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Omio Launches Plugin For ChatGPT To Help Travellers Plan Seamless Travel

  • All ChatGPT-4 users can enable the Omio plugin, and search and compare travel across all modes from one side of the world to the other
  • The plugin, now available in the ChatGPT plugin store, is the first to allow users access to information across all modes of transport globally, and makes it easier and more intuitive for travellers to plan their next trip
  • Users can query ChatGPT for the cheapest and fastest travel, before being redirected to Omio where they can book

Berlin, 3 August 2023: Omio, the world’s leading booking platform for ground transport, is happy to announce the launch of its plugin for ChatGPT, which empowers users to query OpenAI’s technology, in conversational form, the best way for them to travel, with the platform returning real-time data from Omio’s extensive inventory of bookable tickets. Omio’s plugin is the first of its kind by a ground transportation provider and allows users to search and compare travel across trains, buses, flights and ferries.

Commenting on the launch, Tomas Vocetka, Omio’s Chief Technology Officer stated: “In the past two years, our tech team has developed the Omio API extensively, and we are thrilled to be able to apply it within the OpenAI world, bringing a further innovation in the travel technology sector. Users of ChatGPT now have access to Omio’s inventory of over 1000 transport providers, and can ask ChatGPT questions they would have historically asked a travel agent about their travel arrangements. We are proud to digitalise the industry.”

“Our vision as a company is to empower billions of people to travel anywhere at any time, and the launch of the Omio plugin for ChatGPT acts as a bold step in achieving this,” Vocetka continues. “We are giving new consumers globally the opportunity to search for, compare and book travel on their terms. Consumer-centric innovation is at the heart of all our decision-making, and we are excited for travellers to be able to ask ChatGPT for the fastest trip by train or for the cheapest way they can travel with their family in peak season, knowing that they will get quality results from the Omio platform.”

The strategic decision to deploy this technology on ChatGPT itself, rather than on Omio’s own platform, ladders to our mission of making travel more consumer-centric, accessible and seamless. An additional benefit is that OpenAI users can add additional plugins to their profile, allowing them to query ChatGPT on entire trip bookings, from activities to restaurants, as well as on just the travel booking itself.

The Omio plugin is available in the ChatGPT plugin store now.