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Talkmobile is a new low-cost mobile network, courtesy of The Carphone Warehouse. They both Pay As You Go products, but also 'Control'. This combines the benefits of PAYG and contract with a phone for a low monthly fee, and top-up with more if needed.

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The Talkmobile Network

3 was the first UK network to offer 3G coverage, and in doing so initiated the delivery of media-rich content to mobile phones. As a result they have a reputation for providing a great internet/data service.

To find out if TalkMobile covers the areas most important to you, visit their coverage checker here.


As a new mobile operator, Talkmobile focus on guaranteeing unlimited mobile internet to it’s customers for just 30p per day with no tie-in charges and no restrictions on what sites you visit.

So, for less than the cost of a chocolate bar, you can enjoy 25 mins of footage from YouTube, find 16 routes on Google Maps and browse 1000 mobile web pages. Not bad at all!

Pay Monthly

Talkmobile has a great range of pay monthly handset deals, ranging from short-term 30 day plans (Freedom) or upto 24 month commitments which offer greater savings. All Pay Monthly tariffs include unlimited mobile internet for 30p per day, free voicemail and a great range of handsets.

SIM Only

Talkmobile’s SIMple tariffs are the cheapest SIM only tariffs in the UK. They all  include unlimited mobile internet for 30p per day, free voicemail and a short term 30 day contract notice period. There are different versions of SIMple:

SIMpleworld: Free international minutes and unlimited texts
SIMpleunlimited: Unlimited UK minutes and texts
SIMpletexter: Great free text bundles and free minutes
SIMpletalker: Great free minute bundles and free texts.

Pay As You Go

Talkmobile offers the following rewards to their PAYG customers: Free voicemail, Unlimited mobile internet for 30p per day, UK calls 20p per minute, texts 10p each, Half price calls and texts between tsalkmobiles, Cheap international calls in +150 countries.

Once you top up your phone you will have the ability to choose a free reward that best suits your mobile needs. Choose between Textmania, Globetalker, Chatterbox and Familyfusion rewards.

For more details on Talkmobile PAYG rewards, click here.





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