As the temperature begins its steady ascent into double digits we can’t help but long to skip ahead of the season and dive right into summer. But oh where to go? No worries, we’ve put together a list of destinations including street parties, a fabulous film festival and some casual cheese-rolling. Enjoy!

7. Berlin, Germany


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Average temperature: 19°C

What’s on: May 1st is just around corner and Berliners are ready to celebrate! This special occasion cause for a massive street party in the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg. Where you’ll find live music stages, DJ’s playing everywhere you look, dancing, locals selling homemade food, making it the best day to be in Berlin!

How to get there: Berlin has two international airports, Schönefeld airport and Tegel airport, each serve direct flights to and from the UK. Check out the best way to get you there, here.

6. Helsinki, Finland


Average temperature: 15°C

What’s on: If you’re looking for a May Day celebration with more of laid-back vibe then we recommend heading off to Helsinki! Enjoy tranquil picnics, traditional street food and a taste of the Finnish culture. Join locals on the steps of the monumental cathedral (pictured above) and welcome the return of summer, warmer weather and longer days.

How to get there: Helsinki-Vantaa is the closest airport to the centre of Helsinki with direct flights to and from the UK. Start planning your Scandinavian escape here.

5. Venice, Italy


Average temperature: 17°C

What’s on: Venice in the spring, when could be a better time to go? You beat the crowds of the high season, the accommodation prices are lower but the temperatures are high! But as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world it needs a spot of pre-holiday planning, check out these insider tips before you jet off!

How to get there: Venice has two international airports, Venice Marco Polo and Treviso both offer low-cost return flights from the UK. Take the leap and start planning your trip here.

4. El Rocío (Andalucia), Spain


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Average temperature: 20°C

What’s on: This Andulician town may look like a scene from the wild west but El Rocío has cult status when it comes to the El Rocío pilgrimage.

May is an important time for El Rocío as the town comes to life with Pentecost celebrations taking place on Monday the 15th. Popular among the religious, but also those who enjoy hiking and throwing themselves deep into ethnographical culture.

How to get there: The quickest way to get to El Rocío is by flying into Seville airport. Although many flight routes include a transfer you can book a direct flight from London Gatwick to Seville.

3. Cannes, France


Average temperature: 16°C

What’s on: The famous Cannes Film Festival takes place 11th – 22nd of May of this year. Although seeing the stars come out to play may be a good reason to go, we believe it’s the endless coastline, beautiful beaches and rustic charm of Cannes that makes it truly worth visiting.

Our advice? Head to Cannes at the end of the month to get more from your experience with fewer crowds and pay less for accommodation. Check out more insider tips here.

How to get there: The most efficient way to arrive in Cannes, is to fly direct into Nice airport. From there you can take a train or bus from Nice to Cannes.

2. Cooper’s Hill, Brockworth, England


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Average temperature: 15°C

What’s on: Have you ever wanted to risk your life for a wheel of cheese? If so, simply show up on the day and present yourself to the organisers and boom! You’re in the race! But it’s worth checking out this event on May 30th as the atmosphere is electric and a fun day out!

How to get there: The easiest way to get to the famous cheese-rolling event is by catching a coach or a bus to Gloucester and from there you can grab a connecting bus to the event itself.

1. Rome, Italy


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Average temperature: 21°C

What’s on: An ancient city, a historic hub and the epicentre of everything Italian. You don’t need much of a reason to visit Rome, with low-cost return flights from major UK airports it’s completely possible to make Rome a day trip! Don’t believe us? Check out what you can do with 1 day in Rome.

How to get there: Rome has two international airports, Rome Fiumicino and Rome Ciampino both have good connections to the city centre and offer direct flights from the UK.

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