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Global travel platform Omio to sell tickets for the European Sleeper night train

European Sleeper cabin

Travellers can now seamlessly book the “Good Night Train” connection between Brussels and Berlin

European Sleeper, the Belgian-Dutch railway company run as a cooperative, first introduced their connection between Berlin and Brussel in May 2023, promising to put night train travel back on the map. Since late last year, Omio, the leading multimodal travel platform, supports this mission by selling European Sleeper tickets as one of the first independent ticketing platforms. Travellers can now book any of the three cabin types – sleepers, couchettes or seats – as seamlessly as they would any other ticket on Omio, adding another attractive routing option to the global network already available on the site. Omio brings together data on trains, buses, planes and ferries, all in one platform, to make planning, comparing and booking travel easy across all modes of transport. 

While night trains have long had their place in popular culture – think “Murder on the Orient Express” – it’s climate-conscious travellers seeking alternatives to short-haul air travel that are responsible for a resurgence in overnight railway travel. Compared to flying the same route, taking a train can save up to three times the amount of CO2 being emitted. Between 2020 and 2023, the number of European night train connections more than doubled from 90 to over 200, but demand still far exceeds supply. The ÖBB Nightjets, connecting sought-after city destinations within Europe and are also bookable on Omio, have transported 1.5 million travellers in 2022 alone and are often fully booked weeks in advance. Currently, the European Sleeper connects Brussels and Berlin with a stop in Amsterdam twice a week – and plans to add an extension to the Czech Capital Prague come March of this year.

It is Omio’s mission to seamlessly connect the world by showing travellers all options they have to get from a to b – which includes making travel more sustainable. Says Veronica Diquattro, President B2C & Supply Europe at Omio: “In order to reach ambitious climate targets, it’s crucial to shift from individual and less sustainable modes of transport like cars to more sustainable options. Night trains can be a great piece in this puzzle. Our goal has always been to empower travellers to make conscious choices, making this partnership between European Sleeper and Omio a natural fit. Together, we’re accelerating the shift towards sustainable transport options, with a clear focus on boosting night train travel all across Europe.”

Adds Chris Engelsman, Co-Founder of European Sleeper: “We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Omio, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards transforming night train travel. This collaboration opens up an additional ticket distribution channel, making it easier and more accessible for travelers to embark on night train travel.”

European Sleeper is the latest addition to a long list of partners for the Omio group which saw the addition of Finnish national railway VR added in November 2023, making Omio the first multimodal travel platform in Scandinavia. Worldwide, Omio connects more than 1000 transport providers in 37 countries so that millions of travellers are empowered to find the trip they are looking for.