Whether it’s your first trip to the French capital or the hundredth, there’s no doubt that picking a place to stay in Paris can be puzzling. With twenty districts of Paris (locally called arrondissements) each offering visitors a different experience, it’s hard to decide which is the right one for you.

We wanted to make that decision a little easier! We’ve done the research, selected and divided the neighborhoods of Paris into groups. So whether it’s a budget hostel or a luxury hotel, you can find the best area of Paris to stay in!

Budget Traveler

Canal St. Martin


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Hostel: St. Christopher’s Inn – starting from $25.19 per night.     Airbnb: Cosy Parisian Studio – starting from $44 per night.     Perfect for university students looking to find themselves while watching others. Indulge with Parisians and philosophy majors in the infamous broke-artist lifestyle as you discuss life along the canal banks, sipping on tiny, glasses of red wine and watching the world pass you by. Perfect for university students looking to find themselves while watching others. Indulge with Parisians and philosophy majors in the infamous broke-artist lifestyle as you discuss life along the canal banks, sipping on tiny, glasses of red wine and watching the world pass you by.



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Hostel: Le Montclair Montmartre Hostel & Budget Hotel – starting from $25.19 per night.

Airbnb: Lovely little room in Montmartre Sacré-Coeur – starting from $48.80 per night.

Once the breeding ground for children of the revolution, Montmartre oozes an unbeatable bohemian vibe that will inspire anyone to write a late-19th-century romance novella between a penniless writer and a courtesan. There are pockets of the neighborhood which scream tourism, but do your research properly and you’ll be alright.

Port Royal


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Airbnb: Studio apartment – starting from $39.90 per night.  Paris’ most liminal neighborhood. People tend to forget about this often unentertaining, yet beautiful arrondissement. However, this makes Port Royal at any visitor’s advantage because of its central and well-connected location. Let’s face it – it’s Paris. You’re not going to spend much time in your bed are you? We thought so.   

Most Photogenic Areas of Paris

Père Lachaise – Ménilmontant


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Airbnb: Cosy private room – starting from $37.39 per night.

Hotel: Mercure Paris Bastille Marais – starting from $99 per night.

Grab a piece of authentic Paris. The avenues here are not filled with Dior clothes or Cartier watches, but family-owned brasseries and petite boutiques. This slower side of Paris compels one to believe Paris isn’t just a crush of tourists and overpriced restaurants. Making it the best area of Paris for those who enjoy portrait photography.

Not to forget that this area is home to the world’s most famous cemetery, where legends like Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and Molière rest. Here you fall victim to one of Paris’ most stunning panoramic views.

Saint-Germain des-Prés-Odéon


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Airbnb: Spacious flat with private balcony – starting from $165 per night.     Hotel: Hôtel De Fleurie – starting from $159 per night.      Cool, clever and couture. If you care to stock pile your Instagram collection full of perfectly baked pain-au-chocolaits, couture windows and classic Parisian architecture, then this is best area of Paris for you. Considering it is pricier than previously mentioned neighborhoods, what you pay extra for it the ultimate Parisian vibe.

Tour Eiffel – Champ de Mars


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Hostel: 3 Ducks Boutique Hostel Eiffel Tower – starting from $39.52 per night.

Airbnb: Romantic apartment perfect for a two – starting from $82.48 per night.

Hotel: Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel – starting from US$264 per night.
Ok so this one is obvious, but if it’s the main sights of Paris you want to catch on camera, this is the best district for you to stay in. Yes it may be showered with tourists, but I find that no matter how many people you’re surrounded by, it never spoils the view of the Eiffel tower, from any angle.

Areas for Luxury Lovers

Palais Royal


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Airbnb:  Spacious private room – starting from $52 per night.   Hotel: Grand Hôtel Du Palais Royal – starting from $470 per night.   A central area of Paris which perspires a low-key ambiance of class. Delved in refined wine bars, boulangeries, and the tranquil Palais Royal gardens, if you desire tranquility away from hustle and bustle of hotspot tourist zones, Paris Royal is your nirvana.



Airbnb: Charming studio – starting from $60.49 per night.

Hotel: Franklin Roosevelt – starting from $186 per night. 

Little known fact that the Champs-Élysées is a thriving district of Paris, and not just a remarkably beautiful boulevard. If you’re looking to skip from Dior to Gucci, then of course, this area is perfect for you.

Although, I heavily advise taking a stroll of the world-known boulevard to explore the lesser know streets aligned with local bars and historic hubs.



Airbnb:Romantic central apartment – starting from $170.47 per night.   Hotel: Le Meurice Hotel – starting from $954 per night.     Some describe this area to be Paris’ most stunning neighborhood, with amenities including the Louvre, the Jardin des Tuileries and on-looking the Seine who can blame them eh? Indulge in evening drinks at the Le Meurice Hotel rooftop terrace, featured in Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris’, as you watch the ‘City of Light’ come to life.

Bohemian Neighborhoods

Le Marais


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Airbnb: Comfy & smart studio – starting from $55 per night.

Hotel: Turenne Le Marais – starting from $197 per night.

A favorite neighborhood among locals and visitors, Le Marais boasts a glowing reputation compared to its sibling arrondissements. Not because the others are awful, but Le Marais is filled to the brim with street art, diversity, culture, history and atmosphere, making it Paris’ ‘It‘ neighborhood.

I have never met a soul who did not love getting lost in the twirling cobble stoned streets, exploring its antique markets and loving its diverse street food.

Châtelet – Les Halles – Beaubourg


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Airbnb: Charming central apartment – starting from $93.48 per night.   Hotel: Hotel Bachaumont – starting from $243 per night.   Between the largest Museum of Contemporary art in Paris (Centre Pompidou), a fruitful array of vintage clothes stores, and an endless amount of parks to perch after a long day of sight-seeing this area of Paris is perfect for those looking to sample the bohemian lifestyle.     Warning: as this area lacks a bit of life throughout the day, its evening shenanigans make up for its daylight short-comings. Be prepared to spend your evenings hopping from bistro, to terrace to small cafes, indulging in regional wine and local chatter.  

Latin Quartier


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Airbnb: City center studio – starting from $40 per night.

Hostel: Young & Happy Hostel Latin Quarter – starting from $30.32 per night.

Hotel: Grand Hotel Saint Michel – starting from $202 per night.

Find yourself with snuggling up in one of the Latin Quartiers cosy bars reading a first edition copy of Ulysses you picked up while browsing in the original ‘Shakespeare & Co. bookstore. What attracts the thinkers, travelers and literary enthusiasts of the world to this Parisian neighborhood is this French fantasy, and boy it is the perfect place to indulge in it.



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