The Ultimate Digital Nomad Visa Guide

Have you ever dreamed of starting a new life abroad? Perhaps you want to travel the world without sacrificing the career you’ve worked so hard for. If this is the case, then a digital nomad visa could be the perfect fit. In this digital world, more and more people are working online and as a result, countries all over the world are offering special digital nomads visas. Whether in Spain, Portugal or Bali, digital nomad visas make traveling the world easier than ever. Find out which countries you could work in with this comprehensive guide for digital nomads.


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1 Colombia 23.1 7 21 39.8 24 199 90 12 Digital Nomad Visa Digital Nomad Visa 600 12 months Digital Nomad Visa 650/month
2 Sri Lanka 25.29 5.4 31 58.6 4 39 20 14 Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) 28 1 month to 6 months Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) 1500/month
3 Turkey 28.1 7.2 23 59.9 19 185 31 31 No visa E-visa (resident permit visa) 50 12 months 500/month
4 Bali 31.18 8.3 33 54.1 9 100 25 17 Visit Visa Visit Visa 277 2 months Visit Visa 634/month
5 Argentina 31.2 6.9 25 35.7 14 102 56 22 Rentista Visa Rentista Visa 42 12 months Person Of Independent Means Visa 1400/month
6 Brazil 34.7 8.3 29 33.4 40 353 100 36 Digital Nomad Visa Digital Nomad Visa 120 12 months 1400/month
7 Malaysia 34.97 9.8 36 47.1 16 307 90 43 De Rantau Nomad Pass De Rantau Nomad Pass 205 12 months De Rantau Nomad Pass 1900/month
8 Ecuador 35.1 9.7 31 40.6 10 65 46 19 The Rentista for Remote Work The Rentista for Remote Work 420 24 months The Rentista for Remote Work 1200/month
9 Vietnam 35.7 11.2 35 55.5 8 203 82 42 Visa on Arrival Visa on Arrival 25 3 months Visa on Arrival -
10 Namibia 35.8 12.4 30 31.4 26 8 17 16 Digital Nomad Visa Digital Nomad Visa 60 3 months Digital Nomad Visa 1800/month
11 Mexico 37.3 12.8 36 45.6 15 665 49 35 Digital Nomad Visa Digital Nomad Visa 325 6 months Digital Nomad Visa 2500/month
12 Romania 37.4 9.9 32 68 37 95 160 42 no visa Digital Nomad Visa 49 12 months - 3700/month
13 Albania 37.4 9.1 31 54.3 14 21 73 47 Digital Nomad Visa (Unique Permit) Digital Nomad Visa (Unique Permit) 82 12 months Family reunion visa 800/month
14 South Africa 37.78 14 30 24.6 27 198 40 32 Digital Nomad Visa Digital Nomad Visa 118 12 months Digital Nomad Visa 2800/month
15 Georgia 38.9 19.3 33 74.1 10 22 25 33 no visa Remotely from Georgia 32 12 months Remotely from Georgia 2000/month
16 Hungary 39.23 11.6 34 66.1 29 67 118 43 no visa The White Card 200 12 months - 2000/month
17 Thailand 41.41 13.3 42 61.3 33 226 198 37 Long-Term-Resident (LTR) Long-Term-Resident (LTR) 560 10 years Long-Term-Resident (LTR) 6000/month
18 Portugal 45.34 21.9 36 68.5 40 260 120 59 no visa Digital Nomad Visa 180 12 months Digital Nomad Visa 2836/month
19 Cape Verde 45.84 18.52 0 43.06 19 3 13 0 Remote Working Cabo Verde Remote Working Cabo Verde 54 6 months (+ 6 months) Remote Working Cabo Verde 1500/month
20 Croatia 46.73 12.2 39 75.4 44 40 45 74 no visa Digital Nomad Visa 180 12 months Temporary stay for the purpose of family reunification 2300/month
21 Belize 48 11.7 44 46.9 21 3 38 0 Work Where You Vacation Visa Work Where You Vacation Visa 232 6 months Work Where You Vacation Visa 5800/month
22 Panama 48.19 19.7 46 56.3 0 51 115 15 Short-Stay Visa for Remote Workers Short-Stay Visa for Remote Workers 230 9 months - 2800/month
23 Costa Rica 48.8 14.9 32 46.2 33 36 57 17 Rentista Visa Rentista Visa 230 24 months Rentista Visa 2300/month
24 Czech Republic 48.9 19.1 34 73.4 23 87 51 41 no visa Long-term residence visa (Zivnostenske opravneni) 102 12 months Long-term residence visa (Zivnostenske opravneni) 480/month
25 Spain 50.6 21.7 41 64.3 40 764 168 35 No visa Digital Nomad Visa 70 12 months Dependent Visa 2334/month
26 Latvia 50.94 10.9 40 62.3 35 29 73 47 no visa Digital Nomad Visa 60 12 months (+12 months) - 2857/month
27 Taiwan 54.16 15.3 63 83.8 40 137 125 69 Taiwan Employment Gold Card Taiwan Employment Gold Card 93 12 to 36 months Resident Visa for the reason of family reunion 5300/month
28 Greece 54.64 12.9 42 53 27 59 43 61 no visa Digital Nomad Visa 75 12 months Temporary Residency Permit 3500/month
29 Estonia 54.82 16.4 42 74.9 30 19 59 56 no visa Digital Nomad Visa 100 12 months Digital Nomad Visa 3504/month
30 Cyprus 55.9 27.4 45 68.6 40 17 38 73 no visa Digital Nomad Visa 140 12 months (+ 12 months) Digital Nomad Visa 3500/month
31 Italy 61.33 20.5 51 53.1 35 356 60 42 no visa Self-employed Visa 116 12 months Family reunification 708/month
32 Malta 61.37 25.7 52 57.5 26 25 94 47 no visa Digital Nomad Visa 300 12 months Digital Nomad Visa 2700/month
33 Germany 62.93 26.1 50 62.4 86 946 80 58 no visa Freelance Visa 75 3 months 750/month
34 Japan 64.6 20.8 66 76.9 141 440 143 42 Tourist Visa Tourist Visa 28 3 months Tourist Visa -
35 Dubai 65.3 46.3 47 64.4 120 175 158 180 Virtual Working Visum Virtual Working Visum 571 12 months Residence ID 4700/month
36 Austria 66 23.1 58 72.7 51 174 61 63 no visa Short-stay Visa 80 3 months Short-term Visa -
37 Canada 66.1 33.4 64 55.7 70 599 144 87 Self-Employed Programme Self-Employed Programme 1500 Spouse/dependent visa -
38 Netherlands 68.6 33.4 57 72.7 85 356 121 112 no visa Short-stay Visa 80 3 months Short-term visa -
39 France 68.7 24.6 65 44.7 66 580 148 63 no visa Short-stay Visa 60 3 months Short-term visa -
40 The United States 72.4 47.1 71 51 112 4627 192 78 B Visa B Visa 150 6 months B Visa 5000 to 10.000/year
41 New Zealand 72.9 31.9 69 54.2 88 91 127 56 Work & Holiday Visa Work & Holiday 256 12 months Visitor Visa 2400/month
42 Australia 75.3 39 73 54.5 15 1 24 0 Work and Holiday Visa Work and Holiday Visa 330 12 months Only possible with eVisitor Visa/ETA -
43 Israel 76.4 30.4 63 67.4 59 76 100 28 no visa Visitors Visa 25 3 months Visitor Visa -
44 Denmark 78.6 30.4 62 73.4 67 77 192 119 no visa Short-stay Visa 80 3 months Short-term visa -
45 Norway 88.6 30.9 81 66.5 76 84 109 128 no visa Independent contractor visa 600 24 months Family Visa 2900/month
46 Barbados 88.83 22.1 80 52.1 38 3 78 0 Barbados Welcome Stamp Barbados Welcome Stamp 1900 12 months Barbados Welcome Stamp 3900/month
47 The Bahamas 90.89 39.6 74 37.6 56 3 44 100 Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay (BEATS) Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay (BEATS) 955 12 months Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay (BEATS) -
48 Cayman Islands 103.4 75.7 96 50 17 1 27 0 Global Citizen Concierge Program Global Citizen Concierge Program 1365 24 months Global Citizen Concierge Program 7750/month
49 Switzerland 114.2 50.2 113 76.4 81 243 146 77 no visa Short-Term Stay Visa 79 3 months Short-term Visa 3000/month
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What are digital nomads?

In this ever-growing digital world, you can be online anywhere and anytime—an important foundation for digital nomadism. Both freelancers and remote employees can become digital nomads. After all, a stable internet connection and laptop is all you need. The typical career paths of digital nomads often include marketing, IT, design, media and consulting

What makes someone a digital nomad? Now that remote work has become the norm, we need to distinguish between digital nomads and home office workers. The major difference is that digital nomads are not tied to any place—similar to nomadic people, as the origins of the word suggest. Digital nomads often travel from one country to the next while continuing to pursue their professional ambitions in their home country. Digital nomadism offers people the freedom to explore the world while supporting themselves and advancing their careers—making it a great visa option for people who work from home.

H3. What information do digital nomads need to know? 

Most digital nomads work entirely via their laptops and rely on connecting with coworkers or clients online, so a stable internet connection is key. To support this, cities across the world now offer coworking spaces, which are rentable, fully equipped offices for freelancers and digital nomads. The spaces also offer a sense of community and the opportunity for networking.

Many digital nomads also seek affordable living spaces to support their adventurous lifestyle. The cost of living is important to consider before starting your digital nomad journey. Those working abroad need to cover costs for food and rent, while keeping a leftover budget to enjoy the local culture and explore the area. Those who want to stay in a foreign country for a long time typically require a visa, as opposed to those who travel for vacation. As this trend has increased, many countries have followed suit and introduced digital nomad visas to accommodate this growing need, including a wide range of countries in Europe.

Digital nomad visas: Working and living abroad

During the pandemic, tourism significantly declined in many countries. Simultaneously, the emergence of remote work skyrocketed, making it easier than ever to work from anywhere. In order to promote tourism and support local economies, some countries introduced a digital nomad visa to attract working travelers. The rationale: the spending power of long-stay digital nomads is higher than short-stay tourists. 

A digital nomad visa can give you the freedom to travel the world and follow your passions. If you dream of working during the day and visiting ancient ruins or hiking through the alps in the evening, then a digital nomad visa is for you. Remote worker visas can open doors to places you’ve only dreamed of visiting. 

It’s important to note that you may only work remotely for a company that is not based in your host country. For example, if you are traveling to Spain, you cannot work for a Spanish company with a digital nomad visa. Continue reading to find out which countries offer a special visa for digital nomads and find your perfect match. 

Digital nomad visa checklist

When applying for a digital nomad visa, you need to have a valid passport and fill out the visa application. Prepare the following documents:

  • Health insurance coverage, which is valid in your desired country
  • Employment contract from a company that is not based in the host country
  • A letter from your employer stating they permit remote work
  • Proof of income

Which countries offer visas for digital nomads?

Whether you’re looking for warm beaches and palm trees or icy tundras and mountainous landscapes, you’re bound to find a country that offers a digital nomad visa.

Find the best location to start your digital nomad journey

Have you already started packing your bags? Before you book that flight, keep reading to find out the best countries for digital nomads based on a range of important criteria:

  • Cost of living
  • Safety
  • Number of coworking spaces
  • Internet speed
  • Flexible application requirements
  • Family-friendly destinations

Digital nomad life on a budget: The most affordable countries 

If you think traveling always has to be expensive, then you need to change your mindset. Even life for digital nomads can be affordable—‌it’s even cheaper to live and work abroad, helping you save money for more adventures!

Where can you comfortably live and work on a budget?

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Columbia 23
Sri Lanka 25
Turkey 28
Bali 31
Argentina 31
Brazil 34
Malaysia 34
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The cost-of-living index tracks costs of regular expenses ranging from food, rent, healthcare and much more on a scale of 1-100. Basically, the cost-of-living index helps you determine how your income will cover basic expenses.  These countries have a cost-of-living index below 35 while the USA has an index of 72.4—that’s more than double. This means that living in one of these countries stretches your dollar, so you can spend less on the necessities and more on what you love most.

Source:, Status: 03.2023

Source: Status: 03.2023

Stay connected both on- and offline

While the cost of living is important, other factors will also play a huge role when deciding which country to live in. As a digital nomad, your Wi-Fi connection and ability to work comfortably are crucial to your success. 

Internet connection

Bad internet is a digital nomad’s biggest fear. A stable connection is vital for completing your work on time. These countries boast speedy internet connections: Denmark, Dubai, Romania, Spain and Thailand. Forget the worries of missed meetings or endless hours of downloading thanks to incredible internet speeds of 158.22–198.98 megabits per second (Mbit/s).

Source :, Status: 03.2023 

Coworking spaces

Working from home can be a joy whether it’s the time saved from no commute or the opportunity to pop in some laundry during your break. However, digital nomads might get homesick from time to time or want ways to meet new people while living in a foreign land. Coworking spaces are the perfect solution for digital nomads. Offering the comforts of modern offices, coworking spaces provide dedicated workspaces, electricity, internet access and sometimes even drinks and snacks, all included for a set price.

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Number of coworking spaces Source:, Status: 03.2023

Stay safe abroad

If you’ve never lived abroad, you might wonder just how safe it is in other countries. Whether traveling alone or with small children, choosing a country with a high level of safety will ease your mind. The safety index score for the U.S. is only 51. Consider Estonia for a digital nomad visa thanks to the high safety index score. Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Japan, Switzerland and Taiwan all have a safety index5 higher than 74—making them a safer choice for your digital nomad adventure. 

Source:, Status: 03.2023

What goes into the safety index score? Risk of pickpockets, terrorist attacks and also natural disasters all factor into the score. Women’s safety when traveling alone was also a consideration.

You should proceed with caution when choosing a country that has a low safety index score. While it doesn’t mean you should avoid these countries entirely, take certain precautions for safe travel. Argentina, the Bahamas, Brazil, Namibia and South Africa, rank the lowest on the safety index. 

Is it complicated to apply for a digital nomad visa? Not in these countries!

Requirements for digital nomad visa applications vary from country to country. These are the countries with the most flexible guidelines for digital nomads: 

  • Columbia
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia
  • Ecuador
  • Hungary

These countries make it easy for digital nomads to apply for and extend visas, granted that applicants meet basic criteria such as proof of income. NomadList  even named Croatia the “Most liked digital nomad hub” for 2023.

 Source:, Status: 03.2023

Family-friendly countries for digital nomads

Digital nomads come in all shapes and sizes—some even have families. If you’re looking to become a digital nomad but you have children, don’t worry because many countries offer family-friendly digital nomad visas. In Portugal, the digital nomad visa (D7 visa) allows for a spouse, children under 26 and even parents to join the main applicant on a D7 visa. 

Belize has the Work Where You Vacation program which offers significant benefits for digital nomads with kids. All children under 18 years old can enroll in the Belize school system so you don’t have to worry about homeschooling while living and working abroad. In order to bring your family along, you’ll need proof of employment outside of Belize with a minimum annual income of $100,000.

Special work visa agreements

hammock in the jungle

Special work visa agreements

Other popular countries such as Australia and New Zealand don’t currently offer digital nomad visas. But don’t worry—both countries have special work visa agreements, making it easier for Americans to work and travel abroad there. 

The Australian Work and Holiday Visa allows U.S. citizens between the ages of 18 to 30 to travel and work in Australia for up to 12 months.7 Applying for this special visa will give you the opportunity to fill a gap year, take an extended vacation or explore a new country in-depth. If you are a young, American digital nomad, then consider working abroad in Australia for a year.

New Zealand offers a similar visa for Americans between 18 to 30 years old. The USA Working Holiday Visa allows you to work, study and travel in New Zealand for up to 12 months.8 Keep in mind, the visa does not allow you to bring any dependents along and if you are traveling with a partner, they will have to submit a separate application.

Most popular countries amongst American digital nomads

Which countries are American digital nomads flocking to? To no surprise, warm coastal countries rank highest among American digital nomads. Whether in Europe or more tropical destinations elsewhere, Americans seek digital nomad visas in the following stunning locations: Bali, Costa Rica, Croatia, Portugal and Spain.

Have you been dying to test out your Spanish-speaking skills from your high school days? Spain is the perfect destination for those looking to improve their Spanish while enjoying all of what Europe offers. Digital nomads will fall in love with the Mediterranean climate and the relaxed lifestyle of Spain. As a country with nearly the most coworking spaces and fastest internet connections, the Spain digital nomad visa checks all the boxes. Simply book flights to Spain with Omio and let your Spanish digital nomad adventure begin.
Great waves, warm temperatures all year long and colorful cities await you in Portugal. Digital nomads will find themselves right at home thanks to the vibrant ex-pat culture and several fellow digital nomad workers living in cities like Lisbon and Porto. Compared to the U.S. cost of living at 72.4, Portugal has a much cheaper cost of living at 45.34—meaning your dollar will stretch further. This, combined with a high safety index score of 68.5, makes Portugal an attractive destination.
If your heart is calling you far from home, then a digital nomad lifestyle in Bali could be the right choice for you. The tropical and alluring destination has become increasingly more popular amongst American travelers and digital nomads alike and is one of the best countries to work remotely in. The Bali digital nomad visa is a bit more difficult to attain. However, the Visit Visa will still meet your needs for two months. This means you can travel and work for a short period while enjoying all Bali offers before hopping over to Thailand or Malaysia to continue your digital nomad trek.
Costa Rica water fall
Costa Rica
Avid outdoor enthusiasts will thrive in Costa Rica. Move from the jungle to the beach in a matter of hours and hop between river rafting to zip-lining to surfing and more! Digital nomads who seek adrenaline-packed activities will find the perfect balance in Costa Rica. Boasting one of the lengthiest digital nomad visas at a whopping 24 months, Costa Rica is the right digital nomad visa destination for those looking to put down some roots while working and traveling abroad. Start searching for flights to Costa Rica today.
Croatie Coast
If you’re looking for a European adventure slightly off the beaten path, then the Croatia digital nomad visa is right for you. Sitting in the Balkan Peninsula, Croatia provides a unique combination of eastern European lifestyle with quintessential European charm, crystal-clear water and mouth-watering local cuisine. Croatia is a hit among American digital nomads looking to travel throughout Europe thanks to a high safety index score and a 12-month digital nomad visa period.

Omio on Workation

As employees of Omio, a travel company, we naturally don’t miss the opportunity to get a taste of the digital nomad experience by combining work with vacation. In her article on workation, our colleague Nora explains the best way to enjoy this experience. Read more about Stephie’s trip to Madeira and what to expect in our Madeira guide. So set sail and let’s go!


Emily McDonnell

Corporate Communication Manager

1 year, Aljezur, Portugal

Sitting on a terrace overlooking the crashing waves of the Atlantic, sipping orange juice made from oranges picked from your own, temporary garden as you answer emails hits differently! Working from anywhere helps me refuel my creativity and think differently about strategic problems I’m facing in my role.


Alan Shorrick

Head of ERP & Workplace IT

Haifa, Israel

I rented an apartment in the hills above Haifa, Israel whilst the Covid restrictions were being lifted. The joy of people being able to meet again was palpable, along with a hint of uncertainty. I had the privilege of watching a city re-establish itself as a community, one that welcomed me as a long term visitor, living life alongside the locals.

Nicholas Hirst

Nicholas Hirst

Senior Vendor Manager

5 weeks, Rhodes, Greece

There are many reasons why I love to work remotely: My yearn to embrace different cultures, try new foods, and to see different landscapes. But ultimately what I get out of it is throwing myself into the local community. Remote working allows you to not just travel somewhere, but to live and get a brief snapshot of a different world.

Stepanie Schlanert

Stephanie Schlanert

Senior Online Marketing Manager

3 months, Madeira, Portugal

Even the way to the supermarket past the maracuja trees and the constant view of the sea at Madeira were a great change from the grey Berlin winter. It’s nice to close the laptop and go for a hike, take a plunge into the sea or go on smaller excursions and slowly get to know the island.