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Lower your monthly bills, compare Pay Monthly SIM Card deals and contracts from the big mobile networks. Check out the exclusive online SIM only offers at uSwitch
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With a SIM only deal, you get just that – just a SIM card and no handset, ideal if you’ve already got a mobile and don’t want to get a new one.

Use our SIM only mobile phone comparison tool to find the right SIM only deal for you, or read on to find out more about SIM only mobile deals and the advantages and disadvantages they offer.

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Offer Minutes Texts Data SIM Cost Network Retailer
giffgaff Network - SIM Only SIM Only
500 Minutes Unlimited Texts 1GB Data FREE SIM Cost
£10 1 month
BT Mobile Network - SIM Only SIM Only
Existing customers only
500 Minutes Unlimited Texts 2GB Data FREE SIM Cost
£12 12 months
Virgin Mobile Network - SIM Only SIM Only
Existing customers only
1000 Minutes Unlimited Texts 500MB Data FREE SIM Cost
£8 1 month
The Peoples Operator Network - SIM Only SIM Only
Standard SIM
1000 Minutes 1000 Texts 4GB Data FREE SIM Cost
£11.99 1 month
Mobile by Sainsburys Network - SIM Only SIM Only
Standard SIM (£6 for 3 months)
800 Minutes 5000 Texts 2GB Data FREE SIM Cost
£12 1 month
Vodafone Network - SIM Only SIM Only
Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 3GB Data £19.80 SIM Cost
£19.80 12 months
Mobile by Sainsburys Network - SIM Only SIM Only
Standard SIM (£5 for 3 months)
500 Minutes 5000 Texts 1GB Data FREE SIM Cost
£10 1 month
BT Mobile Network - SIM Only SIM Only
Existing customers only
200 Minutes Unlimited Texts 500MB Data FREE SIM Cost
£5 12 months
The Peoples Operator Network - SIM Only SIM Only
Standard SIM (£3.49 for 2 months)
Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 6GB Data FREE SIM Cost
£14.99 1 month
3 Mobile Network - SIM Only SIM Only
200 Minutes 9999 Texts Unlimited Data FREE SIM Cost
£17 12 months
0203 627 2633

Are SIM only mobile deals good value?

One of the best things about SIM only mobile deals is that they tend to be good value for money.  With a contract deal, the mobile phone handset might be advertised as ‘free’ but the cost is usually covered by higher monthly fees.  With a SIM only deal, you don’t have to pay for the phone, so your monthly charge will be usually be lower.


Do I have to sign up for a contract with a SIM only mobile deal?

Some SIM only mobile deals have a one month contract, while others have contracts of 12 or even 18 months.

If you want a SIM only deal so that you’ll have the freedom to switch around, then a one moth deal would probably suit you best.  However, if don’t mind committing for longer, you may find that you get better value for money in return for committing to a 12 or 18 month SIM only contract.


Can I use any mobile phone with any SIM card?

You should be able to use most mobile phones with any SIM card.  However, some mobiles will need to be ‘unlocked’ so that you can use them with any SIM card from any network.  You can find shops that will unlock mobiles for a small fee on most high streets and there are a few websites that can do it too.

Lots of people opt for SIM only deals because they already have a mobile, and want to switch to a better deal but aren’t fussed about upgrading to the latest make or model. For others, SIM free is a good option because the phone they want isn’t available on the network they want – so a SIM free deal allows them to buy whatever mobile they like and then pick the best deal from the network of their choice.


Can I keep my phone number with a SIM only mobile deal?

Yes you can – you’ll need to get something called your PAC code from your existing phone company and give it to your new one so that they can transfer it over for you. The process should take about two working days.


How can I find the best SIM only mobile deal?

Just like any other kind of mobile phone deal, it’s important to compare prices.  When you compare with Omio, you can search for contract length, network (e.g. Orange or Vodafone) and tariff (e.g. monthly minutes and texts, unlimited internet deals) to find the best deals for you.

Already got the mobile phone of your dreams, but are looking for a better deal on your minutes and texts?

Then perhaps you should take a look at the SIM only deals available on Omio. Without needing to offset the cost of a handset into the bargain, networks can often give far better deals on pricing when they are literally offering the SIM only.

These SIM-only deals are also an excellent way to save money once out of contract, and keep a mobile number when switching to another network.

The acronym ‘SIM’ stands for ‘Subscriber Identity Module’, with a SIM card being a small chip containing most of a mobile phone's required settings and information, from phone number to tariff and even contact details.

SIM cards are usually locked to a single network when activated, but are free to be used on any unlocked mobile phone.

Prepay handsets are often locked to a particular network due to their lower cost, but can be used with any SIM from the same provider. Pay monthly and SIM-free handsets tend to be far more expensive, but have the added freedom of compatibility with SIMs from any provider.

All of the major mobile phone networks offer SIM-only offers, alluring customers who do not wish to be tied down to a long term contract with new 30-day rolling offers. This provides a SIM-only deal, competitive rates on minutes and texts, as well as the freedom to end a contract at any time with only 10 days notice.

The option to sign up to a long term deal is also available, with 12-month SIM-only deals available with the promise of greater savings at the expense of flexibility.

Vodafone SIM-only deals

Vodafone supplements their range of SIM-only deals with what they call ‘International SIMs’, cards that offer heavy discounts to calls abroad.

Orange SIM-only deals

Each of their SIM packs offer a different incentive, with both pay monthly and prepay deals available. A Canary pay monthly SIM offers unlimited texts on deals over £10 per month, whilst a Racoon SIM gives unlimited anytime landline calls. The pay as you go option has a range of five animal themed tariffs, all offering great deals from unlimited texts, free evening and weekend calls and even free music downloads.

3 SIM-only deals

3 deals enable unlocked handsets to enjoy all of the perks of being on the data-centric network, from unlimited calls to other 3 members, free Windows Live Messenger (on supported handsets) and even free Skype-to-Skype calls.

T-Mobile SIM-only deals

T-Mobile SIM only plans have the added incentive of Flexible Boosters - additional packages bolted onto the standard deal that offer a range of bonuses from unlimited texts, unlimited internet and unlimited T-Mobile calls, at no extra charge.

O2 SIM-only deals

O2’s SIMplicity tariffs are much the same as SIM-only deals from the other networks, offering an additional inclusive Bolt-On including unlimited O2 calls and unlimited landline calls on deals from £15 per month.

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