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HTC Desire - The Story So Far...

The Taiwanese manufacturer's love-in with search giant Google and the Android operating system started way back in 2008, with the T-Mobile G1 being the first ever handset to show off the slick new user interface to an expectant crowd.

Response was muted to the G1's form factor, but many saw the potential in this new web savvy platform. Modifications big and small made Android a jack of all trades depending on the phone maker, with Twitter, Facebook and RSS widgets making the Motorola DEXT a social climber whilst HTC looked bigger...

Taking the TouchFLO interface that had warmed hearts to the otherwise unappealing landscape of Windows Mobile, HTC brought it to Android as 'Sense', giving a graphical flourish and a huge boost to their own handsets' success in the process. The HTC Hero then became a huge success, combining the best in Google's OS with a striking form and an attractive price tag.

Sure enough, Google tapped them up again when making their own entry to the smartphone race, with HTC creating the Nexus One - a supercharged device which offered an amazing experience and all the touchscreen trappings of the Android platform.

However HTC had their own Android plans, a near identical device to the Nexus One bringing advancements like an optical trackpad for scrolling (getting one over on the Google phone's old-school trackball), multi-touch for iPhone-esque pinching to zoom and the Sense user interface that we all fell in love with on the HTC Hero.

The Bravo name fell by the wayside this February, as HTC announced their new flagship device as the Desire at Mobile World Congress. Equipped with the latest version of Android, the same 3.7-inch display and 5 megapixel autofocus camera currently seen on the Nexus One, and available for free on a £35 per month tariff, the Desire is certainly the smartphone to be seen with this Summer.

If there is one phone that seems likely to topple Apple's ivory tower, this one could be it...

HTC Legend deals will be available from late March, whilst HTC Hero deals are available now.

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