Whether Naples is your home base or just another stop on your Italian voyage, here are some of the best day trips that will take you out of the city and into some of the most beautiful landscapes Italy has to offer.

Capri, Italy

Only a scenic ferry ride across the Gulf of Naples separates you from this idyllic Mediterranean island. Once in Capri’s main port, Marina Grande, you can enjoy great food at one of the many terraced cafes or browse a multitude of shops while watching the boats coming in and out of port. Only a short boat ride from Marina Grande is Capri’s main attraction- the breathtaking Blue Grotto. This cave lets in natural light from underneath the water and creates a magical reflection of the blue and emerald water. Also be sure to visit Mount Solaro via chairlift for stunning views of the island and surrounding sea.


Caserta, Italy

The Reggia di Caserta, or Royal Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the largest royal residence in the world. This palace in Caserta was created for the Bourbon Kings of Naples and Siciliy and features more than 1200 rooms which have been featured in multiple hollywood movies. The surrounding park and grounds contain waterfalls, lakes, and a famous English Garden. Caserta is easily accessible by rail from either Rome or Naples.


Pompeii, Italy

No visit to Naples would be complete without a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. With either an audio or guided tour, you can explore the perfectly preserved ruins of this ancient Roman city and see the remains of 2000 year old shops, restaurants, homes, and baths. You can also examine the plastered body casts of actual victims of Mount Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 AD. Additionally, the National Archaeological Museum of Pompeii contains an extensive collection of art and artifacts excavated from the Pompeii site. Tickets are 13,00 EUR; however, the first Sunday of every month is free.

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