Decisions, decisions: Which éclair will you choose first? Credit: Kari Rosenfeld

Reel Stories: Canal Berlin’s Picture-Perfect, Handmade Éclairs

We go behind the scenes to discover how two engineering students from Venezuela started Berlin’s go-to éclair spot

by Lisa Davidsson Weiertz

“Reel Stories” explores the people and passion behind the posts we see on social media. In our inaugural episode, we follow the sweet journey of Daniella Barriobero Canal and Lupe Eichner, partners in business and life, who met as engineering students in Venezuela and now run Canal Berlin, a successful éclair shop in the German Capital

The duo initially launched an ice cream parlor in 2018 but éclairs soon became their passion. Now they run two sleek Mitte locations in Germany’s capital making the “world’s best éclairs.” 


“When you bite into our éclairs, it’s all about the experience, the moment of surprise,” says Barriobero Canal. 

From Italian nuts to organic milk, the duo perfected the perfect éclair recipe, from managing temperamental pâte à choux dough to the delicate piping technique that makes people line up around the block for a bite. Canal Berlin has become the spot in Berlin to see and be seen with the delicate handmade pastries. Is your mouth watering yet? Well, what are you waiting for?