formidable race courses.

A key attraction at Kitzbühel Ski Resort is the legendary Hahnenkamm Streif racecourse, home to the annual World Cup ski races and the esteemed Hahnenkamm Races. For over 87 years, the Streif, with its steep drops and treacherous turns, has tested the skills of elite skiers. The race season lends an electrifying ambiance to Kitzbühel, drawing ski fans worldwide to witness this remarkable spectacle.

Off the slopes, Kitzbühel presents a wealth of activities. Its 60 charming huts and mountain restaurants scattered across the resort offer local specialties. Here visitors can get sample Tyrolean cuisine against a backdrop of stunning mountains. For non-skiers, the resort offers tobogganing, cross-country skiing, and winter hiking. The après-ski scene in Kitzbühel is as vibrant as its ski runs, with a rich mix of shops, bars, restaurants, and galleries. Its closeness to Munich enhances its appeal, especially among the German elite.

In summary, Kitzbühel Ski Resort, with its iconic Hahnenkamm Streif racecourse, vast ski network managed by KitzSki, and a fusion of traditional allure and luxury, delivers a peerless skiing experience. Whether you’re a skiing enthusiast, winter sports fan, or just looking for a scenic winter retreat, Kitzbühel is your perfect destination.

Key Details & Helpful Info: Kitzbühel Ski Resort

Kitzbühel Ski Resort’s blend of on and off-slope offerings is why it’s been repeatedly named Austria’s Best Ski Resort in recent years. Below you will find a comprehensive guide to what this historic resort offers, with tips on making the most of your visit to Kitzbühel:

Ski Areas and Terrain:

Kitzbühel features two primary ski areas: the quaint Kitzbüheler Horn and the vast Hahnenkamm-Pengelstein-Resterhöhe ski network. The Kitzbüheler Horn, known for its freestyle and snowboarding zones, offers excellent runs, a snow park, and a halfpipe. The Hahnenkamm area boasts a variety of slopes, including demanding black and red runs and leisurely blue tracks. (For more on slope colors, refer to our Austrian Difficulty Ranking Guide). The resort includes 145 miles (233 kilometers) of slopes, with a breakdown of 40% easy, 45% intermediate, and 15% challenging terrain.

Lift System:

Equipped with 58 cutting-edge cable cars and lifts, the resort ensures effortless access to its varied slopes. These include advanced gondolas like the 3S System, linking Kitzbühel's various peaks and significantly expanding the ski area.

Backcountry and Freeride Terrain:

For freeriders and ski tourers, Kitzbühel is a paradise, offering over 77 square miles (200 km2) of backcountry terrain. The Bichlalm area, particularly notable for ski touring and backcountry (off-piste)skiing, is accessible by chairlift, with the summit reachable on touring skis.


First-time visitors to Tyrol are often charmed by the Almhütten tradition. These rustic log huts are nestled in ski areas throughout Tyrol, offering a warm, inviting space for skiers and hikers to rest and enjoy refreshments, from hot beverages to hearty Tyrolean meals and snacks. The huts’ cozy, rustic ambiance provides a pleasant break amidst breathtaking natural surroundings.

Facilities for Beginners:

Kitzbühel is particularly welcoming to beginners, with 10 practice slopes in the valley that can be used free of charge, including free practice lifts. These areas offer a secure, comfortable setting for novices to develop their skiing skills. Remember beginners: make that "pizza slice"!

Season Length and Ski-Lift Operating Hours:

The skiing season at Kitzbühel typically runs from late November to mid-April, depending on weather conditions. Lifts usually operate from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, giving you a full day of skiing. It’s wise to check the KitzSki website for specific lift hours before heading out, as opening times and operation status can change!

Transport and Services:

Reaching Kitzbühel is convenient by plane, train, or car, with the nearest airports being Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Munich. The town, with a rich history of hospitality and tourism, boasts a wide array of accommodations, from luxury hotels to ski chalet rentals and bed-and-breakfast options. Additionally, the resort area offers diverse dining, shopping, and wellness/spa facilities, providing an overall luxurious visitor experience.

Cheap Train Tickets to Kitzbühel — Tips & Useful Advice

Below we’ve compiled some useful advice for securing the best prices on train tickets to Kitzbühel Ski Resort.

Plan Ahead and Stay Flexible

Find unbeatable offers on affordable train tickets to Kitzbühel on our easy-to-use platform, which helps you find the fastest, cost-effective journey to Kitzbühel. When looking for cheap train or plane tickets to Kitzbühel, it’s wise to book early. Doing so can lead to substantial savings, particularly if your travel dates are flexible. This strategy can also help you dodge train peak times, which are usually pricier. Additionally, consider traveling on weekdays rather than weekends, as ticket prices often drop during the week.

Railcard Savings and Sparschiene Deals

Think about using Railcards for discounts if you qualify. These cards can slash ticket prices by up to a third. For affordable train journeys to Kitzbühel, several intriguing discount options exist. Take the ÖBB Sparschiene tickets, for instance, which provide inexpensive trips across Austria, Kitzbühel included. Prices for these tickets begin at just €9 and are available for online booking. By exploring these alternatives, you can ensure a budget-friendly trip to Kitzbühel while still enjoying comfort and convenience.

Understanding Ski Run Difficulty Signs in Austria: A Guide to Color Codes

Austria employs a ski run rating system that's quite similar to the one used in France, which may be a bit unfamiliar to American skiers. It's crucial for those skiing in Austria for the first time to get to know the color codes on the signs that show the difficulty of the runs.

In Austria, as in France, the shape of the sign or symbol doesn’t indicate the difficulty level. At Austrian ski resorts, including Kitzbühel Ski Resort, all difficulty signs are circles. Therefore, it’s important to focus on the color of the sign.

Also, the ski signs in Austria often display both a number and the name of the ski run. It’s helpful to know that the number isn’t an indicator of difficulty, but rather a way to track your location on the run. The smaller the number, the nearer you are to the run’s end!

Green Run

A green circle in Austria, like in France and the U.S., indicates an easy slope. This aligns with the American system where a green circle marks a beginner-level run.

Blue Run

In Austria, a circular blue sign, much like in France, identifies an intermediate slope. This is quite similar to the U.S. system, where intermediate runs are shown with a blue square.

Red Run

A circular red sign in Austria points to a difficult ski run. This is comparable to the U.S.’s single black diamond run. It’s important to know red=difficult, to avoid accidentally taking on a challenging run when you’re not ready.

Black Run

A black, circular sign in Austria marks a ski run of extreme difficulty, similar to the double black diamond runs in the U.S. Don’t make the mistake of expecting highly difficult runs to be marked by two circles instead of one, similar to the U.S. system. If you do this, you will almost certainly underestimate black runs. Remember, skiing on a black-circle run without proper skills is risky.

Discover More Skiing in Europe

If Kitzbühel is just the start of your grand European ski journey, delve into our extensive guide to Europe’s ski resorts. You'll find a comprehensive overview of the top ski destinations across Europe, along with essential travel tips. Click here to learn more and start planning your ultimate skiing adventure today!

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