Munich’s Oktoberfest is the world’s largest and most popular Volksfest. This year marks the 184th year celebration of this popular Bavarian festival. Luckily, you don’t have to be in Munich to join in on the fun! We have found the 3 best cities in Germany (other than Munich) and the 10 best cities in greater Europe to celebrate Oktoberfest 2017. Prost!

Oktoberfest 2017 in Germany

Several cities in Germany celebrate the beginning of Fall with each location offering something unique. Find the best city to participate in the folks festivities based on your interests.

Find out what all the hype is about and experience the real deal… Oktoberfest, Munich (Germany)

Starting with the original, let’s be honest, nothing beats Oktoberfest in Munich. This folks festival is known throughout the world for a reason! Munich’s Oktoberfest is the archetype, drawing in millions of visitors annually. Oktoberfest is held on the official grounds of Theresienwiese. Countless steins of beer are consumed, along with plenty of hearty German cuisine. Be sure to check out fun rides and entertainment while there.

    • Where? Theresienwiese, Munich
    • When? September 16. – October 03. 2017


Southern charm without the crowds…
Cannstatter Volksfest, Stuttgart 

Interested in celebrating Oktoberfest in southern Germany but want to avoid the crowds? Go to the spacious Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart. This beautiful festival is situated along the Neckar River, complete with numerous fairground rides and attractions. One highlight is the big hot air balloon race, and spectacular closing fireworks show!

    • Where? Cannstatter Wasen, Stuttgart
    • When? September 22. – October 08.2017

All sides of Germany in one place…
Spreewiesn, Berlin 

Starting on September 16th, Berlin – The least Bavarian German state of them all, indeed takes on another personality! It isn’t everyday that you see typical icons of Oktoberfest in Germany’s alternative capital. Embrace the presence of pretzels, weiss beer, and tasty roast chicken in the Spreewiesen Hut. This cottage is from Munich’s own Oktoberfest and adds a Bavarian flair to the festivities, along with delicious food, great music, and lots and lots of beer!

    • Where? Postbahnhof (next to Ostbahnhof station), Berlin
    • When? September 16. – October 27.2017 (not open everyday)

Get into the tents without the entrance fee and reservations… Wandsbeker Wiesn, Hamburg (Germany)

Who knew, but even in northern Germany you can attend Oktoberfest?! Just east of Hamburg’s old city is a big celebration at the Wandsbeker festival. With lots of people and a great atmosphere, this festival is in authentic bavarian style except for one thing: the entrance fee. The practice of charging an entrance fee, got lost somewhere along the almost 800 km (almost 500 miles) trip from Munich.

    • Where? Wandsbeker Marktstraße, Hamburg
    • When? September 15. – October 02.2017

Other Oktoberfest Festivals in Europe: From Madrid to Stockholm


You don’t have to be in Germany to whip out your lederhosen or dirndl and celebrate Oktoberfest. Find the top 10 cities throughout Europe where you can participate in exported versions of Munich’s favorite party.

Bavarian weekend takeover in central Spain…
Oktoberfest, Madrid (Spain)

This year marks the fourth ever  “La Oktoberfest” in Madrid. Expect to find your favorite bavarian dishes, and it goes without saying, German beer! This festival has become very popular, and a table reservation is highly recommended.

    • Where? WiZink Center, Madrid
    • When? October 05. – 07.2017

A stein in your hand and the sand under your toes…
Oktoberfest Calella, Barcelona (Spain)

Ever dream of a beach edition of Oktoberfest? Look no further! Calella is a popular seaside resort situated near Barcelona. Apart from a dreamy beachside location, Oktoberfest in Calella has great music! The three week folks festive boasts over 3000 musicians.

  • Where? Beach of Calella, Barcelona
  • When? September 30. – October 21. 2017

German music set to a romantic backdrop…
Oktoberfest, Paris (France)

Oktoberfest fever has also reached Germany’s western neighbors. Paris expects hundreds of thousands of visitors this year for the celebration. The main festival tent can hold over 1500 visitors and is complete with live Bavarian folks music. Enjoy your beer in style with a French twist on the Seine River.

    • Where? Paris Event Center, Paris
    • When? October 05. – 14.2017

Relaxed mediterranean atmosphere meets Bavarian tradition…
Oktoberfest, Marseille (France)

An ice cold weiss beer on the Gulf of Lion? Um, yes please! Just like in Paris, Marseille hosts live German bands, blissfully mixing Bavarian and mediterranean culture.

    • Where? Parc Chanot – Palais de la Méditerranée, Marseille
    • When? October 26. – November 04. 2017


A family affair where you can bring your dog…
Oktoberfest, Genoa (Italy)

The oldest Oktoberfest celebration in Italy is held in Genoa. This celebration is ideal for families and even has several kids events. Not to mention, this festival offers a paradise for your canine friends with  “Dogtoberfest” with mini games for dogs and information sessions for children to pet dogs and learn about how to approach them.

    • Where? Piazza della Vittoria, Genoa
    • When? September 07. – 24.2017

A crazy time with a chance of rain…
Oktoberfest, London (United Kingdom)

Let’s hop over to the British Isles. London is known for being remarkably international, thus it is no surprise that the British are keen to take part  in the Bavarian fun! Several festivals are held throughout the city, and the biggest is in Millwall Park. An astonishing 50,000 visitors are expected to enjoy the traditional music. Don’t miss your chance to see your favorite British lads and lasses all dressed up in traditional Oktoberfest garments.

    • Where? Millwall Park, Canary Wharf, London
    • Where? September 28. – October 24. 2017

Mid-October party shenanigans…
Oktoberfest, Manchester 
(United Kingdom)

Munich and Manchester are both well-known for their great soccer teams and …. who know… but also for Oktoberfest. Torn between the two festivals? You’re in luck, the party starts in on Wednesday, smack dab in the middle of October! That means you can go to both to Munich’s original party as well as this northern English remake.

    • Where? Albert Square, Manchester
    • When? October 18. – 22. 2017

Late October weekend escape…
Oktoberfest, Glasgow (United Kingdom)

Our last recommendation in the United Kingdom is in Scotland’s Glasgow. Scots have been celebrating Oktoberfest since 2013 in Green Park. The party includes the usual suspects of beer tents, Bavarian colors, and everything else that belongs to a proper folks fest.

    • Where? Green Park, Glasgow
    • When? October 21. – 25. 2017

Relaxing atmosphere in a 15th century brewery…
Oktoberfest, Gdansk (Poland)

For Oktoberfest fans that want to celebrate in a more relaxing environment Oktoberfest in Gdansk is for you! The Brovarnia brewery is an ideal and historic location, beautifully decorated with real Bavarian flair! Not to mention, this is a great location if you aren’t a big fan of traditional German beer. We will turn a blind eye if you opt out for some local brew 😉

    • Where? Brovarnia Gdańsk, Gdańsk
    • When? September 27. – October 27.2017

For the fashion inclined…
Oktoberfest, Stockholm (Sweden)

Over 2,000 visitors are expected to attend Stockholm’s Oktoberfest. Don’t expect just any visitors though! The festival highly recommends dressing up and even offers costume rental. Plus, don’t miss the highly anticipated authentic “Heidi-Models” that are  also promised to attend!

    • Where? Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm
    • When? August 31. – September 09. 2017


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