Traveling is a part of life- whether you are visiting another city, going to the beach in the summer, skiing in winter, on your honeymoon or are taking the backpacking trip of your dreams. Everyone likes to explore new places. Just as unique as each individual, travel preferences and the way we rely on technology while traveling vary greatly.  

How exactly does technology, such as smartphones and tablets, influence our trips? In order to answer this question, we asked several travel bloggers, ranging from digital natives, to fitness freaks to slow travelers. Their answers are based on panel discussions that took place during Social to Media Week 2017 in Hamburg, Germany. Here is what they had to say.

With your trusty backpack around the world

Just buy a ticket and the world is your oyster. Don’t plan where you are going to sleep, where you are going to go, and when the journey will end. Just go and see what happens. At least, that is how most people image backpacking.

People who backpack through lands far and wide are often viewed as carefree and spontaneous. Although not always true, this is definitely the case with Carla who views her backpack freedom. Her blog tells detailed accounts of her backpacking adventures. Several of her personal backpacking stories, do indeed confirm many of the stereotypes of going where the wind takes you.

The question arises, how can technology influence easy-going travelers such as Carla? According to her, “I prefer to travel with a classic travel guide that has everything that I want to see inside. I color code the guide according to priority.” However, she would never travel without her phone. She prefers to have all of her tickets saved to her smartphone so that everything is in one place.

Discover new continents at any age

Traveling isn’t just something for 20-something-year-olds. There is a desire inside everyone to explore, regardless of age! How does travel change with age? Andrea from prefers to go to off-the-beaten-trail locations removed from tourist and vacation hotspots. She uses her blog to focus on providing travel inspiration, opposed to tips. Before going on a trip, she doesn’t try to plan everything to the t. Instead, Andrea focuses on planning out how she can reach her destination, and figuring out if there are any interesting things to see along the way. Internet access is a very important factor for her trips. She can’t imagine traveling without technology!


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Relax on vacation and get outside  

Everyone wants to get in shape and stay healthy while traveling. Kara from shows on her blog how you can stay on track while traveling. Due to the fact that she mainly travels for business, she always has her smartphone with her. Her phone isn’t just her way to take great pictures and jot down ideas for her blog, but also stores all of her mobile tickets. Keeping all of her travel tickets and itineraries in her phone allows her to make sure that she doesn’t lose anything. Also, thanks to technology, she is more careful, buys last minutes tickets, and doesn’t worry about how she will get from a to b. When the Austrian blogger isn’t jet-setting, she enjoys putting her phone away and spending some quality time with her family and friends.  

Solo travel to remote locations

Traveling alone as a woman is becoming more and more popular. What are the things that you need to watch out for? Is it dangerous? Can I really do all of this alone? Lots of questions face female solo travels before even booking the trip. Be sure to first read out five female solo travel tips and expert advice before you get overwhelmed.

Yun from is fascinated with female solo travel and uses her blog to express what it is like to travel alone as a woman. Her trips are often to places far and wide, crossing borders and cultures. Technology is a vital aspect of Yun’s travels. She limits her internet usage to free wifi to make sure that she doesn’t spend too much time on her phone instead of soaking up her new environment.

Different ways to travel

Over time, traveling has become much more focused on the individual just like technology. The advantages of traveling alone are the independence, the freedom to explore what you want when you want, and the ability to cater your plans solely around your interests. Technology plays an important role in specializing travel plans and empowering people to stay connected while traveling alone to uncharted territory.  

New technology continues to play a larger role in the travel scene. The ability to individually plan your trip and has led to travel trends such as solo female travel. Travelers want to have access to all information about a destination, including their tickets, maps, camera, and travel guide. Now you can focus more on traveling, and less on planning and carrying a million devices and important documents. The future of travel after the mobile revolution is relying on your smartphone for everything you need, including most importantly your tickets. Chill out, discover a new place and enjoy! Oh and don’t forget to bring a phone charger.

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