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Europe Trip: 5 Country European Tour

Experience 5 different countries and cultures with Omio's 5 city Europe trip or learn how to start your travel research with our 10 step guide to planning a Europe trip.

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Travelers planning to tour Europe can plan their route by train, bus or flight with Omio. Travelers can see the best of Europe by purchasing point-to-point train tickets for approximately $161. Travelers can also book point-to-point bus tickets for this route with Omio for as little as $60. Traveling with Omio is often the best option when:

  • you are 26+ years old
  • you have time to plan ahead and book in advance
  • you are unsure how you want to travel between cities
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Eurail Passes

If you are discovering Europe by train, you can also select a 4 Country Eurail Select pass which offers customizable train travel options. The Eurail Select pass required to do this route costs $318 so do some research and make sure a Eurail Select pass makes sense for your European tour. Purchasing a rail pass instead of point-to-point tickets may make sense when:

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Travel from Paris to Copenhagen

From Paris' art and cuisine to Copenhagen's relaxed lifestyle, Omio's 5 country tour of Europe offers the most cultural variety in the shortest amount of time. After walking up the Arc de Triomphe in Paris relax and enjoy some fine Belgian beer in one of Brussels' world-famous drinking establishments. Travelers can view van Gogh and Rembrandt's finest paintings in Amsterdam before relaxing on the beach in Hamburg. Finally, Copenhagen will provide an introduction to Scandinavian culture and customs.


Most international flights to Paris land at Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport.

Strolls along the Seine river are just one of the thousands of little pleasures Paris offers among its more major attractions. Although the Mona Lisa may appear to be Paris’ headlining act in a grand splendor of magnificent artwork and majestic museums, it’s the city’s bohemian atmosphere, creative influence and one-of-kind architecture that truly makes Paris a destination worth visiting.


Trains depart from Paris Gare du Nord and arrive at Brussels-Midi train station. Buses often depart from Paris' Gallieni Porte Bagnolet and arrive at Brussels' Gare du Nord

If you think Brussels is just a hub for EU diplomats talking business, think again. Brussels has blossomed into one of Europe's most chic cities. The cobbled streets are aligned with elegant boutiques, scrumptious food spots and of course, thirst-worthy Belgian beer bars. Make sure you try some of Brussels' world famous Moules Frites while you're in the Belgian capital.


Trains depart from Brussels-Midi train station and arrive at Amsterdam Centraal train station. Buses depart from Gare du Nordarrive at Amsterdam Sloterdijk

Amsterdam combines beautiful 17th-century Golden Age architecture, hundreds of man-made canals crossed by thousands of bridges, and numerous world class museums with a world-famous year-round party scene to create a relaxed atmosphere that is unique among European cities. Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most walkable (or bikeable) cities with over 7000 registered monuments interspersed among tiny alleys, gabled roofs, hidden courtyard gardens, picturesque shop windows, and houseboats floating on Amsterdam’s canals. Amsterdam is a dutch metropolis; however, its relatively small size and easily navigable nature make it one of the most accessible capitals in Europe, ideal for any traveler seeking a change of pace from the bustle of London or Paris.


Trains usually depart from Amsterdam Centraaltrain station and arrive at Hamburg Hbf train station. Buses usually depart from Amsterdam Sloterdjkbus station and arrive at Hambuirg ZOB.

Hamburg is probably Germany’s most modern looking city, with a gleaming futuristic skyline overlooking one of Europe’s largest waterfronts. The tankers and freighters on the Elbe river combine with picturesque sailboats and the legendary Fischmarkt market to produce a rich maritime tapestry for all of Hamburg’s visitors. No matter if you’re partying the night away in St. Pauli, sightseeing in Speicherstadt or relaxing at a suburban beach, Hamburg’s variety is sure to enthrall.


Trains depart fromHamburg Hbf train station and arrive at Copenhagen Central train station. Buses depart from Hamburg ZOB bus station and usually arrive at Ingerslevsgade adjacent to Copenhagen's central station.

Edgy, sophisticated and bike-friendly, Copenhagen is teeming with activities despite its compact size. Discover Copenhagen's world-renowned museums, quaint cafe culture, and revolutionary design shops as you walk around the city. Immerse yourself in the beautiful Tivoli Gardens, cycle through charming royal sites such as Rosenborg Castle and Paleis Christiansborg and indulge in ancient wonders at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. The diverse experiences offered by Copenhagen makes it a place not to be missed.

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