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Apple iPhone 4 - What You Need To Know




- The iPhone 4 is available to buy from June 24th, with a pre-order release date of June 15th.

- The iPhone 4's body is made from a mixture of glass and ceramics, with a metal band running through the centre that houses all of the connectivity goodness - Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS and Bluetooth 2.1 are all present and correct.

- The iPhone 4 is thin. Very thin. The thinnest smartphone ever made, in fact. At 9.3mm, it's 25% thinner than the iPhone 3GS and has a flatter form as opposed to the curved plastic rear on the last two models.

- The iPhone 4's display resolution has been upped by 4x over the 3GS, resulting in a screen that displays text almost as smooth to the eye as reading on paper! With the advent of this new 'Retina Display', Apple is also promoting the arrival of iBooks to the iPhone, the popular digital download service offering the latest books and magazines.

Synched between the iPad and iPhone, an iBook purchase is transferrable across devices and will enable users to pick up where they left off when switching from one to the other.

- The iPhone 4 shares the iPad's swift A4 internal processor, meaning faster running applications, better 3D gaming and - thanks to the addition of the three axis gyroscope - enhanced motion sensitive controls for enterprising developers to take advantage of.

- The camera has been bumped up to 5-megapixels, with a built-in LED flash and the ability to record video in high definition (720p). Not only that, but a second front-facing camera means that iPhone owners can make video calls to one another (over Wi-Fi only, for now...) via a new service dubbed FaceTime.

- The software has undergone an overhaul with iOS 4.0 (iPhone 4's new operating system, also available for iPhone 3GS and iPods) now able to run multiple programs at once, as well as adding the ability to organise apps into folders and merge e-mail accounts into a single Inbox.

- Battery life on the iPhone 4 is significantly improved, with a touted 7 hours of 3G talktime, 10 hours of video playback, 40 hours of non-stop music and 300 hours of standby. Impressive!


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