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Leo Express (CEE) tickets can be purchased directly with Omio

Leo Express (CEE) provides service to over 100 cities in 6 different countries across Europe and is still growing. If you book a Leo Express bus for your trip, you’ll be traveling in a modern, comfortable, and stylish vehicle. There are a number of different classes you can choose from, including business and economy classes. Leo Express tickets are available for purchase directly from the Omio website.

Leo Express (CEE) company information

Leo Express, based in Prague, Czech Republic, had its first journey in 2012. Since that first journey, Leo Express has expanded its fleet of train and bus routes to cover much of Central Europe, providing passengers with a comfortable and modern means of travel. Because it is a Czech-based company, many of the routes it offers are to and from the capital city of Prague. With a number of different classes available, you’ll easily find a Leo Express bus journey that works for both your budget and your travel style.

Leo Express (CEE) Stations and Destinations

Leo Express tickets are available for a number of stations and destinations across Central and Eastern Europe. Whether you’re looking for a domestic connection in the Czech Republic or you’re heading to Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, or Ukraine, Leo Express has you covered. Leo Express trains and buses connect Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic to popular destinations like Linz, Salzburg, Krakow, Katowice, Zadar, Lviv, Dolni Morava, Mukachevo, Uzhhorod, and more. If you’re leaving from Prague, the bus will most likely depart from the Hlavni Nadrazi bus station.

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Popular routes with Leo Express (CEE)

The most popular routes with Leo Express connect Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic to destinations in Austria and Poland. The Leo Express bus from Krakow to Prague is one of the most popular routes, running at least once daily. There are typically no transfers on this route. The route from Prague to Salzburg and back is also quite popular, with buses departing from both cities at least twice every day. Salzburg to Cesky Krumlov is another popular route, along with Warsaw to Prague and Dresden to Prague. There is Wi-Fi connection everywhere on the train and you can charge your electronic devices next to every seat and keep streaming.

Leo Express (CEE) offers and fares

Leo Express offers a number of different classes and fares to choose from, so you can book a ticket to fit your preferred level of comfort and budget. Leo Express offers free WiFi on all buses in all countries, so there’s no need to worry about losing your connection as you cross borders. There are two bus classes to choose from: business class and economy class.

Leo Express economy class provides modern cars with air conditioning, complimentary water for the duration of the trip, and a small table at every seat for your comfort. Leo Express business class gives you access to all the basic amenities offered in Economy, in addition to extra legroom, the option to borrow a blanket for the duration of the trip, priority service from the crew on select connections, and a non-alcoholic beverage and snack of your choice for free.

Leo Express bus types

Leo Express buses are modern, comfortable, and stylish. On select connections, you’ll have access to extra legroom, luxury leather seats and headrests, and other amenities. When you arrive for your bus journey, look for the large black bus with the orange Leo Express lettering across the side. Leo Express also partners with FlixBus to allow for more flexibility when booking your ticket, so double check to see which bus line will be operating your journey.

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Leo Express (CEE): FAQs

1. I’ve got a voucher. How can I print my ticket?

If you have an email confirmation for the ticket you booked with your voucher, you can print your Leo Express tickets directly from this email.

2. What services are offered by Leo Express (CEE) company to people with reduced mobility?

Leo Express offers a number of services to assist passengers with reduced mobility. There are seats designed for passengers with limited mobility or for passengers with orthopedic wheelchairs on every Leo Express bus. If you are a passenger with limited mobility, be sure to report this to the company at least 24 hours before your bus departure so that they can prepare their equipment to assist you during the boarding and deboarding process, and arrive at the departure point 60min before the departure time.

3. How much luggage can I take on a Leo Express (CEE) bus, and can I bring my bike?

Each passenger is allowed two pieces of luggage onboard a Leo Express bus. These two pieces of luggage must not exceed 65 lbs (30 kg) in total weight. Smaller bags can be stored above the seats on the bus, and there is designated space for larger items in all travel classes onboard the bus. It is possible to bring your bike on select bus connections that are equipped with trailers or bike storage space. The fee for bike transportation is 2€. When booking your ticket, you can reserve space for your bike if your connection offers this service. Bus lines offering bike transport include Košice to Mukachevo, Košice to Lviv, Prague to Salzburg, and Prague to Makarska.

4. What are the services onboard Leo Express (CEE) buses?

There are a number of services for passengers on Leo Express buses. The services available will depend largely on whether you choose to travel in economy class or business class. However, services available to all passengers include air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, free water, reasonably priced coffee and other refreshments and snacks, and a small table at every seat.

5. Can I take pets on Leo Express (CEE) buses?

Yes, you can transport a dog on Leo Express buses if it meets the size requirements. The dog must be in a bag or crate no bigger than 15 x 20 x 20 in (40 x 50 x 50cm). Exceptions are made for service animals.

6. Why might a bus be delayed?

A Leo Express bus can be delayed for a number of reasons, including technical issues, unforeseen traffic delays, and the like. Buses can also be delayed if a Leo Express train is delayed, as the bus will wait for passengers from the train to connect to the bus.

7. My last bus got canceled. What should I do?

If your bus is canceled, you are entitled to a full refund on your purchased ticket. You can choose to re-book another ticket on your own if you’d still like to travel.

8. What should I do if my bus is late?

If your bus is late by more than 60min, Leo Express will return a portion of the ticket fare to you, regardless of the reason for the delay. If you’re connecting to another Leo Express line after your delay, the connecting bus or train will wait for you if the delay isn’t extremely long. If the connection cannot wait, Leo Express will rebook the second portion of your trip free of charge.

9. Can children under 12 travel for free?

Children under 12 are entitled to a 75% discount off the original ticket price for your journey.

10. When do you have to make your group reservation?

Leo Express offers a 20% discount on ticket prices for groups of 4-40 people. Be sure to book your group tickets as far in advance as possible to make sure there is space for your group, and double-check that the price you pay for each ticket is correct.


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