Traveling to parts unknown can be exciting and at times scary, but don’t let that hold you back! Europe is a safe travel destination, even if you’re a female solo traveler. We came up with five solo travel tips with expert advice from our five favorite solo travel female bloggers. 

1. Pick a destination

Choosing an amazing destination is always difficult- Europe simply has so many to offer! Don’t worry if you feel a bit anxious and nervous traveling alone, especially if it is your first time, that’s normal.

When you’re searching for your ideal place for safe solo travel in Europe consider something smaller where it’s easy to travel on foot, like Edinburgh or Bruges, or bigger cities that have simple and popular public transportation systems, like Paris or Berlin. If you’re really concerned (about safety) then you can check out Nordic cities like Stockholm and Helsinki that rank highly on safety indexes. -Sonja Thomson, Migrating Miss  


Sonja from Migrating Miss

2. Do your homework

Once, you’ve selected a destination, find out about the ins and outs of the area. Every city has a rough neighborhood that you will want to avoid, especially at night. Try to look up information on different districts in the town you are staying in. You don’t have to opt for a residential suburb in order to avoid all the chaos, just make sure that you aren’t staying in an area with high crime rates.  

As for trip research and preparation, I recommend always reading the ‘Stay Safe’ section of the city you are visiting on Wikitravel to learn about possible dangers and scams, and invest a few dollars more to stay in a nice hostel instead of ending up in a sketchy or uncomfortable place. -Dani Heinrich, Globe Trotter Girls 


Dani from Globe Trotter Girls

3. Better safe than sorry

 Just in case anything were to happen, make sure that you have the address of your accommodation with you at all times. It is always a good idea to have the number for police and emergency room too. Be sure to have an eye on your most valuable items at all times, such as your passport and credit cards

You do have to be vigilant, but to become comfortable it’s important to familiarize yourself. Do things like dressing like a local, practice a bit of the local language and basically be open to new ideas and cultures by educating myself prior to going on a trip.- Selena Imania, Journal de la Journee 

Selena from Journal de La Journee

4. Meet new people

While traveling alone, people are often hospitable and invite you to join them. Most of the time this is a great way to meet new acquaintances and even life long friends. Be aware of your surroundings, and look on a map where you are going when tagging along.

One of the best things about traveling solo is that you will meet more people.  Solo travelers are more open to make new connections and friendships.- Sabrina Iovino, Just One Way Ticket 

Sabrina from Just One Way Ticket

Sabrina from Just One Way Ticket

5. Learn about yourself and grow!

Traveling is one of the best ways to experience new cultures and to reflect on your own.

Travelling solo for the first time was at first intimidating, but a few days after I began my trip, I found it empowering. Once I knew that I had the ability to explore places on my own, I knew that I could go anywhere, and do anything. It felt like the world was at my fingertips.- Ashlea Wheeler, A Globe Well Travelled 

Ashlea from A Globe Well Travelled

Ashlea from A Globe Well Travelled

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