Have you ever wondered what the penalties are for breaking the law in other countries? Much like the United States, there is a disparity across European countries when it comes to public offenses and penalty fines. For those planning their travels across the continent, researching local customs and appropriate behavior in the visiting country is always wise.

GoEuro teamed up with money-saving website Couponbox.com to analyze monetary penalties across 18 European cities for offenses including drinking alcohol in the street, smoking in a restricted area, being drunk and disorderly, taking public transport without a ticket and urinating in public.

European Fine Comparisons

Comparing common public offenses to the other top 18 European cities, Reykjavik only sets fines for smoking in a restricted area and urinating in public – both at a total of $78. Travellers however better be mindful of the saying ‘when in Rome’ this summer to avoid the toughest penalties in Europe for public order offenses, which can reach up to $12,300!



All set for your Eurotrip?

The infographic above shows how there is a disparity across cities for public offense penalties, revealing the different attitudes these European cities have towards anti-social behavior. At the end of the day however, we suggest it is always best to avoid the penalty fines anti-social behavior altogether, and save the money on another day’s stay in one of these top European cities!

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