When you think Valentine’s Day, you think love and when you think love, Italy generally comes to mind. So, because you don’t need any further convincing of the conventional kind, here are 7 slightly irregular reasons Italy, our favourite land of love, is the destination to be this Valentine’s Day.

It’s home to the lovers above all others, aka Romeo & Juliet

Who doesn’t aspire to be like the world’s most melodramatic teenage lovers? And also Verona is beautiful even in February.

Verona Juliet

You can even visit the balcony that inspired Shakespeare and write a love note at Juliet’s statue

Florence Syndrome is a thing

Look out for a few swoons at the likes of Michelangelo’s David come Valentine’s Day. Florence Syndrome entails hallucinations, dizziness and fainting when people are exposed to great pieces of art of personal significance.

Florence, David

Try to hold it together when seeing David up close

Fashion… darling

If you’re single and ready to throw all caution (and money) to the wind then Milan is the place to indulge in a bit of self-love, of the Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton kind.


Milan is the shopping capital of the world, plus the shopping malls are so magnificent they alone will put you in a swoon

It’s the stomping ground of Saint Valentine

Officially known as Saint Valentino of Rome, it would pretty much be an insult not to visit him on his special day.

St Valentine Rome

Although it might seem a little creepy at first, true lovers can even make a pilgrimage to the skull of St. Valentine in Rome.

Italians fancy themselves as true romantics

T’amore! Let’s be honest, we all wish we had a little more of that Italian charm.

Italian Romantics

Be sure to practice that cute foot lift and strong embrace before you arrive

You can wish all you want at the Trevi Fountain

To never be single again… plus you’ll be in Rome.

It could be worth wishing for true love too.

Life is always better after Italian food and wine!

Not only is the food and wine delicious, but dining in the setting of an Italian restaurant is about as romantic as it gets.

Italian Food

And the views aren’t so bad either

You’ll have your own private boat (gondola)

And can float down secret canals in Venice cooing sweet nothings to your beloved.


This one’s always sure to impress

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