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Camp Tarragona

AddressLocal road TV-223143765 La Secuita,Spain
Distance to City Center1.52km
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Travel to La Secuita city center from Camp Tarragona train station

La Secuita is a small town in the province of Tarragona with a population of just 1500. While small in size and population, the town has been around since Roman times and has a few nice historical landmarks. Travelers passing through La Secuita can enjoy the sights of the Roman villa Centcelles and the town cathedral Església del Sagrat Cor de Vistabella. Travelers with a car can drive to the Pantà de Gaià lake. Train station Camp Tarragona is the nearest train station to La Secuita, and it also serves a few nearby towns such as Perafort and La Costa De La Toia. While it is in a remote area, the train station is a popular link for travelers going to Barcelona and Madrid. From 2006 the station has had almost a million passengers!

What is the best way to get to the Camp Tarragona train station from the La Secuita city center

Train station Camp Tarragona is just one mile (1.5 kilometers) from La Secuita city center. The Empresa Plana bus company is the only bus available to take to the train station Camp Tarragona. The trip takes only about five minutes, and the bus station is located outside of City Hall. The bus drops the passengers off at the north side of the station. Camp Tarragona is just a short 20-minute walk from La Secuita. Starting from La Secuita City Hall, the easiest way to reach train station Camp Tarragona is by going south to Calle de San Cristobal and Carrera de Valls intersection. Calle de San Cristobal is easy to follow until the La Secuita city entrance sign. The small road to the left of the sign is the way to the train station. The trail passes through a forest, and when there is no more forest, it's time to turn right. From there, there is only one more intersection where it's best to turn right again.

How far is it from the La Secuita city center to the Camp Tarragona train station?

La Secuita is a small town with only one train station connecting it to the rest of Spain. The train station Camp Tarragona is located just one mile (1.5 kilometers) from the center. To reach the train station Camp Tarragona from La Secuita city center, travelers only need to walk about 20 minutes or take a five-minute bus ride. For those walking, the most comfortable and fastest route is through the city center and the roads going through the forest to Calle de San Cristobal. However, for those wishing to stay on a busier road, it is possible to follow road TV-2231. Walking on this route takes about 40 minutes, and it is a two mile (3 kilometer) distance. It is recommended to take the shorter route as it is faster and more accessible, but both roads are easy to navigate.

How accessible is the Camp Tarragona train station for those with limited mobility?

The best way to get to train station Camp Tarragona from La Secuita city center for those with heavy luggage or disability is with a local bus as they have spaces for bulky luggage or wheelchairs. The bus stops in front of the train station, and the station itself has disabled access. For those walking with a lot of luggage, the best route to take is the 20-minute walk on the pedestrian-only road and avoid TV-2231 road as the sidewalk is quite small. While this is fine for travelers with little luggage, those with heavy luggage will find it difficult. Once at the train station, there are wheelchair ramps and luggage storage units. The train station offers a complimentary service for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility for arriving as well as departing trains.

Local tips: the Camp Tarragona train station points of interest

For passengers wondering what to do in and near the train station, the forest surrounding it makes for a lovely walk. The train station has shops and a travel center. Free WiFi is available at a 1st class passenger lounge. For good food, there are on-site restaurants. While it is located in such a remote area, the station is one of the busier in the province, it has reached almost a million travelers. The station renovation with added tracks and routes makes it a stop for nearly 3000 people daily! Travelers use this station to travel to Madrid or Barcelona. There are further development plans for train station Camp Tarragona, and in the future, it might be one of the most important train stations in Tarragona province.


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