An ancient landscape made up of a spectrum of 40 shades of green, littered with prehistoric ruins, dotted with castles and filled to the brim with personality, Ireland attracts visitors from all over the world.

Although many of us opt for a stop-over weekend in Dublin, it’s Ireland Wild Atlantic Way which has become a must-do trip on everyone’s bucketlist!

How to get to the west of Ireland? With three major airports in Ireland (Dublin, Cork and Shannon), getting to the rural parts of the country isn’t as hard as you would think with daily direct flights from the U.S.

11. Take in the beauty of Westport, Co.Mayo


The town of Westport lies on an inlet of Clew Bay, on the west coast of the country. Here you’ll find arguably some of the best fresh oysters on Earth, sandy beaches and your first taste of the Atlantic Ocean.

10. Give Croagh Patrick a go while you’re there



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Known locally as the ‘The Reek’ and globally as ‘Ireland’s holiest mountain’, it has attracted everyone from mountaineers, pilgrims, and outdoor lovers! Not much is need to ascend the mountain, just sturdy footwear, and a rain jacket!

How long does it take? The climb to the top takes around 2 hour and half hours, but the view from the top (pictured above) extends over the Atlantic and the Irish country and is well worth the hike.

19. Have a gander around the Aillwee Caves


Inside you’ll find a peculiar array of rock formations, outside you’ll find the ‘Birds of Prey’ conservation. Where you can see the Red Kite, White-Tailed Eagle and Golden Eagle, the perfect activity for families!

8. The Burren, Co.Clare


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Check out the rare Karst landscape of the Burren, this 97m2 area consists of ancient tombs, contains rare flora and fauna only found in this part of the world, and with rugged coastline, it’s a rock-climbers dream!

7. Visit the gem that is Galway City


Although the bright lights of Dublin snag the majority of nightlife lovers, Galway holds the crown for the best nightlife in Ireland.

Go from the sounds of traditional music, to locals pubs and nightclubs, meeting friendly faces at each stop along the way, and dance your heart out to Galway girl!

6. Make a pitstop on one of the Aran Islands


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Hop on a ferry from Galway City to any of the three Aran Islands, there you’ll uncover the life of tranquility among the sense of wilderness from these islands on the edge of the Atlantic ocean.

5. Explore Connemara



If you can’t get enough of the rough Irish landscape dive into the Gaeltacht in Connemara! The ‘Gaeltacht’ is a designated Irish-speaking zone, therefore the best place to pick up some Irish!

4. Peer over the Cliffs of Moher


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Thrill-seekers, nature admirers, and landscape photographers flock from all over the globe just to peer off the edge of the Cliffs of Moher, as there’s very little to stop you doing so. You can get down on your belly and crawl until your head is facing down to the Atlantic Ocean below you 702 feet. Eek!

3. Adore the houses of Adare


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Adare is popular among visitors for its abundant cuteness. Lining the main street of the town are cosy thatched-roof cottages built back in 1880’s. In the town, you’ll also find a lovely array of craft shops and yummy bakeries!

2. Kiss the Blarney Stone (of course)


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What’s a trip to Ireland without kissing the Blarney stone? Make your way to the top of the castle, be prepared to be held over the ledge while you pucker up and receive the gift of the gob!

1. Fall in love with Killarney


The town of Killarney lies on the base of the Ring of Kerry, often described as one of the most beautiful places in the world. The streets are aligned with cosy traditional pubs, local craft shops with horse and carriages clip-clopping their way through the town!

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