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For travel lovers, one of the best parts of jet-setting is the unforgettable memories that a journey creates. To make sure your trip is successful, one thing is vital: preparation. Where you go, how you get there, what you might find, and how much it will cost are important questions that often come up when planning a getaway. That’s why we at Omio strive to provide you with the latest facts, figures, trends and tips no matter where you want to travel. On this page you will find an overview of key topics that will help you plan your next trip. Plus, we’ve got lots of travel inspiration – maybe you’ll even find the trip of your dreams!

Planes, trains, and bus – find the best travel options for your journey

There’s an ancient Chinese proverb (recently made famous by Steve Jobs) which rings true in daily life as it does in travel: “The journey is the reward”. We at Omio couldn’t agree more! So, to help you maximize your journey and make it as rewarding as the destination, we’ve compared all the travel options no matter where you want to go. Travel by train, plane or bus and make your journey rewarding with Omio.


Die besten Flughäfen Europas
The Most Convenient European Capital Airports
Flying might make the world seem smaller but traveling by plane still comes with its stresses. A customer-friendly airport can offer great relief for travelers, especially when airports are readily equipped to make the waiting time between flights as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.
Omio Travel Trends Europe
How the pandemic changed travel
As we become accustomed to a new normal following the outbreak of the global pandemic in 2020, we wanted to take a look at our data in order to assess the role of travel in an altered world and to see how travel habits have shifted. Omio is in a unique position to do so, as we sell tickets for trains, buses, flights and ferries in 37 different countries.
Student illustration
Breaking Barriers: Analyzing Accessibility in 16 European Railway Nations
Rail travel is favored in Europe thanks to the efficiency of its train systems, its extensive network, and the scenic routes. It can provide a comfortable and unique way to explore diverse landscapes and countries – offering an immersive travel experience that is convenient and environmentally friendly, while connecting a range of destinations from major cities to charming towns.
Die besten Flughäfen Europas
The Best Sleeper Train Routes in Europe
Falling asleep in one place and waking up in your destination sounds like an absolute dream and is definitely something that appeals to many of us. Taking you from A to B without the faff of other types of transport, sleeper trains in Europe are unrivaled in their convenience and easiness. So, sit back and enjoy the view before heading off for a good night’s sleep with our list of the best European sleeper trains.
Illustration sleeper train
Trains vs Flights
To make sure you’re as prepared as possible for your summer holiday in 2023, we’ve taken a look at your favourite travel routes and analysed them: Where do you get to your destination quicker by bus and train than by plane?

The cheapest, best and most popular travel destinations

Are you looking for inspiration for new travel destinations? Are you on a tight budget or want to travel in a particularly sustainable way? Find exciting trends and carefully researched tips to help you tailor your trip and ensure a memorable adventure! 

Sea with a city in the background
Best Beaches in the US
The United States has some of the best beaches in the world, but not all coastlines are born equal. Many things define what makes the perfect beach. For our study, we’ve included warm weather, cheap ice cream, affordable restaurant drinks, and popularity.
Illustration of the world’s most popular filming locations
The Film Map: Filming Locations of the World’s Most Popular Movies and Series
Who hasn’t experienced this: watching a film or series, you’re captivated by the set, the panorama, or the location of a particular scene. Often, it crosses your mind, “I’d love to visit there one day!”. But where are these filming locations? Are there any famous sites near me?
Generation Z lifestyle
Gen-Z Travel Ranking: Must-See Places for Generation Z
The era of the Gen-Z globetrotter is well underway! To these young explorers, travelling is more than just sightseeing. The best travel destinations are places that cater to post-modern values, offer big events, but don’t cost an arm and a leg.
Illustration of a skiing resort
Best Ski Resorts in the World
Every year, winter-sports enthusiasts will be taking to the slopes once again – and it’s easy to understand why. Nothing beats the rush of cold air and the surge of adrenaline as you zip down the side of a mountain.
Best views illustration
Best and Most Affordable Observation Decks
At Omio, we strive to help our customers find affordable experiences and travel well, even on a budget. Therefore, we conducted a study to identify the world’s best observation decks that offer the best views for the best price.

Travel highlights and top destinations

Every country in the world offers its own unique charm and set of extraordinary highlights. At Omio, we have compiled a selection of travel ideas, including top sights, for countries across the globe – plus we’re constantly adding to the list. Let yourself be inspired! Who knows, maybe your new favorite destination is a place you’ve never heard of before.