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Bus Information between Salerno and Bari

distanceDistance112 miles (181 km)
changesDirect busYes

Buses from Salerno to Bari cover the 112 miles (181 km) long route with our travel partners like. There are direct bus services available.

Buses from Salerno to Bari

Being small to medium-sized towns in Italy, Salerno and Bari have quite a few buses per day that travel between these two destinations. There are normally about 12 to 15 daily buses from Salerno to Bari during weekdays and Saturdays, and about 10 buses available on Sundays. Each hour, you will find that you have the choice of about three to four buses, while the weekly rate is about 100 buses. If you are taking a bus from Salerno to Bari, you will have the option of a direct bus or a transfer at some stop in between. The most common stops you will come across are Benevento, Salerno, and Stazione di Taranto.


How long is the journey by bus from Salerno to Bari?

The distance from Salerno to Bari is approximately 152 miles (245.9 km) by road. Your journey will be, on average, 4h 30min direct and anywhere from 5h 15min to 7h 15min with transfers. Direct buses mean that you do not have to change buses at any point during the journey. Generally, direct buses are cheaper than indirect buses and can be from 25% to 50% less pricey.


How many buses are there from Salerno to Bari?

There are about 15 buses from Salerno to Bari on a daily basis. On a weekly basis, you will find that there will be about 90 to 100 buses. The bus you decide to take will determine the number of stops you need to make, the length of time the journey will take, and the cost of the journey. During the summer, travel between Salerno to Bari is quite popular, and to find the best price, it would be prudent to book your trip well in advance. The earliest bus is at approximately 6 a.m. and the latest at about 3:40 p.m.


What are the departure and arrival stations for buses from Salerno to Bari?

Departure bus station: Although Salerno is a relatively small city, there are still a few departure stations to choose from when choosing your route. The departure stations are Salerno Via Vinciprova, Salerno Irno, and Salerno Piazza Montepellier. To get to Via Vinciprova, you can take a Public Bus 10, 27, 8, SITA, Train R or Metro M. The only way to get to Irno from your location would be with a Bus 10, 11, 27, SITA, Train R, or Metro L2, M. To plan your journey to the Piazza Montepellier bus station, you would need to take Public Bus 10, 27, 8, SITA, Train R, or Metro M. It is important to be at the bus station about 30min to 45min in advance in case of extraneous circumstances. All three of these bus stations offer public restrooms, places to purchase food and drinks, and access to Wi-Fi for all potential passengers.

Arrival bus station: When arriving to Bari, you will arrive at Bari Via Capruzzi, Bari Centrale, Bari Aeroporto di Bari-Karol Wojtyla, Bari Stazione Via Capruzzi, or Bari Lungomare Imp. Augusto. To get to Via Capruzzi and Centrale bus station, the public buses 01, 12, 13, 16, train FR1, FR2, Metro FM1, FM2, and light rail R will be able to take you. To get to Stazione Via Capruzzi, you can take Public Bus 04, 16, 19, 20, and Train FR1, FR2, Metro FM2, and Light Rail R. The bus station you arrive at will be dependent on the bus you decide to leave from in Salerno. The public transportation will not be costly and depending on the convenience and your choice, the overall journey time will be affected. While at the arriving bus stations, you will be provided with public restrooms, refreshments with payment, and Wi-Fi.


Which bus companies travel from Salerno to Bari?

There are a few companies that can take you from Salerno to Bari, and the bus company you choose will affect the changes you have, the time, the price, and whether it will be direct or indirect. The bus companies that can take you from Salerno to Bari are Sita and Trenitalia. These bus companies serve all of Italy. All three of these bus companies, Sita, Trenitalia, Miccolis, offers direct buses from Salerno to Bari.


Sita Salerno to Bari

Out of the three, Sita offers the least amount of buses per day from Salerno to Bari, which averages about two, and about 11-12 per week. The buses with Sita are always direct from Salerno to Bari. Sita is also the least costly of the three options with buses about 15% to 30% cheaper and normally leaves in the morning at around 6:00 a.m. The company’s schedule is almost the same during the week except for Sunday, which is two buses at about 6:00 a.m. each morning. During holidays, fewer buses may be offered as that is expected during the slow down. The journey with Sita is always direct, and there is no worry to transfer or change buses on your trip to Bari. With Sita, you will not stop in additional cities, and it will take you directly. This journey, from Salerno to Bari, will take you on average 4h 30min. The tickets you receive cannot be refunded or exchanged and is only valid for the chosen bus, so it is important to do your research before deciding. With Sita, have no choice but to arrive at Via Vinciprova, Bari, so you must plan your transportation from there.


Trenitalia Salerno to Bari

Trenitalia, from Salerno to Bari, offers buses with one transfer or two transfer. There are buses available all day from approximately 7:00 a.m. in the morning to about 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. The buses which are offered in the early morning at 7:00 a.m. are one transfer and the ones in the late morning and afternoon are two transfer. This option is frequently more expensive than the Sita option and can be up to 30% more expensive. The bus schedule is pretty constant throughout the week with some minor changes on Sunday. During the holidays, there may be changes and slowdowns as is expected. The journey with Trentalia from Salerno to Bari by bus can take anywhere from 5h 15min to 5h 45min. You will only be able to arrive in Centrale with Trenitalia but you will have the option of leaving from Irno or Via Vernieri.


Salerno to Bari: Services on Board

Both Sita and Trenitalia offer many services onboard their buses from Salerno to Bari. They offer luggage storage in the bottom area under the passenger seating. There is Wi-Fi available as well, but you will need to login and connect to the Sita and Trenitalia networks before accessing. Both pets and bikes are allowed on Trenitalia, however, they need to fit the requirements allowed on the buses. You will also want to reserve a spot for your pet in advance. If you or someone you know has a disability and they are traveling, you should contact Sita or Trenitalia in advance so that an employee can help with storing luggage, boarding, and disembarking. In the front, there are special seats for those with disabilities and limited mobility.

Travel Tips

Buses from Salerno to Bari
Take the bus to Bari easily. Whether you want fast, cheap or something entirely different, our travel experts have collected everything you need to know so you can find the best option from Salerno to Bari.
What is the distance from Salerno to Bari by bus?
You should expect to travel around 112 miles (181 km)  from Salerno to Bari by bus.