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Omio appoints Jan Kemper as Managing Director & CFO

Europe’s leading travel platform expands management team as it focuses on growth ambitions

Berlin, March 14, 2019: Omio , Europe's leading booking platform for travel by train, bus and flight, is expanding its management team with the appointment of Dr. Jan Kemper, former CFO of Zalando and ProSiebenSat.1, to Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Kemper (39) was Senior VP Finance / CFO of the Berlin-based online fashion retailer Zalando for seven years, where he contributed significantly to the growth of the company and successfully led its IPO. In 2017, he moved to the former DAX30 member ProSiebenSat.1, where he successfully led Finance, M&A and, most recently, the Commerce segment. He will take up his new role at Omio on April 1, 2019.

For Omio, which recently rebranded from GoEuro, strengthening the management team is an important step in its global growth strategy. In his new role Jan will play a crucial role in building and strengthening corporate structures to support this growth.

Naren Shaam, CEO and Founder of GoEuro, said:

"We’re thrilled to have Jan join our management team. It is rare to have the opportunity for someone of his caliber to join us and I’m personally happy to have his support in helping build a global company and ultimately change transport for the better."

Jan Kemper said:

"I look forward to putting all my energy and experience into helping Naren and the entire Omio team propel the next stage of growth. Together, we want to make Omio a truly global company; it’s already a huge success story, but we’re just at the beginning."

Omio recently outlined its vision to transform the travel industry by bringing transport into one simple product, driven by consumer demand and needs, and eventually eliminating the need for multiple transactions within one journey.

GoEuro will become Omio

Europe’s leading travel booking platform to rename as it plans international growth

Berlin, 14th February 2019 GoEuro, the leading search and booking platform for travel by train, bus and flight in Europe, has revealed its new name - Omio - chosen to support its ambitious growth and global expansion plans.

The company, founded in Berlin in 2013, will introduce the new brand name to consumers over the coming month.

Under the Omio brand, it is planning expansion into new markets, both in terms of users and transport inventory. South America, Asia and the USA are currently being considered. Additionally, Omio will deepen its presence in Europe.

Omio was selected as it is short, easy to remember, and lighthearted. The two “o’s” symbolize the origin and destination of a journey and at the same time, create a subtle link to the original brand name.

Since its launch, GoEuro has grown to become one of Europe’s largest travel booking platforms, successfully bringing together huge amounts of data in the fragmented European transport network to create simple, seamless booking experiences.

Today, it has more than 27 million monthly users, the continent’s most extensive inventory of mobile ticketing, and a product available in 18 languages. In October 2018 it raised $150 million in investment, one of Germany’s biggest investment rounds.

Naren Shaam, CEO and Founder of GoEuro, said:

“In just over five years, we’ve grown from a metasearch engine with a presence in two countries, to become a booking platform and app with global reach, and fully operational in 15 countries. And the name GoEuro has served us well, supporting us in making travel easy for millions of people travelling to and within Europe.

“But our ambitions are much larger than Europe. Transport globally is not offered on a single product; we want to create this and in doing so, offer customers around the world the opportunity to travel anywhere, easily. So I’m really excited that we’re making the transition and believe that as Omio, we’ll achieve even greater things.

“Our guiding belief is that travel planning in the future will be a completely different experience from today: instead of searching for stations and airports, people will search for destinations. There will be no need to queue to buy a paper ticket, and no need to buy separate tickets for each stage of the same journey. Transport will be demand-led, by consumers. And Omio will be driving that change.”

At the end of 2018 GoEuro unveiled a new brand identity, to pave the way for the new name.

GoEuro unveils new brand identity as it enters the ferries market and boosts air offering

Berlin, 19. November 2018: GoEuro, Europe’s largest booking platform for travel by train, bus, and flight, has unveiled a new look, as it announces it is entering the ferries market and integrating air onsite.

Following its recent announcement of $150 million funding, the travel-tech company will roll out the new brand to consumers across Europe over the coming month.

Grounded in the roots of travel but inspired by a better future, the new identity is designed to be calm and comforting for the user, helping reduce confusion and take the stress out of travel planning and booking. At the same time, it will support GoEuro’s growth and plans for innovative features to come.

Key elements include:

  • New colour palette to provide reassurance in the often stressful world of travel.
  • Suite of ‘anchor’ illustrations showing that transportation is just as beautiful as the destination.
  • More information and clarity around often confusing travel elements, like add-ons, duration and transfers, to help customers stay informed and feel in control.
  • A fresh new logo, with the addition of a dot to symbolise our openness to the world.

Launching ferries

With the new brand GoEuro is entering the ferry market, enabling users to search and book tickets as easily as any other mode, and bringing the company a step closer to unifying travel across the continent.

Ferry travel is young in the online world. Multiple providers in most larger ports, and often limited digital booking capabilities make it challenging for travelers. Queues for ticket kiosks can be long and some well-known routes sell out quickly. This creates a significant opportunity for GoEuro to improve the booking experience for consumers and help operators in the industry take advantage of future trends in travel distribution.

With a focus on the Mediterranean, GoEuro has been testing the product for destinations in Italy, including Amalfi-Positano and Naples-Ischia via ferry providers SNAV and Travelmar. The beta will be rolled out more widely, and in more markets, into 2019.

Longer-term GoEuro plans to connect ferry legs with other parts of the journey to create true end-to-end booking for consumers.

From metasearch to booking across all modes

At the same time, GoEuro also announced it has now integrated onsite booking for hundreds of air carriers, enabling consumers to book flights directly on GoEuro and compare options against other travel modes in one place.

The company had already transitioned from a metasearch model by integrating most ground transportation to booking onsite, but previously users had to be redirected to a third party for flight. This latest news paves the way for more unique end-to-end products in the future.

Naren Shaam, CEO and Founder of GoEuro, said:

“The changes we’re announcing today - from an exciting new brand through to new modes of transportation - represent a big moment for GoEuro and a major step towards a more complete experience for our millions of users. We want to make travel booking seamless and provide reassurance, no matter where customers want to go, or how.”

“Bringing more modes into one place, with mobile ticketing as default, and a smooth user experience, is much closer to our vision of the future of travel. Our new brand identity is designed to resonate well with our customers, and reaffirm our commitment to making their travel easier.”

Ignazio Moresco, Head of Design at GoEuro, said:

“We’re thrilled to be unveiling a new brand look and feel and are extremely proud of the work that’s gone into creating it. With this new design, we’ve focused on making sure our product responds to what consumers need when they’re planning and booking travel, in an exciting, fresh way.”

GoEuro Announces $150 Million Growth Investment from Kinnevik, Temasek and Hillhouse

Leading travel technology firm’s largest investment round to date

New capital to accelerate product innovation and drive further international expansion

Cristina Stenbeck to join GoEuro’s board

Berlin, 23 October 2018: GoEuro, the leading booking platform for transport across Europe, has raised $150 million in one of the largest-ever investment rounds in Germany, doubling the company’s total capital raised to date. The company plans to use the funds to advance its vision of unifying transport globally by accelerating product innovation and expanding into new markets, facilitating more convenient travel booking across the world.

Kinnevik AB, a Swedish investment firm, and Temasek, an investment company headquartered in Singapore, led the round, with participation from Hillhouse Capital, a leading investment firm focused on long-term growth through innovation.

Cristina Stenbeck, main shareholder of Kinnevik and a member of the boards of Kinnevik and Spotify, will join GoEuro’s board of directors as part of the transaction. Until 2016 Cristina served as both Executive Chairman of Kinnevik and Chairman of Zalando.

Naren Shaam, CEO and Founder of GoEuro, said:

“The investment by these outstanding firms is a testament to our team’s hard work to build the leading booking platform for transport in Europe and a recognition of the tremendous growth opportunities we see ahead. Having Kinnevik, Temasek and Hillhouse as investors complements our vision for driving growth across our business, as we help people around the world book their travel more easily and quickly.

“Over the past five years, we’ve brought most European transportation onto our platform, creating a simple, consistent and familiar experience for our customers. We see extraordinary potential to transform travel booking by expanding our platform to the fragmented, mostly offline systems for managing transport globally. Through this investment, we will enhance our customers’ experience by adding new geographies and modes of transport, and more people to our fantastic team to join us on this exciting journey.

“We are especially pleased that Cristina will join GoEuro’s board. Cristina’s expertise in consumer-facing brands will be an invaluable addition as we grow our business.”

Launched five years ago as a metasearch engine, GoEuro today operates the leading multi-modal transport booking platform in Europe, making direct sales on its platform for 80% of its transport providers.

Since its last fundraise in October 2016, has scaled substantially across many fronts. GoEuro now offers ground and air travel options in 36 countries across Europe and full coverage in 15 of those markets, and more than 27 million people use GoEuro each month, three quarters of whom use mobile devices to access the platform. Additionally, GoEuro recently completed its first acquisition, of European transport aggregator BusRadar, based in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Cristina Stenbeck, Board Director of GoEuro, said:

“I have an enormous amount of respect and admiration for Naren and GoEuro’s drive to redefine travel booking for the future. Kinnevik’s management and Board share my excitement about the large addressable market that GoEuro has pursued since its inception, and the considerable runway for growth ahead. GoEuro has been a pioneering force in addressing, disrupting and improving end-to-end travel. We look forward to helping Naren and his team continue to build a world-class business.”

Lei Zhang, Founder and Chairman of Hillhouse Capital, said:

“We are impressed with what Naren and his team have accomplished in Europe. We are excited to support GoEuro to bring its best-in-class multi-modal transport booking platform to Asia and the rest of the world.”

GoEuro Goes Further with European Expansion

London, 18 July 2018: With tourism to the Nordics and Eastern Europe on the rise GoEuro, Europe’s leading provider of ticketing for travel by train, bus and flight, has expanded into Ukraine, Norway and Finland.

From this month, travellers will be able use GoEuro to find and book tickets for travel with major train, bus and flight providers in each of the new countries, including: Ukrainian Railways, Nettbus Norway and VR Group. Partnerships with additional providers will continue to be rolled out through 2018.

All three countries offer a draw to international tourists, from the Carpathian Mountains and Black Sea in Ukraine, to the breathtaking Fjords in Norway, and the 40 national parks in Finland, which last year celebrated its independence centenary. In fact, British travellers fall within the top five countries who visit Finland.*

Adding these markets is a step towards GoEuro’s goal to cover all of Europe by mid-2019. The Berlin-based business, which also has offices in Prague and Beijing, now has one of the biggest inventories of destinations, modes and transport providers within Europe all integrated into one single easy to use platform. It has a presence in 36 markets, and full product offering in 15.

Naren Shaam, Founder and CEO of GoEuro, said:
“Our aim is to help more and more people travel around the continent easily, no matter their starting point, or what modes they’re using. Offering travel in these new markets is a step towards that aim and we’re excited to be building our presence.

“We believe travel has become needlessly complex; there are thousands of transport providers, ticket options, prices and other variables. That has the positive benefit of creating choice for consumers, but it also can create confusion. In contrast, planning and booking tickets should be straightforward, whether you’re booking from Italy to travel within the UK, or whether you’re travelling within your home market.”

GoEuro has also added six new languages* to its platform, enabling more consumers to plan and book travel around Europe with ease. It currently has users from more than 120 countries worldwide.

*The new languages are: Ukrainian; Russian; Norwegian; Finnish; Turkish and Hungarian.

European App Aims to Save Travelers Time and Money

GoEuro Offers Tickets for Train, Bus and Flight travel in One Search

Chicago: In a day and age where everyone is on the go, whether for business or pleasure, there are many options as to how to get around. GoEuro, a free app, and web-based platform aims to not only simplify travel planning but offers a variety of modes to get from place to place around Europe. While it presents options for travel by train, bus and flight, there is a distinct benefit to busses and trains in particular, ranging from cost to eco-friendliness.

One of the main factors that can influence a decision on mode of transportation is time. Booking with GoEuro gives users all the options at-a-glance, so they can work out which will be the most time efficient. Thanks to Europe’s many high speed trains, some routes are faster by train than flight. That includes trips from London to Paris or Madrid to Valencia, where in some cases it’s possible to shave off up to three and a half hours. Not only are travel times shorter, the time spent at security and baggage claim is also almost completely removed from train or bus travel. Meanwhile, trips from Amsterdam to Brussels or Brussels to Paris can be faster by bus when compared with air travel.

In addition to saving travelers time, taking a train or bus can also save money. While securing low fares for a flight often requires purchasing tickets well in advance, many busses and trains offer more stable fares, as well as special offers and discounts. Using GoEuro not only enables travelers to assess the quickest travel time, it also identifies which option is the most cost effective, by presenting pricing for three modes in one place.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to opting to travel by train instead of taking a flight is not just to travelers, but rather the whole planet. According to Reuters, carbon emissions in the European Union rose 1.8% in 2017 despite efforts to lower them. A flight from London to Paris, one of the most popular routes booked on GoEuro, produces roughly 122,1 kg (about 1.22 metric tons) of CO2, which is almost a fourth of what a car produces in a year. Only 14,9 kg (.149 metric tons) of CO2 is produced by train on the same trip.

GoEuro reaches 20m monthly visitors with growth driven by mobile usage

More than 600 partners and providers combined with focus on core markets builds success for [Europe / Berlin-based] startup

Berlin, 15 January 2018: GoEuro, the leading European platform for travel by train, bus and flight, today revealed it has reached 20 million visitors per month, and now works with more than 600 transport partners and providers across the continent – meaning consumers can travel even further with just one click.

The [European/Berlin-based] start-up, which has built a platform for planning and booking travel across Europe and beyond, already offers tickets for almost all of Europe’s major national transport providers, including Deutsche Bahn, SNCF, Ouibus and Trenitalia.

The latest round of providers whose tickets can be booked directly on GoEuro covers its already well-established markets in Western Europe, and take the business further east. Providers include National Express in the UK, LeoExpress in the Czech Republic, and Italy’s Merino Bus.

Expanding its base of providers over recent months, including launching in Sweden as well as product improvements has helped GoEuro double its traffic to around 20 million visitors per month In many markets, mobile ticketing is now the norm on its platform and 70% of overall traffic is mobile.

Travelers can now use the platform to reach some 80,000 different destinations by train, bus, or flight – as well as the option of car sharing in some countries.

Naren Shaam, Founder and CEO of GoEuro, said:
“We continue to experience strong growth, both in terms of our market coverage and user base. Reaching 20 million visitors is a real milestone for us, and reflects the desire people have to understand all their travel options at-a-glance, regardless of whether they’re traveling in their home country or internationally.
“We believe in building strong partnerships with transport providers and mobile-first solutions, to enable us to offer people more connections, more routes and a greater variety of price options - more simply. Ultimately this means people can select the journey that best meets their needs, whether that’s based on cost, time, or mode.
The scale of both our supply and user base should allow us to really create the kind of experiences in travel that other industries have seen. It should be simple, mobile and quick. We hope to continue to drive both our coverage and user growth, while providing the best user experience the market has seen.”

GoEuro was formed just 4.5 years ago, with the ambition of making travel easy in markets often complex. Today, it offers search and booking in 12 languages and nine currencies, to people from 120 countries.

Earlier this year GoEuro was named Most Innovative Company by Fast Company.

Former Sony International Chair to join GoEuro as travel platform drives growth

GoEuro, the leading platform for planning and booking travel by train, bus or flight, has appointed Edgar Berger, former Chair and CEO of Sony Music International, to the role of Chief Business Officer.

The appointment is intended to help GoEuro manage and scale the more than 600 partners it has today across 14 markets, to become thousands of partners across the globe..

Edgar spent more than a decade with the Sony Group, initially as CEO Sony Music Germany, Austria, Switzerland. In 2011 he became Chairman and CEO of Sony Music International’s operations outside of the US, leading and growing the business within 45 countries around the world from a base in London.

Before moving to Sony, Edgar held corporate roles at Bertelsmann AG and also spent almost a decade in journalism in Germany. He will be relocating to Berlin for this new role.

Edgar said:
“I was attracted to GoEuro as it’s one of the most promising tech companies in Europe, with a truly international team, world class investors and a founder with a clear vision.
Importantly for me, that vision is based on a real consumer need: to make it easy for consumers to plan and book travel both in their own country and abroad.
The business is already on a really positive trajectory, and helping it grow to the next levels is a fantastic entrepreneurial opportunity.”

GoEuro CEO Naren Shaam said:
“Attracting the best people is what allows us to build the largest tech companies from a base in Europe. The best people then attract other stars. I am thrilled to have someone of Edgar’s caliber join GoEuro, and I look forward to scaling the business with him.”

GoEuro boosts senior team with new VP Engineering

Microsoft’s Tomas Vocetka joins the Berlin start-up

Tomas Vocetka, former partner at Microsoft, has been appointed VP Engineering at GoEuro, the leading platform for planning and booking travel by train, bus or flight.

Tomas brings more than 25 years’ experience in technology firms and startups, including Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft. Before joining GoEuro, he spent more than five years leading the Skype division of Microsoft in Prague, Czech Republic, most recently as a Partner GM, Engineering. In this role he led and expanded a team of engineers based across offices in Prague, Tallinn, Luxembourg, London, Palo Alto, and Redmond.

In his new role, Tomas will head-up GoEuro’s 100+ strong engineering team to help the company realize its plans for future growth.

In just four years the company has built a unique technology that helps millions of travelers worldwide find the best transport options for their needs, but also supports hundreds of transport companies in increasing their own sales base.

Tomas said:
“I’m happy to be relocating to Berlin to join GoEuro at such a pivotal time for the company. In a short period, the company has doubled its growth and built a skilled engineering team. I hope to be able to help take this team into an exciting future as we expand our market presence, evolve our product, and help more and more people travel hassle-free.”

GoEuro CEO Naren Shaam said:
“With a solid background in building and scaling both technology and startups, Tomas’ experience is exactly what we need. I know our team is excited to be working with him, and I look forward to building one of the best engineering companies in Europe with him.”

GoEuro raises $70 million in a new funding round led by Silver Lake Kraftwerk and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Berlin 4 October 2016: GoEuro, the travel platform for trains, buses and flights across Europe, has announced the closure of a new funding round totaling $70 million, led by Silver Lake Kraftwerk, a fund of Silver Lake, a global leader in technology investing, and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm.

The new investment follows a successful funding round in December 2015 of $45 million. It will enable GoEuro to continue to execute on its vision to make travel easy and solve the complicated logistical and technical challenges of the €150 billion market, by bringing a simple mobile booking experience to the traditional industry. The ground transportation network in Europe is very developed but, unlike the air industry, no one has ever unified or standardized it before. By building a seamless travel planning solution as a single and integrated source of information, GoEuro allows customers to book the fastest, cheapest and best travel options by train, bus and flight to any city, town or village in Europe. It also benefits transportation providers by filling seats and increasing utilization rates.

Naren Shaam, CEO and Founder of GoEuro: “Our objective is to connect every single location on the map with a click of a button. After three years of intensive work, we’ve managed to attract 10 million users a month, integrate more than 5 million routes across Europe, 12 countries, 500 partners and sell tickets to millions of customers from more than one hundred countries. This new investment from such experienced investors will allow us to scale into many new markets and go deeper into the ones we already have, as well as accelerate development of the world’s most comprehensive reservations platform for trains, buses and flights.”

The funds will fuel a significant expansion of GoEuro's coverage starting from its current 500 travel partners in 12 countries. The rapid growth of GoEuro so far is due to an experienced and diverse team of over 180 people from over 40 countries, which will continue to expand to help create the best travel tool for Europe.

F Bryce Lee, Managing Director of Silver Lake Kraftwerk: “In just three years, GoEuro has built a truly differentiated technology platform that allows true multi-modal comparison of rail, coach and air across Europe. We believe GoEuro has a clear opportunity to be the leading travel platform in this nascent market that today is still predominantly offline. We are delighted to partner with GoEuro to help the company further accelerate growth.”

Mood Rowghani, General Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers: “GoEuro provides an essential service to travelers across Europe and has grown tremendously to become a part of consumers’ daily lives. Naren is an exceptional entrepreneur with a unique ability to marry big ambitions with strong business acumen. We are delighted to partner with him to achieve GoEuro's mission of becoming the world's largest travel booking service.”

In total, GoEuro has now raised more than $145 million including investments in previous funding rounds and participation in the new round from Atomico, Battery Ventures, Goldman Sachs Investment Partners, Lakestar, and NEA. GoEuro is now poised to join the small circle of European start-ups seen to have the potential to become multi-billion dollar companies.

About GoEuro

GoEuro is a travel platform that allows customers to search and book trains, buses and flights across Europe. Partnering with over 500 European transport operators, GoEuro is revolutionising the travel planning experience, constantly providing customers with more choice, transparent pricing, travel times and easier booking.  

GoEuro lets travellers search to and from any location, including towns and villages, showing the best possible transport combinations while eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to plan an entire trip. With GoEuro, travel planning is simple, flexible and personal.

The travel startup is headquartered in Berlin, with over 180 employees from more than 40 countries and announced last December the closure of a funding round totalling $45 million led by Goldman Sachs Investment Partners.

About Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) partners with the brightest entrepreneurs to turn disruptive ideas into world-changing businesses. The firm has helped build and accelerate growth at pioneering companies like Amazon, Google, Lending Club, Nest, Twitter, Uber, and Mandiant. KPCB offers entrepreneurs years of operating experience, puts them at the center of an influential network, and accelerates their companies from success to significance.

For more information, visit and follow us @kpcb.

About Silver Lake Kraftwerk

Silver Lake Kraftwerk is part of Silver Lake, the global leader in technology investing with over $24 billion in combined assets under management and committed capital and a team of approximately 100 investment and value creation professionals located around the world. Silver Lake Kraftwerk provides growth capital to technology and tech-enabled businesses driving efficiency across the operations, energy, and resources industries. The fund targets companies globally that leverage technology and business model innovation across a number of sectors, such as transportation, logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation and transmission, energy efficiency, waste, water, and agriculture, among others. For more information about Silver Lake Kraftwerk and its entire portfolio, please visit

GoEuro Signs Partnership with SNCF, Adding French Train Travel Options to Expand its European Coverage

January 28, 2016: GoEuro, the two-year-old search engine for comparing and booking rail, coach and flight travel across Europe, has announced the launch of its full product offering in France after signing a new partnership with SNCF, France’s national rail service.

Travelers can now plan trips to more than 30,000 destinations all over France and across Europe – not just cities and airports like many other sites. They can compare rail, coach and air travel options in a single search, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to plan their entire journey. GoEuro now covers all rail, coach and air travel in 11 countries.

Whether traveling from Paris to Marseille, between Nîmes and Béziers, from Cambridge to Edinburgh, or through the Spanish countryside, GoEuro offers passengers the best possible transport options and combinations based on price, duration, and convenience – all in the user’s native language and currency.

Naren Shaam, CEO and founder of GoEuro said, “The addition of France is great for our users and a milestone for GoEuro. We launched less than three years ago, at a time when this form of simple online search was only available for air travel. We are proud to be developing the technology behind an easy to use platform that will integrate Europe’s coach and rail networks with the airline industry, bringing this market into the 21st century.”

France alone has more than 83 million visitors annually, and the French transportation network adds more than 3,000 train stations, 450 bus terminals and 91 airports to the GoEuro system, enabling travelers to reach more than 30,000 European destinations in France as well as the UK, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and Italy.

Guillaume Pepy, CEO of SNCF commented, “France is the most visited destination in the world and rail, as the most competitive mode of transport, is the quintessential way to explore it. Through this partnership, GoEuro users are able compare and discover the convenience and great service SNCF has to offer.”

GoEuro has been backed by leading European and US investors since its inception. Among them, Groupe Arnault, the holding company of Bernard Arnault, has been very supportive of the partnership with SNCF, the largest French transportation company, an important milestone in the development of the company.

GoEuro secures $45 million in Series B financing led by Goldman Sachs Investment Partners

9 December 2015: GoEuro, Europe’s largest platform for planning and booking all rail, bus and air transportation, has announced the closure of a Series B funding round totaling $45 million. The funding was led by Goldman Sachs and joined by new investors including Atomico, Yuri Milner and Tom Stafford, Sebastian Siemiatkowski (Klarna) and Ilkka Paananen (Supercell).

Naren Shaam, Founder and CEO of GoEuro, said: “This new investment is a huge endorsement to the progress we have made since our launch two and a half years ago. It will allow us to further accelerate our growth, and continue to build the most comprehensive platform for rail, bus and air travel in Europe - making tens of thousands of destinations easily accessible for travelers from all over the globe.”

The company is addressing a market where over €150 billion is spent yearly on travel across Europe, utilizing proprietary technology to present all rail, bus, air transportation options, thereby creating a single, unified source of information for all consumer travel needs.

Christopher Dawe, Co-Head of Goldman Sachs Investment Partners Private Investments, commented, “GoEuro has made impressive progress in bringing the last untapped market within the travel industry into the 21st century. With over 50k train and coach stations across Europe, yet no online solution to search and book travel in a similar manner to what already exists within the airline industry, we see a tremendous opportunity to fill the void by building the leading multi-modal travel platform.”

Niklas Zennström, founder and CEO of Atomico added, "GoEuro is only two years old but we have been extremely impressed with their international approach to revolutionizing European travel. I am also delighted to see successful entrepreneurs like Ilkka and Sebastian re-investing in the tech community and strengthening Europe's tech ecosystem. The international team at GoEuro are all amongst the best in the industry, with ex-employees of global technology brands joining the ranks in recent years and we look forward to working with Naren and his team to help scale GoEuro further."

GoEuro now operates in a contiguous area of 11 countries across Europe with a combined population of 400 million, offering its users the ability to search and book the fastest, cheapest, and most convenient journeys with over 40 railway companies, over 300 bus operators and all airlines, while helping operators reach new customers from all over the world.

The additional funding will enable the company to accelerate its growth through 2016 and beyond, with a focus on investment in new partner integrations, product development, continuing to attract the best talent to GoEuro, and customer acquisition both within Europe and globally.

Mr Shaam continued, “GoEuro today already reaches travelers from more than 120 countries, in 15 languages, and we’re making traveling in Europe easier than ever before – both inside countries and across borders. The support from Goldman Sachs and Atomico will enable us to focus even more on our vision of building the only tool you need to fully benefit from Europe’s excellent rail, bus and air travel infrastructure.”


About GoEuro: GoEuro is a travel search platform that allows customers to search and book rail, bus and air transport across Europe. Partnering with over 340 European transport operators, GoEuro revolutionizes the travel planning experience, providing customers with more choice, transparent pricing, travel times and easier booking. GoEuro lets travelers search to and from any location, including towns or villages, showing the best possible transport combinations based on price, total travel time and convenience, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to plan an entire trip. With GoEuro, travel planning is simple, flexible and personal. The company is based in Berlin, with 150 employees from 32 countries.

About Goldman Sachs Investment Partners: With more than $6 billion in private investments, the Goldman Sachs Investment Partners (GSIP) private investment team is dedicated to late-stage venture capital and growth equity investing. The team partners with entrepreneurs globally to build disruptive businesses and, since 2003, has invested in over 100 private transactions, including Uber, Facebook, Pinterest, Spotify, thredUP, foodpanda, and Compass. The GSIP private investment team has offices in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Mumbai.

About Atomico: Atomico is an international investment firm, focused on helping the world’s most disruptive technology companies scale and become global leaders. Founded in 2006 by Niklas Zennström, a co-founder of Skype, Atomico has made over 50 investments over four continents, including Skype, Supercell, Klarna, Truecaller, ZocDoc and The Climate Corporation, with an exclusive focus on the technology sector.

GoEuro Launches in Switzerland, Adding Rail, Coach and Air Transport to the #1 Winter Destination in World

September 9, 2015: Travel search and comparison platform now offering train, bus and flight options to over 34,000 unique destinations across Europe.

GoEuro, the easy-to-use search platform that compares and combines train, bus and flight options, today announced its expansion into Switzerland, adding new partnerships with ExpressBus and SBB, the largest railway company in Switzerland. The move will significantly expand the number of routes connecting Switzerland to other European destinations via bus companies such as Eurolines, Ouibus and Meinfernbus.

The addition of Switzerland – which becomes the eighth national market now available via the GoEuro website, joining the UK, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy – contributes a further 4 airports, 600 train stations, and 60 bus stations to the GoEuro platform, bringing the total number of possible journey destinations to 34,108. With this move, GoEuro also becomes the first travel metasearch engine to integrate live data from Swiss Railways. In contrast to traditional online booking platforms, enhances the travel planning experience by helping users find the most efficient way to search online.

Travellers can plan routes to and from local towns and villages – not just cities and airports like many other sites – and then compare air, rail and bus travel options in a single search, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to plan their entire journey. Whether travelling within the Zurich-Bern-Basel Triangle, or between Geneva and Lugano, GoEuro offers passengers the best possible transport options and combinations based on price, duration, and convenience – all in the user’s native language and currency.

Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro, commented, “We are delighted to launch in Switzerland. With SBB as our new partner, GoEuro is a perfect fit for the alpine cantons where rail is the main mode of transport. Travellers to and from Switzerland now have the ability, for the first time, to compare air, rail and bus options in just one search by using GoEuro.”

SBB spokesperson added, “The most important aspect of this test for SBB is to ensure that our clients, no matter where they are, will have the easiest access to our train tickets.”

GoEuro launches the ultimate European transport app

May 27, 2015: GoEuro has launched a brand new free and easy to use app for both Android and iOS that provides the best options for travel by train, coach or air at the simple touch of a button.

The new app will allow users to compare travel time and prices from over 160 train and bus companies as well as airlines globally, enabling them to compare travel time and prices for the full journey, and book their tickets. The service is available for 8 countries, giving users access to most small towns and villages and covering over 30,000 unique locations within the main European markets, making it the first app to be able to find the cheapest, fastest or best way to travel the entire continent.

Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro said “This app makes rail and coach travel as easy to search, compare and book as it is for air; this travel companion will grant you real-time transport information and booking options for every corner of our optimized markets, including major destinations such as London, Berlin, Barcelona or Milan.

Travel search has traditionally been dominated by websites and apps that focus on air and accommodation bookings, however the increased popularity of rail and coach transport within the UK and Europe has opened a huge gap in the market to combine all modes of transport in one place. We are offering a must-have product for anyone looking to book coaches, trains and air travel domestically or within Europe.”

Covering over 33.000 train stations, coach terminals and airports across Europe, the GoEuro app offers the services of three apps in one, eliminating the need to download multiple travel apps.

The GoEuro app can be downloaded from the app store on both Android and iOS phones.


GoEuro announces appointment of Google´s Kacper Nowicki as CTO

February 11, 2015: After securing a $27 million investment led by NEA in November 2014, GoEuro ( the comparison search engine for train, bus and air travel - has announced the appointment of former Google Engineering Director, Kacper Nowicki, as the company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

With currently over 150 rail, bus and other transport partners across seven countries, GoEuro is fundamentally an engineering-driven tech company with significant planned expansion throughout Europe. The company expects to scale up to over 1000 rail, air and bus companies across Europe within next few years.

Kacper joins the company at a period of significant growth, and will lead the way in building a scalable platform that will allow this unprecedented integration of partners across Europe with real-time data. This, along with placing mobile at the core of GoEuro’s product, will make booking trains and buses across Europe as easy as booking flights.

Polish-born Nowicki, who graduated with a Master’s Degree in High Energy Physics from Warsaw University in 1993, is a software architect and engineer with over 20 years of experience in the design and development of computer software. He joins after spending 8 years at Google where he built Polish engineering team and worked on search, infrastructure and cloud products.

GoEuro Founder and CEO Naren Shaam comments: “Kacper brings a wealth of experience and technical leadership from engineering companies such as Google to the growing Berlin startup ecosystem. He joins a strong COO, Malte Cherdron, among others in a truly international team, with 80 people from 30 different countries, to help build the most sophisticated European transportation booking system available today.”

Kacper Nowicki adds: “GoEuro has an impressive business model and made great progress with its product since it was launched in 2013. I am looking forward to solving a problem of providing best answers for people searching for transportation connections. Finding the best routes for our users is difficult, we serve about 50 time more stations in Europe than there are airports. I look forward to bringing engineering-driven culture to GoEuro, data driven decision making and speed of execution, Google-style.”

GoEuro Launches in Italy

January 20, 2015: The easy-to-use search platform that compares and combines trains, bus and flights, today announces its expansion into Italy, having added new partnerships with several bus companies and becoming the first to partner with both Italian train operators.

In less than 18 months since the platform was launched, Italy becomes the seventh national market now available via the GoEuro website, joining Germany, UK, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Netherlands. The addition of Italy adds a further 38 airports, 6,663 train stations, and 1,082 bus stations – bringing the total number of possible journey destinations to 32,959. provides a contrast to traditional online booking platforms: Travellers no longer switch between local websites and operators to arrange onward travel from main international airports. GoEuro compiles all possible journey options to a required destination in one search, displaying available flights, trains and bus connections – all in a user’s native language and currency. Whether journeying from Naples to Milan, or Bologna to Rome, GoEuro offers passengers the best possible transport options and combinations based on price, journey duration, and convenience, irrespective of whether their final destination is a large city, small town, or village.

Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro, comments: “Italy not only delivers us great bus and rail partners, it gives our customers expanded access to transportation in one of the greatest destinations in Europe. Italy is ranked 5th in the world’s top international tourism destinations by the World Tourism Organisation, and visitors will be able to make the most of the excellent transport links available to them. Italy has wisely invested in developing a strong rail system; GoEuro will help them achieve even greater international recognition and more customers by connecting tourists with travel options that they might not otherwise have explored.”

GoEuro closes Series A funding of $27 million led by New Enterprise Associates

27 August 2014: Multi-mode travel platform GoEuro is pleased to announce today that it has successfully raised $27 million in Series A funding, led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), one of world’s largest venture capital firms.

As a further sign of confidence in GoEuro’s current progress and future prospects, all three existing investors — Battery Ventures, Hasso Plattner Ventures and Lakestar —have increased their funding in the company.

GoEuro is addressing the complex challenges of the multi-billion dollar European travel market by using technology to build a new platform that normalizes massive amounts of rail, bus and air data, resulting in a solution that presents users with all travel options in a clear and concise manner. Travelers can plan routes from towns and villages, and then compare and combine air, rail and bus travel in a single search, thus eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to plan their entire journey.

The company currently operates in seven countries, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, providing coverage to 20,510 railway stations, 10,011 bus stations and 207 airports. The new funding will enable GoEuro to significantly increase its rate of growth – with further key European markets to be opened later this year – and reach its goal of being the largest multi-mode travel platform across the Continent.

Naren Shaam, Founder and CEO of GoEuro, said: “We are thrilled to welcome NEA to GoEuro, they are a top tier investor with long-term thinking and deep roots in the technology sector. This is a very significant backing of the progress we have made since we launched just over a year ago. It’s a clear signal that NEA understands the market opportunity for the entire multi-mode travel industry worldwide, and GoEuro’s position as a recognized leader in the segment in Europe. We continue to see rapid increase in all our key metrics in the business and this funding will enable us to execute our growth strategy over the next few years.”

“By delivering a beautifully simple solution to a highly complex technology problem, GoEuro is rapidly gaining traction in a market that is ripe for transformation,” said Forest Baskett, General Partner at NEA. "Addressing the €200B-plus European travel market is an enormous opportunity, and NEA is thrilled to partner with GoEuro as the company expands its platform across Western Europe and to the international travel community.”

"Anyone who has booked a train or bus ticket in Europe will immediately understand how GoEuro is revolutionizing the travel industry,” said Itzik Parnafes, a Battery general partner. “The company is also an example of how companies are transforming entire ecosystems through the clever use of data—an investment thesis in which we at Battery are very interested today.”


16 June 2014: The Council General for Mobility and Transport of the EU Commission is currently performing a study to determine the impact of big data on the travel industry, particularly as it applies to the growing multi-mode sector.

Conducted by Ramboll Management Consulting, Claire Depré from the Council General for Mobility and Transport of the EU Commission stated: “The overall purpose of this study is to accompany the Impact Assessment for the initiative on access and availability of multi-modal travel and traffic data in the EU. The aim of this initiative is to enable fair and equal access to multi-modal travel and traffic data while improving the availability and quality of this information.“

As of 2019, the EUC will decentralise rail across Europe putting an end to long lasting monopolies. This study is poised to speed up the process as multi-modal search engines like GoEuro and RouteRank already give consumers access to the booking of rail transport options across the continent. With Google's recent addition of transportation data to their maps feature in the UK and Amadeus' increased focus on rail, the results of this study are sure to have a wide-reaching impact.

Naren Shaam, from GoEuro ( said: “The rail market is the ultimate frontier in travel meta-search and the multi-billion Euro market is there for anyone brave enough to undertake the massive task of simplifying and standardising the continent's current approach to train travel.”

Update: The European Commission have published their analysis of multi-modal planners - their press release can be found here.


14 May 2014: In response to Google Maps’ integration of UK public transport data, Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro (, comments: “Google Maps’ move highlights the demand in the UK for a comprehensive transport tool. With solid partnerships and real-time data access, GoEuro already holds a strong position in this market, allowing travellers to compare and book plane, train and bus tickets within the UK as well as across Europe.”

GoEuro expands into Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg with 12 new transport partnerships

Travel search platform adds more routes from the UK to Europe via seven new rail providers and five additional coach companies

2 April 2014: GoEuro, the multi-mode travel search platform, today announced its expansion into Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. This brings the total number of countries GoEuro operates in to six, joining existing markets Germany, UK and Spain.

GoEuro has added services from seven new rail providers and five additional coach companies. The move will expand the number of routes offered from the UK to Europe via Eurostar and coach company iDBus and joins coach routes already offered on the platform by NEX.

The new train partners are SNCB (Belgium), NS and NS HiSpeed (Netherlands) and CFL (Luxembourg). Through these partners, TGV and Thalys (France) and Eurostar (UK) are now added into GoEuro’s service. Coach services have been added from iDBus, Student Agency, Brussels City Shuttle (Flibco), and AirExpressBus. These operators join the existing partners Eurolines, National Express and Bestbustravel that operate in the Benelux region and provide service on a number of international routes to the UK, France and Germany.

GoEuro is changing the travel planning experience by helping users find the most efficient way to search online. Travelers can plan routes to and from local towns and villages – not just cities and airports like many other sites - and then compare air, rail and bus travel in a single search, thus eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to plan their entire journey.

Belgium and the Netherlands form a major crossroads for rail travel in northern Europe, providing vital trans-border connections from the UK, France and Germany. These includes Eurostar service from London to Brussels, Paris and Lille; Thalys services between Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne, and TGV services to and from France.

Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro, said: “We are delighted to launch in Benelux. The region is a hub of rail and coach travel throughout northern Europe and dramatically increases GoEuro’s reach, not only in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg, but by connecting the Continent with the UK via Eurostar and providing service deep into France with TGV. This expansion means that we offer service on all major transportation modes for journeys greater than one hour from the three countries. Travellers to and from Benelux now, for the first time, have the ability to compare air, rail and coach options in just one search by using GoEuro.”


New funding follows a seed round of more than $4 million led by Battery Ventures and Hasso Plattner Ventures

23 January 2014: Multi-mode travel website GoEuro has today announced that it has received a multi-million dollar investment from Lakestar.

In addition to Lakestar, GoEuro has also welcomed Charles Petruccelli, former President of Global Business Travel for American Express, as a new investor, joining other notable names from the travel industry such as Dave Baggett (co-founder and ex-COO of ITA Software) and John Owen (former CFO and founding team member of JetBlue Airways). GoEuro is changing the travel planning experience by helping users find the most efficient way to travel. Travellers can plan routes from towns and villages, and then compare and combine air, rail and coach travel in a single search, thus eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to plan their entire journey. 

The investment will be used to accelerate GoEuro’s expansion to seven markets by summer 2014, firmly establishing it as the market leader in multi-mode travel search within Europe. Since its launch in the summer of 2013, GoEuro has experienced significant growth, expanding from its initial market of Germany into the UK and Spain, offering complete air, rail and coach coverage in all three countries. The company has signed a number of high-profile and mutually successful agreements with partners such as National Express in the UK and Renfe in Spain. This announcement also marks the company’s exit from beta in its existing markets.

GoEuro now features 150 airports, 12,900 rail, and 8,500 bus stations, serving almost 23,000 unique locations in the UK, Spain and Germany. In only six months since its launch, over 10,000 of these unique locations have featured in customer search results, demonstrating not only the reach of GoEuro’s product, but also the desire of users to embrace local travel search beyond just airports. 

Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro, said: “We are very pleased to have Lakestar join us. The Lakestar team brings to the company a strong background of B2C investment history and know-how including the likes of Airbnb, Spotify, Skype and Klarna. It is a vote of confidence not only for GoEuro but for the multi-mode travel space as a whole. Online travel has traditionally been dominated by websites focused on air, hotel and car rental, but the growing capability of rail and bus operators has opened the door to platforms which compare and combine rail, coach and air travel on one site. As a result, fully localized and natural search has become a reality and we’re confident GoEuro will be at the forefront of this market. We’ve seen tremendous acceptance from our customers in all three countries, with particularly strong growth over recent months in the UK and our newest market, Spain.”

Klaus Hommels , Partner at Lakestar, said: "When I first met the GoEuro team, I was amazed at their ability to build relationships with large organisations that historically have not given out proprietary information. By building these relationships, they are breaking down a huge barrier to entry and making themselves the market leader by quite a distance. We feel very positive about GoEuro as it joins our portfolio of investments in extremely innovative companies.”


About GoEuro:

GoEuro is a travel search website that allows you to compare and combine air, rail and coach transport across Europe.The platform revolutionizes the travel planning experience, providing customers with more choice, transparent pricing, travel times and easier booking. GoEuro lets travelers search to and from any location, including towns or villages, showing you the best possible transport combinations based on price, total travel time and convenience, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to plan an entire trip. With GoEuro, travel planning is simple, flexible and personal.

About Lakestar:

Lakestar is a global investment group that invests in outstanding entrepreneurs who share a passion to build great companies worldwide. Having invested successfully across eight geographies, Lakestar is focused on helping companies identify and expand into different markets rapidly.



The online portal aims to unite the transportation network across Europe

Madrid, October, the online search engine specialised in comparing and combining all transportation options, has launched in Spain after striking strong partnerships with all the major travel providers serving the country. GoEuro makes planning travel easier by linking flights, trains, buses and car rental, all in just one simple search.

Already up and running in Germany and the UK, is now available in Spain to link all transportation options both at home and abroad. Thanks to its innovative and user-friendly design, the platform will make domestic and European travel planning simpler, and provide a unique way to compare all possible alternatives to and from any point, including big cities and small towns.

The idea for this German start-up stemmed from a four-month backpacking trip by the Founder and CEO of GoEuro, Naren Shaam, across Europe. After witnessing first-hand the difficulties of moving from one point to the other, navigating through various webs looking for the best prices and finding unexpected hidden fees, GoEuro was created to offer passengers a clear view of the various travel alternatives.

Naren Shaam, Founder and CEO of GoEuro, added: “Our objective is to find the most efficient way to travel, be it bus, rail or air (or a combination of these) and also to share the best prices available while avoiding hidden fees for our users. GoEuro makes booking travel simple, flexible and personal and the ability to determine the quickest or best priced option to or from any city or town in one simple search makes us unique in this market”

Since its launch last May, the Berlin-based company continues to revolutionise users’ experience in preparing their trip. The website searches and analyses the main transportation modes including, the national rail carrier RENFE, bus companies Alsa, Avanza and over 25 other operators, as well as all airlines serving Spain.

In total, GoEuro will provides to access to 41 airports, 3,277 bus stations and 1,619 train stations in Spain.

Various international business angels stand behind GoEuro, such as Battery VenturesHasso Plattner Ventures, but also notable industry leaders such as Dave Baggett from ITA software and Jeff Sagansky from Global Eagle Entertainment. Through their support the company was able to raise seed funding of $4 million last February.

One of the biggest supporters of the GoEuro project in Spain is Carlos Muñoz, Founder and CEO of Volotea and founder and former CEO of Vueling. “I believe the GoEuro team has done excellent work in the last year, and its launch in Spain is very good news for both consumers and the travel industry sector. Essentially, GoEuro has managed to integrate the different transportation modes available – airlines, trains and buses – into a single, simple and effective search engine, as demonstrated by GoEuro’s success in demanding markets like Germany and the UK.”


Multi-mode travel website now lets travellers compare air, rail and coach services across the UK and Europe

London, 23rd October 2013: Multi-mode travel website GoEuro has today announced the launch of its full UK service and a partnership with National Express. Users can now compare coach routes and prices side-by-side with rail and air on its site.

GoEuro helps travelers find the most efficient way to travel from one location to another by comparing and combining air, rail and coach travel in one simple search engine.

The site is unique as it allows travelers to plot routes from and to villages or towns in any location. It is particularly useful for getting to a destination which is not serviced by an airport.

The company has experienced exceptional growth since it launched in May with a platform letting users plan routes using rail and air travel. The partnership with National Express brings the UK in line with the rest of GoEuro’s European offering by also including coach routes in the search results.

National Express is the largest coach operator in Europe, carrying over 18 million passengers each year to 1,000 destinations in the UK and 500 in Europe. The partnership with GoEuro also includes National Express’s European operator Eurolines which travels to major cities such as Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro, said: “The full launch of GoEuro in the UK is a huge milestone for us. Each one of the thousands of routes National Express runs will now be completely searchable on GoEuro, letting travelers plot the fastest or cheapest routes to destinations within the UK and across Europe.“

“National Express is the largest coach company in the Europe and services hundreds of local towns, which makes it the perfect addition to GoEuro’s product. Not only will this let us offer an even better service in the UK, but the addition of Eurolines boosts our entire European offering.”

Tom Stables, Managing Director – Coach of National Express, said: "GoEuro, an innovative online technology company, fits perfectly with National Express' strategy of expanding our international distribution through effective online partnerships to drive incremental revenue for our business. GoEuro's growing popularity and high overseas visitor traffic allows National Express to reach new and relevant customers in highly targeted way."

About GoEuro:

GoEuro is a travel search website that allows you to compare and combine air, rail and coach transport across Europe.

The platform revolutionises the travel planning experience, providing customers with more choice, transparent pricing, travel times and easier booking. GoEuro lets travellers search to and from any location, including towns or villages, showing you the best possible transport combinations based on price, total travel time and convenience, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to plan an entire trip. With GoEuro, travel planning is simple, flexible and personal.


With over 40 new bus companies, including Berlin Linien Bus and City2City, plus the integration of German regional and inner-city transportation networks.

(Berlin, 06.08.2013) -- GoEuro ( the multi-mode travel search website that allows users to plan journeys by comparing and combining air, rail, bus and car transport has further improved its coverage in Germany. With the integration of over 40 new bus companies, including Berlin Linien Bus and City2City, GoEuro has significantly increased its regional and long distance bus routes within Germany and Europe. In addition, regional rail transportation networks and detailed information for local transit across Germany are now available.
Since its launch in late May, the Berlin-based company has offered a simple and complete overview of train, bus, and plane connections. On uses can easily compare and combine all travel options. All air searches automatically include transportation costs to and from the airport, check-in, and waiting times, with information displayed so that a real comparison can be made with train and bus alternatives. With GoEuro, travelers can search to and from any location in Europe, including small towns and villages, eliminating the need to visit numerous websites to piece together an entire journey.
Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro: "The fact that such important companies like C2C and BLB join our partner network shows again that vendors and customers need to have a transparent and efficient search where estimates for all modes of travel can be compared."
Jochen Engert, CEO of FlixBus GmbH: "We are pleased with GoEuro and their reach to users of other transport. We need to convince travelers to use our product. Many bus routes are by far the cheapest options and are convenient."
Roderich Donker van Heel, CEO of National Express Germany GmbH: “With the the addition of new City2City distance buses, we offer more affordable and convenient connections between major German cities. We hope to make German bus travel more mainstream in the near future. Therefore, the cooperation with GoEuro was the next logical step. With the integration of us into an international online platform, we increase our exposure and become more attractive to travellers."
In the short time since launch, the young company has set new standards for European travel platforms. GoEuro continues to grow into the largest selection of transportation connections and providers with the best coverage in Europe.

About GoEuro
GoEuro is a travel search website for Europe that compares and combines air, rail, bus and car rental options. The online platform revolutionises the travel search experience, providing customers with more choice, better pricing and easier booking. GoEuro lets travelers search to and from any location, including towns or villages, showing you the best possible transport options and combinations based on price, total travel time and convenience and eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to plan an entire trip. With GoEuro travel planning is simple, flexible and personal.
About FlixBus
FlixBus specializes in regional and distance buses, with its headquarters in Munich. As of Februar 2013, they offer over 500 budget connections to over 40 German metropoles and border cities. FlixBus cooperates with other medium-sized bus companies in order to provide the best coverage.
About City2City

City2City is a new bus line from National Express Germany GmbH. Founded just three months ago, City2City has a network from Munich to Hamburg, with 223 buses and 350 departures per week. The company is part of the National Express Group. The company is part of the National Express Group, an international transportation company from the United Kingdom. The National Express Group has over 25,000 vehicles in its fleet and make over 800 million journeys per year.


(29/5/2013) -- GoEuro, a multi-mode travel search website that allows users to plan journeys by comparing and combining air, rail, bus and car transport, officially launches in open beta today. The GoEuro offering covers the whole of Europe, with the most extensive transport options available in Germany and the UK at the time of launch. Through GoEuro, travellers can search to and from any location in Europe, including small towns and villages, eliminating the need to visit numerous websites to piece together an entire journey. The site provides users with detailed journey plans and finds the best options for different modes of transportation based on both total travel time and price. The launch comes just three months after GoEuro secured $4m in seed financing from Battery Ventures and Hasso Plattner Ventures.

GoEuro allows users to enter in their starting point (city, town or even village), and specific destination. It then shows the user multiple solutions for air, rail, bus and car travel for their journey. Depending on the search, it not only allows easy comparison of the various modes of travel, but also combines air with ground transportation, enabling the user to view the entire journey, plus alternate airport choices as needed. Through GoEuro, users can find and book transport based on price, total travel time and routing - simplifying the entire journey planning experience. To achieve this, GoEuro takes on the challenge of bringing together mass data from various national transport providers, which travellers can then access in a very simple, user friendly format.

Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro said:  “Our goal is to provide the best possible travel planning experience, as well as the most competitive fares, without any additional fees to our users. A key part of this is to become a leader in a new category of online travel that goes beyond the dispersed offerings focused on airlines and airports as the start and end points of the journey. For example, if I want to travel from London to Heidelberg, Germany, GoEuro will give me multiple flight choices together with train connections to and from nearby airports, as well as direct train and  bus options, helping me to plan my whole trip quickly and easily. In this way, GoEuro makes travel planning simple, flexible and personal for everyone.”

GoEuro launches with strong partners, including Deutsche Bahn, Rail Easy, Eurolines and, as well as worldwide air from multiple sources. GoEuro is in the process of integrating additional partnerships across Europe and will continue to expand its offering over the coming weeks and months. With online travel search currently focused heavily on the airline industry, GoEuro levels the playing-field by offering rail and bus operators the opportunity to have their service presented alongside air, making comparison easy. GoEuro is free to customers and monetizes through revenue sharing agreements with travel partners on ticket sales.

About GoEuro
GoEuro is a travel search website for Europe that compares and combines air, rail, bus and car rental options. The online platform revolutionises the travel search experience, providing customers with more choice, better pricing and easier booking. GoEuro lets travelers search to and from any location, including towns or villages, showing you the best possible transport options and combinations based on price, total travel time and convenience and eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to plan an entire trip. With GoEuro travel planning is simple, flexible and personal.


New multi-mode travel search platform secures investment to build out team and bring innovative solution to market

Berlin, Germany (4/5/2013) GoEuro, a new multi-mode travel search platform for Europe that compares and combines all types of transportation, announced today it has successfully closed its seed funding round of $4 million. Led by Battery Ventures and Hasso Plattner Ventures (HPV), and joined by notable industry leaders including Dave Baggett (ITA Software - a leading provider of innovative solutions for the travel industry) and Jeff Sagansky (Global Eagle Entertainment - largest provider of entertainment for worldwide airline business), the funding will be used to support GoEuro’s product development and recruitment as it approaches its release into closed beta.

GoEuro aims to transform online travel search by combining air, rail, bus and car rental options, providing significantly greater choice, allowing for lower pricing and easier booking. GoEuro users will search to and from any location, including towns or villages, showing the best possible transport combinations based on price, total travel time and convenience, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to plan the entire trip. The company has secured agreements with numerous travel partners across Europe and developed proprietary algorithms together with local mapping techniques to provide the customer with increased choice and flexibility for the whole journey planning process.

Naren Shaam, Founder and CEO, GoEuro, said: “There are significant complexities involved in building a search platform from the ground up, which seamlessly integrates massive amounts of data from every airline, rail and bus operator and car rental firm across Europe. Now with this financing and experienced team of investors on board, as well as the commitment from transport operators to partner with us, we look forward to providing consumers with the ultimate travel search experience.”

“We have been investing more and more in Europe, and believe GoEuro represents the best of a new generation set on disrupting the status quo in big, staid markets,” said Itzik Parnafes, General Partner, Battery Ventures. “This early investment will help the company recruit, go to market and truly make an impact. We’re proud to be part of the team. Battery’s experience in the travel industry includes such companies as Duetto, Gogobot, HotelTonight, ITA Software (acquired by Google) and Sabre.”

Yaron Valler, Managing Partner, HPV, commented: “We have invested in GoEuro because we believe it will have a major impact on consumers seeking a one-stop destination to plan their journey within Europe - not just from airport to airport. This in turn provides a huge opportunity for transport operators, in particular bus and train, to capitalize on this efficient method of travel planning and significantly increase advance ticket sales. We're thrilled to be part of GoEuro's journey.

Dave Baggett, founder of ITA Software, added: Train and bus play an integral part of European travel and the market needs disruption with a single source of all available information on travel optionality. The GoEuro team is well positioned to make this change.

For additional information on GoEuro or to sign up for a closed beta invite, please visit: //

About GoEuro
GoEuro is a multi-mode travel search engine for Europe that compares and combines air, rail, bus and car rental options. The online platform revolutionizes the travel search experience, providing customers with more choice, better pricing and easier booking. GoEuro lets travelers search to and from any location, including towns or villages, showing you the best possible transport combinations based on price, total travel time and convenience, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to plan an entire trip. With GoEuro travel planning is simple, flexible and personal.

About Battery Ventures
Since 1983, Battery has been investing in category-defining ideas and high potential companies and management teams worldwide. The firm views its investment as a true partnership, and works hard to help its companies carve out unique positions, dominate markets and reach business goals. Battery funds companies in technology and related markets at the Seed, Early, Growth and Buyout stage. For a full list of Battery’s companies go to:

The firm has offices in Boston, Silicon Valley and Israel, and has raised more than $4.5B since inception. Battery is currently investing BV IX ($750M) and recently announced the close of BV X ($650M) and BV X Side Fund ($250M). For more information, visit:

About HPV
Hasso Plattner Ventures was founded on July 1st, 2005 in Potsdam, Germany. Our mission, instilled by our main investor, Prof. Dr. h.c. Hasso Plattner, founder and chairman of software giant SAP, is to support and inspire young software and IT entrepreneurs in the successful transformation of their ideas into sustainable and viable products and companies, in Germany and abroad. To date Hasso Plattner Ventures has successfully invested in 20 companies with accumulated revenues of over 130M Euro providing employment for nearly 1400 employees. We invest in IT, software & web service provider companies across various stages of company development from slideware to growth stage, with an investment size ranging from 250K and up to 10M Euro.


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