Europe Trip: The Grand Tour

Europe Trip: The Grand Tour

7 Countries, 13 Cities, 3-4 Weeks

Baguettes, boisterous nightlife and breath-taking mountainous terrain are all highlights on Omio's 'Grand Tour', the ideal Europe trip if you're a first-timer looking for the full European itinerary. Travel with Omio through 7 countries and 13 cities over 3-4 weeks and experience everything Europe has to offer or learn more about how to get started with our ultimate guide to planning a Europe trip!

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No matter if you plan to travel around Europe by train, bus or flight, you can use Omio to plan and book 'The Grand Tour.' When you travel with Omio by train, doing 'The Grand Tour' costs approximately $420. Travelers who prefer to save money and take the bus can do 'The Grand Tour' with Omio for as little as $149. Traveling with Omio is often the best option when you:

  • no age restrictions
  • have time to plan ahead and book in advance
  • you are unsure how you want to travel between cities

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If you are planning on doing 'The Grand Tour' by train, you can also select a Eurail pass which offers a variety of European train travel options. The Eurail Global pass required to do this route costs $522 so research your specific travel dates with Omio to make sure a Eurail pass makes sense for your travel itinerary. Purchasing a Eurail pass instead of point-to-point tickets may make sense when:

  • you are under 26 years old
  • you are planning on traveling by train between European countries
  • your Europe trip exceeds 2 weeks in duration

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Most international flights to Paris land at Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport.

Strolls along the Seine river are just one of the thousands of little pleasures Paris offers among its more major attractions. Although the Mona Lisa may appear to be Paris’ headlining act in a grand splendor of magnificent artwork and majestic museums, it’s the city’s bohemian atmosphere, creative influence and one-of-kind architecture that truly makes Paris a destination worth visiting.


Trains depart from Paris Gare du Nord and arrive at Brussels-Midi train station. Buses often depart from Paris' Gallieni Porte Bagnolet and arrive at Brussels' Gare du Nord.

If you think Brussels is just a hub for EU diplomats talking business, backpacking Europe will make you think again. Brussels has blossomed into one of Europe's most chic cities. The cobbled streets are aligned with elegant boutiques, scrumptious food spots and of course, thirst-worthy Belgian beer bars. Make sure you try some of Brussels' world famous Moules Frites while you're in the Belgian capital.


Trains depart from Brussels-Midi train station and arrive at Amsterdam Centraal train station. Buses depart from Gare du Nordarrive at Amsterdam Sloterdijk bus station.

Amsterdam combines beautiful 17th-century Golden Age architecture, hundreds of man-made canals crossed by thousands of bridges, and numerous world class museums with a world-famous year round party scene to create a relaxed atmosphere that is unique among European cities. Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most walkable (or bikeable) cities with over 7000 registered monuments interspersed among tiny alleys, gabled roofs, hidden courtyard gardens, picturesque shop windows, and houseboats floating on Amsterdam’s canals. Amsterdam is a Dutch metropolis; however, its relatively small size and easily navigable nature make it one of the most accessible capitals in Europe, ideal for any traveller seeking a change of pace from the bustle of London or Paris.


Trains depart from Amsterdam Centraal train station and arrive at Cologne Hbf. Buses depart from Amsterdam Sloterdijk bus station and arrive at Cologne's ZOB Breslauer bus station.

Sitting upon the River Reine Cologne is both grand in its culture and architecture, while cozy and intimate in its cafe, bar and shopping scene. Get your fill of High Gothic architecture at the Cologne Cathedral, take a touristic, but very pretty, stroll through the Old City and soak up plenty of Pop Art and Picasso at the Museum Ludvig. As a student town both the Belgian Quarter and hip Rudolfplatz areas provide a welcoming alternative scene. The coffee is perfected, vegan food is aplenty and the bars lure you in like a good friend’s lounge.


Trains depart from either Cologne Hbf and arrive at Hamburg Hbf. Buses usually depart from Cologne's ZOB Breslauer station and arrive at Hamburg ZOB.

Hamburg is probably Germany’s most modern looking city, with a gleaming futuristic skyline overlooking one of Europe’s largest waterfronts. The tankers and freighters on the Elbe river combine with picturesque sail boats and the legendary Fischmarkt market to produce a rich maritime tapestry for all of Hamburg’s visitors. No matter if you’re partying the night away in St. Pauli, sightseeing in Speicherstadt or relaxing at a suburban beach, Hamburg’s variety is sure to enthral.


Trains depart from Hamburg Hbf and arrive at Berlin Hbf. Buses depart from Hamburg ZOB and usually arrive at Berlin ZOB am Funkturm.

Berlin is Europe's epicenter of all things quirky, creative, and cool. This sprawling and constantly evolving metropolis attracts everyone from avant garde artists to history buffs to techno heads with its variety of things to see and do. During the summer Berlin is home to hundreds of open air parties, beer gardens. and party boat cruises along the canal. Whether you're up all night raving in Berghain or just enjoying the evening while sitting in a park enjoying a beer, Berlin is a city that caters to all interests and desires.


Trains depart from Berlin Hbf train station and arrive at Prague hlavní nádraží train station. Buses usually depart from Berlin ZOB am Funkturm bus station and arrive at Prague UAN Florenc bus station.

Prague’s ancient squares, narrow cobblestone streets and medieval church spires create a fairy-tale atmosphere for anyone who visits the Czech capital. Prague is one of Europe’s best preserved cities, complete with its own 9th-century castle which looms over the city from across the Vltava River. The plan of the Old City, which has been unchanged for over 1000 years, contributes to the tangible sense of history that pervades everything in Prague.


Trains depart from Prague hlavní nádraží train station and arrive at Wien Hbf train station. Buses depart from Prague UAN Florenc bus station and arrive at Vienna's U2 Stadion.

Austria’s capital city is very much an imperial wonderland. Home to names such as Mozart, Beethoven, Klimt, Hundertwasser and Freud, it is a music, art and intellectual melting pot. Although small in imprint Vienna boasts baroque architecture and grand palaces that dwarf the viewer in both their size and magnificence. Be sure to explore the city by foot or the vintage ring tram, and don’t miss indulging in Vienna’s coffee culture and world famous wiener schnitzel.


Trains depart from Wien Hbf train station and take approximately 4 hours to arrive at Munich Hbf train station. Buses usually depart from Vienna's U Bhf. Erdberg bus station and arrive at Munich ZOB bus station.

Situated in the heart of Bavaria and home to Oktoberfest, lederhosen and weisswurst Munich may offer travellers a uniquely German experience but there’s a lot more to this laid back city than the typical cliches. Relatively small, chilled out and bike-friendly, it’s easy to fall in love with the city while exploring its gorgeous Altstadt or surfing the Eisbach River like the locals in the enormous Englischer Garten. And don’t forget the football! As home to Germany’s largest football club, even if you’re not a fan you definitely can’t ignore the football in Munich. Catch a game at the Allianz Arena or just head to a bar on game night and you’re sure to be swept up in the excitement.


Trains depart from Munich Hbf train station and arrive at Milano Centrale train station. Buses depart from Munich ZOB bus station and arrive at Milan Lampugnano bus station.

Italy’s capital of chic boasts resident designers Prada, Dolce&Gabbana and Armani making it a nirvana for any fashion follower. If you're not interested in indulging in the couture, Milan is certainly full of sightseeing experiences- from Da Vinci’s last supper to the Castello Sforzesco art gallery. After a long day of sightseeing (or shopping) be sure to indulge in an espresso on the Piazza Duomo and watch Milan's nightlife come alive.


Trains depart from Milano Centrale train station and arrive at Venice's Santa Lucia train station. Buses usually depart from Milan Lampugnano bus station and arrive at Venice Tronchetto bus station.

A charming old labyrinth with singing gondoliers and sizzling seafood, Venice appeals to all senses and satisfies the imagination. From world-famous Venetian masks to silks and stained glass, Venice is renowned for its beautiful architecture and artwork. Venice perspires romantic allure, but it is not restricted to lovers as the city offers a unique beauty that can be enjoyed by all.


Trains depart from Venice Santa Lucia train station and arrive at Florence's Santa Maria Novella train station. Buses depart from Venice Tronchetto bus station and usually arrive at Florence's Piazza Montelongo.

Watch your feet and you may find they start floating along the streets of Florence. The beauty of this city is a kind that sinks deep. Capital of the radiant Tuscany region, Florence is birthplace to the Renaissance, flaunting art pieces from Michelangelo to Da Vinci at the Uffizi and Dell’ Accademia. However the city itself is a masterpiece to behold, views of the central Duomo Cathedral, Arno River and Ponte Vecchio bridge are enough to set the heart aflutter.


Trains usually depart from Florence's Santa Maria Novella train station and arrive at Rome Termini train station. Buses usually depart from Florence's Refredi bus station and usually arrive at Rome Tiburtina bus station.

From the Colosseum to the Villa Borghese, Rome remains an inspiring center of art and world history even three millennia after its founding. No matter if you choose the most obvious tourist attractions or want to explore some of the more remote areas of the city, Rome’s beauty and elegance will be sure to amaze and is the perfect city to end your travel itinerary. While in Rome, be sure to book a visit to Vatican City- a sovereign country located completely within Rome that is home to both the Sistine Chapel and the Pope.